How exciting! A competition! With a prize!

I’ve got a great prize today from Superfoods for Kidz. The lovely Vanessa recently sent me a bunch of their products to try and now it’s your turn to win some for yourself. If your kids are fussy, then a combination of vegie smuggling and popping these powders into some recipes will be all you need vastly improve the health of your family. This is what’s up for offer…

Worth $158!

Worth $158!

I run competitions rarely, and I don’t get paid to run them. I asked Superfoods for kidz to team up with me for this one because like to support local small businesses that are focused on helping the health of our community. You can read all about them here.

So I’ve been experimenting and adding the powders into heaps of things really successfully. The C Berry Blast was a big hit in this smoothie…

Bananas, yoghurt, milk & C Berry Blast powder.

Bananas, yoghurt, milk & C Berry Blast powder.

A sprinkle of the choc berry blast has been gracing the top of our yoghurt and the kids were BEGGING me for the Berry choc chunk superfood bars. They’re a great snack size for younger kids and another great idea for lunchboxes.

And the Vital Veggie Powder worked a treat in these cheese & vegie muffins.

Cheese muffins

Perfect way to get vegies into a lunchbox.

Cheese muffins

1½ cups self-raising flour
2 cups grated cheese
125g can corn, drained
½ cup mushrooms, very finely diced
2 tbsp tomato relish
1 egg
¾ cup milk
60g butter, melted
Chives (optional)
2 tbsp Vital Veggie Powder (optional)

Preheat the oven to 180C. Grease a 12x125ml muffin tray.

Mix together the flour, cheese, corn and mushrooms in a large bowl.

In a separate jug or bowl, combine the relish, egg, milk, melted butter and chives.

Pour the wet ingredients into the dry and mix until just combined. Divide between your muffin holes and bake for 25-30 minutes until very golden and cooked through.


To enter, you must be a subscriber to this blog. Then below, suggest how you would use the powders at your place. You don’t need to supply a full recipe, but links are always fun. And links to MY recipes are bound to be popular really, aren’t they!

And it’d be great if you’d support Superfoods 4 kids on Facebook.

Entries close 11pm AEST, March 6. Winner notified via email March 7 and published here.


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  1. 1

    I’ve got a couple of ideas. The vital veggie powder would go nicely in a freshly squeezed juice. The Berry Choc Chunk would be a nice addition to a chocolate cupcake icing made with healthier choices or sprinkled over the icing. I’ve bought the vital veggie powder a few times & mixed into my sons juice as he has food aversions & has never eaten a veg in all of his 4.5 years of life (except his vital veggies!)

  2. 2

    Sam said,

    This could be just the thing to help me get over the disappointment of having Miss 3 transform from gastranome to a ‘don’t like it it’s YUKKY’ plate shover. Perhaps I could try rolling Babybel into the powder although I expect it’d be meticulously dusted off! She really loves fish cakes still (this could change at any second) so I’d love to try adding the powder to that and she adores muesli bars so they’d be welcome too. Also Wendy I’d love a fish cake recipe from you, are you planning a VS 3?

  3. 4

    Tara capewell said,

    well i know that the berry choc chunk would be great to work through my icecream i make the kids in ice cream machine, and even a sprinkling in the cream cheese frosting i pop on the muffins i make would be a great alternative to cocoa powder. the vege powder i think would be a great addition to most pasta sauces. my 2yr old will only eat pasta at the moment which is hard to get veges in her apart from grating them in the sauce. fingers crossed i win and get to have a play with them for the kids 🙂

  4. 5

    Mel said,

    I think the vegie powder would be good as a seasoning mix with breadcrumbs for chicken schnitzel!

  5. 7

    Amy said,

    Vital Veggie Powder would be awesome in the VS Boston baked beans, my boys love beans, but alas, not veggies! and VS Magic fruit ice cream with Berry Choc Chunk…in my Thermomix…. yummiest icecream EVER!
    Thanks for sharing…

  6. 9

    Stephanie Kerr said,

    Mr 18 months has all but stopped eating right now as he’s cutting big teeth and testing out his independence with us. A frightening time for a mummy of a growing boy, especially when he has lots of food allergies too!!!! However he will still eat some of his faves which includes a rice milk smoothly ( as he has a dairy allergy) and my home made dairy free, gluten free and sugar free muffins!!!! He would definitely benefit from the ‘Superfood for Kidz’ powders being added to these dishes. Happy to post a link to my yummy muffin recipe but don’t know how 😦

  7. 10

    Jane said,

    I’m just cooking some buttermilk & oat pancakes and I think the berry choc chunk would go very nicely as a change from the usual!

