What I’m eating this week…

Well done everyone, you've made it through the darkest days....

Well done everyone, you’ve made it through the darkest days….

I heard the young kids on JJJ joking about winter solstice yesterday. Rather than calling it the shortest day, they pointed out that it is actually the LONGEST NIGHT. Which is great for “all those old people who need to party early so that they can get to bed in time to be up for the gardening and pruning the next day”. BRAVO YOUNG PEOPLE, you’ve obviously been looking through my diary.

Anyway, the chills are here so the emphasis is on the wintry good stuff that warms our toes.


We’ve had a night away to celebrate the solstice and we’re tired today. I’m going to make this risotto which is always popular and super easy to prepare. Recipe can be found in VS1 or there’s a version for the Thermomix in my TM e-book.

I'm actually going to crumble some crispy baked proscuitto over mine.

I’m actually going to crumble some crispy baked proscuitto over mine.


I’ve been experimenting with an Egg Foo Yung recipe. I’ll post the recipe in a couple of weeks but in the mean time you might want to try this Okonomiyake recipe, especially if you’re working all day – it’s a nice quickie.

Okonomiyaki recipe

Chinese cabbage & carrot hiding in here.


Vegetarian bolognaise, which I’m planning to serve over store-bought ravioli.

Vegie Smugglers vegetarian bolognaise

This is a simple one-pot pasta sauce that not only hides veg but IS all veg.


Slow cooker day, to fit in with our schedule of being out at activities all afternoon. This pea & ham soup is a current favourite.

slow cooker pea and ham soup

Ham hock & split peas. Easier than you think.


Brunch frittata – made more dinnerish with a side of salad and crusty bread (and a big fat wine for me, who is usually quite shattered by Thursday night).

Impressive and easy - my favourite combo.

Impressive and easy – my favourite combo.


Term 2 finishes this Friday, so it will be a relaxed night. I’ll treat my tired little kids with some fish fingers, which I’ll serve with cooked carrots & peas (both favourites) and my home-made chips.

REALLY yum, REALLY easy.

REALLY yum, REALLY easy.

Hope you all have a happy week.

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    katie said,

    Hope your week is happy too, Wendy! Only one more week of the school term up here, so we are looking forward to slower mornings and play dates in the lovely ‘winter’ sun (not that we’ve had much winter up here in Brissie!) next week 🙂 Can I come to your place for home made chips on Friday? :oP

  2. 3

    Barbara Good said,

    My kids pick the okonomyaki regularly and of course I’ve had to go out and buy the star (and heart) shaped egg rings so it looks just like the picture. The pea and ham is a favourite of mine and the risotto is on the list to try soon. Loving my new VS cook books, and have found my kitchen mojo again. Thank you!

    • 4

      wendyblume said,

      Very pleased to hear that I’m helping with mojo-reclaiming! Even I struggle with kitchen motivation fairly regularly. Usually a few store-bought disasters gets me back on track pretty quickly. Made something with the long-life gnocci recently and my entire family threw it away. I think they’ve become spoiled.

      If you like this pea & ham, then you’ll like my lamb & barley soup recipe that I’m shooting this week. It is by far my most favourite thing I’ve cooked this week.

      Have a great week Mrs Good!

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