Is your baby’s food really organic? And a glass container giveaway.

Did you know that in Australia, food products can be labeled ‘organic’ if they just ‘contain organic ingredients’? For instance, if they’re made with organic salt & pepper, they can use the word ‘organic’ on the packaging. Interesting, huh! And extremely unimpressive.

So if you want organic food for your babies and kids that is actually organic, you need to look for the words “100% certified organic“, which means that they’ve actually met all of the strict organic produce criteria.

Rather than be relying on ‘organic’ pre-packaged baby food, you might want to take things into your own hands. Luckily it’s easy to whizz up leftovers of your family meal and freeze portions, ready for your baby. From 12 months of age, babies should be eating the same foods as the rest of the family (see the government guidelines here), obviously just pulverised up a bit, to match their current level of development.

Heaps of Vegie Smugglers recipes convert well into baby food, but here’s a few specific suggestions…

My kids both adore this dinner.

Kid-friendly chicken pasta.

slow cooker beef stew casserole

Beef casserole from the slow cooker

vegie smugglers pumpkin and lentil soup recipe

Pumpkin, corn & lentil soup.

End the war with a stockpile of mash in the freezer.

Vegie mash.

And you’ll be able to portion them up into lovely little freezer-friendly parcels if you win one of this month’s prizes – a set of glass containers, from Littlelock. I’ve got three sets to give away – each with three large and three small containers, each set is worth $63.90.


Take a look at the Littlelock page, then come back and tell me what concoction you’d be whipping up for your containers.

To enter you must be in Australia and be a Vegie Smugglers subscriber. Entries close 8pm, Wednesday August 28, AEST. Good luck! ***29/8/13 UPDATE: CONGRATULATIONS TO ALISON, BECCA AND KRISTY – GABRIELLE FROM LITTLE LOCK HAS CHOSEN YOU GUYS AS THE WINNERS! HOPE YOU ENJOY THE JARS! X

56 Responses so far »

  1. 1

    Raelene Sutton said,

    Hi Wendy,
    Do we leave comments here to enter the competition? If so, I’d love to make the fish in cheesy spinach sauce, tuna mornay and salmon cakes. I’m always trying to find fish recipes that will encourage my daughter to eat more fish.

    • 2

      wendyblume said,

      Hi raelene, yes, a comment here is perfect.

      • 3

        Kristy Peacock-Smith said,

        With bub no. 3 now 4.5 months, 1 little girl in school, 1 in child care and the prospect of part time work looming, there’ll be a lot of freezing of food going on in this house! For the newby, I’d try a few of the Littlelock purees – chicken, parsnip and pear sounds delish, as does apple and raspberry.

  2. 4

    Jen Turner said,

    Probably should be saying the pea, spinach and salmon purée for Mr 9 months, but if I’m honest it would be the nut free bliss balls for me!

  3. 5

    Kim Dodwell said,

    When they were babies I did Minestrone, lamb shank casserole, chicken casserole, mixed puréed fruit – pear & apple. Now I’m starting outside work again I am actually wanting to go back to doing the big batches and freezing again. So timely I can do their baby faves for all the family again in glass. 🙂

  4. 6

    Natalie said,

    Oh I adore these containers, really want to replace all my plastic lock & lock ones with glass. I’d fill my containers with eggplant lasagna, cheesy pots, chicken pasta and custard for my little peeps!

  5. 7

    katie poli said,

    these containers look fabulous! with bubba #3 due in less than 2 months i’ll be back in the world of baby food before i know it… i’d initially fill the containers with purees like avocado and banana, then mashes (potato, sweet potato, pumpkin and zucchini is always a goodie!), then yummy sounding things like fish and spinach in cheese sauce…

  6. 8

    Lizborchert said,

    I’ld make Adams bolognaise, the chicken fennel pasta sauce & the meatballs for starters!

  7. 10

    Rach said,

    The Choc Chip Chickpea cookies would go in these containers for a healthier treat, for both me and the kids! I’d also be using them for berries – our favourite! Your photo of the berries above is droolworthy.

  8. 11

    Bec Pichugin said,

    Ooh these containers are great! I’d love some. I’d like to try making the chicken pasta and the beef casserole. I made your individual meat loaves last week and they were yummy! My 8 month old loved them mashed up with some potato. I have to say every single recipe I’ve tried from your blog has worked out perfectly. Keep posting the great ideas! 🙂

  9. 12

    Barbara Good said,

    How cute are these and I’ve slowly been replacing my plastic containers with glass or stainless steel so these will be perfect. My two are a little old to need any pulverising, not that I really ever did do that, but they still need small portions. I love all your slow cooker recipes, so the beef casserole would be it for us.