  8. 11

    Amanda Ricciardi said,

    I love you milkshake idea. My boys would live that. My boys love homemade fish and chips. The veggie powder would be a great seasoning on either the crumbed fish or homemade potato and sweet potato chips. Would also be great mixed into my chicken and veggie frittatas. The berry choc chunk would be nice mixed through chocolate weetbix slice too!

  9. 12

    Amanda Casalanguida said,

    Hey Hey! First time commenter, Long Time FB follower here! Sweets & Desserts are the big VS hit in our house. We’ll be using the C Berry Blast AND the Berry Choc Chunk in our Magic Ice Cream – link below! Still can’t believe there’s only fruit in it!! HA HA!! We also do Pancake Sunday’s so again…. C Berry Blast & Berry Choc Chunk in our pancake mix will be a bit too perfect! Gotta love being Vegie (and fruit!) Sneaky!

  10. 13

    Stacey Ayton said,

    I make all my own yoghurt at home, very cheap (under $1 per litre) easy and healthy, this is the link to my recipe on my facebook page
    I would love to play around with the Vital Veggie Powders especially the berry choc chunk to make an even healthier chocolate, berry yoghurt.

    I’m also working on a egg, gluten and milk free chicken nugget recipe that is almost perfect using natural peanut butter, coconut oil and coconut then baked in the oven and I think the Vital Veggie Powders would make a nice addition to this recipe.

  11. 14

    Emma said,

    My mum is really ill ATM and is struggling to eat, so I would make what ever she feels like and add the powders to it. This might be enough to keep her out of hospital.

  12. 15

    Kim Jarrold said,

    Great ideas

  13. 16

    6 in a row said,

    With two fruit & vege haters I’m going to be scouring for recipes… They both have sweet tooths so the Berry Choc bars & the berry choc powder will be easy to incorporate into lunch boxes & smoothies, on icecream, in sweet muffins… the vital vege powder, well I can mix into mash potato, on pasta but that ones gonna take some effort with these fussy pair ( and the other four will reap the added benefits of the smuggled goodness, gotta love that!)

  14. 17

    Anna said,

    I would try the veggie mix in anything and everything I cook, I can’t get my 3 year old to eat anything green apart from an apple at the moment. And apart from an apple the only other fruit I can get them to eat is in a smoothy so I would try the berry blast in a smoothie also. Maybe zucchini slice if I could get them to stop picking the “green bits ” out!

  15. 18

    Angela said,

    My sons both LOVE porcupines (meatballs) and it requires 2tbs of flour in them so I guess I could just substitute some of the flour and add the veggie powder. My youngest (2yo) refuses to eat vegies and it has really been getting to me lately as he won’t even eat his mash potato and pumpkin anymore. I could mix the Vital veggie powder in that too. I love the savoury muffin idea that you mentioned as it is one way I can get my youngest to eat veg 🙂

  16. 19

    Petrice said,

    I bought the vegie powder the other day. I was thinking of mixing it in with some chicken mince and some other hidden vege to make koftas. My kids love food on sticks.

  17. 20

    Nicole ohm said,

    Hi, I am already a huge fan of these great products and use them in/ on everything eg berry blast in their water bottles, vital veggie powder in spag Bol, chilli con carne, baby purées etc etc. I would love to win this pack for my friend whose 2 boys are refusing all fruits & veg. I know it would certainly ease her worries a little! Thanks.

  18. 21

    Mel said,

    I made Sneaky Brownie’s from Additive Free Pantry lunchbox ideas and they have hidden vegies in them, my family (non vegie eating ppl) loved them. I think they would be great to add the addition of any of the Superfoods.

  19. 22

    Dalal Ozdemir said,

    I would love the berry choc chunk for home made ice creams sorbets, milkshakes and custard (strawberry choc custard would rock). And the veggie powder would work nicely in some currys and as a dusting on baked potatoes yummo!

  20. 23

    Taleen said,

    This is just what i need for master 4, he is doing my head in lately with refusing to eat almost any form of fruit or vegie. (the reason i am now a follower of your blog!!) I would go crazy i think and just be adding Superfoods for kidz to everything… Breakfast, lunch, dinner, drinks and baking. It would definately make meal times much more relaxing knowing that he is still getting plenty of goodness!

