Win a Kambrook food prep system

This nifty gadget could be yours.

This nifty gadget could be yours.

It’s been a long wait between giveaways! In fact I don’t think I’ve run one all year (I’ve been too lazy to organise and administer them, sorry!) But this week I break the drought with a very awesome prize from Kambrook.

I actually got in touch with them looking for a new mini-food processor. Mine is making all kinds of weird noises after 5 years of being flogged to death, so time for an upgrade. Very kindly, Kambrook thought they could do something even better and sent me their X Blade Pro Food Prep System. At first glance I was aghast at the larger size of this thing. It’s some kind of mini-food processor on steroids, in fact it’s really a neater doesn’t-need-all-the-bench-space version of the more traditional food processors, but after mucking around with it for a couple of weeks, I’m IN THE GROOVE with this appliance. The motor purrs like a kitten and the stick blender function has some serious grunt.

When do I use it? The stick blender is perfect for blitzing soups. Just stick it into the pot or slow cooker and away you go. So insanely easy. Try it on this pumpkin, corn & lentil soup.

vegie smugglers pumpkin and lentil soup recipe

Pumpkin, corn & lentil soup.

But wait, there’s more – there’s also a mashing attachment which makes light of that little job. Try this vegie mash

Stockpile portions of mash in the freezer.

Stockpile portions of mash in the freezer.

And then there’s all the functionality of a regular mini processor but at the larger size – which is perfect for those of you with more than 2 kids. PLUS it also comes with all the attachments for slicing and dicing which saves you a heap of prep time.

It’s a good piece of kit and if you’re cooking for a larger family then this is kitchen gold.

I’ve got one to give away, too (worth $149.95). To win, you must be a Vegie Smugglers subscriber (sign up if you’re not) and you must be living in Australia (so that Kambrook can ship your prize to you). I’d recommend that you go and like the Kambrook Facebook page. Then pop back here and let me know in 25 words or less why you REALLY need one of these and what you’d make with it. As always, I can be swayed by a bit of humour and tales of how many children you’re trying to feed.


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  1. 1

    Carly W said,

    Need or want it’s both for me. I believe this is a true gadget masterpiece and will not take up too much space!

  2. 2

    Michelle V said,

    With hubby & 3 kids (10 and under)
    Mealtimes are tricky, any wonder?!
    With this I’d create
    Quick meals that’ll be cleaned off the plate!

  3. 3

    mahinaarangi Bartlett said,

    yummy !!! Yes please !!!

  4. 4

    Tracey said,

    Because I’m a busy mum, finishing my uni degree and would love the ease of using this amazing appliance!

  5. 6

    mahinaarangi Bartlett said,

    need help to smuggle in veges 🙂 to every meal, Yummy !!!

  6. 7

    I have 5 children and never used one and i have so many reciepes i would love to try.
    I have always used the old school masher!!!

  7. 8

    Melissa B said,

    My kids will eat various vegies diced and cooked in a liquid stock (aka soup) but vegies chopped raw no go! Need soup assistance!

  8. 9

    KYLIE EMBURY said,

    2 teens, toddler,
    ‘big kid’ too,
    fussy, easily bored,
    what’s a Mum to do?
    With Kambrook my veggie mash,
    Would no longer end as trash!

  9. 10

    lokinicole said,

    This would be perfect for veggie smuggling for my two boys. My old one is years old and starting to make odd noises!

  10. 11

    Fiona Gabell said,

    Because mine broke 😦 I’m very sad without it and so are my soups and sauces without a decent blender

  11. 12

    Chrissy Mat said,

    We need this right now. With all of us down with the flu and only able to tolerate juices this would be so handy

  12. 13

    Nicole said,

    I would love something that is multifunctional.. first I would have to try out the masher then off to chop up onions without crying☺

  13. 14

    Lynette Hurt said,

    We don’t really have fancy gadgets in our kitchen so this would make making meals and treats for my little one soooooo much easier, not having to rely on hubby for his muscles :0)

  14. 15

    Catherine Heywood said,

    No food processor at our house due to ms one year old dropping the lid. Would adore a new Kambrook to make all our favourite vegie smuggler meals for ms 3,1.

