What are you eating this week? Maybe one of these?

As always, click the pics to link through to the recipes. And happy eating to you and your family this week….


Meat-free monday and I’m loving the simplicity of these chickpea fritters.



At least once during the week I turn to my slow cooker. Cooking with it is so simple that I find it a great way to get ahead. So you can make this lamb chop casserole on Monday and let it brew away in the fridge for 24 hours before reheating it for Tuesday dinner, which makes flying in the door at the end of the day with cranky post-oosh kids a whole lot more pleasant.

Saucy! Great for dipping into with bread.

Saucy! Great for dipping into with crusty bread.


This potato/kumura bake can cook away over the afternoon. Serve it with sausage, fish or whatever protein gives you a thrill. A few carrots and peas on the side and my kids will be happy campers.



I’m at home working on Vegie Smugglers on Thursdays, so early in the day I can get these Kulebyaka prepped and into the fridge ready for cooking later once we get home after the post-school activities run.

Crunch, yum. Crunch, YUM. Feet still cold though.

Crunch, yum. Crunch, YUM. My version of a Russian favourite.


It’s ‘can’t be bothered’ day, so click through to the post for these easy egg tarts. The competition on this post is long over, but the joy of this super-simple dinner is still worth a million.

Bread tart cases.

Bread tart cases.

If you’re in on Saturday night, how about a simple chicken curry? It’s comfort food that is gentle enough for the whole family. Adults can add some chopped fresh chilli and coriander to give it a bit of punch. Chuck on a movie and you’re in relaxation heaven.

Parents can add chilli & coriander.

Super-gentle chicken curry & rice.


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