Why I hate the Jamie Oliver haters

vegie smugglers healthy eating worksheet

Get your kids recognising all of these fruits and vegetables, or maybe just use the shopping list when seeking out names for your newborn.

Available for your downloading enjoyment this week is a nutrition inspired bit of craft fun – a fruit and vegetable shopping list where kids can practice numeracy, reading, colouring in and most importantly recognising a range of healthy ingredients. It was inspired after watching Jamie Oliver’s recent Food Revolution USA. Did you see any of it? This bit where the kids couldn’t recognise ANY fruit and veg was downright scary.

I like to think that Aussie kids are far more knowledgable – we have such a fantastic supply of fresh produce and are surrounded by an inspiring cauldron of world cuisines. Surely this scene wouldn’t take place in any of our classrooms, would it?

Say what you will about Jamie, and the poor fella attracts his fair share of haters, he’s passionate and devoted to improving the health of thousands of children world-wide. So I can ignore the mild child abuse he perpetrates on his own children with their eccentric names. Such is the privilege of celebrity I suppose.

This Jamie-inspired worksheet is one of the three that are supplied to your daycare centre or school when you participate in a Vegie Smugglers fundraising program. The VS Facebook community will know that it’s been all action with the first fundraisers starting this week. Good luck everyone!

If you haven’t already, download the info PDF and email it to your daycare manager, letting them know that you’re keen to join in the fun. There are great benefits for all with the program, my tagline for it is “empowering parents, creating healthier families, and raising money too!” – an ethos I’m totally committed to. I passionately believe that healthier kids lead to happier families. When everyone eats better, they sleep better and then they behave better. Meaning you are rested and calm enough to parent better too.

Well, we can all try…

For other health orientated worksheets, try these…

Which vegetables grow above and below the ground? Find out with this colouring in page.

Or this plate worksheet, ready for the kids to draw on, colour and collage.

For a full look at all my posts with free printables… CLICK HERE!

Like this project? You can find it, along with 39 other boredom busters in the ‘Craft for non-crafty Parents’ e-book. There’s a stack of silly fun stuff, projects that encourage healthy eating and a bunch of worksheets covering preschool education and school readiness. You can buy it at the shop now!

128 pages, 40 projects, 85 pages of printables…

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  1. 1

    I can see the problem for low-income people (and those who are trying to propose healthy eating for those on low incomes). I have a blog at http://frugalcook.wordpress.com where I try to develop meal plans for people on emergency food vouchers – $55 for one person for a fortnight.

    It is actually much cheaper to buy bottled lemon juice than it is to buy lemons. It is cheaper to buy the pre-prepared garlic than the real thing. It is impossible to buy any fruit at all for the first week of getting enough meals for that amount of money.

    I can see why people have it in for Jamie to some extent (although I personally love his way with food) because he insists on organic produce. This is impossible for those on low incomes. I can see a way out of if governments need to step in and ensure things like making sure consumers can try fruit before they buy it for example. Anyway the blog is very interesting.

  2. 2

    wendyblume said,

    Thanks for your comment Maggie, I like your blog, I’ll be keeping an eye out for good tips. I didn’t know about lemon juice, but you’re right – the other day I paid over $1 for a lemon – I suspect they are the most profitable item for the supermarket chain! My local chainstore has been ‘lowering shelf prices’ but sneaking up the fresh produce prices.

  3. 3

    uforicfood said,

    I hate the Jamie haters too Wendy. While I don’t have children yet, I don’t understand how anyone can hate someone who is so passionate about life and making a different.
    I’m sure my blog is not as healthy as yours, but I thought I’d put it out there, if you’d like to have a look.
    Love your blog – can’t wait to hear more.

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