Muffin mania

Geez I make muffins a lot. Probably once a week. Possibly because I’m too lazy to cut up a whole cake (and also the fact that my oven is too crappy to cook a whole cake well). I love the fact that with minimal kitchen skills I can create so many varying culinary delights. They can be savoury for lunch, as a side dish with a soup, or of course, sweet and fantastic for lunchboxes and afternoon tea. You can make luscious large ones, mini ones that freeze well for lunchboxes or use pattie pans to make ‘muffin tops’ that look nice and large but are actually only a small amount of batter.

Since they’re so simple to make, you can get the kids onto cooking them and quite possibly they’ll stay focused for the entire recipe before getting bored and wandering off to cause destruction elsewhere.

Here’s a selection to try this week, while the kids are looking for things to do…

Cheese muffins

Cheese & vegie.

vegie smugglers choc chip almond and banana muffin

Choc chip, almond & banana.

Ready for this arvo & tomorrow (if there are any left).

Oat & berry.

vegie smugglers apple and sultana mini muffins

Apple & sultana muffin tops.

An all time favourite - chocolate, bran & zucchini

Chocolate, bran & zucchini.

What other flavour combos are popular in your house?

We also like strawberry muffins (from Vegie Smugglers 1), Cheese & ham muffins (from Vegie Smugglers 2) and Blueberry muffins (from 10 quickbakes/10 sandwich spreads).

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  1. 1

    Emma said,

    My kids LOVE your Chocolate, Bran & Zucchini Muffins, they’re on high rotation for school/kinder lunchboxes.
    This holidays I’d like to try to find a muffin/cupcake recipe that will incorporate the 1/2 tin pineapple we always have left over after pizza making, and possibly even the coconut milk that’s left over after making a curry!! Any suggestions??!!

  2. 4

    Ruth said,

    We love raspberry and white chocolate!

  3. 5

    Sandra K said,

    Excellent! Muffins are just what the kids need for holiday munches. Thanks.

  4. 7

    Hollie said,

    Where would I find the recipe for the choc zucchini ones?!

  5. 11

    Kristi said,

    Yum yum! I think I will get my 4 year old budding chef and his 6 year old apprentice to have a go at these recipes over the next two weeks. Thank you! Your zucchini cheese puffs are still a favourite in this house.

  6. 13

    Sandra K said,

    I just made the choc chip almond muffins. Yum! Thanks again.

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