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Running an online business is a tricky thing – the effort required to start up and keep going is HUGE, so it’s an honour today to be able to feature a few fantastic women who like me, are tiny mumpreneur ventures doing amazing things. They’ve kindly sent me a bunch of products to pop into a giveaway hamper, so let’s check them out…. (BTW, I’m not being paid to run this post – I’m just happy to promote a few of my online mates)….


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PLUS! My reader Katie has gifted a copy of the book her clever husband Giuseppe has illustrated!….

Aaaawwwww! So cute.

Aaaawwwww! So cute.

Since this hamper is focused on younger children, to enter all you have to do is share your favourite parenting tip in the comments below. It can be insanely practical, short or long – just one little nugget of wisdom when it comes to raising kids under three. To be eligible, you must be resident in Australia (so that I can ship everything to you).

Do yourselves a favour, take the time to visit and support all of these women on their facebook pages…. Barefoot Kitchens, Little Mashies, 4myearth, Happy Tummies, Let’s Party Additive Free, The Raw Food Mum, Safety Food Peelers, Nourishing Hub and Giuseppe Poli.

Entries close Sunday night, 6pm, AEDT.**** Thanks everyone and congratulations to our winner Narita!


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  1. 1

    megan said,

    my tip is: buy one colour plate, cup, bowl, spoon etc. I wish I had done this, would have saved so many tantrums because I have 2 girls and only 1 pink bowl! In the same vein, only ever buy one kind of plain white socks, then you bpcan always find a pair and no meltdowns about the Peppa pig socks that are in the wash πŸ˜„

  2. 2

    Amy Gibson said,

    My tip for parenting younger children: breathe deeply, count to 20, breathe deeply again. It’s ok:-)

  3. 3

    Liz B said,

    Parenting is a learning curve, there is no right or wrong way as long as your child is thriving.

  4. 4

    Marlo said,

    My favourite parenting tip is to listen politely to everyone’s well-meaning know-it-all advice, disregard it and follow your instincts instead!

  5. 5

    Barbara Good said,

    Never let weetbix dry on the benchtop, highchair or in a bowl – that stuff turns to concrete when dry (I’m sure it could be used as an emergency cement for bricklayers!).

  6. 7

    Vicki O'Neill said,

    My tip is: WINE. Lots of WINE! And chocolate.πŸ˜‰

  7. 8

    Lisa Z said,

    My tip; “this too shall pass” weaning, tantrums, sleep regressions, all seem never-ending or unsurmountable and then finally you are on the other side and often it wasn’t that bad after all (except the sleep bit).

  8. 9

    Bec weir said,

    Don’t be afraid the try for baby #2, everything is much calmer and simpler the second time around…. Because you are much calmer. Stay calm, laugh a lot and have fun with your bubs!

  9. 10

    Penny said,

    Coffee, wine, more coffee, more wine, deep breaths, and laugh πŸ™‚

  10. 11

    Carly W said,

    Allowing ‘choice’ gives a small child a ‘voice’ they feel they are being ‘heard’ and their needs are being met. But giving choice does not mean giving in. For example at bath time with a little one who may not want a bath you could ask “Would you like to put the bubbles in or shall I do it for you?” at snack time “How shall we cut the fruit today .. in small pieces or big chunks?” So ultimately you are giving a ‘choice’ but you are still getting the outcome you wanted. Cheeky but effective.

  11. 12

    Lisa Williams said,

    Always pack a lunchbox and drink bottle. A quick trip can always be extended easily and you know the kids will be eating what you’ve packed them – this saves heaps of money too!

  12. 13

    Tanya said,

    Give yourself plenty of time to do everything. Walking, eating, dressing, cleaning, playing all takes more time- there is just no hurrying a toddler! Allowing extra time removes extra stress.

  13. 14

    Lynette Hurt said,

    Don’t compare yourself to all the other mums out there. Every mothers journey is different and their own. Trust your gut and do what feels right for you and your family!!! And on a lighter night …. Always have some wine close by to enjoy a glass after bed time for those rough days ;0)

  14. 15

    Misty said,

    The best advice my mother gave me when dealing with a very stubborn two year old – pick your battles. Does it really matter if they don’t have a bath one night during the week? Or if she goes to Childcare still dressed in her pjs because she refused to get dressed? Once I learnt that, my life became soooo much easier!

  15. 16

    Allison Massinghan said,

    To stop arguments at teeth cleaning time, set a routine. We slowly sing the alphabet to our toddler while brushing her teeth. She then sings it back to us! It also gets her in the habit of brushing longer than a few seconds.

  16. 17

    Wendy said,

    Get your toddler to help make cute, personalised wrapping paper by letting them paint all over a big piece of butchers paper. It’s a great activity for them to get creative with brushes, their hands, sponges etc, and everyone will love the special one-off creations. Plus it saves money on the fancy shop-bought stuff when there is an endless stream of birthday and Christmas presents to be wrapped!

  17. 18

    Danielle Johnson said,

    My Fav tip as i have the worlds fussiest eater, is to try & try & try again! persistence pays off! Oh & while you persist, grate & disguise everything in other things hehe

  18. 19

    Rachel Griffin said,

    I’d say be on the same page as much as possible with your husband/partner. If you work as a team, the standards and discipline will be consistent and your children will learn their safe boundaries faster. Children thrive in reasonable boundaries where they know they are loved. So talk about what values you want to teach with your husband, and work together to foster and teach those values in your children!

  19. 20

    Clair Musker said,

    Time moves too fast- live, love and plenty of laughter. Enjoy every moment, and for the times you can’t keep an emergency bottle of wine in the fridge! πŸ™‚

  20. 21

    coby hendry said,

    Let them eat dirt roll in the mud and play on the grass, yeah the get mucky but a little dirt never hurt anyone

  21. 22

    Give plenty of time when leaving the house. When child free you could grab your handbag and go in a minute. Now you have to give extra time to pack up the nappy bag, snack bag, cooler bag, extra wet wipes (they have many uses), your wallet (as not enough hands for a handbag), dress yourself and your child and then both walk out the door to find out you forgot something so go back in, get it, repeat three more times and then off you go!

  22. 23

    Cate said,

    My tip is remember every thing is just a phase it’s just how long the phase lasts that is different for each individual. So take a deep breath and wait it out!

  23. 24

    Alicia T said,

    Listen to your Mumma instinct, evens doctors and child health nurses make mistakes and don’t always know what is best for you and your child. If your child is meeting milestones, gaining weight (even if a little slower than the books say they should) are happy and thriving then you are doing a great job. Don’t let people put doubt in your mind that you are not doing your absolute best for your child. Believe in yourself! πŸ™‚

  24. 25

    Sherri said,

    My tip is to let your child be involved in the prep and cooking. Children are more likely to eat a food they have played with first and they feel a sense of pride in thinking they made the meal.
    My kids always help mix up meatballs, rissoles etc or cut up veggies.

  25. 26

    heidi willis said,

    cherish every moment…good and bad, because one day the bad wont make you mad, it will make you smile with memiories

  26. 27

    My advice: it’s easy to become distracted, especially with technology, try your best not to be distracted by it. Those early years pass by so quickly despite the feeling that they seem to drag, you really don’t want to miss a thing.

  27. 28

    Corinna W said,

    Omgosh wow! What an awesome prize!!

    My tip……I’m not sure I have many, I am struggling myself at the moment! My tip…….it is ok to struggle sometimes ❀

  28. 29

    Sara Lucad said,

    Don’t sweat the small stuff that doesn’t go according to plan, but celebrate big any wins no matter how small. Sometimes we focus too much on what we did wrong rather than what went well πŸ™‚

  29. 30

    jess said,

    Parenting is not a competition, worry about yourself and your children and forget about everyone else

  30. 31

    Alecia Fradelos said,

    My top tip is always speak to your child like an adult and never in a “baby” manner. They are learning a language from you every day. It’s not a birdy wordy … It’s a bird. Etc
    My 2 year old speaks better than most of the 4 year olds we regularly see.

  31. 32

    Kylie O'Neill said,

    It has taken me until baby #2 to take this advice on board myself – if the house isn’t spotless and the washing isn’t completely up to date no one is going to die! Spend time with your kids doing all the fun stuff, cause they grow up way too quickly.

  32. 33

    Shannon Chant said,

    My best advice is to stop and enjoy them while they are young. They are only little for so long and they grow up and change so fast that if you blink, you miss it. Housework can wait. Play, cuddle and read to your child. Spend as much time with them as you can. You won’t regret it!

  33. 34

    Renee said,

    need alot of patience and perserverance!

  34. 35

    amy d said,

    Do what makes you and your kids HAPPY

  35. 36

    Eunice Ang said,

    Lots of love and patience… Repeat and repeat..