  21. 24

    The Vital Veggie Powder would be great to add to anything really but as Master 2 is refusing to eat any form of vegetable at the moment I would add it to quiche zucchini and carrot bake and the rice and veg slice I make for him.

  22. 25

    Johanna said,

    I would love to try these, mr 5 is really picky with his veges, but he loves tomato sauce (which kid doesn’t..) so I’ve been making it myself to make it healthier and it would be awesome with some Vital Veggie Powder added! I’m also trying to get into the green smoothie thing, and some added C Berry Blast might make it a bit more enticing for the kids too 🙂

  23. 26

    kim boyce said,

    My son is a great eater but my step daughter is picky and her mum lets her hav way to much crap. Shes not a very healthy kid and its starting to show. I would make her smoothies cause she likes them and put the powerds in. And she like cheese muffins so would make some of those too. Would b a real help to hav good things to help her as well as the good food we feed her wen shes with us thanks

  24. 27

    pip said,

    As someone with a son who eats no fruit or veg except for those i manage to smuggle i think i would add these powders to EVERYTHING! I have been meaning to buy them to try.

  25. 28

    Andrea Hughes said,

    My kids love mashed pumpkin, broccoli and potato so i would mix the vegie powder into those! I make alot of foods from scratch because we have allergies so would be quite easy to incorporate the powders. I make my own fruit squeezies, my 2 year old is fussy with fruit so usually only has banana and watermelon, the C berry blast would help her to get more vitamins.

  26. 29

    Im adding berry choc chunk to nutino ( choc hazelnut) sandwiches for miss 3 and going to make fish fingers with vital veggie in the crumb..

  27. 30

    Melody Henderson said,

    Purple pancakes! They look delicious!!

  28. 31

    Sarah said,

    I’d add the choc berry blast to your absolutely genius recipe for fruit ice cream. It’s a winner in our house and I can’t imagine how virtuous I’d feel serving it with added goodness.

  29. 32

    katrina said,

    I use the berry choc chunk in ice cream that I make for the girls in the vita mix – yogurt, mixed berries, berry choc chunk powder plus ice. Yummo.

  30. 33

    Judy said,

    I add the veggie powder to hummus or tahini which we use for dipping vegies and pita bread. Also sprinkle the veggie powder on popcorn! They love it 🙂
    We use the berry blast in our porridge and cereal every morning.

  31. 34

    Helen Billingsley said,

    I would use them in smoothies, savoury muffins, pikelets, in a ‘crumb’coating for chicken/fish, in soups, in fresh juices, in dips, in icings on cakes – really the list is endless. I love cooking everything from scratch so I would find a wat to add them to lots of things. 🙂

  32. 35

    Nicole said,

    I would add the Vital Veggie Powder to crumb my homemade Chicken Nuggets and my Homemade Fish Fingers – these ARE always a winner with my 2 kids. Also, they are great to take for school lunches the following day.
    The Berry Choc Chunk, I would add into my Homemade Bliss Balls that the kids devour for recess/afternoon snack – a great protein hit made better to help them avoid the mid arvo slump.
    The C Berry Blast, straight into our daily green Smoothies. Yep, I have a 2 & 5 yo that drink green smoothies. Don’t know how that happened, convinced it was some sort of divine intervention.

  33. 36

    Kellie said,

    When my kids are being fussy, they still seem to enjoy yoghurt and milk and because these foods are good for them I am happy about that. However it’s soooo important to me that their nutritional needs are met and I’m always trying to come up with ideas to boost the nutritional value of foods particularly milk and yoghurt! The Berry Choc Chunk Bar broken up and mixed through yoghurt or custard would be pretty yummy! Adding the Berry Choc Chunk Powder to milk, yoghurt or making a smoothie is simple and easy. Also I like to make Banana and Cauliflower mini muffins and freeze them for healthy snacks, which I could easily add any of the powders to the recipe! I have purchased the Vital Vegie Powder and will often add it to favourites (that I know will get eaten) like homemade bolognaise or mince chow mein. Such fantastic products! A world of possibilites!

  34. 37

    Linda Moxham said,

    My Master almost 7 has a big aversion to veges, so the vege powder would be put in everything! Pasta, mashed potato, over chips, on his meat, anything and everything! I can see ice cream sprinkled with C Berry Blast, and I have an almost 4 year old who loves muesli bars and snack bars who would love those Super Food bars.