  15. 16

    Sue Harrod said,

    Nana of 2 grandies who don’t eat either veg or fruit. I need this appliance and your ideas to sock it to them..healthwise. 🙂

  16. 17

    Cara Kandelaars said,

    With 4 & 2year old boys & bubs due November we could prep like a pro in no time pleasing the entire family.

  17. 18

    Monica Huffer said,

    My teenage son is at uni and loves it when I make him sausage rolls to freeze. The Kambrook would be a ‘grate” helper 🙂

  18. 19

    Candice Somerville said,

    With a 2yo and twins now 6mths my food prep is massive and constant, oh plus hubby who may aswell be a fussy 2yo aswell,

  19. 20

    Kristie-Anne Bridges said,

    I would love this little beauty as I have just been put on a gluten free diet & it would help me make new & exciting foods 😀

  20. 21

    Sarah mahal said,

    There was a mum from Essendon
    Who’s kids said ” I’m not eating that mum”
    Thanks to kambrook &
    A veggie smugglers book
    Mum hid those veggies from her son!

  21. 22

    kate said,

    This mumma of four desperately wants this as my hand blender blew up and I dropped my mix master on the tiles and broke it! I am gadgetless! #mumsneedgadgets

  22. 23

    Alison F said,

    This appliance would be amazing for my kitchen after my last Kambrook blender and food processor bit the dust! I would love this!!

  23. 24

    Adele said,

    If i won i’d give it to a friend who has 8month old triplets and a 2y/o. They’d soup it up!

  24. 25

    Jalna said,

    I’d love to win one of these. I cook everything from scratch and chop by hand to feed my favourite boys!

  25. 26

    Kate said,

    I have no help – family lives afar,
    I suffer chronic illness – kids eat mostly from a jar.
    Please help me,
    Feed my babe-ies… fresh food!

  26. 27

    Hauptfrau Miriam-Marlene von Moltke said,

    I smell salsa, homemade butter, Apfelmus… Soap and this kitchen tool is able to get my button-pressing, gadget-loving daughter out of mischief! I neeeeed it!

  27. 28

    Jodie Woodward said,

    I really need one of these because my food processor is old and clunky too. I would use it to make dips and my fave vegge smugglers recipes of course (savoury mince and Boston baked beans are the biggest hit with Mr 2yr old)

  28. 29

    Amanda Allport said,

    to purée the baby food I am making for my twins (5 months) some nutritious soups for me ( the milk bar ) hubby and 3 yr old

  29. 30

    Amanda Cooper said,

    I would love one of these as my food processor is on its way out! Would use to make my pumpkin soup and lots of other goodies!

  30. 31

    Bec Pingel said,

    Between a bub starting solids and a four year old princess we have a serious need for this. We’d smuggle in all sorts of goodness!

  31. 32

    Sarah Birchmore said,

    I would love a new Kambrook food prep system so my poor knuckles can heal from all the grater grazes.

  32. 33

    Susan said,

    I have 2 “starving” bottomless pits aged 6 & 9. I would make my stick-mixer pear and cranberry loaf with it. Recipe on request !

  33. 34

    Robin said,

    I am a mum of two, including a new born. My food processor has gone to food processor heaven and this gadget would make my preparing and cooking meals so much easier…..would love this!

  34. 35

    Trudy Carey said,

    I am mother of two,
    Who doesn’t know what to do
    To make her kids eat,
    Food chopped up all neat
    Kambrook system would do!

  35. 36

    Jo said,

    I feed a dairy allergic child who likes flavour, another child who is picky and likes things bland, a vegan husband, and myself (who always comes last!)

  36. 37

    Kim said,

    I would love this as it would save me valuable time in the kitchen, as a single working mother, there are often never enough hours in the day!

  37. 38

    Don’t have enough bench space for a traditional sized processor, but love the idea of saving time and money by doing it myself at home

  38. 39

    casey ankers said,

    My husband accuses me of spending more time preparing my pet duck’s food than my children’s food. If I won, I could finally realise that.

  39. 40

    bianca said,

    Sometimes its not quantity but quality…only 2 of us + gorgeous toddler on a mission to get back to our clean eating pre-baby ways!