  36. 37

    Don’t be scared to try spicy food or “adult” food such as sushi, you might be surprised, I know I was, good transition into eating what you are eating for the night instead of making a separate meal

  37. 38

    Melinda said,

    The best tip I was ever given and use is that if things are getting a bit much with your toddler, make your toddler safe and step outside for a few minutes. The fresh air, the different atmosphere can refocus your mind and perspective. Then your ready again to give your toddler the parent they need and want.

  38. 39

    Kate said,

    Get outside as much as possible. Fresh air and sunshine change your mood and allow you to focus on your children instead of all the chores you have to try and get done. Children are normally happy when we are giving them attention. Leave housework till they are in bed or you have a second set of hands.

  39. 40

    lokinicole said,

    Always carry a small first aid kit including some stickers for distraction. My 3 year old trips all the time and screams at the slightest graze. Bandaids generally quieten the biggest meltdown and the stickers seal the deal!

  40. 41

    Katrina Gabriel said,

    Listen to your kids’ cues. Don’t dwell on the small stuff. Pick your battles and ask yourself does this really matter in the long run?

  41. 42

    Cat said,

    Remember that you can never give them too much love and just have fun together.

  42. 43

    Alyson said,

    Listen to your baby 95% of the time you will be able to figure out what that they need by the cues they are giving. The other 5% well that’s life’s mystery haha

  43. 44

    Tash Bruce said,

    NEVER think you can quickly pop out without a spare nappy!!!

    Also, just take everything in….the good, the bad, the great, the hilarious, the frustrating…..embrace it all! πŸ™‚

  44. 45

    Kathleen said,

    Dont compre yourself or your kids to others, or what others are doing at certain stages.
    Every parent, child, and family is different. Just do the best job you can and always keep learning πŸ™‚

  45. 46

    Alison said,

    Babies and toddlers feed off your emotions, so try to remain calm in every situation – and if you can’t, walk away or distract yourself for 10 minutes so you can approach the situation different.

  46. 47

    Cassie said,

    My Tip is to check with your partner and see how they are doing make sure they are coping and make sure you both feel the same about any situation. Happy mummy and daddy = happy house πŸ™‚

  47. 48

    Jess Hutchinson said,

    I find the best way to stop some tantrums is to give my child options. Instead of saying, ‘what would you like for dinner?’ I ask, ‘would you like spaghetti or lasagne for dinner tonight?’ Or ‘Do you want to wear your pink hat or purple hat today?’ Getting them involved in making decisions can give them a sense of importance and helps build self esteem at the same time. Plus, if they try to say they didn’t want spaghetti you can say, but that’s what you picked.

  48. 49

    Joyful Mum said,

    Hello πŸ™‚
    My tip would be to not stress too much about what other children the same as as yours is doing. Your little one will let you know when they are ready to sleep unwrapped, going to the potty, and so much more πŸ™‚ Oh! And for meal times… It’s so much easier to let them eat/not eat without you constantly “reminding” them to eat πŸ™‚ making the meal and nice family time often encourages them to eat without you asking them πŸ™‚

  49. 50

    Kristy said,

    Believe in yourself, trust your choices and know what is right and works for your family. Everyone is different so don’t compare or judge yourself based on others decisions. Being a parent is hard but trusting your instinct will always be the right thing to do for your family.

  50. 51

    Rose Corkran said,

    I have a mantra that I repeat when things are getting stressful and hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel “this too shall pass” take a deep breath and reach for the nearest block of chocolate and glass of wine when they are asleep

  51. 52

    Lainie Keeley said,

    It doesn’t matter if you know what you are doing or not as the children are none the wiser πŸ˜‰ Just relax and have fun

  52. 53

    Corli-Anne said,

    My tip: Follow your instincts. You have them and they will be right for you, your child and your family. You may need to find a quiet place, space and time to really hear but they are there. These insights will be your answers.

  53. 54

    eksimms said,

    My advice: forgive yourself for not being perfect. Mistakes and stuff ups create opportunities to learn and repair. No single act or instance defines you or your family, whats important is that over time it all averages out to ‘good enough’. I hope….

  54. 55

    Liz H said,

    Feed them when they’re hungry, let them sleep when they’re tired…and hopefully the rest will fall into place. Don’t sweat the small stuff.

  55. 56

    Catherine said,

    Have a dedicated craft area and use a plastic tablecloth so kids can get messy and have fun. My daughter can paint, use playdough, play with glitter and stickers (or do everything at once) in this space. She has a ball learning about different media and how it works together and I can just shake out and wipe down the tablecloth at the end.

  56. 57

    Cassandra said,

    Coffee , chocolate and laughing .did I mention coffee πŸ™‚

  57. 58

    Tracey said,

    A happy mummy, is a happy home. Just remember that everyone & things will run smoothly

  58. 59

    Charlotte said,

    My tip would be, sometimes we caught caught up in a social whirlwind of mums group, dancing soccer music the list goes on, always make time to stay home relax and connect with each other-enjoy those precious moments of quality time together x

  59. 60

    Renee Toakley said,

    My tip is to GO BACK TO BASICS!!! Let your children explore , climb, get muddy, have treats, ride bikes and enjoy their child hood, even as a baby get them outside to explore this beautiful country we live in! Also helps them sleep and we all love it when they do that πŸ™‚

  60. 61

    Sarah said,

    Just LOVE them! Love them with everything you have πŸ™‚

  61. 62

    Melissa Ruthen said,

    My Favorite parenting tip is to pack a special ‘play bag’ for dining out with my toddler. He only gets to play with the bag when we are out so it stays a novelty and keeps him happy while we eat. Many places have indoor playground but sometimes they aren’t suitable for small toddlers so we always have this on hand just in case

  62. 63

    Melissa said,

    Never sit down to feed without your phone or the remote in reach (preferably both)

  63. 64

    Mishelle said,

    Do what you think is right, but don’t be too afraid or too ignorant to accept the help and advice of others.

  64. 65

    Amanda said,

    My favourite tip is take everyone else’s advise as that advise. Every child is different & every mum is different. What works for one child won’t always work for another. At the end of the day you know you child/ren best so trust your instincts!

  65. 66

    Sarah billings said,

    Patience, lots of cuddles and kisses and don’t be afraid to let them get messy!

  66. 67

    Jodie Robinson said,

    Laughter is the best way to cope and remembering this is not forever during the hard moments. Cherish your little ones.
    And, a stick of celery cold from the fridge was our lifesaver for teething. Easy to hold and the ridges massaged the gums as they chew. πŸ˜‰

  67. 68

    Jane said,

    Storage, storage, storage! You seem to never have enough with kids πŸ˜‰

  68. 69

    Amanda said,

    My hot tips are: never leave home without a small snack for your bub’s, wet wipes and a scarf. The scarf comes in particularly handy if your bub has a sick on you, breastfeeding discreetly if you feel uncomfortable, a shade for a car seat when unattended on a hot day or liner for a trolley!

  69. 70

    Emily pegoraro said,

    Do yourself a favour and buy the ‘wonder weeks’ book or download the app. Has been a savour knowing when bubs is about to go through a fussy period and why. Has always rung true and I know to be prepared for it.

  70. 71

    Be present, really present in the moment as much as you can, with your kids. It’s amazing how much you learn about them, how much they will connect with you, and how much more you will smile when you do.

  71. 72

    nikki said,

    ‘Go with your instinct’……My best tip is very simple but I think it oftern gets forgotten when things are hectic….many times we have followed other advise Drs, friends, parents etc when really we dhould have gone with what we thought from the beginning. Trust yourself, you know your babies best!

  72. 73

    Zoe Plant said,

    My tip is to “pick your battles”. Don’t sweat the small stuff (within reason) and everyone will be much happier πŸ™‚

  73. 74

    Be present, really present in the moment as much as you can, with your kids. It’s amazing how much you learn about them, how much they will connect with you, and how much more you will smile when you do.

  74. 75

    Sonia said,

    My tip is that when it all seems too much – take a breath, look at your child and remember that “this too shall pass”.

  75. 76

    ashlee smeeth said,

    Parenting tip patience is the key to sanity

  76. 77

    imogen Horsley said,

    I sing song all the time manly to keep to peace and stop me from getting bored

  77. 78

    Helena D said,

    Kids can be tough work but try and laugh with your children as much as possible. Laugh laugh laugh. Happy kids what else do you want :-))

  78. 79

    Tara Debono said,

    Be the example you want to see for your kids and allow them to grow into their OWN characters…don’t force them to be someone YOU want them to be but more so guide and support them to bring out the best of them- to be the person THEY are destined to be!

  79. 80

    Renee Dietz said,

    I make several freezer meals during the week for those nights when it’s crazy and I don’t have time to cook.

