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What are you raising money for?

Exciting news for those of you who want to raise money for your daycare centre, playgroup, school or charity but don’t want to sell chocolate. How about selling a bit of healthy living instead?

You can now raise money by selling Vegie Smugglers cookbooks AND the e-books too! Find out all the details in my new information sheet…

Click the pic to download full details.

Click the pic to download full details.

Each e-book bundle you sell for $30 raises $15! Each iPad pack sold for $22 raises $10! And it’s so easy. Here’s how you do it [cue infomercial soundtrack]…

1. Email me at and I’ll email you the e-kit with all the files and instructions.

2. Email the PDF order form to your group’s mailing list. Collect orders & money (do this online and you won’t have to even touch a single piece of paper).

3. Place your order and I send everyone download links for their e-books!

And what would you expect to pay for such a GREAT DEAL?

NOTHING! THAT’S RIGHT, NOTHING! Vegie Smugglers fundraising has no hidden costs or charges.

Ahhhhhhh, selling over. But seriously, it is a great opportunity to raise a bit of money, promote healthy living and do something positive for your community with a simple, easy fundraiser. I hope to hear from you soon.

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Money doesn’t grow on trees (but you can find it in my books)

Last year Vegie Smugglers helped stacks of daycare centres and causes around Australia raise money. It’s simple. You sell the cookbooks and keep a cut of the sale price. You can take pre-orders and keep $10 of each book, or this year, I’m also offering pre-packed boxes of 20 books (any combo of VS1&2) and you can keep $12/book. How easy is that! Just have them sitting in your daycare centre or school canteen and sell throughout the year. Or get a box for your trivia night, cake table, anything that takes your fancy. Full details of the programs are on this easy-to-digest 1 page flyer.

If you think your daycare centre would be interested in the program but you baulk at saying the word ‘fundraising’ aloud (lest you are suddenly thrust the title of ‘fundraising committee’) I’m happy to contact the centre for you. I won’t even use your name (unless you want me to). I just need the centre name, the director’s name and a valid email address. As a thanks I’ll send you a free lunchbox planner (if you’ve already got terms 1, 3 & 4, I’ll put you down for a preorder on Term 2).

Of course, if you want to download the form and email it through to your centre on MY behalf, I’d be eternally grateful.

To help the healthy eating & living theme along I supply a stack of fun activity sheets that can be used in class or at home. To get a taster, here’s a couple of freebies…

vegie smugglers healthy eating worksheet

This fun worksheet will help them recognise their fruit & veg.

There’s a shopping list with pictures of fruit and vegies that your kiddie can colour, practice numbers on or stuff up their nose! And there’s also this colouring in sheet of how vegetables grow. All good info for your little ones (with a few cute critters thrown in).

On your marks, get set, GO!

And to give my 2012 fundraising launch a bit of a POW, I’m running a colouring in competition! Download the activity sheet and email me with your masterpiece and be in the running to win one of 2x $10 Bakers Delight vouchers. Easy.

So get to it! All referrals and colouring entries should be emailed to me (Wendy) at

Huge thanks.

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We’re almost there… Vegie Smugglers 2 unveiled!

The lovely Miss R is pretty pleased with seeing herself on the cover!

Unlike the uber-fast, instant-gratification, blogging world, creating a book can be a frustratingly slow process. There’s the photography (done in my kitchen), the writing and design (done at the dinner table), two rounds of editing (by the gorgeous Mel) and then the printing (I actually pay someone else to do that!) and then I wait for the final product.

And so it has been that the second installment of the Vegie Smugglers cookbook has been simmering away for the past year and a half. It starts of with lots of trial recipes. Lots of thumbs down from the kids and stoic silences from my best friend as they are subjected to various experimental recipes. Gradually dinners improve and by round 3 they are ooohhhing and aaaahhhing over them and I’m feeling quite pleased. I’ve usually photographed them along the way and the pages get laid out one by one and the excitement grows.

Remember these traffic light swirls? They've made it into the new book...

...and so have these prawn fritters...

...and so has the beetroot meatloaf (along with a stack of others too!)

For this book I enlisted a team of recipe testers to help me out. Their feedback was fantastic. It means that this book has had fresh eyes helping to question and clarify the recipes. I’m confident that anyone who enjoyed cooking from book 1 will be thrilled with book 2.

So stay tuned…. I should have it on sale by the middle of September.

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Show me the money – Vegie Smugglers fundraising is back for 2011

And we're off! Book your 2011 fundraising program soon.

OK folks, around the country P&C and parent groups are meeting up, planning their fundraising activities for the coming year. To make it easy for you to suggest a Vegie Smugglers fundraising program, I’ve designed a leaflet that you can quickly download and print, and a 1-page information sheet, which outlines the two options for using the cookbook to raise money at your school, daycare or charity.

All programs come with free healthy-living worksheets that can be used in class to complete the positive theme of how to grow, choose and cook good food.

A few daycare centres around Sydney are even getting me!!! I’ll be popping by and doing a quick talk to give parents ideas and tips on ways to get their kids eating more vegies. Hope to see you there!

Visit the fundraising page for more information.

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Why I hate the Jamie Oliver haters

vegie smugglers healthy eating worksheet

Get your kids recognising all of these fruits and vegetables, or maybe just use the shopping list when seeking out names for your newborn.

Available for your downloading enjoyment this week is a nutrition inspired bit of craft fun – a fruit and vegetable shopping list where kids can practice numeracy, reading, colouring in and most importantly recognising a range of healthy ingredients. It was inspired after watching Jamie Oliver’s recent Food Revolution USA. Did you see any of it? This bit where the kids couldn’t recognise ANY fruit and veg was downright scary.

I like to think that Aussie kids are far more knowledgable – we have such a fantastic supply of fresh produce and are surrounded by an inspiring cauldron of world cuisines. Surely this scene wouldn’t take place in any of our classrooms, would it?

Say what you will about Jamie, and the poor fella attracts his fair share of haters, he’s passionate and devoted to improving the health of thousands of children world-wide. So I can ignore the mild child abuse he perpetrates on his own children with their eccentric names. Such is the privilege of celebrity I suppose.

This Jamie-inspired worksheet is one of the three that are supplied to your daycare centre or school when you participate in a Vegie Smugglers fundraising program. The VS Facebook community will know that it’s been all action with the first fundraisers starting this week. Good luck everyone!

If you haven’t already, download the info PDF and email it to your daycare manager, letting them know that you’re keen to join in the fun. There are great benefits for all with the program, my tagline for it is “empowering parents, creating healthier families, and raising money too!” – an ethos I’m totally committed to. I passionately believe that healthier kids lead to happier families. When everyone eats better, they sleep better and then they behave better. Meaning you are rested and calm enough to parent better too.

Well, we can all try…

For other health orientated worksheets, try these…

Which vegetables grow above and below the ground? Find out with this colouring in page.

Or this plate worksheet, ready for the kids to draw on, colour and collage.

For a full look at all my posts with free printables… CLICK HERE!

Like this project? You can find it, along with 39 other boredom busters in the ‘Craft for non-crafty Parents’ e-book. There’s a stack of silly fun stuff, projects that encourage healthy eating and a bunch of worksheets covering preschool education and school readiness. You can buy it at the shop now!

128 pages, 40 projects, 85 pages of printables…

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