(More) reasons why I will never be mother of the year

Between drop off one and drop off two this morning, I found myself in traffic being cut-off. I mean, REALLY, cut off. The type of cut-off where someone has their foot flat to the floor accelerating stripping you of any opportunity to merge, even though your lane is running out and they are only going to achieve the golden prize of being ONE CAR AHEAD OF YOU.

This frustrated me.

I may have exclaimed an unkind phrase and made some kind of hand gesture to show my displeasure.

Luckily for me, an eagle-eyed Miss Fruitarian was in the car, able to take it all in and no doubt report it all back to a saintly daddy at bedtime.

Afterwards (of course) I felt remorse at yet another incident, which proves what a rubbish mother I am. There are many incidents. The time I slammed the car door shut onto Miss F’s fingers. When I accidently fed her Arrabiata sauce, forgetting in my sleep deprived state that it contains CHILLI. The happy memory of exposing Mr Meat & Potatoes to porn… ahhh the list goes on.

At the end of the day I know that I am just regular mother, doing her best, getting it right most of the time and wrong just often enough to keep a wave of guilt nearby. Over on Facebook the other day, Katrina posted “I like anything that makes parenting easier…it’s the toughest job on earth!”

I couldn’t agree more. It IS tough and we do our best. I remind myself that as the primary caregiver, I have way more chances to make all of the parenting mistakes. I’m sure if my best-friend was in charge of drop-offs, clean uniforms and school notes that he’d show a similar level of ineptitude as me.

But the guilt remains. So to appease it, here’s a quick alphabet tracing sheet to download and help your kiddlies with. It may just help restore some semblance of perfection to your mothering day.

Don't worry, the actual download is perfectly alphabetical.

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  1. 1

    Jill said,

    If you don’t find parenting hard, then you don’t care enough !

  2. 2

    Jacki said,

    Don’t be so hard on yourself! We’ve all had those moments. In fact, I had a bit of a road rage moment this morning with a van who almost reversed into my car. Gotta remember to just breathe!

  3. 3

    Rochelle Stokes said,

    hehe – you are me!!! and millions of others for that matter. As my ‘best friend’ keeps telling me – usually through my tears lamenting how crap I am a being a Mum – “Your a great Mum because you WANT to be a better Mum”.

    Can tell your a great Mum too :o)

  4. 4

    wendyblume said,

    oh! that’s a nice best-friend. That’s true isn’t it, just wanting to do a better job, is what makes us great! Thanks rochelle, I’m feeling much better!

  5. 5

    darralyne said,

    Hi Wendy I loved your post about your so-called ineptitude at being a mother. It just reminded me after my morning from hell and wishing daycare had a pick up service, that we are all in the same boat, doing our best and wishing it was better. Just remember that tomorrow is a whole new day – a clean slate, and if that doesn’t make you feel better, there is always a wine at the end of today for medicinal purposes!

  6. 7

    Michelle McFarlane said,

    Had to have a chuckle! I had a car issue yesterday where I ‘told’ the drive to ‘Pi$$ off’ and gave them the ‘bird’ (unpleasant gesture)! So gorgeous, my 8yo sitting next to me said ‘did you say ‘peace out’? She thought I’d made the two finger peace sign and said ‘peace out’! My response, ‘yes, yes I did’! xx

  7. 9

    Jo said,

    Having lost the Mother of the year award for several years now I know how you feel. But as so many of those great Mum’s out there have said …. You are a great Mum, ’cause you still feel guilt and want to do better. Have a great day 🙂

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