Ho Ho Ho

a christmas fairy made from a toilet roll

She's back! Ready to top the tree and guide you through the festivities...

Yes, believe it or not, it’s THAT time of year again. Truly frightening. Where DID that year go? I was just commenting to my best friend, “isn’t it great that my book reprint arrived nice and early”, then looked up to see his bewildered face as he reminded me that they were DUE late November and have ARRIVED in late November. He was looking at me with that astonished and troubled face that vaguely reads, “HOLY SHIT, I actually MARRIED her”.

So I’ve upped my game and now realize that Christmas is just 5 weeks away, and therefore I’ve only got about 3 weeks left to sell books so that they arrive neatly in time for Christmas. To encourage nice early sales and not a last minute rush, I’m offering giftwrapped bundles of Vegie Smugglers 1 & 2 with free postage until December 16. So really, don’t put it off.

And by the way, should you be DYING to meet me and discuss the intricacies of your family’s food battles, I’ll be at the Sydney Northern Beaches Mumpreneur market THIS Sunday November 27 at the Parkway Hotel from 9-1. The market space isn’t especially flash, but I’ll be there with free biscuits and colouring in sheets and there’s a stack of other businesses that you can come and support too.

Then on Sunday December 4, I’ll be at the Dulwich Hill Fair, outside Gleebooks between 10.30-11. Now there’s nothing that makes me feel like more of a twit than being asked to sign a book, but apparently that’s what I’ll be doing should you want a pithy comment such as ‘happy smuggling’ in your lovely new bookstore copy of VS. More importantly I’m always keen to have a chat and hear about which recipes are working in YOUR household and what I can do to help you out more in the future (and you don’t have to buy anything – promise).

PHEW. And with public announcements over for the day, let’s revisit Christmas. Last year I thrilled you all with this paper snowflake pattern and AWESOME loo-roll Christmas fairy. I don’t know about you, but I’M reloading my printer paper cartridge in anticipation.

Now, how are you all going on gift buying? I need some advice please, I have a 12-year-old sports-mad niece, a 10-year-old creative nephew and a 10-year-old niece who likes dancing to buy gifts for and I have NO CLUE. Currently they seem to enjoy iPods, iPods and iPods. But surely some of you out there have kids of that demographic and can pass on some insider knowledge. Many thanks.

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  1. 1

    wendyblume said,

    WOW, not a single suggestion for tween gifts… I guess it’ll be itunes giftcards afterall…;)

  2. 2

    Glenne said,

    No matter what the age, gift cards are a treat. Even young ones love the thrill of a trip to Big W or Target, to choose their own toy, book or DVD, and teens always need the latest cosmetics, cute stationary for craft or school, some fancy underwear that practical mum won’t buy for them, and again books and DVD’s. It’s very hard to buy for kids with particular tastes and you don’t want to double up on what they
    already have. My 3 girls are in their late teens/early 20’s now but they’ve never been disappointed with a gift card of any type.

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