*****2016 UPDATE: With Vegie Smugglers 1 and 2 both sold out, ‘Vegie Smuggler’s Kitchen Collection’ cookbook is the last available for fundraising purposes. Get in quick before it goes, too!

Fundraising info-2015

Sell the latest Vegie Smugglers cookbook (Vegie Smuggler’s Kitchen Collection) in your school, daycare centre, playgroup or charity and you keep 43% of every sale.

The book aims to empower parents, create healthier families and raise money for your cause. The fundraising program is simple to run, flexible and a positive way to spread a message of healthy living.

It’s a simple, fuss-free program with no hidden charges. If you’ve got specific questions or just want to get started right away, email Wendy at

Click here to download the full information sheet.

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  1. 1

    sam said,

    Firstly, love your blog! love that there are others out there with kid problems like me!
    I was looking to buy a copy then just read this about fundraising so Im going to email my playgroup to suggest this instead of ‘same ol’e’ chocolate fundraiser!
    thanks x.

  2. 3

    […] Veggie smugglers- Offer great cookbooks chock full of healthy foods. It’s not only not chocolate, it’s promoting healthy eating! […]

  3. 4

    […] Vegie Smugglers cookbooks.  […]

  4. 5

    Angela Donaldson said,

    I don’t suppose the fundraising with this book is available in NZ is it? Thanks, Angela

  5. 7

    […] Vegiesmugglers – helping parents get more veggies into their kids […]

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