First ever VS weekly menu plan (with a pretty shopping list)

At the risk of sounding very ‘organised housewife’, this post is a menu plan for next week. Despite urging emails, I’ve always avoided posts like this because they sound… so… well… bossy, really. You know, it’s YOUR house and eat whatever the hell you like, I say. But nonetheless, I’ve had enough requests now that I’m GONNA DO IT. And knowing how much I love a free printable, I’m even including a complete shopping list (complete with a key so you know what to buy for which meal).

Main problem devising a meal plan for strangers is that I don’t know your schedule. But I’m assuming that you’ve got a couple of days a week at home, and a few afternoons a week that are crazy busy and I’m suggesting dinners that you can move to whichever day fits best.

So here goes…


Family dinner, or friends coming over? What about this Sang Choy Bao? It’s a messy, fun, communal dinner. Don’t know about you, but my mess tolerance is better on weekends, when I’m not trying to combine dinner with homework and tired children. And it’s a quick cook too, because you’ve probably spent the day at birthday parties or sport or (god forbid) Bunnings.

Vegie Smugglers Sang choy bow recipe

Lettuce delights for your munching pleasure


Nice healthy Fish Pie tonight.

Mmmmmm, cauliflower

And while you’re hanging about the house in cooking mode, also make up a batch of Spag bol. It makes heaps so you can divide it up and pop some in the freezer for next week, and some in the fridge for Monday night.

Adam's bolognaise

I freeze this, pasta and all, in kid-sized serves


Spag bol.


Another crazy day ahead? In the morning make up the mix for these Vegie & bean quesadillas.

Onions, carrot, capsicum, tomatoes, kidney beans, avocado. YUM.

Then they’re easy to whip up once you get home from swimming or tennis or dance or whatever other activity you’ve just sat through (as if you have nothing better to do with your time than sit on an uncomfortable bench or wait in the car for the afternoon). Of course, if you meat-free Monday, then you really should have cooked these yesterday.


Got a moment to cook today? What about this chicken & vegie pasta soup?

vegie smugglers chicken pasta and vegetable soup

Pasta, chicken and bacon amongst the vegies...

Maybe you’ve been feeling excessive love for your little gorgeouses today and have indulged them with these berry and oat muffins… awwwwww mum… you’re the best!

Ready for this arvo & tomorrow (if there are any left).


Use up all the soggy vegies in this Vegetable Slice. Leftover are good in wraps for lunch on Friday.

Vegetable slice

Working the soggy contents of the crisper drawer.


Zzzzzzzz…. What! Sorry! You want dinner AGAIN? See I’ve lost interest tonight, which is just what I discussed last week in ON THE SEVENTH DAY. Toast, pizza muffins, something else will do.

And here’s the shopping list to download. Best thing about the list is that it shows you just how many vegies your kids are going to eat this week! Hope this helps.


Don’t forget that you can buy an e-book of meal plans at the shop.

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  1. 1

    Bec S said,

    Ohhh I love this! Thanks so much!

  2. 2

    Treena said,

    This is great, thanks. The best thing about it though is the shopping list with the KEY! What a great idea because now i can easily figure out what not to buy if I’m not making for example the fish pie.

  3. 4

    Jonah said,

    Thanks Wendy, this looks yumbo! I like the wrap tip. I never know what to put in wraps because normal sandwich fillings never bulk it out enough. I made a delish tuna pasta dish last night sans tomato OR cream. Medium tin of tuna and tbsn of mayo in a bowl and mash to a kinda paste. Add a grated zucchini, have a grated carrot, two chopped tomatoes, and a tbsp of pesto. Salt and pepp. Drain your pasta and then put back in the saucepan with a soupçon of the pasta water. Mix together and serve with grated palmesan…dropped from a height.

  4. 5

    mumchic said,

    Some fantastic ideas and the shopping list is a stealer ,Thanks Wendy 🙂

  5. 6

    Amanda said,

    Write a book! An eBook! I will buy it! Love the fish pie.

  6. 8

    Dianna said,

    i love love this.. sometimes when my brain is maxed out thinking for everyone (including husband at times) seemingly all the time.. all i can manage is that it would be great to think about a week menu plan and shop accordingly (not head to shops every couple days as i seem to do!) but thats all i can manage! so when you have done the thinking and the shopping list for me, its heaven! a love knowing that the kids will eat well, i have something to cook each night and that the shopping is done…im half way thru my week and just soo happy lol anywhoo more of this would be handy to refer to in the future if brain is maxing out.. otherwise when i can manage i do enjoy flicking thru your cook books and picking things myself.. thanks either way!!

  7. 9

    joyce said,

    so sad. we’re not westerns and we eat rice everyday. these meals are considered as snacks here. lol!!! I may have an opportunity to create a meal plan for asians…

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