  80. 81

    Rebecca said,

    Ditch the helicopter, lawn mower and cotton wool parenting…..get dirty, play, explore, listen and grow with your children. They are only little once and with each new day, they are bigger than they were yesterday. Enjoy the parenting roller coaster πŸ™‚

  81. 82

    Amy Shergold said,

    Pasta sauce can hide any fruit and vege. Put it on pastas or rice, use as a sauce or dip, use as a spread. Great way to get vege in.

  82. 83

    Louise said,

    Always carry a spare nappy/ your nappy change kit no matter how short the journey. Explosions happen without warning!

  83. 84

    Pen said,

    The easiest way to get a toddler in the car is to ask them to grab the toy they’d like to bring in the car… If they tend to be indecisive bring them 2 toys & let them choose (if they insist on both that’s fine too, whatever gets them focused on getting into car instead of activity at hand). This way they are deciding about a toy and not wether or not they are keen to stop what they are doing to get in the car. Make school pick up less stressful.

  84. 85

    Vanessa said,

    Start how you mean to go on. Not saying that you won’t learn new things and put them into place but have a good solid foundation that both parents agree on as kids will always push the limits, so having thought about those situations before had can save lots of struggles later. Also when pregnant don’t just read about birth and labour, that phase of parenting is such a short time compared to sleep, solids, routines, parenting style etc.

  85. 86

    leanneivory said,

    My tip for toddlers: Give your child a choice of 2 or 3 healthy options that you’re happy for them to eat for snacks. This way your child is happy that they’ve made the decision of what to eat and you’re also happy that they’ve had something nutritious. Most times it will mean snack time passes with no conflict!

  86. 87

    Adele Maynard said,

    deep breathes the little ones pick up on your stress and it doesn’t make anyone’s day better.

  87. 88

    nyssa said,

    Super practical but no one seems to know. To put a jumper on a baby, turn it right way, then turn only the sleeves inside out, put the jumper over baby’s head, then reach your hand in through the sleeve, hold baby’s hand and pull it out. No hassle at all and no caught up layers either πŸ™‚

  88. 89

    Jodi said,

    While raising your child/ren remember to take time for you. For you to be healthy, happy and positive. What a great way for you kids to remember you and try to emulate.

  89. 90

    Dee said,

    As a mum of soon to be 6 children, aged 8 and under my best advice would be pick your battles πŸ™‚

  90. 91

    Rosemary said,

    If the kids r grubby at the end of the day it means they have had a great day!!!

  91. 92

    Amy said,

    Some days may seem never ending but enjoy the time while they are small as the years will just fly bye.

  92. 93

    Tanya E said,

    My advice: take the help. Take all the help you can get. Mother offers to mop your floor- take it! Sister offers to grab some things from the supermarket- take it! You don’t need to do this alone, you have nothing that you need to prove. People like to feel like they are helping, let them!
    Oh, and water. A hose makes pretty much anything better. Pop them out the back with the hose in trickle and you’ve got plenty of time for that hot cup of coffee and a recharge πŸ™‚

  93. 94

    Kelly borgas said,

    Sometimes a little time out for Mum is what’s best for the children πŸ™‚

  94. 95

    Kelly said,

    Outside play for even half an hour a day helps to wear them out and makes going to bed easier.

  95. 96

    Leah johnston said,

    This too shall pass – you won’t be rocking them to sleep or negotiating tantrums in public when they are 20.

  96. 97

    Casey Lovell said,

    Be present with your children and enjoy every single moment even the hard ones. Actively get involved in what they are doing and listen and try to understand. Plan ahead, plan activities and meals and spend quality time with them. Provide healthy nutritious meals and use natural and organic products around the house.

  97. 98

    Sheree Anderson said,

    This time doesn’t last forever. Savour every moment – good and bad – as one day you will look back and reminisce the good and laugh about the challenging times.

  98. 99

    Elisha said,

    My tip – don’t get hung up on what the “experts” perceive as normal for your child. Each child is different and while some thrive off routine and self settling, others don’t. Be with your child, listen patiently, cuddle them until they are asleep and enjoy the little moments. Don’t feel guilty for parenting your way!!

  99. 100

    Karen Robertson said,

    My Tip: Music is your friend! I’ve always done this with my kids, from when they were babies…. when everything is getting too much, someone’s crying, or someone is hurt, or everyone is frustrated or there’s tantrums….. Put on a song… for us it’s always provided about 3 mins time out. The music changes with age but even my 7 year old still does it. When they were little it was soft calming music, when toddlers it was nursery rhymes, when their older it’s songs like ‘I like to move it’ or ‘Gangnam style’ … just something that takes you away from a tough moment.

  100. 101

    Annemarie McClure said,

    Ask for help. From your partner to help when you are exhausted, from your parents when you just need an ear to listen or some pearls of wisdom, from your siblings/friends when you just need to talk about something other than feeding/sleeping/pooping, and most importantly from your toddler to defuse tantrums, particularly in the supermarket!

  101. 102

    Toni said,

    Encourage little ones to try new food by suggesting they “give the food a kiss”. This gets them to taste the food on their lips and gets over the hump of refusing to put the food near their mouth.

  102. 103

    Lauren Thomas said,

    My tip – be kind to yourself. You are not a machine, you are not expected to be wonder woman, and accept that motherhood is about making mistakes and learning from them – not being perfect.

  103. 104

    Lisa Smith said,

    If you feel your little one is being extra ‘difficult’ and you can’t get anything done, just give into it – even sitting down and having a cuddle for 5 minutes can help wonders and then you’ll be more likely to be able to get stuff done after with a happier little person.

  104. 105

    Bree Tollitt said,

    Always have an emergency pack in the car with spare clothes, hats, snacks, wipes, sunscreen and towels because with two kids under 3 you never know where or what they will do!

  105. 106

    Bree said,

    We always visit the local library before doing the supermarket shopping. The books we borrow keep my little ones interested and tantrum-free and occupied during our shopping and makes things much easier for me.

  106. 107

    Mandy Jeppesen said,

    Best parenting tip for me having two special needs kids is to keep your sense of humour! If you’re out for a meal and someone tells you your child is eating food off the floor then, hey, at least they’re eating!

  107. 108

    Claire B said,

    Do what is right for you and your family at any given moment, change things when necessary, and smuggle your vegies until the are happy to eat them.

  108. 109

    Amy Webster said,

    Distraction! If your child is having a tanty or upset about something the best thing to beat it is distraction. Show them something special or offer them something tasty to take their mind off it.

  109. 110

    Kendall said,

    Get outside as much as you can. Its free to play, the sunshine elevates mood and the house stays clean! And put the smartphone down.

  110. 111

    Cathy Hill said,

    Unfortunately I don’t have any great tips to share when it comes to success with food; I’m still trailing and making lots of errors. I don’t think I’ll ever crack my fussy eater. Just when I think i’m winning the goal posts move. I would love your help Vegie Smuggler!!

  111. 112

    Sally Hart said,

    read and listen to all of the advice out there and take on board what makes sense to you and your beliefs. Every child is unique so you need to adapt to their little personalities and quirks 😊

  112. 113

    Always listen to advice, you may never use it but there may be a time that little nugget is worth its weight in gold.

  113. 114

    Joanna gruber said,

    Create a memory box for each child popping in a few special things each month plus a photo or drawing they have done. If you have as we all do a bad day and think you are ever failing as a parent, or you snapped at your kids and feel guilty, have a quick look in the box and it’s bound to make you smile again

  114. 115

    Lynda wecker said,

    enjoy every minute because you’ve never been more loved than you are now, even through their tears or tantrums.

  115. 116

    Kate Fitzpatrick said,

    Parenting is hard and you can’t do it alone. Share your problems with others to find support, helpful advice and understanding. We need to be real as mums and be honest about our struggles.

  116. 117

    Kelly said,

    I would say…. whenever you can, and as much as you can, enjoy your kids. They’re only little for a short time, try and appreciate all the time you spend with them. And remember, in the same vein, frustrating phases (like ‘terrible twos’) will pass too (although it may not feel like it!) and are shaping the person your little person will become

  117. 118

    Nuka Latimore said,

    My tip is to give your kids cut up fresh veggies as a snack in the car from a young age. Keeps them quiet and distracted and teaches them to eat veggies without the distraction of other food.

  118. 119

    Nadine Ziegeldorf said,

    Laugh with them everyday !

  119. 120

    Jacinta said,

    My advice- and it’s advice I am having to remind myself everyday at the moment with a toddler and a newborn- is to remember these moments are fleeting. They will pass. So if they are challenging moments be comforted by this and just keep doing your best. If however they are happy moments, try to cherish and enjoy them as you’ll pine for them one day.