  40. 41

    Rebecca said,

    We’re through, it’s over, I’m done. No more tears over you Mister Onion! I’ll slice you and dice you, you’ll never hurt me again!

  41. 42

    Julia Burlison said,

    I’d love this thank you, I’m no masterchef it’s true. But with the x-blade tool, hidden veggies are cool; making kids happy and parents too!

  42. 43

    Maddie said,

    Working Mum. Limited time and even less skillz. Barring a personal chef or monkey butler, this would totally save my bacon!

  43. 44

    Melissa okimoto said,

    My munchkin is a big foodie, she has gluten, lactose and soy intolerances and is always requesting something delicious and new. Please help me deliever.

  44. 45

    Melissa Hart said,

    I need this machine to make day to day easier to prepare meals. From puree to chop/dice finger food for Mr 6mths and smuggling those veges for Ms 3.5yrs

  45. 46

    Lrule said,

    I have 2 little boys and 1 big man. They eat all day and just don’t stop I need a Kambrook pro. A smoothie here, cubed vegies there or a fresh soup to go! Up our fruit & vegies and they won’t even know!

  46. 47

    lynnette said,

    To make a vege purees to add to casseroles, sauces etc to hide the veges for my girls and I, currently I only eat potatoes

  47. 48

    Being a busy working mum with 2 extremely fussy kids under 5, I absolutely need this to cook delicious meals to save my sanity.

  48. 49

    Wendy Traill said,

    I need this to blitz the veges to smithereens. They have to be invisible to the naked eye or Miss 3 won’t touch!

  49. 50

    Lauren said,

    Trying to feed my roudy brood is such a chore, but with the kambrook system spag would be a walk in the park.

  50. 51

    Claire B said,

    I need to smuggle vegies for my husband,
    My two big kids are fine.
    I will have baby food to do
    in three months time.

  51. 52

    Mandy Jeppesen said,

    If it’s a good day I can use it to make dinner. If it’s not I can make myself a cocktail. Win/ win.

  52. 53

    Eunice Ang said,

    because my blender just died on me! and I cant make soups or blend food for my little one for a while. I don’t have a lot of people to feed but I need help with saving time and mash vegetables are a must these days as my boy wont eat if I dont mash them!

  53. 54

    Andrea Stephan said,

    I work, have an adorable, ratty 2 year old that is a feral fussy eater.. and dealing with a nearly immobile hubby. I’d love the help!!

  54. 55

    Sarah said,

    I just have the one energetic toddler and no kitchen space which can make cooking not so fun. So this would be great to be able to get done what my bench wont let me!

  55. 56

    Mary Preston said,

    Everything from scratch is safest for my Gluten Free girl.

    Make my life easier please!!

  56. 57

    Caroline Allen said,

    Please let me win
    This special prize
    Ease of cooking
    Brings tears to eyes
    With young children
    Looks like fun
    More time
    With little ones ❤️❤️

  57. 58

    Ainslee Henderson said,

    Feeding a family of 6 is hectic at the best of times, this would make my life an absolute dream. I may even have time to squeeze in a wine not a whine for once.

  58. 59

    Nadine Matthews said,

    This looks AMAZING every family should have one.

  59. 60

    campbell1969 said,

    I would LOVE this because my toddler refuses all vegies. With the help of this tool I could hopefully get him to eat more.

  60. 61

    Jennifer said,

    Looks like it would make cooking easy. I hate cooking with a passion so anything that helps me make healthy meals for my kids is a winner.

  61. 62

    Elizabeth Witney said,

    Like every parent of young children, Smuggling Vegies in meals is a must. Bribery doesn’t work here!

  62. 63

    Katrina said,

    Love to win, to smuggle more veges into fussy 4 year olds meals, shhh and hubbies too 🙂

  63. 64

    Sarah said,

    2 biggins
    2 smallfries
    Mother is:
    Crap housewife
    Crap cook
    Please save the poor fish finger filled family.

  64. 65

    With 12 kids to feed, a pack of dogs and a hungry hairy man this would make my life a dream! I’d even be able to shave my legs and wash my hair in the same week 😉 And I’d love to be able to do the school drop off in the morning and not be in my pyjamas (I hear that’s how all the other mummas do it!)

