ON THE SEVENTH DAY (A serious case of the ‘can’t be bothered’s)

Vegie Smugglers baked eggs

A dinner to cook when you're not cooking dinner.

A while back I surveyed a few of you to find out more about your cooking habits. Admittedly, it was probably completed by those of you who enjoy being in the kitchen (so is statistically a total sham), but I thought it was interesting to see how often each week you make dinner.

Not a single family reported that they cook every night of the week. Most reported cooking (in some semblance) 6 nights with a takeaway on the 7th (which was usually pizza).

I think this is an outstanding effort! Well done all of you who manage to put a homemade meal on the table 6 nights a week!

This fits the pattern at my place. ON THE SEVENTH DAY I have no motivation or intention to cook anything. For us, that night is Friday night. At about 4pm I come down with the most severe case of ‘I’ve-been-cooking-all-week-and-all-I-will-reach-for-from-the-fridge-now-is-wine’ and the children’s hunger becomes extremely uninteresting to me.

But the pesky little rascals still need to be fed.

Seeing as we submitted to the mega-mortgage last year, any decent takeaway is a bit too $$$ for the budget (and despite my temporarily uninspired state, I still can’t face giving them the nasty takeaway options on a regular basis) so I opt for the cheap and cheerful ‘cooking when you’re not cooking’ options which can be made in 10 minutes from start to clean up.

High on the list is toasties. Multigrain bread, cheese, avocado, a bit of whatever vaguely slimy cold meat is left from the week and I’ll even sneak in a bit of tomato.

Muffin ‘pizzas’ are popular too, and even a bowl of baked beans/spaghetti combo with toast soldiers.

But ever since our trip to the country, but kids are HUGE fans of eggs. I have embraced them like a new best friend.

So pretty they are, full of protein, minerals and iron (and cholesterol – but kids don’t need to worry about that). And they’re so easy to cook. Boiled with soldiers is always a hit, and when I’m feeling a bit fancy, I roll out these…

Ham & egg yummies

2 slices ham, chopped
4–8 cherry tomatoes
100g roasted capsicums and/or zucchini
4 eggs
Handful of grated cheese
Parsley leaves

Divide the ham, tomatoes and capsicum between four shallow ovenproof dishes. Crack over the egg (whisked or whole is up to you). Scatter with cheese and black pepper.

Preheat grill to medium and cook for 3–4 minutes until the egg is set. Serve with parsley and fresh bread or toast soldiers.


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  1. 1

    These look great for a lazy weekend breakfast too. Might give this a go with my two if I don’t have an energy boost before dinner time tonight. Thank you 🙂 They can also have some pumpkin soup which I made after they were in bed last night too so I don’t feel too slack, otherwise it may just have been soup and soldiers hehe.

    Also, eggs, they have the HDL type of cholesterol which is actually good for you, it helps your body clear out the LDL type of cholesterol which is the one that causes all the problems.

    http://www.betterhealth.vic.gov.au/bhcv2/bhcarticles.nsf/pages/cholesterol_explained – about cholesterol

    • 2

      wendyblume said,

      Thanks for the link Claire! Will check it out. I did read somewhere that an egg a day is fine for everyone, unless you have a high cholesterol problem. So hard to keep up with all the latest recommendations.

  2. 3

    Nicole said,

    That is awesome, and a lovely reminder of the beauty of baked eggs. Perfect for post gymnastics at the child hating time ( or is that the parent hating time ) of 4:45 pm – 6:45pm!

  3. 4

    Michelle said,

    Thanks lady, thats dinner done and dusted for us! x

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