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Is your baby’s food really organic? And a glass container giveaway.

Did you know that in Australia, food products can be labeled ‘organic’ if they just ‘contain organic ingredients’? For instance, if they’re made with organic salt & pepper, they can use the word ‘organic’ on the packaging. Interesting, huh! And extremely unimpressive.

So if you want organic food for your babies and kids that is actually organic, you need to look for the words “100% certified organic“, which means that they’ve actually met all of the strict organic produce criteria.

Rather than be relying on ‘organic’ pre-packaged baby food, you might want to take things into your own hands. Luckily it’s easy to whizz up leftovers of your family meal and freeze portions, ready for your baby. From 12 months of age, babies should be eating the same foods as the rest of the family (see the government guidelines here), obviously just pulverised up a bit, to match their current level of development.

Heaps of Vegie Smugglers recipes convert well into baby food, but here’s a few specific suggestions…

My kids both adore this dinner.

Kid-friendly chicken pasta.

slow cooker beef stew casserole

Beef casserole from the slow cooker

vegie smugglers pumpkin and lentil soup recipe

Pumpkin, corn & lentil soup.

End the war with a stockpile of mash in the freezer.

Vegie mash.

And you’ll be able to portion them up into lovely little freezer-friendly parcels if you win one of this month’s prizes – a set of glass containers, from Littlelock. I’ve got three sets to give away – each with three large and three small containers, each set is worth $63.90.


Take a look at the Littlelock page, then come back and tell me what concoction you’d be whipping up for your containers.

To enter you must be in Australia and be a Vegie Smugglers subscriber. Entries close 8pm, Wednesday August 28, AEST. Good luck! ***29/8/13 UPDATE: CONGRATULATIONS TO ALISON, BECCA AND KRISTY – GABRIELLE FROM LITTLE LOCK HAS CHOSEN YOU GUYS AS THE WINNERS! HOPE YOU ENJOY THE JARS! X

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