  65. 66

    Alison Hartigan said,

    3 kids, part time work and part time uni. I adore vege smugglers books and recipes and could really use Kambrooks help to raise nutrition and save time in the evenings

  66. 67

    Kristina said,

    Want… a need… a real sanity pleaser!!! Two growing boys, who pick out their veg, however petite. Mummy would win and start conquering her world!

  67. 68

    Katie said,

    A kitchen appliance that can make life easier? This working mumma says, ‘Yes please!’ And I promise to smuggle the vegies too:-)

  68. 69

    Leesa said,

    I make home made ice cream with frozen strawberries & cream this summer… yay… Filling my freezer with cheap berries @ the moment.. 🍓🍓

  69. 70

    Karen said,

    I lent my stick blender to my 12yr old last week as her class was making soup at school, it came home melted, much devastation ensued as my 10 year old lives of my pumpkin soup, which you just cant make with out a stick blender. My 8 year said don’t worry mum, we don’t have to eat the soup that they melted the stick blender in! Needless to say we would give the Kambrook a loving home.

  70. 71

    Melita said,

    I had 10 weeks with a thermie, and discovered all I needed was a good food processor. With intolerances, it would be sooooo helpful.

  71. 72

    Rebecca said,

    Wow! My old processor is about to die & I make everything from scratch now that my daughter has been diagnosed with Coeliac.

  72. 73

    Sarah Ellis said,

    A kambrook food prep system would help me with my vegie smuggling missions, to keep my boys healthy and happy 🙂

  73. 74

    Kath Lunney said,

    Pretty please?
    Pretty pretty please?
    Lol, mum of three gorgeous kids who I’d love to treat with lots of healthy creations.
    Pretty please!

  74. 75

    Meghan Jewell said,

    I had another brand one and it broke. I did love it though and have missed it since! This would be a lovely replacement.

  75. 76

    Rebecca pelentsov said,

    I need one to make healthy food as i need to lose weight for my upcoming wedding

  76. 77

    Simone said,

    HELP HELP Ive lost my blade to my 2nd hand mixer…..i cant make bread crumbs. HELP HELP HELP

  77. 78

    cat_906 said,

    I would be able to try all the exciting vegan recipes out there!

  78. 79

    Bel said,

    Mine burnt out. 8 year old has discovered Smoothies, Husband on health kick and new bub on way. Need and Want!

  79. 80

    Lisa Zulfiqar said,

    Keeping my 5 kids helping with food prep, soups and making yummy smoothies for summer. Bring on Mango Pineapple Kale smoothies. Kambrook and I winners

  80. 81

    Elisha said,

    Our chopping bowl attachment is cracked but we hold it together with our hand because our 4 year old will only eat veggie smugglers veggie mash done this way. A new one would be a god send and keep him eating his veggies!

  81. 82

    spog777 said,

    A brilliant machine that brings magic to my kitchen in the form of tasty food for all and ease of preparation

  82. 83

    Need to smuggle vegs for my autistic son he hates veg need this so much would solve so many meal time blues

  83. 84

    David said,

    I would blend up all the vegies I have and add them to my special spaghetti sauce. The kids won’t be able to notice them. 😉

  84. 85

    KAT ROGERS said,

    with 3 princesses, one of which loves putting peas in her ears , this little gem would be my magic wand to stop the pea popper

  85. 86

    Monique said,

    Fussy kids? no problem with this beauty. Mix up a whole heap of vegies and disguise them in spag bol or meals alike. With 4 kids this would be a life saver…Literally!! 😉

  86. 87

    sweetbell77 said,

    This would be great to win and whip up quick and easy soups and meals for my fussy daughter and create fun and delicious meals.

  87. 88

    Rebel said,

    Have children ‘they’ said.
    Ya gotta feed them ‘they’ said.
    It’s easy ‘they’ said.

    So I had four of them.

    Turns out ‘They’ are liars.

