It’s both the end and the start of my cookbooks! Did you grab one?

It’s pretty exciting to announce that after 5 years and 3 sold out print runs, the original Vegie Smugglers cookbook has sold out. (well, actually, there are about 10 copies left for sale at this special sell out store). After that it is kaput/nada/gone. I’m laying it to rest alongside Vegie Smugglers 2, which sold out mid last year.

Why have I decided to not print a 4th run when it’s proven so popular? Well, life moves on, and while I love to cook and blog, my urge to conquer the fussiness of small kids has faded at the equivalent rate that my own children have grown out of their own difficult food stages. So while I’m still here posting away, I can’t really be bothered with the logistics of selling hard copy books any longer. So I’m down to the final pallet of my Kitchen Collection cookbook and after that my entire shop will be e-books only.

But don’t panic if you never got around to buying the original book. If you are still interested, head over to my newly redone shop, where you can pick up a shiny new digital version. Better yet, I’ve created a couple of new titles – a ‘best of’ VS1 & 2. There are now gluten-free and vegetarian editions – each with 30 recipes that will feed fussy kids AND adhere to differing dietary needs.

Enjoy & thanks to everyone who has bought copies of my books so far!



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    Barbara Good said,

    Love your books and have all three in hard copy as well as a digital slow cooker one. But I understand the desire to move on now your kids are older, wiser and less fussy. I anticipate this day in our household too.

  2. 4

    katie poli said,

    lucky I have all 3 here 🙂 they are fabulous books, even just browse for food porn fun 😉

    good on you for prioritising… i think more of us (read: me!) need to do that more of the time! best of luck for the next chapter in your food amazingness journey 😀 it was so much fun being a (teeny) part of your kitchen collection adventure 🙂

  3. 6

    naidunks said,

    congratulations on your success…. and decision. what ever is in the next chapter for you i hope it is filled with health and happiness. x n

  4. 8

    Kate said,

    Thank you for saving me from a terrible stage with my now 6 YO fussy son. He barely ate from age 1 to 4. Your lamb meatballs are a never fail weekly feature over here and I remember them as a turning point for us. Your baked chicken nuggets and yakitori too. If I saw you in the street I would rush over and hug you!! Thank you !!!

    • 9

      wendyblume said,

      Thanks kate! I adore hearing that a recipe of mine was a turning point – that’s amazing feedback! I’m still cooking, just not focusing on younger kids so much these days. Blogs have gotta change with your life…..

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