Strange, funny & healthy: Find out what gets searched for on Vegie Smugglers

The MOST searched for recipe - lentil sausage rolls...

With just over a year’s stats to trawl over, it seems like time for an EXPOSE (News of the World Style) of what does and doesn’t get searched for on the Vegie Smugglers blog.

Despite all the word combinations in the world, there are some definite patterns that emerge every week. Without fail, you are all trying to feed your kids sausage rolls, and preferably with lentils. You also like shepherd’s pie, lamb meatballs and recently there’s been a new wave of beetroot meatloaf fans. They are all great recipes – I hope you’re enjoying them!

...and the most downloaded craft worksheet...

Another search term that comes up regularly are ‘healthy worksheets’ and ‘kid’s shopping lists’ which link through to my visual shopping list. It is downloaded ALL THE TIME along with the plate worksheet. Other craft stuff that does well are the spaceship dashboard, the shoebox dollhouse and all of the loo-roll projects, in particular the snake and pirate Steve and wench Wendy. I promise to get back onto some more craft sheets soon.

...followed closely by pirate Steve and wench Wendy...

More bewildering was the search for ‘puff pastry toilet seat’, which I try not to ponder too long and since my post on wavy chips, I’ve gotten a few hits for ‘wiggly choppers’. You are a strange lot! More hilariously, I get a stack of hits from stoned teens in Mexico wondering how to ‘smuggle shrooms’ back over the US border. I adore the idea of them in their holiday accommodation trying to whip up my vegie slice. Let’s hope they include all of the grated vegetables.

...a dish favoured by stoned teens...

And the things that no one searches for that I wish they would? Well, the Ma Po Dofu probably doesn’t jump immediately to mind as a family classic, but if your kids like Asian flavours, I URGE you to try it. And the vegetable lasagne is truly tastier than any meat version you will try.

... and the dish that doesn't get searched (but really should)...

And what have been my most popular posts? Well, no matter how healthy we are, it seems we all love chocolate. You all visited the chocolate slice post last week, and similarly, the beetroot brownie last year was another crowd pleaser! Everything in moderation afterall!

..and there's always room for chocolate.

Thanks for all of your visits over the past year – and thanks to to my subscribers and those who join in both here and on Facebook. There’s a stack of new recipes around the corner as ‘Vegie Smugglers 2’ hits the streets and I’ll have a new batch of craft ideas too. Stay tuned.

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6 Responses so far »

  1. 1

    Erin said,

    The ma po dofu is our very favourite recipe from your book Wendy. Yum!

  2. 2

    Rachel said,

    Just wanted to say we (Mum, 3 yo Diva and 10 month bub) love Ma Po Dofu. It has become a staple on my meal planner, so thanks for including it in the book.

  3. 4

    Helen-Claire said,

    I love the ma po dofu! I cook it all the time from your cookbook 🙂

  4. 5

    Rhonda said,

    Please please please some more loo doll templates!!! I don’t have a vegie issue with my girls (they love cabbage, spinach, choko etc) but they refuse to eat red meat, and I use your craft print outs as blackmail to get them to eat what is on the menu that night. Special request have been the loo dolls, but after 6 pirates and 8 fairies the house is getting a little over run. Thanks heaps for the craft and the recipes, great work, really inspiring.

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