  88. 89

    My kids are fussy eaters so I would make a vegie rissole for them with all of the goodness hidden and only the taste for them to love

  89. 90

    mouse19666 said,

    My kids are fussy eaters so I would make them a vege rissole with all of the goodness hidden and just the great taste left for them to enjoy

  90. 91

    Kim Featherstone said,

    With 5 under 8 to feed
    This is a definite need
    4 love a good pumpkin soup,
    With this it would be a hoot

  91. 92

    Brett Craze said,

    My wife would love this appliance, it would save her so much time chopping and grated which means we get our dinner earlier

  92. 93

    Diane said,

    Mine stick mixer has just broke!!! I can’t live without one and this one cubes which looks amazing!! Much better then my broken one 😦

  93. 94

    Carol McNamara said,

    I would love to win this for my daughter….she has a 9 year old who needs amusing enticements to eat as a busy Mum this would be great

  94. 95

    Rebecca Costa said,

    My 12 year old son has become more interested in cooking tea together and this will help lots, we would cook vegetable fritters with bacon.

  95. 96

    Anne Marie Delaney said,

    Yes Please I have a very bad back and my family love soup but grating the vegetables kills my back since my last wizz died so no soup being made which family are not too happy about this would make my life a dream and would be much appreciated and well used 🙂

  96. 97

    Laura O said,

    Being a full-time working mum,
    with baby number three on the way..
    I would whip up baby food and dinners
    Anytime of the day!

  97. 98

    Marie Roessen said,

    with one of these i will put Blue Bandaids out of business

  98. 99

    sweetbell77 said,

    Would love to win and whip up my famous meatloaf with my secret veggie and herb ingredients that my family love.

  99. 100

    Donna said,

    In my house its not just kids saying yuck I don’t like veggies its the partner as well
    . can u leave this out or don’t put that in there I don’t like it. if they cant see it they don’t sook I need to hide all the goodness

  100. 101

    Jo mcp said,

    Help is needed,
    I’m not a kitchen whizz,
    I’ve an army to feed
    And they all grumble.
    Give me an FPS
    And just maybe
    I’ll have a smiling face
    And an empty plate!

  101. 102

    roslyngroves said,

    I have a two-year-old with a chronic aversion to vegetables, and I am always on the look out for ways to incorporate them.

  102. 103

    Tammy said,

    Hi, my name is Tammy and I am guilty of being a veggie smuggler! It started when my children were young and I’ve just never been able to stop. Even my husband is a victim of my smuggling and I’m not ashamed! It’s a victimless crime and they never know all the goodness they’re getting. Yes, I am guilty!

  103. 104

    Keira Todd said,

    My disabled daughter has feeding issues & to be able to make good in consistency she can tolerate would be heaven.

  104. 105

    Andrea said,

    I know exactly how you feel about being lazy – only mine is in the organisation of chopping bulk fruit and vegetables!

  105. 106

    janine Jones said,

    I OH SO need one. Mine smokes and wiggles every time I try and use it!! I cook totally Gluten and Casein free and organic for my Autistic son. It has been challenging, but I keep on smiling 🙂

  106. 107

    Leeanne said,

    master 5 needs to take the dive
    Veggie muffins he wouldn’t know
    healthy and veggies
    he should glow
    and mum will be smiling

  107. 108

    Louise Di Virgilio said,

    Slicing and dicing I can do, however the Kambrook X Blade Pro would do it professionally, unlike my unique and time consuming cutting style.

  108. 109

    brogan77 said,

    I would love this little gem for blitzing my soup, making shortcrust pastry, preparing vegetables to go in my sons meals – he can spot a veggie a mile away, and to whip up a batch of chocolate mouse to eat while the kids are in bed and my husband is out!

  109. 110

    Venus said,

    Single, career driven, gym & outdoor junkie. Who has time to chop, dice & prepare an elaborate meal? This would be perfect to cube everything I need in one go and make a mean salad, mixed fruit snacks, or awesome soup in a flash!

  110. 111

    Kelly fink said,

    With 5 year old triplet boys need I say more? Lol anything that would be able to make preparing meals quicker & healthier would be a godsend!! Yes please xxxx

  111. 112

    Nic said,

    Need all the help in the kitchen I can get. Recently became the only cook in the house. Sorry boys 😉

  112. 113

    Pam Parsons said,

    My life would be more easy,
    As preparing meals is a chore,
    With limited use in my hands,
    This problem would be no more.

