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How to get your kids packing their own healthy lunches

That first week back to school is exciting, isn’t it! We’re back into the year with a thud – both my kids have switched schools, so there’s new routines, buses, uniforms, friends, and a new level of independence from me. They are loving it all, and I’m trying to not take it personally that they’re so happy to be free.

Miss F has started HIGH SCHOOL. Something that still freaks me out. She’s also the same height as me and has longer feet, so I guess I’ve had an inkling for a while that she’s growing up. With her new independent lifestyle, comes a new chunk of responsibility – one of which is packing her own lunchbox.

She’s happy to take on this bit of adulting. But it’s interesting to realise that even after years of daily lunches that follow the same formula, she wasn’t too sure of how to go about it. So I’ve done her up a help sheet, to give her a visual cue about the proportions she’s aiming for. You can download one too, by clicking here.


A quick visual cue to help the kids navigate their way.

We’re packing the lunches together this week (I still do my son’s), then she’s away. I’ll check in from time to time, but since there isn’t much junk in my pantry, I know that her choices will probably be pretty good. Any junk she buys from the canteen will be with her money and there’s nothing I can do about that. I remember eating Mars Bars and drinking Coke at school. I turned out ok.

Letting go of the kids is tough, but it’s important to recognise when to stop babying them. For me, it’s time to take on the role of life coach, rather than tyrant.

(Note that this sheet is based loosely on the Australian Government’s healthy eating guidelines – I find these proportions suit my household. Many people don’t agree and if you don’t, then maybe just take the idea and draw up your own helpsheet that reflects your ethos – please don’t email me to correct my nutrition ignorance…)



If you need help navigating lunch boxes for younger kids, check out my ebook!

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Book excitement fills my world

Advance copies of The Vegie Smugglers Cookbook!

The Vegie Smugglers cookbook is even closer!

Much excitement at Vegie Smuggler HQ (ie, my dining table, where I’m sitting all by myself) as a mystery box arrives with 3 advance copies of the cookbook. 160 colour pages that look great! I’m happy. Should collect the rest of the shipment within a month or two and then when I figure out how, I’ll have them for sale for all of you lovely people.

The Usborne Book of drawing, doodling and colouring

After my book, this is possibly the best book ever!

In the meantime, another book is filling me with joy. After a tip off from the excellent Attic 24 blog, I ordered a copy of The Usborne book of drawing, doodling and colouring for the upcoming birthday of Miss Fruitarian. Like all the Usborne books, it is SO great, that I am tempted to keep it for myself as a little guilty pleasure and order another one for her. I guess the more responsible parenting method would be to give it to her totally untampered with (much restraint needed) and then settle down with her for a pretty good colouring and drawing session.

I may have to beg and be on my best behaviour though. Miss Fruitarian is starting to think that Mum is getting a bit daggy and embarrassing. The other day when we were late for school, she looked at me with panic at the thought that I was going to walk her ALL THE WAY TO THE DOOR! “No mum!” she gasped, “you can stay here”. Oh the scorn!! And she’s only in kindy. Oh well, hopefully behind closed doors she won’t mind sharing a bit of mummy/daughter time.

The page that particularly caught my attention and gave me a lovely idea is this one.

Great doodling page

Possibly the best page in the best book ever!

Luckily for all of you, in my other life (the one where I get paid), I’m pretty handy with a pencil. So here’s my little uber-parent gift to you. Print out this lovely plate picture and enjoy a bit of craft bonding as you draw, doodle and colour with your littlie. Don’t worry if art just ain’t your thing. Fish fingers just require a few scribbles with a yellow texta and peas are pretty easy too (try green paper and a hole-punch).

Hopefully the results will be great. Email me a pic of how you go and the best response (as judged by Miss Fruitarian) will win one of the precious advance copies of the Vegie Smugglers cookbook.
Get colouring!

Download this craft worksheet for some uber-parent warm and fuzzies.

Click this link to download a large PDF version.

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