  35. 38

    Jo Brown said,

    I often purée some cauliflower and carrot (to make orange macaroni and cheese ), the kids scoff it down pretty well! For green macaroni and cheese I purée a little spinach and carrot into the cheese sauce. The Vege Powder would be great in these to really boost the vege intake!

  36. 39

    Bec said,

    I think the vital veg powder would be fab in cheese corn & ham fritters, added to my mince and balsamic beetroot/zucchini puree sausage rolls! Or salmon quinoa balls!
    The choc berry blast blended with frozen bananas for ‘choc ice cream’ , mixed into mango/chia muffins, home popped popcorn tossed in coconut oil & choc berry blast .
    C berry blast in blueberry pikelets, or mixed with fresh pineapple/watermelon juice and frozen for icy poles. Yum!!!

  37. 40

    Becc Allen said,

    I’d use the Vital Vegie Powder in the VS beef cannelloni (our kids LOVE anything pasta based at the moment!), C Berry Blast in a home made jelly (freshly squeezed fruit juice, water, gelatine and C Berry Blast) and to make them really happy the Choc Berry Blast and Berry Choc Chunk bars in a cookie dough ice-cream (Choc Berry Blast stired through VS magic fruit ice-cream made only with bananas with delicious chunks of chopped up Berry Choc Chunk bars…..YUM!). I think even the meat loving hubby would be happy with that menu!

  38. 41

    megan said,

    we are currently looking at alternatives to milo etc , our youngest son mr 4 likes to have a taste of his daddy’s protein shake but its not suitable for kids so i think either the c berry blast or choc chunk would be a great alternative for him, plus we love baking and throwing a few extra nutrients in there would be sanity saving to know that they are getting all the goodness possible

  39. 42

    Lauren Garcia said,

    With two kids under 2, who generally eat their veggies, however as all children can be strong willed and decide not to, it would be great to have something like this on hand.

    A few recepie ideas that come to mind are-
    1- Béchamel sauce with tuna corn and some of the powder. The one I tend use is

    2- Cheesy muffins with zucchini , potatoe and carrot (grated) and some veggie powder

    3-Oven roasted potatoe sprinkled with veggie powder

    4-some sweets could include- LCMs with chopped apricot and chocolate powder, stewed apple with berry powder, berry and mango smoothie with berry and chocolate powder

    5- homemade chicken nuggets and in the breadcrumbs use veggie powder and Finley chopped herbs

    The possibilities are endless really!

  40. 43

    Amanda said,

    We used the veggie sprinkle in our eggy bread this morning – couple of eggs, couple of tsps of veggie powder and dipped in some seeded bread – kids love it!!!

  41. 44

    Casey said,

    My kids favorite food are eggs! When all else fails I know they will always clear their plates if we have scramble or poached eggs. I put puréed cauliflower into their scrambled eggs so I’d add some vital veggie powder to it as well!

  42. 45

    Carlie said,

    Have just found these superfood powders and tried them for the first time myself… the vital veggie powder goes great with oil on homemade potatoe wedges… I have been sprinking it on just about everything we have for dinner, pasta sauces, or anything with a sauce really, fits so easily in 🙂 I have tried the C Berry Blast in my green smoothies, so easy and so super healthy! The Coc Berry Blast is a fantastic alternative for milo and have been using it in milk for myself and daughter 🙂

  43. 46

    bobbie79 said,

    I use these for all sorts! Berry choc chunk sprinkled in peanut butter sandwiches and in chocolate coconut balls. C berry blast in smoothies and pancakes. Vital veggie in muffins and sauces, toasted sandwiches and on two minute noodles instead of the flavour sachet.

  44. 47

    Jane said,

    My mind is racing with all the possibilities at the moment.
    Wholefood, nutrient dense dinner and additive free is what I try to provide for my family. But despite all my best efforts kids can always do with more. Teeth is also my kids down fall and amazingly gut health.
    Green smoothie with vit C boost
    Bliss balls with the choc powder
    My kids love eggs so the vege powder in scrambled eggs or baked mini quiches for school
    Choc berry powder with nuts, dates and coconut oil would go well for the base of a raw cheese cake 🙂
    Frozen banana ice cream with powders
    Quinoa biscuits with any if the powders really. Use for dips or sweeten with raw honey or rapadura for treats.

    I actually have a FB page thermomixology with heaps of ideas of cooking if you like photos.