  113. 114

    hayley brennan said,

    this would making an AMAZING gift for my brother and sister inlaw ,after many years of trying to have a bub they are finally expecting 🙂

  114. 115

    Victoria Bilbie said,

    This would be a savour in my life 4 kids under 9 + hubby and me working graveyard means dinner prepped and in bed before 9am

  115. 116

    Debra ogilvie said,

    Gotta be mock fish, you know trick the kids. They think their having fish, we know their having veggies. Spud, onion, eggs and flour. 🙂

  116. 117

    Kathy McVerry said,

    Would really love to win this. It would mean the kids wouldn’t find any veggies.

  117. 118

    lynn morton said,

    poor old pensioners can only look at modern appliances and hope for something like this

  118. 119

    James said,

    To speed up and have no excuses for a unhealthy dinner

  119. 120

    Kayleen Stevens said,

    How awesome i have twin sons being master chefs in the kitchen at the moment, how wonderful is this gadget 🙂 thanks for the chance

  120. 121

    Kylie B said,

    Five kids to please.
    It’s a task to cook.
    I’d be set smuggling vegies
    With a new Kambrook.

  121. 122

    Michelle Leach said,

    My mash is more mush and my juices slush. Help is in need, to hide the veggie feed.

  122. 123

    Caroline Goldburg said,

    Beloved Kambrook I had for years.. finally…died…I shed some tears, chopping, blending, whizzing too,
    Life will be in a spin if I win!

  123. 124

    Fong Truong said,

    I need one as I am a busy single father and this would save time and healthily filly up the bellies of my kids. I will make a delicious veggie heaven pizza.

  124. 125

    Myrna Walton said,

    This would be wonderful to give my granddaughter loads of vegies

  125. 126

    Natalie Stoute said,

    By hook or by crook.
    I’ll cook everything in your book!
    Dinnertime’s a juggle.
    Vegies I must smuggle….
    I’m hoping my 3 boys don’t look!

  126. 127

    Adrienne Harries said,

    Kids Love veggies In their soup
    Using a blender makes sure they are not goop

  127. 128

    Louise Pap said,

    Take my diet from drab to fab, with a Kambrook in hand, I can finally make gluten free treats that any of my family would grab!

  128. 129

    Julia Parker said,

    Healthy fresh fruit and vege smoothies…for the sake of my daughter’s and my own health. She’s keen, got to strike while the iron’s hot!

  129. 130

    Elle Hosking said,

    Stick to death of cleaning my food processor make this mumma life a little easier before I throw the food processor at the kids fir not eating there dinner!!

  130. 131

    Rachel Harvey said,

    I’d whip up everything healthy into a beautiful mash, cover it in puff pastry… It’d be a smash!

  131. 132

    Rebecca Cronin said,

    My boys ate their first salad ever that came with their kids meal when we were out for tea. It was served finely chopped and in a jar! I now need a chopping machine to serve up their salad & vegetables in a jar every night! Think it will save me from the marathon meal sessions!

  132. 133

    Emma won’t eat her veggies-which makes it hard “to go”,
    We need to get her going, so please send me a Kambrook X Blade Pro.!

  133. 134

    brad and tash devries said,

    I was blessed with triplet boys you see,
    Luckily they’ll eat practically anything,
    And with Kambrook I’ll be able to create everything except that with peas!

  134. 135

    Michelle said,

    “Mum! We want clean biscuits not dirty biscuits”

    New “home-baker” seeks Kambrook to hide the healthy stuff in “clean” biscuits for three cheeky girls!

  135. 136

    trudy eggen said,

    Fussy 5 year old have to hide veg in meal. this machine will make it impossible for him to see them and saving me time.

  136. 137

    Manda Rainbird said,

    Triplets four have gone on strike no more veggies any night….little do they know mummy hides where they don’t show!

  137. 138

    Kylie said,

    Master 2 won’t eat anything remotely green he will say I don’t like it it’s too much salad mum! Arghh this will be so handy!

  138. 139

    Sally B said,

    With summer coming I’d love to use some seasonal fruits and vegies to make slushies, smoothies and ice crushies for the kids to enjoy!