  120. 121

    Nicole said,

    Take time away from all the cleaning & house work as unfortunately it will aways be there. Always put time aside to do somthing fun with your kids everyday even if it’s just 10 minutes and also take a few minutes out of everyday for yourself. Life is short & babies grow up fast.

  121. 122

    Cassy said,

    Establish some good routines, but stay flexible. It doesn’t matter if they go to bed at 8pm tonight instead of 7:30pm, but you can still read that book to them and give them a cuddle so they know it’s time for sleep!

  122. 123

    Anna said,

    Tip 1: Freeze sandwiches for lunchboxes in preparation for the coming week (applies to any freeze-able lunch box items). Similarly mass cut up veggie sticks and fruit and sort other snacks into snap lock bags. Getting everything prepared on Sunday ensures an easier week and be less likely to pack unhealthy lunchbox options when time poor.

    Tip 2: What everyone else said! Some very clever and intuitive parents out there. I intend to take on board to not stress the small stuff and that phases pass.

  123. 124

    Kacey tickle said,

    I wish that I had been told not to sweat the little stuff! After having quite a difficult first 12months being a first time mum with a little man who would not sleep more then 3/4hrs in a day I wish that I would have not been so hard on myself about making sure we had a spotlessly clean house, that we had a takeaway two nights through the week or that I hadn’t got out of my pjs all day. As tired as I’ve been, my little man is spoilt with love and fun all day long and never goes without! As a mum I think it’s important to have a time to talk to your partner or support regularly to make sure you are on the same page and to just be an adult for a little bit! Being a parent is hard work but so rewarding! Our hard work of trying to teach our son to sleep has paid off and he is sleeping 7-7! On the bad days when you feel all alone know out there that some parent is going through exactly what you are going through and know that it’s not a forever thing! Because it’s not! Great work being the best parent you can be!! πŸ˜„

  124. 125

    Jenni Turner said,

    Encourage toy clean up games early on! I made the mistake of waiting until my firstborn had a nap before I tidied up the mess/toys. She’s now very reluctant to help clean up after play. However, lesson learned with my second daughter, she happily helps to tidy up & is now quite fussy how tidy she keeps her room!

  125. 126

    Katherine Edgar said,

    My tip… Don’t blink… You blink and you may miss something special. They grow up to fast.

  126. 127

    Casey said,

    Go with the flow. Even when it grinds and grates just go with the flow and play hide and seek for what seems like the entire day!!! Go with the flow and let them wear the same princess dress for 3 days straight! Go with the flow and have wraps 2 nights in a row because that’s all little miss will eat!!! It’s tough sometimes but it’s mostly wonderful πŸ™‚

  127. 128

    Stacey Fagan said,

    My Parenting tip is simply ~ cook once eat twice or maybe even three times (if your clever) πŸ™‚ And just one more…. If your struggling to get kids to eat pick everything up and picnic outside!
    With love mum of two girls under 3 .x.

  128. 129

    holli said,

    My tip would be to enjoy your time with your kids while they are small. They grow up way to fast.

  129. 130

    Clare said,

    Cuddle and kiss them so much! This time goes so quickly.

  130. 131

    Megan said,

    It takes a village! Give and receive love, help, time, floor mopping, food, wine and lots of chocolate.

  131. 132

    Donna said,

    Enjoy every moment because they grow so quickly, some moments can be more testing than others but they are only little for a short time, enjoy their little quirks its a lasting memory.

  132. 133

    Jessica said,

    Don’t feel pressured to take on the advice of others, because you will get ALOT of it. Listen to it, if it sounds ok, try it out, if not, ignore it and figure out your own way of doing things. After all, you’re the one who will have to deal with the child at the end of the day, not the advice giver!

  133. 134

    Michelle Kirk said,

    Never be afraid to go against the grain. Just because it seems like every other parent does certain things for or with their child/ren doesn’t mean that it is right for you or your child, and surround yourself with people who support your choices and the values you want to instill in your child/ren

  134. 135

    Cristina said,

    Choose your battles…the little things don’t matter

  135. 136

    Suzanne Mitchell said,

    i would love to win the hamper. All of the business sound amazing and what a great way to be introduced to them!

  136. 137

    Ruth McTaggart said,

    Thanks for the competition!
    My tip is: get down to the kiddies eye level when talking and listening. Whether it is giving instructions, asking a question, listening to one of their stories or listening when they are upset (even having a tantrum!). We all need to feel heard and have our feelings validated, little one’s need this too.

  137. 138

    Kate said,

    Try a giggle instead of a grump when your toddler does something naughty, especially at the dinner table. Sometimes it’s (really) tough to do, but it can de-escalate a situation, for them and you … and it’s alcohol free!

  138. 139

    ClaireKidd said,

    Patience and perseverance, the key to parenting. And laugh alot

  139. 140

    Teija said,

    You will get plenty of advice from everyone but just be comfortable with your decisions and your way of parenting. What suits for others and their families might not suit you and your family and it doesn’t need to.

  140. 141

    Kendall said,

    Try to take time out for yourself – going to the gym, a haircut, coffee with a friend etc……..if I can manage to get a couple of zumba classes in each week I’m definitely much closer to the vision of the Mum I want to be ……

  141. 142

    Julia Bassett-Scarfe said,

    My advice is to stop and smell the roses with your child. Spend a little time each day viewing the world through their eyes, it’s beautiful. Stress less, laugh more, be generous with cuddles and enjoy the ride πŸ˜„

  142. 143

    Jenny Turner said,

    My tip: have a bath time / bed time routine and time and stick to it. Kids are cranky enough at the end of the day, if u can get them into a routine I find they go to sleep with less fuss and therefore is less stressful for everyone else.

  143. 144

    Christina said,

    My Parenting tip for children under 3 is to spend a lot of time with them because to a little one LOVE is spelt TIME besides this “season” is so short a parent should really take the time to bask in it!!!

  144. 145

    Nicole Dent said,

    One of my favourite tips is that it is all a phase, good to know when you cannot toilet train your son- that hopefully the day will come that it all comes together!

  145. 146

    Donna said,

    My advice, which admittedly is hard to remember during the frantic times is, the days are long but the years are short. They will grow up and past whatever terrible 2s you are battling.

  146. 147

    Mary said,

    Children are forgiving and loving. That’s the greatest lesson they teach you. So start each day with the best intentions for yourself and your family. Be content in that. X

  147. 148

    mhosgen said,

    If you want your toddler to eat some vegetables, try letting them help you grow them. My 2 y.o refuses to eat peas on his plate but if he picks them off the bush himself he’ll eat handfuls at a time!

  148. 149

    kerry said,

    to trust yourself if you need that something is not right with your child’s health, even when everyone else is telling you its normal.

  149. 150

    Kristina said,

    Engage with them, teach them to have manners and etiquette and don’t speak in “baby” talk (as we have learnt from the speech therapist – it can delay them using correct words & pronunciation!) We can go out and I know that my Master 2 will say please, thank you and have a good day to everyone we speak to.

  150. 151

    Wendy said,

    My tip
    Trim nails along with the “this lil piggy” rhyme, with a big tickle at the end. As they get older they recite the words too I find it takes the stress out of doing it too.

  151. 152

    Lynette said,

    Time passes so quickly! Savor every moment!

  152. 153

    Lyndal said,

    Sometimes you have to reset your expectations, just because child number one was happy to sitting in the shopping trolley until he was 3 doesn’t mean child number two will…. It may mean a longer shopping trip but much less stressful.

  153. 154

    nichola said,

    I have always said that we eat as a family one meal, very idealistic of me but it worked well till my second little one came along. He eats great and will try everything. He is also looking at his older brother. Thats where it is getting tricky. My five year old has his favorites and they baby is starting to copy him. I have had to start giving the baby his dinner first so that he will eat his veggies and that is working. CANT WAIT TILL WE CAN ALL SIT DOWN AGAIN AND HAVE A MEAL. LOL

  154. 155

    Helen Miers said,

    My daughter doesn’t like beans, I said that she only had to eat as many as she was years old eg. 2 yrs=2 beans. This was fine till she worked out the older she got the more beans she had to eat. That’s the trouble when you send them to school, they learn about more & less. At least it worked for a few years. Still doesn’t like beans, but will eat them. win, win, I say.

  155. 156

    Kate said,

    My tip: work together as a team (whether it be with your husband,partner, nanny, or grandma) you have to be onboard with each other’s parenting styles as teething, sleepless nights and the forever washing up can be exhausting and when you know that you can tag team with your partner makes the difficult times easier.

