Christmas silly but fun (festive ways with loo rolls!)

a christmas fairy made from a toilet roll

Fairy perfection! and in January, just chuck her in the recycling

Nothing demonstrates the joy of starting and the hell of finishing a task more than the annual Christmas tree experience. The excitement! The fun! Decorating the tree each December is one of the best jobs of the year. So full of promise and hope! So different to January 10 last year when you finally had to admit that the damn thing was dead and the lovely smell of pine needles had descended into a vaguely compost-tainted stink.

Then of course the rotting tree sat down the side of the house until the council clean up in March, when brave husband lugged the (excitingly big on it’s arrival) enormous thing out onto the footpath, spiders, cockroaches and all.

This year our tree is done. Covered in school-and-daycare-made treasures. Plus some tinsel and baubles to tizz it up a little. And the pinnacle of tree-joy is, of course, the fairy. A stoic, serene little thing. Stuck in the ornament box all year, then dusted off, fixed with sticky tape and shoved precariously on the top.

This year I’m fully committing to the vaguely-daggy-craft-tree experience, complete with my loo-roll Christmas fairy. She matches in perfectly with all the other handmade stuff. A few paper chains and the tree is complete.

And why is my fairy so happy? Well, she’s a loo roll, with a lovely easy spot to shove the tree, meaning total comfort for her throughout this festive season.

Click the pic to download the fairy PDF


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