Here’s a full catalogue all the Vegie Smugglers cookbooks.
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***** Please note that all books are now digital e-books.*****

Vegie Smugglers’ Kitchen Collection

The newest Vegie Smugglers cookbook is full of all the recipes you need to feed your family all year long. There are basic recipes, lunchbox inspiration, everyday dinners, easy ways to entertain and recipes to cook your way through the annual celebrations. (160 pages)


Download a PDF sample of Kitchen Collection (4.9mb)
Download the Kitchen Collection recipe index


Toddler Recipes: What (and how) to feed fussy eaters

Over 7 years of running Vegie Smugglers, I’ve learned so many tips, tricks and strategies for how to survive this crucial stage of childhood development. Toddler Food is the culmination of this knowledge with easy-to-follow advice and ideas for how to feed fussy toddlers, along with 26 of my favourite recipes that are guaranteed to be mealtime winners. (71 pages)

Who’s this book for? Those new to Vegie Smuggling who are at the beginning of their journey with fussy eaters.

Advice on how to get your toddler eating a wide variety of vegetables with 26 clever recipes that smuggle the healthy ingredients in.

Advice on how to get your toddler eating a wide variety of vegetables with 26 clever recipes that smuggle the healthy ingredients in.

Please note, several recipes in this title have appeared in other Vegie Smugglers books.

Download a PDF sample of Toddler Recipes (3.8mb) includes recipe index.


Vegie Smugglers: Recipes that sneak the good stuff in

The first Vegie Smugglers cookbook hides a range of ingredients into delicious meals that the whole family will love. Easily adapted to suit your home, there’s also a section covering basic nutrition and a guide to seasonal buying for 28 vegies. (160 pages)


Download a PDF sample of Vegie Smugglers 1 (3.3mb).

Download the Vegie Smugglers 1 recipe index.

Vegie Smugglers 2: More recipes that sneak the good stuff in

The second Vegie Smugglers cookbook moves on from the basics, exploring a wider variety of flavours that will keep the whole family happy (especially mum and dad). There’s also a visual guide to serving sizes and no-fuss tips on how to improve the eating habits of your household. (160 pages)


Download a PDF sample of Vegie Smugglers 2 (4.1mb).

Download the Vegie Smugglers 2 recipe index.

Vegie Smugglers Digital Edition: GLUTEN FREE

This special edition combines 30 of the best Gluten Free recipes from Vegie Smugglers books 1 & 2. After many requests I’m thrilled to offer up a title perfect for people with this specific dietary need! (82 pages)

vegie smugglers gluten free

Download a PDF sample of Vegie Smugglers Gluten Free (10.6mb).

Download the Vegie Smugglers Gluten-free recipe index.

Vegie Smugglers Digital Edition: VEGETARIAN

This special edition combines 30 of the best Vegetarian recipes from Vegie Smugglers books 1 & 2. After many requests I’m thrilled to offer up a title perfect for people who like to keep life meat-free! (82 pages)

vegie smugglers vegetarian

Download a PDF sample of Vegie Smugglers Vegetarian (9.5mb).

Download the Vegie Smugglers Vegetarian recipe index.

Meals that cook themselves – Easy recipes for Slow Cookers & Rice cookers
19 ‘set-and-forget’ recipes that fit within your mid-week schedule. Perfect for busy families – there are a range of flavours and dishes to suit every household. (49 pages)

The sample download includes a full contents list. Enjoy!


Download a PDF sample of the Slow/rice cooker e-book.

30 Vegie Smugglers recipes converted for the Thermomix
I’ve handpicked 30 recipes that translate beautifully for the Thermomix. These recipes are midweek meals and treats with precise TM instructions. The PDF is beautifully designed, each recipe has a gorgeous photo and there are fully interactive links throughout making navigation a breeze. (35 pages)

The sample download includes a full contents list. Enjoy!

Download a PDF sample of the Thermomix e-book.

30 Vegie Smugglers weekly meal plans
6 weeks of healthy eating planned out for your family. There’s a range of cooking techniques and flavours to suit everyone. Each week contains a full shopping list of everything you’ll need. Plus, there’s a meal to freeze each week too, ensuring a delicious dinner is just moments away, even on those busiest nights. (82 pages)

The sample download includes a full contents list. Enjoy!

Download a PDF sample of the Meal plans e-book.

The complete Vegie Smugglers Lunchbox Planner
The complete planner is a full 40 weeks of menu plans, 60 easy, seasonal recipes and a tonne of tips to keep your lunchboxes interesting throughout the entire school year. (92 pages)

Download a PDF sample of the Complete Lunchbox planner e-book.

10 quickbakes plus 10 sandwich spreads

Give your lunchbox an update with 10 new sweet and savoury recipes that are easy to make and use a minimum of appliances. PLUS 10 spread ideas that are a great alternative to butter or margarine. (20 pages)

Download a PDF sample of this title.

Craft for non-crafty parents

All the best craft & education printables from the Vegie Smugglers website PLUS a whole bunch of exclusive projects.