  10. 13

    Alison said,

    These containers look fantastic! My little one is 6 months old now so I’m about to start introducing some meat into her diet. I like the sounds of the lamb & apple puree from the Little lock page.

  11. 14

    jadekimjack said,

    These containers look amazing! I would stock them up with slow cooker beef casserole, no doubt, we’re all obsessed with it around here! Mmm hearty goodness…

  12. 15

    everybodyot said,

    I would LOVE some of these. Have just replaced hubby’s lunch boxes with glass ones but didnt know these were available for kids!! Ill be filling them all sorts of purées for my 6mo bub. Sounds like they’re safe enough for my 2yo to have her berries and home made trail mix in too.

  13. 16

    Corli-Anne said,

    Slow Cooked Beef and Barley Stew. Slow cooking means the beef is so tender and perfect for once bub needs a bit more texture. Absorbable iron is a plus!!

    Jars look fabulous.

  14. 17

    meganthorley said,

    These look fantastic! I would fill with small portions of sausage and tomato hotpot, our favourite veggie smugglers meal. Also homemade mango sorbet and berries with natural yogurt.

  15. 18

    Mrs P said,

    Well first we’d have to have some of your strawberry sauce! Then I’d fill some with lasagna, Cous Cous and veggies, some apple sauce and some pear custard. YUM!

  16. 19

    Carmen said,

    My 9 month old only likes hand held foods so I will be making him the apricot and coconut balls. They sound delicious!

  17. 20

    Heidi said,

    For my son I would fill these with the Vegie Smuggler Fruit Jellies.
    For me I’d fill it with either of my favourites, the Chicken Tarragon One-Pot or the Easy Chicken Pilaf.

  18. 21

    Lin said,

    Having just found an excellent recipe for home made custard that is what I would love to store in these.

  19. 22

    Carla said,

    Love love love the gorgeous colours.
    For our house these would be perfect for freezing leftover portions of custard, stewed fruits an our favorite winter veggie smuggler meal of minestrone soup. The little ones would be a perfect size for my 9month olds meals.

  20. 23

    Holly said,

    Slow cooker beef casserole! Casseroles are a big winner on this house because everyone will eat it!

  21. 24

    Renee said,

    I would love to win the vegie smugglers for college… They are great for putting in dips, fruit, any snacks like nuts and chocolate covered goji berries… 😀 xx

  22. 25

    Alice said,

    Hi, the spinach, pea and salmon puree looks good for my littlest… I quite like the look of the smashed egg sandwich spread for all 3 of them too!

  23. 26

    Alicia T said,

    I’d give the Fish & Sweetcorn chowder a whirl. I really struggle to get fish into my children’s diets.

  24. 27

    mel martin said,

    These little glass containers would be perfect to freeze all of my home made purees and freezer meals for the two little peeps in my house 🙂

  25. 28

    Lisa Cook said,

    I loved your veggie dots, but I would make them into mini meatloafs and store them in these. As well as my homemade puree I use for Hubbys granola, snacks to keep the kids occupied during ‘those’ appointments, curried eggs (to stop my ‘plastic’ containers staining), homemade jams, oh boy I think I may just have to go buy some!

  26. 29

    Lisa said,

    We could put so many yummy things in these for my 2 boys! Homemade chicken & Vegie nuggets, apricot balls, yoghurt, homemade muesli bars, leftover dinners, cut fruit. Please pick me!

  27. 30

    Mary Preston said,

    We will be into the Summer fruits soon. Love the idea of whole or pureed fruits in glass. Loving all the recipe ideas.

  28. 31

    Kristy said,

    Salmon Wellington, simply because I’ve never had it before and it’s always nice to try something new 🙂

  29. 32

    OHH! The possibilities! Spring is almost upon us. That means lots more park time in the fair weather. I would fill the containers with homemade dips and vege fingers to snack on when we are out, My kids love pink (beetroot) dips and hummus.