    Sorry for the long reply I have been looking at these powders for a while!

  45. 48

    Deb Kirby said,

    Having had a very fussy, picky eater, I would most definitely have made use of these additives. Sneak them into plain things, nothing to scary looking, eg pikelets or pancakes, mashed potato, apple crumble, homemade Vegie soup, muffins, cake, even pizza sauce! 35 years ago, I was an original Vegie smuggler & I won! Produced a healthy child and adult, from a tiny premimie fusspot toddler. Love your work, I still like to smuggle veggies in everywhere – can’t help myself lol.

  46. 49

    Jayne Barnes said,

    I would use the vege powder in spagghetti for my fussy 2.5yr old ds and he would love the berry choc chunk in yoghurt for sure!

  47. 50

    You could easily sprinkle this powder over the rice when you’re making sushi or even mix it in the mix with Onigiri (rice balls). A change to vegemite & cheese scrolls (if you make them yourself like I do) is to make up a vege mash (put the vege powder in with the mash) and use that as the spread instead of vegemite. So many options!! I love baking my kids their school treats instead of buying muesli bars and biscuits – I know exactly what goes into them!

  48. 51

    Lisa Z said,

    Choc berry powder in bliss balls or magic bean cake (has kidney beans in it!) and vital veggie powder in any savoury muffins, a lunch box staple here.

  49. 52

    Vanessa Blood said,

    With 2 kids under two, the Vegie Smugglers recipe books have been such a blessing to us! Even though my almost 2 year old is still a bit fussy when it comes to vegies, she has made a huge improvement!
    So with the wonderful recipes from Vegie Smugglers and the addition of the vegie powders, our vegetable fighting days will hopefully be a thing of the past!
    I think the Berry Choc Chunk would go really nicely in my homemade “ice cream”. Frozen bananas and a drizzle of honey with some Berry Choc Chunk blended together would make a yummy healthy dessert 🙂

    Also i think the C Berry Blast would be nice in the Vegie Smugglers Strawberry Muffins!! Oh my girl would just love that!

    Thanks for the opportunity to win these lovely healthy powders! 🙂

  50. 53

    Lauren said,

    At the moment I’m having trouble getting my 20 month old to eat any veges that aren’t mashed or chopped into tiny pieces, so I’d love to put some into stir fries, or other meals with bigger bits of veges, so that even if she only eats the noodles or rice she is still getting some nutrients. At the moment lunch and dinner is served with a side of mashed/puréed veges, which is so boring, and I’d love to just cook 1 meal instead of 2 every night!

  51. 54

    Lisa said,

    What choice do my 4 boys have if I armed with Vegie Smugglers and Vegie powder to add to everything? They will surely grow into strong, healthy lads! My 14yr old has just got braces, he has sore gums/teeth and is struggling to eat some food & veggies. The powder will work wonders! Great product.

  52. 55

    Ayesha said,

    Seen as though winter is coming and this miserable rain hasn’t stopped in days here. So, I was thinking how great hot chocolate is on days like these! Not only would I replace the chocolate powder with choc berry chunk but I have a secret ingredient I add as I have a super fussy little boy. My secret ingredient is – sweet potato or carrot puree! It helps get as much veggies as I possibly can into the little guy. Recipe is below 🙂

    1 cup milk (which ever kind you like)
    1/2 cup of puree (sweeter puree works best)
    choc berry chunk to taste – you choose how much you put in
    Heat milk and puree in a saucepan and mix until smooth
    Add in choc berry chunk
    And that’s it! Simple and delicious

    C Berry blast would go great in orange and poppy seed mini muffins

    And you could put vital veggie power in/on just about anything and everything but another great winter warming recipe that my son adores is homemade macaroni and cheese. We grate carrot and mix it into the sauce and use veggie pasta and when we have that extra time blend some chic peas up and add to the sauce! Add some vital veggie power and you have one very healthy meal that kids just love!

    My son would always eat anything and then hit the fussy phase so we have had to be very creative with his meals!

