June giveaway (and why I love bread)

Wasn’t there a lot of pressure a while back to give up bread? I was still working in magazine-land at the time and naught a model nor stylist nor photographer would DARE have it pass their lips (but then joyously they discovered QUINOA and were saved from the evil rampaging of processed carbs).

Me? I’ve always loved bread and have never had issues with it. A warm crusty baguette is pretty much as good as life gets. Sourdough downright seduces me and I find it IMPOSSIBLE to walk through Townhall station without grabbing a Luneburger loaf.

In the burbs I’ve always been happy with Bakers Delight bread, particularly the cape seed and the hi-fibre, low-GI white, which is a great option for the kids. So when they got in touch and asked to team up I was more than happy. You can see my recipes on their website here

In return, they’ve given me a bunch of prizes for my June giveaway. Up for grabs are two vouchers for $40 each and 5 kids merchandise packs which include a ruler, pencil case, pencils & lunch bag.

To enter you must be in Australia and you must be a Vegie Smugglers subscriber. Check out the Bakers Delight website and then comment below about which of their products is your favourite and what you like to do with it (stay nice!).

I’ll start… this is what I do with a slice of low-GI white…

Bread tart cases.

Bread tart cases.

Easy egg tarts

Cut a big round of bread from a slice, push it into a greased muffin tin, spray with oil and grill until a bit golden. Then pop in some prosciutto and cherry tomato before cracking in an egg (in a smaller muffin hole, you won’t fit all the egg-white). Then bake until set to your liking and sprinkle over salt, pepper, parmesan and parsley.

And there you have it, a gorgeous, quite posh looking egg tart, done with the minimum of fuss. Your turn…


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  1. 1

    Eliza spry said,

    Tomato twister delight ! yum yum

  2. 2

    Vanessa said,

    Low GI White for me too. My boy won’t eat sandwiches. But I get Bakers Delight to ribbon slice the loaf, then I spread it with interestingly coloured toppings (carrot and cream cheese is a good one) and roll the slices then cut into pinwheels. It then is no longer an in edible sandwich but something fun that he loves to eat. I have to take the crusts off for him, but they don’t go to waste; they’re my favourite bit!

  3. 3

    Zoe Corson said,

    We just love Baker’s Delight! We go through a few loaves a week of Wholemeal Block Loaf with all my boys enjoying ham & avo sandwiches at work & Kindy but my all time favourite is a Sourdough Vienna… Warm it up, slice it thick & dip it into a chunky soup… mmmmm delicious!!! (The kids obviously enjoy a cheeky finger bun or hot cross bun from time to time too! BD is One of their favourite shops!)

  4. 4

    Angela said,

    Hmmm, Cheese and Chives pull apart for me.What would I do with it? Devour it! And probably not share either. I have a weakness for fresh white bread and am a savoury fan so absolutely love the pull aparts.

  5. 5

    Alicia said,

    Turkish bread for sure! So adaptable from buttery toast with Vegemite, to a pizza base, to a delicious burger bun.

  6. 6

    Tammy roskell said,

    What don’t I love. Fresh bread rolls smothered with butter. Low gi made into a yummy salad sandwich, Turkish bread filled with chicken cheese sweet chilli sauce and toasted in the sandwich press. Sweet chilli twists slitly warmed yummy. Might get out of bed and head to bakers delight I think…..

  7. 7

    Deb said,

    Ooooh, I stock up on Bakers Delight, when I get the chance, as the closest store to me is 25k’s away, so I cant get it every day, but usually once a fortnight I can work it into my travels! My fave is, and always has been Cape Seed Loaf, which I love as a sandwhich when its fresh, and the crust is all crunchy, and then I have as toast with jam once its been in the freezer. The kids faves are the finger buns, of course, and they also love the flavoured scones, as a special treat. And last, but not least, everyone loves the floured country grain loaf. So we are definitely addicts in our house, and have even dreamed of opening a franchise in our area!

  8. 8

    jakodai said,

    I love almost everything from Baker’s Delight – they’re bread is always light & fluffy and it rates amazing. My FAVOURITE would probably be the chia loaf – it’s beautiful. Unless it’s Easter, then it’s the hot cross buns, of course. 🙂

    Your recipe looks amazing, I’ll be giving a go soon for sure!!

  9. 9

    Caroline Loffler said,

    I would make french toast with their white vienna loaf.
    Thick cut pieces soaked in egg and milk then fried in some butter and served with caramelized bananas and some dollop cream! YUM!
    Not all that good for you but good for a treat every now and then.

  10. 10

    Carly W said,

    I know its naughty … but I really do love their scones. I would sit down somewhere quite with a cup of tea and savour every mouthful.

  11. 11

    Philippa said,

    Their whole meal bread is a staple in our house – luckily we have a bakers delight in walking distance. If my son comes with me I always let him get something too – I usually succeed in it being a whole meal cheesymite scroll but he is very partial to the choc mud scones!!