  156. 157

    Erin Langdon said,

    my advice is read, listen and follow all the advice that’s available. Just take the best of it and what suits you. There is a lot of people with great advice and lots of experience

  157. 158

    Lisa said,

    Dont be afraid of seeking help for sleep problems, even when they’re approaching 1 and over. ‘Sleep school’ was the best thing we did! Everyone is so much happier with more than an hour or so in a row of sleep.

  158. 159

    Gem said,

    As a mother of two under 4, I’m constantly learning! Some big lessons for me have been to see parenting and family as a team effort. We enjoy each other, our house, our meals and our activities so much more when we work as a team! We even nickname ourselves Team Bartlett πŸ˜‰

    Keep loving your team members by encouraging whenever possible – something i taught my 3.5 year old was “If at first you don’t succeed, try and try again!” She even repeats it to me now when she sees me getting frustrated and wanting to give up!

    And finally work out your values, what the very essence of your team is: All your parenting choices should flow from these! Not from comparison, cultural norms or whatever is in vogue, but what you truly truly value.
    Hope that encourages you and your little team, whoever you are πŸ™‚

    p.s Did i mention that i would LOVE this hamper!!!!???

  159. 160

    jody buhagiar said,

    My parenting tip saved me with 4 boys. Dont be afraid to ask for help. Have a break, coffe and some adult conversation.It really does help, even if its 5 or 10 minutes πŸ˜‰

  160. 161

    Rebecca said,

    Relish the time when they are little, it goes by in the blink of an eye.

  161. 162

    Alix said,

    Just because someone does something one way doesn’t mean it’s for you. You know what works for you.

  162. 163

    I smuggle every vegetable I can into a bolognase sauce. I use my blender to blitz carrot, onion, garlic, cauliflower, broccoli, sweet potato et . And then I fry it off for 6/7 mins in some good olive oil, add the mince, tomato paste, chopped tomatoes and some herbs.
    Serve with spelt pasta xx yummy!! My ‘fussy’ eater thinks it’s the best dinner ever!!!!

  163. 164

    Cara Kandelaars said,

    love, love and more love. You cannot spoil a tiny new baby so don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

  164. 165

    Anna Turner said,

    My parenting tip: Remember, it’s only a phase!

  165. 166

    Emma Bourke said,

    Cherish each moment as every stage passes so quickly!!

  166. 167

    Tracy Martens said,

    Always go with your gut instinct with regards to your kids. Sometimes Drs, Teachers etc tell us differently, and make us question ourselves. But we know our kids better than anyone. My tip is “Be strong and believe in your GUT instinct”. πŸ™‚

  167. 168

    Kristy said,

    Distraction, distraction and more distraction. Saves lots of tantrums in our house and we still get to do what we need to πŸ™‚

  168. 169

    Meaghan said,

    Do whatever works for you πŸ˜„

  169. 170

    It’s a phase just a phase take a deep breath along with maybe a yoga class and definitely a glass of cab sav… it will pass as quickly as it came. My mantra for all patenting challenges!

  170. 171

    Danielle said,

    Eucalyptus oil is the answer to most problems.

  171. 172

    Kristen said,

    I’ve always trusted my instincts!

  172. 173

    Angela fowler said,

    My parenting tip is to remember that as parents we are the first teachers for our children. Teach them how to love and be loved.

  173. 174

    Lisa Cook said,

    The best thing I have found, especially for road trips, is a small paring knife stored in a toothbrush travel container. I (usually) always have one in the car somewhere, handy for peeling apples, chopping cheese, sharing sandwiches, carving roast chook etc (can you tell we are on the road a lot!).

  174. 175

    Kirsty Smith said,

    Don’t forget your partner. Say something nice to each other every day. Happy husband…happy life!

  175. 176

    Laura said,

    Don’t sweat the small stuff – it won’t matter if they do their ballet class in their PJs and gumboots instead of the pretty pink dress as long as they are smiling πŸ™‚

  176. 177

    Sarscha wardlaw said,

    My favourite tip is – this too will pass – I remind myself of it multiple times a day πŸ™‚

  177. 178

    Erin Dutschke said,

    Easy as tip to always remember; cut the sandwich into squares first! You can always make a triangle out of a square. πŸ™‚

  178. 179

    Bec said,

    Try to view the world as though you are seeing things for the first time. Get excited about explaining things to your toddler when they have knew experiences, no matter how small or insignificant it seeing a lady bug for the first time. This will help them see learning as an enjoyable experience πŸ™‚

  179. 180

    Mary Preston said,

    Time flies in the blink of an eye, or so it seems. Enjoy each stage along the way. Write a journal & take LOTS of pictures.

  180. 181

    Karmen Bond said,

    Make sure you timetable time out with your partner, at least once a month!

  181. 182

    Anna Proud said,

    Parenting is not a competition.

  182. 183

    Lynleigh Petersen said,

    Take all the above you’re given, but only do what feels right for you and your bub

  183. 184

    Jillian said,

    My advice is to go back to basics…..
    Toddlers don’t need a lot of variety, whether it be food time or playtime. They love the simple things, keep everything simple and it makes your life as a parent simple and our kids happy. We don’t need the fanciest of everything to lead a full, healthy and happy life!

  184. 185

    Justine Little said,

    When you are feeling tired and run down (if you are like me and unable to nap during the day) get your walking shoes on and get outdoors. Not only do you get some fresh air and exercise, but you might just wear your little one out so you get some down time when you get home!

  185. 186

    Candice Gray said,

    Take time to explain what you’re doing to your kids, even if you think they don’t understand. It’s helps develop their language skills and makes for easier transitions between activities.

  186. 187

    Nicolette Hunziker said,

    My wisdomous advice is quite simple: the house will wait the kids will not! In 10 years the house will still be there but your babies will be half grown! (Even thinking they will be 10 makes me sad πŸ˜‰πŸ˜³)

  187. 188

    Sarah said,

    My advice is to trust yourself. No one knows you, or your child better (even if you or they think they do)

  188. 189

    Melissa Hart said,

    Housework will always be there tomorrow!
    Your kids are only little for a short amount of time, so just enjoy spending time with them. They love being involved in everything even hanging out the washing.

  189. 190

    Slow down! Toddlers need a little more time to work things out, rushing only leads to tantrums so instead, adjust your pace and enjoy the precious time you have with your little ones.

  190. 191

    Jennie Tanti said,

    Step back and remember the bigger picture from time to time – is your child safe, happy, full and feeling loved? Then even if you didn’t get to the million things you may have wanted to that day, you have 100% nailed your job as a Mum ❀

  191. 192

    Shannon said,

    Choose your battles! Save your self time, sanity and tears (from all parties!) by remembering your toddler doesn’t have the developmental ability to reason. Does it REALLY matter if they want to wear their gumboots to the beach!? ;-P Let it go, and enjoy your little one!

  192. 193

    tizzerina said,

    Housework can wait, play with your child, they grow to quickly!

  193. 194

    Kasia Marneros said,

    Parenting Tip: Despite feeling exhausted and overwhelmed, try to stop and appreciate those beautiful moments in the day with your babies-toddlers. They grow up so fast and that special, crazy time ends before you know it. πŸ™‚

  194. 195

    simonephd said,

    My tip is it is really hard to run your life and deal with screaming kids – so sometimes just stop. Hug your kids, play a game, give them attention and forget about running the house. They are only small once!

  195. 196

    Remember it will be funny in a few years time πŸ™‚

  196. 197

    Chel said,

    I would like to enter this competition for my grandchildren. My advice would be to cherish the time you have with your children when they are little even though you think your nappy bag is a permanent attachment. Give them lots of hugs, kisses and encouragement. They grow too quickly and before you know it they are gone and you look back on those often difficult days and realise they are some of the best years of your life.

  197. 198

    be patient, smile and be organised

  198. 199

    Sharon Rollinson said,

    My little girl has just turned three. She is a joy and whirlwind. When I need to encourage her to be calmer. We sit and look at the clouds and listen for nature sounds.

  199. 200

    Laura Oczak said,

    Parenting younger children needn’t be so hard,
    Be patient, be a teacher and guide them with your heart.

  200. 201

    Karen said,

    Always keep a change of clothes in the car as well as in the nappy bag. I have been caught out too many times needing multiple complete changes for my toddler while out.

  201. 202

    Mrs P said,

    Breakfast for dinner is okay (every now and then). So is staying in your pjs for the day. And ice cream for actual breakfast (hello frozen banana *ice cream*) is a great idea every now and then. Because that’s what they’ll remember, the fun you had together.

  202. 203

    Laura said,

    Always be over prepared when you out & about. You never know when you might get stuck out longer than planned. Most importantly enjoy the ride, take the good with the bad they are small for such a short time.