  53. 56

    Katrina Angus said,

    I just cooked your sausage rolls great healthy recipe from your book Vege smugglers weekly meal plan which is also fabulous for a busy mum like me it helps me to make healthy meals with all the planning done, thanks heaps for that book, so to the point I would definately add the Vege powder to them to make them even healthier if that is actually possible. thanks for making my life and my families life healthier

  54. 57

    philippa said,

    Berry Choc Chunk in protein balls – YUM. and my daughter is addicted to the little Superfood bars…

  55. 58

    Cassandra Scicluna said,

    Like many others we are an allergy family and although my kids love their fruit – the vegetables can be tough! I have to make 95% (excluding the fresh stuff) of their food to ensure there is no contamination…

    I stack as much finely chopped vegetables on pizza, in shepherds pie, stir fry, fried rice, meatballs, risotto – any main dish that is mixed together really… unfortunately the ones they don’t like get picked out and left to the side! Therefore, the Vital Veggie Powder would be a fantastic addition and give me peace in knowing they are still receiving those essential nutrients. On a side thought, would be great in dips, in bread or dusted on popcorn too!

    As for the C Berry Blast, certainly milkshakes, smoothies, homemade icecream, yoghurt and custard – YUM! Also be a great addition to cakes.

    Berry Choc Chunk, the name itself sounds delicious! Certainly sweets like brownies, cakes, homemade ice cream / ice blocks, pies, cookies, milkshakes and smoothies.

    Finally, the Berry Choc Chunk Bars, they’d be great on their own and added all chopped up to ice cream, yoghurt or custard.

  56. 59

    Alison said,

    I always thought I was queen of hiding veges but alas I am are…I would hide them in everything from muffins, quiches, cakes and even biscuits. I made chocolate chip biccies today cut out half the sugar and added stewed apples..but it would be easier with the powders..
    I have a few recipes on my blog

  57. 60

    Rach said,

    The ONLY vegie I can get into my 3yo is pumpkin, and ONLY in the form of pumpkin soup…and that is only when all the planets are aligned!! I could definitely see some smuggling of Vital Veggie powder happening at our place. The Berry Blast would be perfect for smoothies and pancakes and possibly even added to yoghurt as a dip for cut up fruit.

  58. 61

    Shannon Morgan said,

    The Vital Veggie Power would be great in your Carrot Filo Triangles! We love them. 🙂

  59. 62

    Sandra said,

    I think a bit of Vital Veggie Powder wouldn’t go astray in a spag bol. I could see myself using the Berry Blast in smoothies or over breakfast cereal too. Would so love for the kids to try them!

  60. 63

    Pam said,

    Hi Wendy, I have recently started getting into green smoothies, whch surprisngly my daughter likes. I’d add powders to those for a start, as although she likes the smoothies, she is quite dead against vegies in their usual form so any additional goodness is a Very Good Thing.

    I subscribe to your blog already, and like Vanessa’s page 🙂

  61. 64

    Chantelle. said,

    If I win or not I am going to order some of the C Berry Blast to go with my homemade thermomix yoghurt. At the moment my kids eat it with honey but this will make a nice change. I’m also ordering some of the Vital Veggie Power as my 3 year old who did love her veggies has gone off them and this will be a great addition to some of my green smoothies, which I can get her to drink!

  62. 65

    debnjuz said,

    Hi, Thank you for this amazing competittion, they are just fantastic products, sometimes a little out of the budget for us. I love them though. I use all the recipes that are on the superfoodz blog. My whole family loves them. In summer I often used the choc berry blast for smothies for the kiddies. I also use the vital veggie for a lazy dinner night with scrambled eggs. I don’t feel so bad than as I know they are getting lots of other goodies with it. Deb

  63. 66

    Melanie K said,

    The Berry Choc Chunk would go well in my Devils Zuccini Mud Cake. The kids love this cake and I sneak many a different veggie into it! But the Berry Choc Chunk would be a lovely twist!
    I also had a sample of the Vital Veggie Powder and used it on some parsnip and sweet potatoe chips! Yummo!

  64. 67

    vanessa fuller said,

    We Vanessas are lovely aren’t we 🙂
    Would love the vegie powder so i can add it to our fav recipe of yours
    Would also add it to our fav lazy lazy dinner – jar pesto (sometimes w purreed green veg) over pasta.
    Would use it as well as or instead of my usual – nutritional yeast flakes.
    C berry blast and berry choc chunk powders would go nicely in home made ice blocks and bliss balls.
    oooh endless possibilities, thanks for the competition

    ps the lower link to Superfoods 4 kids on fb doesn’t work for me

  65. 68

    Claire Bailey said,

    I’m thinking the Vital Vegie could go well in any of your sausage rolls, particularly or mini meatloaves they always go down a treat. The C Berry Blast would be great in a banana and mixed berry iceream, the ones made just with the frozen fruit.

