I wish the internet would just chill the hell out…

Usually on my instagram page I post lovely pics of recipes I’m trying out, coffee I’m about to gulp and probably too many photos of alcohol (I live on Sydney’s northern beaches, which is nearly as thirsty as Alice Springs, but with more seagulls). Today I broke ranks and posted a selfie!!!!! I know right, I never post pics of myself here, but I’m gonna do that too!!!!! Why? A moment of vanity? A love of overt punctuation??? A need to out myself unshowered? If only the screen was scratch and sniff!

Urgh! I know! An exercise selfie....

Urgh! I know! An exercise selfie….

No, I’d just got back from an early morning walk and glancing in the mirror I thought I looked ok. Now most ladies will know that this tends to be a rare and big moment. So I snapped it. And posted it. Just because I wanted to combat all the ‘wellness’ extremism that stalks me online. I don’t have a 6-pack! I’ve got no 12 week program to pitch you. I’m not detoxing or committing to an unachievable eating plan.

Here’s what I wrote…

“I eat sugar & carbs. And also tonnes of veggies and delicious tasty food that I usually cook myself. But not always. I’m busy. I work. We eat takeaway. I love wine. I refuse to be anxious about what goes in my mouth. I make food about joy not stress. I exercise most days. But just walking or yoga… It’s totally possible to find wellness within moderation. I’m sick of the internet bullying people into health extremes.”

For full disclosure I’ll also add that I love coffee. And anything sweet. And kisses. And cuddles. I’m nearly 43. 52kgs. 5 foot tall (I prefer the term ‘petite’ to ‘shortarse’. I’m doing just fine.

And the real secret to my success?

Tiny choices every day… Go for a walk. Eat a piece of cake. Maybe don’t eat the third piece of cake. Take a salad to work for lunch. Don’t drink soft drink. Cook as much as you can manage. Listen to YOUR body and eat what seems to suit it.

It seems pretty simple, yet the internet likes to make this shit hard.

By posting this pic my message is this… Keep wellness simple. Enjoy living. Be grateful. Have fun.

Here’s five dishes that are a steady and regular part of my ‘wellness’ routine…

Easy to cook, everyone loves it. We feel great afterwards.

Vegie stew/soup. Easy to cook, everyone loves it. We feel great afterwards.

Dou itashimashite.

I’ve been making this Japanese potato salad constantly. Goes with everything. Everyone loves it. Keeps a couple of days in the fridge.

Salad. I eat heaps of salad. Top it with this amazing dressing.

Salad. I eat heaps of salad. Top it with this amazing dressing.

vegie smugglers egyptian chicken

Quick, easy, single-tray baked dinners work well at my house right now.

I make muffins pretty much every week! Did I mention that I love cake?

I make muffins pretty much every week! Did I mention that I love cake?

Click the pics to visit the recipe. My stats will show me the recipes you choose…. I know you’ll all click the cake 🙂

If you like my food philosophy, you'll love my cookbook!

If you like my food philosophy, you’ll love my cookbook!

20 Responses so far »

  1. 1

    Jennifer said,

    Words of true wisdom! Amen!

  2. 3

    Hailey said,

    thanks for keeping it real! Love your work 🙂

  3. 5

    Elle said,

    It’s my point too! Since starting clean eating, whatever that means, it’s been stressful but we’re easing into a relaxed mode again! Exactly right!!!! THANK YOU! 😌

  4. 7

    Nicola said,

    And this post is EXACTLY why I follow your blog. Especially for the overt punctuation!!!! I too love sugar and cake and whilst I am currently trying to lose (the last impossibly hard) 4kg I know it doesn’t need to involve extreme change. Salad in a cup is something I hadn’t thought of and the novelty it might actually make it eat it! Thank you for being my version of “normal”. Don’t change. You’re perfect.

  5. 9

    Wow! You look amazing! And thanks for your honesty.

  6. 11

    Katie said,

    Thanks for keeping it real. I love your philosophy on diet and exercise and I agree that life is too short to live in fear of carbs or sugar. You should be proud of the way you feel and look and the wonderful role model you are for your children. Keep up the good work!

  7. 13

    Christina said,

    Your honesty is so refreshing and why I love your blog so much. Such an inspiring post! Thank you!

  8. 15

    casey said,

    You are awesome! thanks for your share! I stuggle with alll the hype and should dos but i still just keep coming back to your veggie smugglers recipes – good, real food!!!!

    • 16

      wendyblume said,

      Thanks Casey! I know my food has changed a bit as the kids have gotten older, but hopefully there’s still a bunch of recipes in the archives to suit everyone!

  9. 17

    Tracie said,

    Thanks for your super real and beautiful post makes me realise not to be so hard on ourselves !! Reading your post sounds very similar to my life minus the excerise most days but you have given me the inspiration to give it a shot more often xx Thankyou 😘

  10. 18

    Louisa said,

    Finally!! Such positive and realistic messaging about food on the web – you are an inspiration and I love your blog. I completely agree – moderation and regular activity are the key without an activated almond in sight! Life is too short not to eat cake (and chocolate)

  11. 20

    tonicoward said,

    LOVE it all Wendy!!!! x

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