  203. 204

    Roslyn Mayne said,

    The best thing I’ve realised as a mum of 2 energetic girls is when they misbehave for attention; especially negative attention; and I have a stitch of patience left – I tell myself the girls are really asking me for a cuddle. Start each day with a fresh attitude no matter how demanding the “night shift” was!

  204. 205

    Kellie said,

    Tomorrow is a new day to start that new habit or routine … So don’t be so hard on yourself

  205. 206

    tbaarda77 said,

    My tip is to keep a post-it note on your mirror that says “I am doing a great job”, and keep lots of chocolate hidden in a closet

  206. 207

    Marie Cossmann said,

    When you’re having ‘one of those days’, lie on the couch and give your toddler: (a) a biro, and (b) permission to draw all over your legs, arms, hands and feet! While they gleefully decorate you, close your eyes and relax…you know they’re still there (and not getting into further mischief elsewhere) if the biro keeps moving!

  207. 208

    Narelle said,

    You think that your children can only learn from you.. but I’ve been amazed at what I’ve learnt from my 1 year old on how we should all treat each other- with a laugh, a smile and a hug πŸ™‚

  208. 209

    Melissa Evans said,

    I think it’s best to not be too hard on yourself! With food for example, try to feed your bub well most of the time then when your in a hurry or out and about take shortcuts and cut yourself some slack! Feeling guilty about doing things that keep you sane is never fair on you or your family. Just do the best you can and your baby will love you to bits!

  209. 210

    Karen CLARKE said,

    My tip. Lots of hugs & listen….don’t sweat the small stuff, it doesn’t really matter….plus always dry in between their little rolls several times.

  210. 211

    Holly said,

    Never let them see your fear! They will eat you alive! πŸ˜‰

  211. 212

    Melissa said,

    My tip is to take wet wipes everywhere !! keep them with you at all times, they will save you more than once a day πŸ˜‰

  212. 213

    Regina Henney said,

    My Advice: Let your kids be kids, let them eat dirt , roll in grass and get messy! I truly believe there is no other ultimate way of boosting the immune system young.

  213. 214

    Deaane said,

    I told a fellow new mum today, there is no right way to parent. We all do it differently and all of our children are different. If you are worried that you arent doing a good job, then you are probably doing a great job!

  214. 215

    vkmason said,

    My tip is to find yourself a great support group, they were not kidding when they say ‘It takes a whole village to raise a child’. When I had my first baby I didn’t have family nearby or friend’s with babies so I sought out a mother’s group which have been absolutely amazing! We have shared the hard times of pregnancy, lack of sleep, feeding, weaning, illness, milestones, sibling rivalry no topic is off limits. Having friends to lean on and gain advice from has made me a more confident and happy parent. My children have also made some beautiful life long friends. Thanks – Virginia

  215. 216

    Tracey said,

    The one thing I have learned recently is not to judge others parenting. You have no idea what they go through on a daily basis. I have a 3 year old who only eats 5 things and none of them are super good for you. I found out that he is autistic and has major sensory issues especially when it comes to food. The amount of people who made comments to me about my parenting made me feel like the worse mother in the world and I was the cause of his fussy eating. Try to support each other instead!

  216. 217

    Rebecca said,

    My tip is, when you are getting frustrated with the clinginess, the cuddle requests, the wanting to sleep with you every.single.night., just remember that it’s not going to last forever, so see those moments as limited edition, and enjoy the midnight snuggles while you can still get them πŸ™‚

  217. 218

    Megan said,

    Routines are handy but be prepared to be flexible, sometimes it is more fun to follow where their imaginations take you πŸ™‚

  218. 219

    Wendy S said,

    Tomorrow is a new day, if your two year old only ate a piece of cheese and licked some tomato sauce off something, it’s ok, you can try again tomorrow!

  219. 220

    Keira said,

    PICK THE BATTLES AND WIN THE WAR!!! It’s ok to give in ‘sometimes’ if it saves your sanity and discipline is otherwise fairly consistent πŸ™‚

  220. 221

    Hannah said,

    Whenever you are feeling stressed out, frustrated or angry with your offspring, just stop and laugh out loud. Even if its forced, it relieves tension, makes your child laugh back at you and just dissapates the stress! A lifesaver!

  221. 222

    Lalla Howell said,

    That all kids are different ab’s are kids for only a short time. Instead of yelling and using force, try to connect and educate πŸ™‚

  222. 223

    Erin said,

    Sit down with each of your little people for just 10 minutes each day with no phone, washing, TV or distractions. Play and listen and be still together. Everyone will be happier for it!

  223. 224

    Rachel Kriss-Newell said,

    As busy as life can be with a young family, we can be easily caught up with chores and family life. Stop and appreciate the special time you have been given and share special moments with your child. Play that game they are asking to play, read that book they have brought you. These are the things they will remember later in life. The washing up and vacuuming can wait – it will be there for many years to come. But your children grow up and away oh so quickly. Enjoy that quality time with them whilst they are young. You’ll thank yourself for it, as will they when they are older.

  224. 225

    hayley said,

    Breathe…..Then breathe some more πŸ™‚

  225. 226

    Tammy said,

    My little tip would be to trust the decisions you make and to do what feels right at the time.

  226. 227

    BeckyHorwood said,

    Enjoy your children while they are young. Take advantage of the times they want your attention or want to be with you. It fades as the get older. AND never be afraid to ask for help.

  227. 228

    Vanessa B said,

    Distraction can avert most meltdowns! Make a funny noise, do a funny dance, anything to distract your children from the reason they are about to lose it πŸ™‚ More often than not they will forget why they were upset.

  228. 229

    Kristi said,

    So many great tips here already but mine is this: follow your heart and do what makes it happy. If your heart says cuddle that baby to sleep, do it. If your heart says that breakfast for dinner is the only way anyone is going to get fed, do it. If your heart says you need a time out, listen to it! πŸ™‚

  229. 230

    Jessica Marriette said,

    I have just found out im 6 week pregnant with my first child, (soooo excited) the first piece of advice that was handed down to me was from my little cousin was that I shouldn’t shake the baby or give it peanuts because they dont like it…… ( he is 12) I couldn’t stop laughing but very good advice

  230. 231

    tracey said,

    Dont Swett the small stuff, my house is clean but hardly tidy. And the back yard is your best friend it tires them out from playing keeps your house a little neater and alot cleaner and is better for the littΔΊes than being indoors

  231. 232

    Emma said,

    Have fun and be silly because they grew us way too fast.

  232. 233

    Cassie Eden said,

    Little eyes see EVERYTHING. Be respectful, kind and use nice words.

  233. 234

    Kate Temple-Smith said,

    Get outside and play, run, be silly & laugh every single day with your little ones, particularly when you’re not having the best day! It helps you & your child immediately

  234. 235

    Amber said,

    You are the best advocate for your child. You know and understand better than anyone else. Trust those instincts.

  235. 236

    All kids love ice blocks but my kids always end up sticky and messy so my hot tip to avoid this is to put a cupcake/muffin patty case under the ice block (push the ice block stick through the patty case so the case catches all the melted liquid) which then keeps little hands and clothes from getting sticky and messy!

  236. 237

    Joyce Chan said,

    PPP: Picnic, Pillow Fights and Pancakes. Try to do any one or all of these at least once a week. Memories are made and all other worries will fade.

  237. 238

    susievenkat said,

    My tip is for when they’re teething, but being independent and feeding themselves: freeze little fingers of rockmelon and watermelon. Something they can hold in their little hands, rub against their sore gums and completely dissolvable…

  238. 239

    Kelly Erceg said,

    You cant win an argument with a toddler – i have accepted this and now give her choices (either option that i would be happy with, eg ‘do you want to wear the pink top or the green top?’). We now have more happy times and less crankiness!!

  239. 240

    Tasha said,

    My best tip is to slow down and smell the roses because they are only little once and grow so fast. Cherish every moment because before you know it – they’re all grown up.

  240. 241

    Kylie said,

    Just go with it! Just when you think things are going well, everything changes! Just go with the flow and take it easy on yourself!

  241. 242

    Kira Van Bremen said,

    My parenting tip would have to be, that it’s ok to have a break. Call those nannies poppies and friends ect to give you a hand. I did the independent thing and got a bit overwhelmed with new bub, house work and giving partner no attention. Got my mum and dad to look after little man for an hour more it was such a great help. So don’t be affairs to ask x

  242. 243

    Tracy Rockley said,

    I have taught my three girls this saying from when they were babies “sharing is caring”.

  243. 244

    Michelle said,

    Always take snacks, even if you’re only going to the corner shop.

    Enjoy them; they’re only little for such a short time xx

  244. 245

    Glynis said,

    When the going gets tough – stop, take a deep breath (or as many as you need!),smile and keep going. They grow up way too fast so enjoy each moment for what it truly is and remember they are just starting to learn about things so they don’t do things on purpose or just to annoy you.