  66. 69

    Yvette said,

    Oh I would literally use it in anything & everything!! The Vital Veggie powder would go perfectly in the base sauce for homemade pizzas though…I blitzed some spinach in my Thermomix last time and it turned the tomato base a lovely dark brown colour when mixed through…lucky the kids couldn’t see it under the toppings!

  67. 70

    leimaycherry said,

    I can see the bars being added to school lunches easily. As for the veggie powder I’d love to add it to our home made burgers as the boys really only have meat and cheese on theirs. If add it to our home made coatings (chicken nuggets, schnitzels etc) I’d even like to add some to mini bacon and egg pies (whatever you do dont say quiche to the kids lol)
    As for the choc berry blast I see it mixed with icing, added to home made choc sauce, sprinkled on top of icecream along with their bright sprinkles and even perhaps added to the fairy bread we are making for the kids birthdays this year.

  68. 71

    Michelle Newton said,

    The powders would be great in any type of smoothie, or yoghurt, or pikelets! I smuggle heaps if things into my pikelets!! Adding some beet root and then using a piping bag can make the cutest shapes!!

  69. 72

    Mitzi Cline said,

    We make our own bars and the berry chocolate chunk would be perfect. Actually any of the powders could be added to any sauce or drink or soups depending on whether it is savory or sweet. Cool product.

  70. 73

    Chantelle said,

    We use the vital veggie powder on just about everything! Goes great stirred into meals just before serving and cos it’s orange no complaints from Mr Anti-Green. The Choc Berry chunk makes anything baked really tasty and I make a healthy choc spread for toast with it too. Yet to try the berry powder but I think it would be great in yogurt or smoothies. They are fabulous products:)

  71. 74

    Chantelle said,

    We use the vital veggie powder on just about everything! Goes great stirred into meals just before serving and cos it’s orange no complaints from Mr Anti-Green. The Choc Berry chunk makes anything baked really tasty and I make a healthy choc spread for toast with it too. Yet to try the berry powder but I think it would be great in yogurt or smoothies. They are fabulous products:)

  72. 75

    Holly said,

    There would be so many uses! Smoothies, yoghurt, muffins, added into “normal” favourite dishes like mac and cheese (with the veggie powder)… pancakes…. stir into their tomato sauce even!

  73. 76

    mhosgen said,

    Am devastated after reading your post on fruit and tooth decay as my daughter won’t eat veggies but will eat heaps of fruit so I was relying on that to provide healthy nutrients but seems like it will now also provide tooth decay!! So these powders seem like an excellent way to get veggie nutrients into her. I’m thinking the veggie one sprinkled into scrambled eggs or even smuggled into her vegemite sandwiches and the berry one could be added to biscuits or the fruit and oat cookie bars I make for her…

  74. 77

    Brooke said,

    I think I will use the powders for myself just as much as for the kids. I’m terrible with vegies & so use vegiesmugglers for cooking the whole families meals’. The powders are such a good way to get all the nutrients you need without buying every vegie/fruit & then ending up throwing out what you don’t use. Thanks for bringing such a great blog & showing us such a great product

  75. 78

    alison Wilson said,

    I’d love to make pancakes with the Berry Choc Chunk powder. My girls love ‘chocolate pancakes’, this would be perfect! It would keep us all happy!

  76. 79

    Larnie Gale said,

    My eldest daughter loves her berry choc chunk bars & it’s great sending her to school knowing she has something for a treat that is actually so very good for her.
    We sprinkle the vital vegie powder on most of our main meals for the kids, its great to “hide” in things such as healthy quiches & homemade pies etc.
    We also tend to use the berry choc chunk & c berry blast in smoothies & milkshakes to make them healthier.
    It’s fantastic to have these healthy products available to us & I love supporting a family business who are so passionate about making our kids healthier.
    On all of my orders I always have a lovely handwritten note thanking me for my business from one of the family, which I think is a lovely personal touch.

  77. 80

    Sharyn said,

    i think smoothies & milkshakes will be the go. Pancakes. I will probably try to put in anything given half the chance.
    xoxx s

  78. 81

    My favourite from the Baker’s Delight store would be the White Choc and Blueberry Scone. If I am not in a hurry to gobble it down then and there I would warm it up at home in the microwave, cut it in half and put a dollop of fresh whipped cream on both halves and devour!! 🙂

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