  139. 140

    Stephanie said,

    Need it to prep veggies,
    Be they orange, purple or green
    The test would be icecream
    Shhh – it’s frozen bananas disguised as a treat

  140. 141

    eamond tomaszewski said,

    my family needs a great serve of veggies this year and this is the best way to smuggle them in we could nearly hide anything with th
    is monster

  141. 142

    Lisa said,

    I believe that it would really help in my trying to lose weight, so I am here longer for my kids…

  142. 143

    fiona hoyne said,

    My sister had a heartattack last week. I’d give it to her as an aid in her new healthier lifestyle.

  143. 144

    frank patterson said,

    for years with meals I have wanted a processor and not a blender, the others have just been a really poor pretender

  144. 145

    jo O'Connor said,

    I need to hide veggies
    a health kick begins
    i would love to win this
    kambrook, please pick me

  145. 146

    lisa-kate pearce said,

    I would love to win one of these. I am yet to buy any cookware for my kitchen which my partner and I have. Its been a struggle for both of us, so were eating off staples and thats about it for the moment. When I was living with my parents, I used to use my mums all the time and loved being creative in the kitchen, its not that easy anymore. Winning this would be so benificial for us with what we could create in our kitchen.

  146. 147

    kathryn clayton said,

    to make home made spring rolls with pork mince and a pile of hidden vegetables my kids will never know are there with this powerful system

  147. 148

    Emma said,

    With my kitchen skills giving me the the nickname Bonfire Emma, I will stick to dips and smoothies for my five food loving little ones.

  148. 149

    Jo said,

    Children love surprises, and I would love to surprise my 3 little girls years down the track by telling them…….. they ALWAYS ate their veggies ! 🙂

  149. 150

    liligrant said,

    I come home from a long day at work most days, and everyday I have to cook all meals for myself and what I may as well call my two children. I have two children and they are actually older than myself, my fiancé who only knows how to cook bacon and only on the BBQ and noodles… And my mother who actually works in a kitchen and still has no idea.. I use many different devices to cook these meals for my children and still try to experiment at the same time. It’s hard to experiment when one of my kids is so picky with his food that I can write a series of novels about what he eats and doesn’t eat and why sometimes he eats it.. Cooking all these meals while trying to experiment for new meals with this picky child has caused many sad deaths and soon to be deaths of food processors and other devices.

  150. 151

    Melissa Watson said,

    My other one broke and I’ve been lost without it :(. I would make my daily green smoothie, blend soups and mash potato and cauliflower.

  151. 152

    CLAIRE said,

    a great way to make fruit sorbet for summer, yummo. means i can eat double as its good for you

  152. 153

    With meals to prepare, Im again in despair, with teenagers to feed, this food prep I need.

  153. 154

    Sue Stone said,

    Feel like the old woman who lives in the shoe,
    So many fussy grandkids, what to do?
    They HATE their vegies so it seems,
    Please help me make them eat their greens!!!

  154. 155

    Marisa said,

    Vegies and fruit disguised as a treat, would certainly made easier with this upbeat treat of a machine.

  155. 156

    tbaarda77 said,

    Three young children has resulted in having to do things one handed, except chopping which has resulted in everything being “chunky”. I’m facing a mutiny.

  156. 157

    tbaarda77 said,

    With 3 young children I can do most things one handed except chopping. This has resulted in most meals being “chunky”. I am facing mutiny

  157. 158

    Jacqui Chier said,

    My five year old son refuses to eat vegetables that are seen in the food I cook for him. He also makes himself vomit. The only way to make sure he is getting the requirements I must purée or hide vegetables in his food. This Kambrook product would be a life saver in my kitchen.

  158. 159

    Irene Reay said,

    Fabulous Kambrook product just what I need, to disguise vegies for the kids. A great all round product, so wanted

  159. 160

    Catherine said,

    I have a food processor that is 10 years old and on the way out. I would make my chicken vietnamese salad.

  160. 161

    tay1 said,

    This will definitely speed up the prep time to prepare something for my baby and hide all those delicious vege goodness in them.

  161. 162

    tay1 said,

    This would definitely speed up the prep time to prepare meals for my lil one. Especially with hiding all delicious veges goodness in them.

  162. 163

    Lenniedin said,

    Two kids wont eat anything “green”
    Throw a tantrum if “orange” is seen
    Kambrook soups, smoothies, healthy for all
    Greedily devoured by monsters 3ft tall!