  245. 246

    Robyn Bryant said,

    My tip is let them get dirty…roll around in the mud, dig holes in the garden, eat a bit of sand…enjoy each moment and let them be kids…it doesn’t last very long and before you know it they are to big to splash in puddles!!!!

  246. 247

    Narita said,

    My favourite parenting quote is “be careful how you speak to your children, one day it will become their inner voice. I chant that to myself during moments of sheer frustration – it works!

  247. 248

    Mercyanne Warhurst said,

    Trust your instincts and do what’s right for YOU and YOUR family. πŸ™‚

  248. 249

    Rebecca Rouse said,

    For first time mums – everything gets better, it’s normally a phase.
    For second time mums – take more photos of your second child.
    For third time mums – get your bub used to sleeping with the blinds up and radio or other noise on from day 1.

  249. 250

    Cat Cook said,

    In winter instead of a singlet to keep bubs warm I use one or two onesies so then we have no bare skin to get chilly! πŸ™‚

  250. 251

    Lindsey said,

    Love the look of this pack, especially for my kids who have challenging diets!

    My tip…. set boundaries and expectations for your children when they’re little, and they’ll learn to respect them from a young age. Our kids really do want to know the rules and how to fit within them, and it starts us on a good path in raising the big kids we will see one day.

    And secondly, give yourself some slack. Parenting is amazingly rewarding, but some days it sucks and there’s no point in beating yourself up over it. Wake up the next day and love your kids.

    As an aside… YES to the single coloured bowls. NEVER BUY A SIX COLOUR SET. Seriously. It’s not worth your blood sweat and tears.

  251. 252

    Marianne said,

    My parenting tip is
    To Love Nurture and Respect your children
    after that
    Everything else works out

  252. 253

    my tip is cook everything from scratch yourself. Your child is more likely to try new things and has weak spot for home cooking over package food.

  253. 254

    My tip is cook everything from scratch yourself. Your child is more likely to have weak spot for home cooking over package food.

  254. 255

    Yvette Fleming said,

    When speaking to small children try to remember to get down to their level it works wonders when explaining how to do things or disciplining them and explaining why not to do something.

  255. 256

    Bec Emery said,

    Enjoy every moment!

  256. 257

    Sarah Crooke said,

    If you’re going to give you’re baby banana strip them down or use a plastic bib and be VERY careful of clothes. That stuff is impossible to get out and stains a gross brown colour.

  257. 258

    Choose your battles…. don’t stress over the small stuff – smile & enjoy the ride!!

  258. 259

    Nikki Mallard said,

    My Tip: Keep it Simple, always say “I Love You” and as you kiss them goodnight be grateful for the day you shared. πŸ˜ƒ

  259. 260

    Jessica Eimermacher said,

    Just love them with all you have got, the time goes too fast! The dishes, vacuuming and dusting can wait, your children dont remember how clean the house was but they will remember tge way you loved them.

  260. 261

    Molly Skinner said,

    Follow your instincts. Pick your battles. Shower them with love. Enjoy it (but don’t beat yourself up when you don’t).

  261. 262

    Margaret said,

    Breathe! Don’t try to be perfect, don’t put too much stock into other people’s social media posts about their “perfect family”. Remember to your kids you are their perfect mum x

  262. 263

    Tahee Allen said,

    Parenting – if you don’t feel crazy your not doing it right.

  263. 264

    Merryn said,

    This parenting journey can’t be done alone. Get some friends with kids who are similar ages and older and younger so you can learn from them, they can learn from you, you can support each other through difficult times and laugh together in delight over your lovely kids.

  264. 265

    Monica said,

    Treat others how you would like to be treated πŸ™‚

  265. 266

    Kali Quirk said,

    the one thing I try to remember and to tell friends who are becoming mums is to not panic. Go with the flow. It is difficult sometimes, no one said having kids was easy, but just chill, learn to know what your baby is trying to tell you and do what you feel is the right thing. You need to have confidence in yourself and your ability to be the best parent you can. Also, always have a spare pair of knickers in the nappy bag for the older kids too. Xo

  266. 267

    Christy grove said,

    If they are fed, watered and happy you are ahead of the game.

  267. 268

    Motherhood will make you think about (and doubt) yourself in ways you never knew existed! When you go to bed and have all those thoughts about how you ‘failed’ today – limit yourself to 1 thing with a focus on how you will try to handle it better in the future, and then list off as many things (or little people) you can think of that wouldn’t have been loved, nurtured, managed, influenced, fed, completed, etc if you weren’t there doing what you did today.

  268. 269

    Carmen Hopper said,

    Be kind to yourself and don’t sweat the small stuff. Nobody is the perfect Mum – your job is to be the best mum that YOU can be.

  269. 270

    Helen W said,

    as a mother to 6 sons my advise is keep on serving up the same meal that everyone eats and encourage them to try and one day they will try the veggie they think they hate and find its not so bad. Took one of my sons 8 years to eat more than beans on toast or Vegemite toast. He eats everything now. “Pick ur arguments carefully”

  270. 271

    Emily Marsland said,

    Remember that you don’t have to be the perfect mum, all you’re child needs is for you to be good enough. Don’t sweat the small stuff.

  271. 272

    Kelly said,

    The three P’s. Preparation, Preparation and more Preparation. Prepare as much as you can for the following day before bed. Makes the days so much easier.

  272. 273

    Mandy Seeger said,

    Turn your car into a mini nursery..keep nappies, change of clothes, toys,bubbles, a ball, jackets, umbrella, hat, sunscreen, wipes, blanket and anything else you may need in your car at all times…you never know when you’ll need it even if it’s only a 5 minute trip, having all this already in the car has saved me time, money and my sanity on a number of occasions.

  273. 274

    sharyn williams said,

    Be kind and look after yourself – you do have to put yourself first at least sometimes (if not more) – if you continue to not look after yourself (but look after everyone else) your health can suffer (i know this first hand and am dealing with the consequences of this).

  274. 275

    Jolene said,

    My husband and I would spend an afternoon in the kitchen together on a Sunday and do a big batch-cook session of around 5 different baby / toddler meals before freezing them in individual meal size pots or freezer bags. They lasted several months and we could easily have a healthy nutritious preservative-free meal ready to go!

  275. 276

    Jacey said,

    Not really a tip but a friend once said to me that with kids, “everything is a phase and will come to an end” which I have used as a mantra thru the tricky phases!!!!

  276. 277

    Amanda Suitor said,

    Always have healthy snacks on hand especially at the shops, makes doing the groceries so much easier

  277. 278

    Naomi said,

    I’ve had some success with exploring the process from land to table. Collecting the egg from the chicken – prep, cook, discuss childs own receipe, like cracked on pizza. Also, when things get boring I’ve tried different food packaging, paper bages, plastic container with new stickers, zip locks etc.. Have them set there own dinner table – suggest picked flowers, make throw out placemats..

  278. 279

    Kate said,

    My tip would be to always ask – squares or triangles – before cutting their toast, saves many a meltdown.

  279. 280

    Shanneen said,

    Hug them, kiss them, laugh with them and love them!

  280. 281

    Kate McIntyre said,

    My tip is simple – dont ignore or underestimate “Mummy instinct”. It is almost always right!

  281. 282

    Emma Fiebig said,

    My tip- I have 2 young kids who both dont like sandwiches. We have just started the preschool lunches and I had no idea what to give my oldest for lunch. Great idea – I dry roast small pita breads, break them up and call them pita chips (10 mins in oven while dinner cooking) and another container of cut up cucumber , cherry tomatoes and red capsicum and feta of cherry bocconcini. With hummus of cream cheese. All take 2 mins to prepare and I know they are eating a healthy lunch.

  282. 283

    Tammy said,

    Pick your battles. Take a deep breath and remember that this time in their life shall quickly pass even though it never feels like that at the time, lol.

  283. 284

    Anri van der Merwe said,

    Reading a story a day will build a strong foundation for their future πŸ™‚

  284. 285

    Kris Jones said,

    Don’t give too many choices. Vegemite or Jam is a big enough choice

  285. 286

    Natalie Fukuhara said,

    My favourite tip is to place pictures on drawers of what clothes go where. Now even miss three can put away her clothes and take them out. Has even helped hubby keep the drawers organsised, so a double win for me πŸ™‚

  286. 287

    Sarah Cecchi said,

    Listen to the advice of others but always trust your own instincts

  287. 288

    They grow up so quickly so enjoy every minute while they are small – before you know it they will be at school and starting to create lives of their own. Always read a story before bed and tuck in with a kiss!!