Teach them about healthy eating, find creative uses for toilet rolls, explore drawing, 3D shapes and basic colouring fun. Practice tracing letters, counting and other skills that will get your child ready for school. Each project has an introduction, full instructions and ideas on how to extend the activity to suit their level of interest. (128 pages)

Download a PDF sample of the Craft for non-crafty parents e-book.

“Your books are amazing!!! I was a little bit apprehensive about buying both of them, but now that I have them I know I would have regretted not getting two! I have been having trouble getting my son (21 months) to eat his dinner. Since using your books he has eaten every meal I have cooked!! I am also enjoying the different treats, and so is my husband who is a bit of a sweet tooth! Thanks so much for making cooking enjoyable again! It makes a huge difference seeing smiles and an empty plate at the end of dinner time!” – Emily Westcott

“It’s home cooking at it’s best. Her recipes are the type you cook again and again. So do you need both books? Well, I took advantage of Wendy’s deal on the two books and I’m glad I did. The recipes do not repeat, so I’m not disappointed that I have both books. In fact, I think giving someone both books would make a great present as they are practical and pretty at the same time!” –

“Hi Wendy, I had to tell you we love your Vegie smugglers in our house! I’ve gone through a number of recipes and love them. I’ve recommended them to my friends and family. My sister in particular, was so excited after having a look at my cookbook she wants one now. Thanks again” – Jenness

“Hi, I just wanted to say thankyou for your recipes and inspiration. I cooked your baked tuna and tomato rice for my fussy children last night and it was the least stressful dinner that we have had in a long time. Thankyou soooo much” – TinyBabyShop

“I got my veggie smuggler books last week and have started my week with a menu plan consisting of three of your recipes in the first three days ( and wishing I had more room for more in the rest of the week!) last night was magic vege pasta sauce with gnocchi- DEEELISH and my carnivore hubby didn’t even ask where the meat was! And tonight shepherds pie- so good we had seconds requests! I can’t wait to make the vegetarian lasagne tomorrow! With four adults and 2 toddlers in this house and so many different tastes, we are two for two with your recipes. Love them thank you!” – Alli Brown

“i just wanted to let you know i made the chicken pasta on Saturday night – with brocolli and zuchini. My husband detests brocolli and zuchini, i even told him it was in it so he knew. He said ‘babe – this is restaurant quailty’ My daughter likes her vegies but she is a mash fanatic – she asked for more. Your book is amazing and i cant wait to purchase more and do more cooking from them. Just wanted to give some feedback for other mums out there that these recipes are ACE!!!” – Rebecca

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  1. 1

    […] For a little taste of what to expect from the Vegie Smugglers Lunchbox Inspiration e-books download your free sample pages here. […]

  2. 2

    Brooke said,

    Hello there. Just found your website today and I LOVE it! I have subscribed to your email list but just wondering how long it takes to get the free ebook through? Thanks heaps!

  3. 4

    Jillian B said,

    I am thinking I will have to get your Book – My boy Mr 3 was born at 25 weeks and has had issues with Gag reflex which is Mostly resolved – Thankfully he doesn’t have food aversion from that – How ever he is Mostly a monkey when it comes to a Hot dinner with a couple of exceptions ( Ie – Fish and smashed potatoes which is baked potatoes all smashed so they get a little crunchy) and If we are eating at my Sisterinlaws House as she has 3 children who are older the Gabe and he loves to Emulate their Eating and will eat almost anything they try! Sadly they live over an Hour away!! I have looked at some of your recipes on here and am still worried he wont try it but having said that he is always offered what we eat which frankly is pretty good food from Vegetarian Sheppards pie based on Baked beans to lovely Vegetarian Pasta to simple Bangers and Mash yet he is adamant he does not want it – He doesn’t get anything else if he wont try it and rarely gets anything else even if he does try it. One cheeky boy – he used to be an awesome eater – Loved Rice Curries! Sadly my Boy is a Vegemite Addict! Its the staple in his diet! off to see a Feeding clinic in 2 days… should be fun.

  4. 6

    Amy McIntyre (née Read) said,

    Hello Wendy Blume!

    We shared a flat in London, in Kensington Gardebs Square. I think you were working at TNT Mag at the time. Congratulations on your success story with Vegie Smugglers! I will have to buy your books now, (a) so I can boast about being incredibly close friends with the author!, and (b) because my 4 year old is a horror when it comes to eating fruit and veg. I know that is probably my fault, but it ain’t too late to remedy it. Hope you remember me, and that you are well. I would like to subscribe to your email list too if possible?

    Thanks Wendy,

    Amy 🙂

    • 7

      wendyblume said,

      HI Amy! How great to hear from you – of course I remember you! to subscribe you just chuck your email address in the box or just follow on Facebook – I post up everything there! Hope you’re well and good luck with your fussy one! 🙂

  5. 8

    Carissa said,

    Just wondering if you have any intention of doing a budget menu plan? I’m currently trying your meal plan cookbook – such amazing food!! My husband especially is impressed at how good it all tastes! However I’m trying to get my budget down to $100 per week for a family of four and a 1/2 (not including bread, milk, staples) and whilst I’m using everything in my fridge by the end of the week, it’s still a bit out of budget (especially post Christmas!!)… would absolutely love a budget version!

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