  163. 164

    jennifer ferguson said,

    Well I’m not a busy mum, but i love to make food for all my busy friends and family, I have just become vegan on a Raw till 4 journey. I believe with this i could create fun and fast food so i can get more out of life. soups and smoothies are my thing!!!

  164. 165

    Cara T said,

    The way to man’s heart is through his stomach- hubby/dog agree but seeing fruit/veg gives them cardiac depression. Gotta hide fruit/veg to make them heart-smart

  165. 166

    natalie said,

    With my youngest having food alergies and aversions, a handy gadget wpuld make prepping 2 meals easier. 🙂 and i love gadgets 🙂

  166. 167

    Greta said,

    I would love one because I don’t have a food processor; I would cook vegetable slices, pasta sauces and hide veggies in everything I make!

  167. 169

    Beverley Veale said,

    I’m a Fully Grown Baby yearning to smuggle more vegies onto my plate. This system will add variety, texture & colour to my meals. I’m EXCITED!

  168. 170

    Jenny Swift said,

    My children three,
    Are unbelievably fussy!
    Refusing to eat a vegie,
    Especially if it’s green!
    With Kambrook it’d be easy…
    Ninja-ing pureed vegies into everything!

  169. 171

    Vicki Smith said,

    Its just what I need to prepare everything for my grandaughters birthday party, will save my arthritic hands from doing all the work

  170. 172

    karlene75 said,

    Why do I need one? Because a fussy child has made me lazy in the kitchen. He eats so few meals and I used to cook hubby and I something different, now we eat too many nuggets, pizza and calamari too. I need some inspiration to get me back into cooking healthy and delicious meals. (If you’d like me to say I have 5 fussy children for extra sympathy I can?)

  171. 173

    Heidi Weyling said,

    It’s hard making something nutritious,
    With twins who are very suspicious.
    So smuggle I must,
    Chopping vege without fuss,
    To make their food taste delicious!

  172. 174

    Jessica McDonald said,

    Totally need this please, as a single mum this is unaffordable but i could make everything easier for my fussy toddler

  173. 175

    Sally Triglone said,

    I need every kitchen appliance that will help me smuggle veggies into dinner for my little miss potatoes only girl!

  174. 176

    Amanda said,

    Grate and dice and chop and blitz, doing ALL of this by hand gives me the SH#%S! Pick me please…..!!

  175. 177

    Cate said,

    A little boy who whines for Pa’s soup for breakfast, lunch and tea. A profood prep system will be the answer-pumpkin soup for Charlie!

  176. 178

    S Pryor said,

    Whilst I can appreciate a Thermomix, I live to freak put food snobs by letting them know what I can make without a $2000 piece of kitchen equipment.
    With this little Kambrook beauty, I will have them passed out on the floor!

  177. 179

    rod said,

    In this day and age of fast food and take away its nice to eat real food and with KAMBROOK its done real easy

  178. 180

    Danielle english said,

    This would be the perfect kitchen appliance for me because I love to bake and love finding new recipes/ideas that are yummy and healthy for my little man to grow up and be strong and nutritious. With this he would be able to help make a tasty afternoon treat

  179. 181

    Tanya Gosling said,

    I would love to win this awesome prize as Im having to make some major changes to my families diet. This would benifit us so much in helping make those changes including smuggling in those extra veg 😉

  180. 182

    Lisa said,

    It would help make meal time fun, especially as I have fussy kids (1 disabled) and have to make them both different meals to ours!

  181. 183

    Jodi said,

    I would love this as a system is just what I need at my place. A full-time single mother just trying to hold it together and this would be so helpful in getting the kitchen at least running smoothly.

  182. 184

    Would loove a new one of these (mine is also beginning to make weird noises on and off) I’ve cooked with mine nearly every day since having my first child.. And now baby number two is ready for solids this would be perfect!! Most useful little gaget!

  183. 185

    jody buhagiar said,

    Kambrook has saved me time, money and headaches in the kitchen.
    I would like to continue this for my son who loves to cook. Teaching him the best way with Kambrook first, he might be the next best chef 😉

  184. 186

    Kasey Milne said,

    I dnt own a blender or mixer lol mum of 5 needs help! Would use to make all my desserts ❤

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