  30. 33

    corrie said,

    I’d love to make my little man some shepard’s pie, full of nutritious and healthy veggies, and I loved the gorgeous veggie mash shown above 🙂

  31. 34

    Lisa Pettitt-Brown said,

    Either your pumpkin, corn & lentil soup, my littlest boy loves soup. Or, the Jamie Oliver Salmon Cakes as salmon is my eldest boys favourite food.

  32. 35

    Erin Brewer said,

    The basic cheese sauce would work wonders for vege intake in this house!

  33. 36

    What gorgeous little containers 🙂
    My little man has done baby led weaning, so he loves his finger food & he loves his veggies. We would use these containers for some good ol’ carrot & cucumber sticks!

  34. 37

    Shannon Morgan said,

    I’d be filling these gorgeous containers with your pumpkin, corn and lentil soup. It’s the only pumpkin soup we make in our home now – plain pumpkin soup seems so boring after tasting yours!

  35. 38

    Lisa Berriman said,

    These containers are fantastic. My kids are obsessed by anything with pasta and especially with tuna and a white sauce. I think popping that in the freezer would be great for a quick meal with hubby and I want to eat something a little more interesting.

  36. 39

    Ruth said,

    Wow Wendy, the containers look great! I’d gladly fill them with lots of tomato based foods (spaghetti bol is a favourite in our house), happy in the knowledge that there will be no nasty stains left behind. Yay!

  37. 40

    AmberB said,

    Vegetable Lasagne – delicious and full of fresh vegetables.

  38. 41

    kerrysolomon said,

    Love these! And I love all the recipe links on Littlelock’s page. Lots of links to some of my favourite bloggers! I would fill up these containers with frozen peas and frozen berries (my little one likes to snack on both), and then when we’re off to the park all I would need to do is grab these out the freezer and pack them in her lunch box. Easy peasy! It’s not exactly a concoction, but she’s a toddler now and past me having to puree her food 🙂

  39. 42

    Carla said,

    I would love to use these containers for cut up watermelon or orange. my 4 year old cannot take these fruits to Kindy because all the juice ends up through his lunchbox and bag! but I also like the sound of the Beef & Spinach Meatballs, as my 2 year old is iron deficient, so what could be better than this.

  40. 43

    Becca Caldwell said,

    Excellent and the glass containers won’t go orange from bolognese sauce or casseroles. Perfect for 5 month old, 2 year old and me.

  41. 44

    bubble936 said,

    For my little 14 month old custard lover I would make custard with grapes and bananas and store it in these little containers. These would be perfect to carry with us while we go outside without the fear of leakage.
    For my 6 year old I would whip up his favourite bread pudding with lots of nuts.
    Me and my husband will enjoy our homemade ice cream from these little containers.

  42. 45

    Laura Bain said,

    Thanks Wendy for sharing about these containers & website, so many great ideas for my 6 month old, I would make the superfood puree banana blueberry quinoa pudding.

  43. 46

    jbmarigold said,

    These would be great for ANY of my home-made dips… Especially hummus, sweet potato or cannelini bean!

  44. 47

    jbmarigold said,

    These would be great for ANY of my home-made dips… especially my hummus, kumara or cannellini bean dips.

  45. 48

    karlene75 said,

    I’ve just been given a yoghurt maker and it creates 1kg at a time so we’re short on little, airtight food containers. Perfect for kindy.

  46. 49

    Stacey Shailer said,

    Fruit custard! I make up custard as per the packet directions, but leave out the sugar, instead stirring through pureed fruit at the end for the sweetness. My kids love their custard treats after dinner 🙂

  47. 50

    Jill said,

    Strawberry sauce! Thanks so much.

  48. 51

    karinaw said,

    Sweet potato mash.

  49. 52

    Meg said,

    Reading the vegiesmuggler page,
    I’ll exit my preservative rage.
    Bananas you are in for a smash,
    With avocado tis a healthy stash!
    Now I have just one direction,
    Vegie smuggling insurrection.

  50. 53

    Simone Spark said,

    My son loves chia porridge with blueberries – so would make that for him 🙂

  51. 54

    Ginny said,

    for the apple of my eye,a healthy yummy apple crush! an instant pleaser and energy-booster that’s better than a sugary fix 😀
    thanks for the chance to win! x

  52. 55

    Kari said,

    These containers look fantastic! I’d whip up some home made custard and a yummy beef stew for my little ones.

  53. 56

    Lisa Z said,

    These look great, some single portions of cheesey pots or soup or salmon rissoles would be great to have in the freezer for healthy afternoon teas.

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