  12. 12

    Mary Preston said,

    I like to take a Pumpkin, Potato and Sunflower Roll and stuff it full of home-grown garden salad.

    Spoilt for choice really. I do love fresh bread.

  13. 13

    Andrea said,

    Chia & fruit loaf….fresh with nothing else! Low GI high fibre loaf slices spread with apricot fruit spread & made into bread & butting pudding! The multi grain loaf makes great breadcrumbs for chicken schnitzel!

  14. 14

    Tanya said,

    My special indulgence of a Sunday morning is a traditional croissant, sliced in half and filled with cheese, ham and pineapple. Close it up and bake in a moderate oven for 5 mins or until the cheese is melted and the croissant is just a little crispy. Mmmmmmm, heaven on a plate. Unfortunately the rest of the family are in love with this idea too!

  15. 15

    Turkish bread with a slather of hommus – a sneaky way to get Lady AB to eat chickpeas

  16. 16

    Sandra K said,

    We quite like the Chia whole meal loaf. Fresh bread is always yummy just as it is. Not very original but good all the same. Love all the great ideas.

  17. 17

    Tracey Kellock said,

    Would have to say the continental italian bread is a true favourite in out house at the moment, goes beautifully with my husbands thai pumpkin soup or my homemade chicken and corn soup, perfect for our sunday evening dinners!

  18. 18

    Melissa Ross said,

    I love Cape seed bread or rolls and the cape seed and fruit. Just on their own as a snack, maybe with some cream cheese.

  19. 19

    Amy Allan said,

    I love the Bakers Delight traditional croissants, so flaky and delicious. If I can restrain myself from devouring them on the way home, I use them in Nigella Lawson’s Caramel Croissant Pudding recipe. Try it, your life will never be the same!

  20. 20

    bubble936 said,

    I love their apple crumble – our all time favourite dessert.

  21. 21

    Lauren A said,

    Pumpkin Bread Cob Loaf, filled with a spinach or cheesy dip. Yum.

  22. 22

    Amanda Casalanguida said,

    Apple Strudel Scone – I get one (or two) after grocery shopping, sneak home, get the Chai Latte ready.. and scoff! Most important to eat them BEFORE doing the school run or you’ve ruined the moment.

  23. 23

    Cheryl said,

    Hmm, not sure what to choose as my fave, but it would probably be the date scone. Cape seed loaf and lo gi is bread of choice around here. I just googled nigella Lawson’s caramel croissant pudding, that is one indulgence I think I might just have to have a crack at!

  24. 24

    Barbara Good said,

    Just having catered for a four year old and two year old birthday parties, I’m sure glad of bakers delight white and whomemeal blocks for plenty of fairy bread!

  25. 25

    Trish MLDB said,

    Chia & fruit loaf , the answer for everything when you are hungry…breakfast, lunch ,snack and on the run.

  26. 26

    Vanessa Blood said,

    My biggest weakness is the delectable date scones… i love to just warm them up in the microwave and sit down with a cuppa when the kids are having their nap and enjoy.
    Otherwise i love the wholemeal country grain block loaf to make yummy french toast for a weekend breakfast treat. The kids devour it!

  27. 27

    Joanne said,

    I can’t go past a Pink finger bun, Caramel scroll or Custard scroll.. All delicious with a cup of tea! Yum!

  28. 28

    mishasan7 said,

    Hi Wendy, I checked out the link to the recipes and I think the editing got a bit mixed up in the translation…? eg Pumpkin in the avocado scones…? I emailed them too but haven’t heard back yet… it’s the weekend!! Love your blog & can’t wait to try these dips!

  29. 30

    Caroline said,

    Our family favourite are melts under the grill made with big slices of their chai loaf, ham, spinach leaves, cheese and chutney.

  30. 31

    susievenkat said,

    I’m a big fan of Bakers Delight. I stick to basics: I buy packs of Cheesymite Scrolls, Cheese & Bacon rolls and Fun Buns and throw them in the freezer to dole out to the kids for lunches and arvo tea respectively… Personally I’m partial to BD Hot X Buns – they’re the BEST! But a Caramel Scroll will do when its not Easter season. And if I’m in the vicinity and its lunchtime a Cheese, Spinach & Feta pullapart – easy to take home for the fam to pull bits off!

  31. 32

    Melita said,

    I have 2 ideas – bread spoons made with the chia omega 3 whole meal loaf, topped with bolognese with minces veggies. Link on how to make the spoons: http://zomoc.com/diy-learn-to-make-edible-spoons.html

    Second option would be pumpkin soup in a mini pumpkin, potato and sunflower mini Cobb. Yumm

  32. 33

    Alison Wilson said,

    I love the Traditional Fruit Loaf. The kids love it as an after school snack, and if there’s any left that starts to get a bit stale we make a yummy Bread & Butter Pudding with it. Perfect in the cold weather!

