Maybe we should get a baby… or a snake made from toilet rolls?

It would seem that Mr Meat & Potatoes is feeling clucky. Everywhere he looks there are adorable toddlers that make him go ‘aaawwwwwwww’ in a perfect imitation of his 6-year-old sister who saves that sounds for puppies, kittens and anything pink.

In the playground today Mr M&P was eyeing off a cute little Japanese toddler. He said, “Maybe we should get a baby?” I was caught off guard and perhaps didn’t handle things too smoothly.

“No, Angelina,” I gasped, “no more babies – Mummy is too old (and over it) for more babies”.

He looked slightly crushed as the full realisation of a life as the youngest child sank in. No cute little Asian baby sister, no fun little brother in a Superman cape.

I tried to console him. “What about we go home and make a snake?”

He brightened considerably. If you can’t have another sibling, then a snake made out of loo rolls is a pretty good substitute.

a craft snake made from toilet rolls for boys

Colouring his cares away - Mr M&P finds consolation in some craft

And voila! My third child is born

Download a PDF of your third child (or pet loo-roll snake) here.

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  1. 1

    Louise said,

    That is soooo funny. I have just had my 3rd (& final, as far as I’m concerned! lol) baby a few months ago. I will have to use this tactic ! My question is, do you think it would also work on my lovely, but clucky husband? hehe…

    • 2

      wendyblume said,

      Hi Louise – I take my hat off to any woman who can manage more than 2 children! It is the toughest, most unforgiving job in the world! But also the funniest. Hope the snake craft comes in handy for your brood. cheers, Wendy xxx

  2. 3

    Jac said,

    That’s a fantastic idea, printing out your PDF now!! My youngest (of four) is going to love making our fifth child. My second child has been collecting toilet rolls for a long time now, I’m going to ‘borrow’ some – though she might want to make one too, as I don’t think she has any concrete ideas about what she is saving them for. : )

  3. 5

    Expressmom said,

    Never say never…. my aching desire for a 3rd,4th, or more, didn’t rear itself until my little one was 6. And by then I thought it was too late. (I am still regretting it today!)

    But then, I never had a baby snake to make up for it. Perhaps I’ll make one tonight and my dreams of more babies will disappear!

    • 6

      Louise said,

      Hi Expressmom,
      Your reply has reached me on this fine morning, welll… fine until I woke up to 3 sick children ! No more for me ! 🙂 bring it on, loo-snake ! Maybe the thought of 3 sick children in one day will make your dreams of more babies disappear LOL :-). Wish me luck… I’m goin’ in !

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