  288. 289

    Bianca said,

    There is no 1 right answer in raising children. Use what works for you and your kids πŸ˜ƒ

  289. 290

    Sonia said,

    Be prepared to give anything a try! There’s no one solution that will work for everyone, so start with an open mind and find what works for you and your family.

  290. 291

    Jess Fuller said,

    Talk quietly about your day together every night before bed. Even from very, very tiny. You’ll be amazed how much your babies will love this time with you. My youngest (2), climbs onto my lap and looks up at me with an expectant face every night. He loves to hear me talk about and thank him for various parts of our day. It’s a nice way to end the day on a positive, gentle note regardless of the messy, screamy, whiney, endless day you have had. πŸ˜€

  291. 292

    aleesa said,

    Always keep a bottle of hydralyte on hand or in the freezer!…. you never know when you will need it even on hot summer days with the kids outside running around!

  292. 293

    Catherine Rivett said,

    Fabulous prize!!

    My advice is to follow your instincts. Parenting became so much easier for me when I stopped listening to all the “experts” and started following what my instincts were telling me to to!

    Thanks for the opportunity to enter πŸ™‚

  293. 294

    Kerry McVittie said,

    My piece of wisdom is “Consistency”. Be as consistent as possible so that children always know what comes next. Makes for less stress on the part of parents and children.

  294. 295

    Listen to your gut, so many people have their own opinions about how you should raise your child, and while it’s great to listen to their advice, in the end you’re the parent and need to listen to your instincts.

  295. 296

    Joanna said,

    My tip is to keep perspective and try your very best to savour the good parts of parenting (much easier to say than do!) and let go of the bad. Don’t dwell on the sleepless nights or tantrums or food refusal, although they are torture at the time. Focus on the unconditional love, the cuddles and the pure joy of seeing your child grow and learn. They are only little for such a short time, it goes by in a flash and they’ll never need you so intensely ever again.

  296. 297

    Sue Johnson said,

    Layer mattress protector, sheet, mattress protector and another sheet on top of cot or bed. Plus even a disposable nappy change mat under my 9 week old… He is always wetting through and saves putting new sheets on during the night.

  297. 298

    Emma said,

    My biggest piece of advice is to be kind to yourself- and give yourself a break. Everyone has days when they think they are doing a terrible job and sometimes just getting through the day without any fatalities is an achievement πŸ™‚

    Oh and my other piece of advice is to carve out some child free time if possible so watching the same episode of Peppa Pig over and over doesn’t drive you completely batty.

  298. 299

    Erin said,

    My tip is to always have (healthy, simple) snacks on hand….best way to calm, distract and appease a kid is food!

  299. 300

    Neri said,

    As I sat on my bed, despairing, with two crying children on my knee, I thought, surely mothers aren’t meant to have more than one child! But then came the aha! moment: mothers aren’t meant to parent in isolation. Our comfort and privacy comes at the expense of community.
    My advice? Create a village for yourself. Call on your family, stay connected with your friends, meet other mums, get to know your neighbours. Make sure there’s always someone you can talk to, meet up with, or who can help in practical ways. Parenting can be a physically and emotionally exhausting job and support is crucial. And don’t forgot to return the favour. Your life and that of your little one/s will be the richer for it.

  300. 301

    George Nevell said,

    Relax and enjoy spending time with your kids!

  301. 302

    Nezza Goss said,

    Get the kids involved in the cooking process! They love helping and they are more likely to eat food that they have helped prepare!

  302. 303

    Estelle said,

    Love ❀

  303. 304

    Run your dishwasher after breakfast instead of after dinner. Try it, it’s awesome. Makes breakfast clean-up a breeze and no unpacking the dishwasher in the morning when rush rush rushing.

  304. 305

    Kara-Maree Nevell said,

    I thought I shared a tip. But I can’t see it! Here’s a tip: Be prepared when you go out! Make sure you have healthy food for your family to eat, water for them to drink, and activities for them to do!

  305. 306

    Alecia McCarthy said,

    Belly laughs are the best medicine! Big cuddles! Deep breaths through the tough times! Dance lots, sing silly songs and enjoy the amazing & crazy journey of parenthood!! βœŒοΈπŸ˜„πŸ’πŸŽˆ

  306. 307

    sarah said,

    For my fussy eater, I grind Chia seeds and mix them into just about everything! They thicken up a sauce nicely and the flavour is very mild. I secretly smile when I see her enjoying her food. I hope she will find the same love and interest in healthy food that has come to me later in life!

  307. 308

    Angela Jacobsen said,

    Don’t forget your ‘ME’ Time

  308. 309

    Melita said,

    My tip is: Make time for yourself regularly. Go out alone – shopping, yoga, the gym, a massage, or even if just for a walk. It is amazing what a difference even a little bit of distance from your cherubs makes. And you will miss them even for the 20 minutes that you are gone πŸ™‚

  309. 310

    Maygan Tu said,

    My tip, don’t stress the small stuff, remember to laugh about it. Things don’t always go right, but laughing helps πŸ™‚

  310. 311

    Carmel said,

    Try saying ‘yes’ and then if you have to say ‘no’.

  311. 312

    Belinda said,

    Breathe…..& if all else fails coffee/wine/chocolate πŸ˜‰

  312. 313

    Sue said,

    My tip is so simple,
    I hope you agree,
    Just be yourself,
    And let your child see,
    That you have fun in life
    And make each and every day,
    A special one for all to share,
    Happiness, love and play.

  313. 314

    Kate said,

    Have a ‘boredom buster’ jar containing pieces of paper with written suggestions of activities or things to do. When you’re stuck for ideas or need some inspiration you can go to the jar and pick out a piece of paper with a suggested activity.
    (and get them to decorate the jar with stickers… First activity to keep them occupied!)

  314. 315

    Rebecca Askin said,

    My tip for raising kids under three is: Don’t sweat the small stuff.

    I used to be a control freak in the early years, and looking back, it robbed me of really enjoying precious moments with my two children.

    Dirty floor? Who cares?
    A laundry pile that has turned into Mt Foldmore? Meh, no worries!

    Stop, breathe, relax. Chill.
    Your babies won’t be little for long. Get on the floor and play with them, give hugs, make them smile.

  315. 316

    Louise Scott said,

    Go to bed at a reasonable hour most nights. As boring as you may feel, the energy and balance a good night’s sleep gives you is indispensable when looking after and playing with a toddler.

    Also, in my experience, a kind and positive approach always works better than an overpowering, chastising approach.

  316. 317

    Sandra fowler said,

    A few titbits πŸ™‚
    Remember who the parent is & who runs the house.
    It is ok to say no.
    You are still a good parent if you don’t buy your kids what they want when they want it, your kids are designed to pester.
    The box is often more fun the the expensive item inside.
    Let them be kids.
    It is ok to cry
    It is ok to ask for help.
    Don’t be hard on yourself, these children as as much a gift to you as you are to them.
    Have as much fun with them while they still want to hang out with you.

  317. 318

    Sarah Locock said,

    I wish with my first bub I followed my own instinct instead of what everyone else told me to do. Now, we just go with the flow. We baby wear and co sleep. We bottle feed and ‘occasionally’ even ear McDonalds. We embrace mess but tidy up as well. Some days we wear pj’s all day and just hang at home and some days we dress up and go out. Don’t stress the small stuff, they’re not kids forever!
    When bub 2 arrived we followed our instinct and went with the flow. Now bub no 3 has joined us and we are blessed with such a happy go lucky little family:)

  318. 319

    Jaime said,

    Relax….its so hard to do, I often find it impossible with little ones but its good to remind ourselves to ‘let go’ sometimes.

  319. 320

    Caitlyn said,

    listen to your gut!
    Do what feels right for YOUR baby not someone else’s (Eg. CIO vs attachment parenting) It’s your baby you know what’s best πŸ˜€ happy and healthy mummies = happy and healthy babies
    And most of all they grow too fast so cuddle them to sleep and kiss them a lot because for all the firsts you catch… There’s just as many lasts you’ll miss (like the last time they fall asleep in your arms or the last breast feed and the last time they’re small enough to carry on your hip)
    Make the most of each moment

  320. 321

    Kim Budge said,

    Just love them. Every day. Make every decision from a place of love. Even when you’re tired. And crabby. And busy. But forgive yourself when (not if) you don’t get it right.

  321. 322

    Melanie Ross said,

    Hey there my name is Mel mum of two boy & girl I would
    Love to win this prize pack!

  322. 323

    Amanda said,

    My tip is don’t be to serious with everything make sure you enjoy them coz the not so important things can wait coz they grow up so so fast

  323. 324

    jodie drummond said,

    Kids are sponges they learn from everything you do and say. Positivity. Encouragement and reinforcement!

  324. 325

    Melissa said,

    You are doing the best job that you can!

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