  33. 34

    Ama Abejja said,

    I would love to take their Custard and Blueberry Gourmet Scroll and use it to make a truly decadent bread and butter pudding for the family. Oh YUM !!

  34. 35

    Jacinta Freeman said,

    It’s so hard to pick a favourite, we love so much from Bakers Delight., but I would probably say the Hi Fibre Lo-Gi . We go through several loaves a week. I love it for breakfast with baked beans.

  35. 36

    Lisa Z said,

    My daughters favourite lunch right now is peanut butter, banana and alfalfa sprouts on wholemeal chia bread. Personally I can’t go past the Chia and fruit bun for an on the run treat.

  36. 37

    Jody said,

    My son is hooked on the bakers delight olive sour dough he would live off it if I let him, didn’t realise until recently that they have such a range of sourdough available that’s all we eat now

  37. 38


    Savory fresh bread –what a sensation,
    a moreish healthy treat, and great for celebrations.
    Cheese and chive pullapart bread,
    it’s my favourite, what more can be said?
    That tantalising, cruchy, fresh baked taste,
    warmed in the oven, it won’t go to waste!
    Eat it plain or add some fresh butter,
    “it’s so good”, you will mutter!
    So no more buying day old bread,
    you might save money, but soon you’ll see red.
    For a stale dry loaf cannot compare,
    to a cheese and chive pullapart made with care.
    So there really is no other excuse,
    Fresh baked treats do reduce,
    arguments with the kids over not liking dinner,
    just add a ‘pull apart’ to any meal and you’re a winner!

  38. 39

    Bec Dale said,

    Yum we just tried this recipe for breaky, did look as good as yours but certainly went down well!!! We love the sourdough Vienna the crispy outside yum and so versatile!

  39. 40

    Allison Lucas said,

    We love grabbing a cob loaf, hollowing it out and leaving all the bits around the side of the plate to use, then filling it with our favourite home made dips. A hot mushroom dip is great in winter and when summer rolls around we love a spring onion vegetable dip. The kids have so much fun dipping, and they love the bread, they don’t even notice the veggies hiding in the dip!

  40. 41

    aussiebubs said,

    I love the Hi-Fibre Low Gi bread as I know my family are eating a healthy option for the breakfasts and lunches. I also like the Cob loafs as I make my popular spring onion cob dip and always make sure I warm
    Up and toast the loaf in the oven before I serve it

  41. 42

    aussiebubs said,

    I love the Hi-Fibre Low Gi bread as I know that my family are eating the best and healthy option for breakfast and lunches. I also like their cob loafs when I make my popular spring onion cob dip – always served best with the cob fresh out of being warmed in the oven

  42. 43

    Melissa said,

    I don’t do anything special with it, but my two kids (5 & 3) eat the Bakers Delight Wholemeal Country Grain everyday, either toast, sandwiches or for dinner if they don’t want to eat what I have cooked (after trying a minmum of three mouthfuls). They are excited when I buy “their bread”. I actually prefer the Cape Seed Loaf myself, but they won’t touch that at the moment.

  43. 44

    Kellie said,

    The Hi-Fibre Low-Gi White block loaf with butter & vegemite! Yum!!!

  44. 45

    Nicola said,

    Any of the fresh bread with some yummy homemade soup. Perfect Sunday evening dinner in winter!

  45. 46

    Casey said,

    mmmmm a cape seed loaf sliced extra thick to eat with my homemade baked beans and bacon and while were talking bacon a cobb loaf to make some kind of hot cheesy bacony dip.

  46. 47

    Lisa Pang said,

    Caramilised onion savour swirl is my latest favourite, warmed served with homemade soup is fantastic

  47. 48

    LonniB said,

    I would to have an apricot custard Danish and sit quietly with a cuppa to enjoy in peace…..oh to dream…..

  48. 49

    katie said,

    Being a ‘good mummy’ my kids have the Chia Omega-3 Wholemeal Loaf for their sandwiches (and there are no complaints there!)… however when I’m being sneaky and naughty on my own, the continental baguette goes down a a treat dipped in olive oil and dukkah………. mmmm…….

  49. 50

    Roslyn said,

    Cheesymite Scrolls are the best, I like to pull them apart & slowly enjoy 🙂

  50. 51

    Jule said,

    We love the mini vegge mite scrolls! I freeze them and my girls take them in their lunch most days. They both love them. It’s super easy but means they have something that not factory processed.

  51. 52

    Peta said,

    My fave is Wholemeal Country Grain Block Loaf the whole family loves it for sandwiches… I love that I’m feeding them additive free bread and they enjoy it!

  52. 53

    Lisa Williams said,

    Ever so naughty but my fav from Bakers Delight is a choc chip choc mud scone – warmed in the microwave so the butter melts. My eldest son loves the finger buns and bub loves his sandwiches made with BD wholemeal bread.

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