I’m giving away an advance copy of my new cookbook!

Over the past few months you may have thought I’ve slacked off, what with my posts appearing less frequently. Don’t be fooled though, no! I’ve been busy, first putting together my Thermomix e-book (you can link to it here) and in my spare time I’ve whipped up another hardcopy, hold-it-in-your-hands cookbook.

The amount of work that goes into my books is quite overwhelming. Initially I planned on launching it for last Christmas, then it was the new school year, then it was Easter… you get the idea. But the delays were all me taking my time and ensuring that I was producing something AMAZING. So many cookbooks in the shops are a bit… well… dull, and I was keen to give you something gorgeous AND hugely helpful. Finally after months of design, edits, production (blah!) and more production (blah! blah!), these pretty as punch advance copies arrived on my doorstep.

I was so happy that possibly I squealed (very not me) and hand-clapped a little. If I don’t say so myself, I’ve done a bloody good job!

Ohh! It's called "Kitchen Collection"

Ohh! It’s called “Kitchen Collection”

There's a section on basics, then a chapter for snacks and lunchbox items...

There’s a section on basics, then a chapter for snacks and lunchbox items…

Then it's the serious business of DINNER, since that happens tediously often...

Then it’s the serious business of DINNER, since that happens tediously often…

I've converted a bunch of recipes so that there's oven, slow cooker or pressure cooker instructions...

I’ve converted a bunch of recipes so that there’s oven, slow cooker or pressure cooker instructions…

Next chapter is full of ways to feed friends and family....

Next chapter is full of ways to feed friends and family….

And I finish off with celebrations with recipes for all kinds of dietary needs.

And I finish off with celebrations with recipes for all kinds of dietary needs.

And there you have it – a nice little sneak peak of my new 160page, 125 recipe tome. I’ll have the bulk of the books in another month or so – at this stage I have just THREE COPIES and one of them could be yours.

To win, you must be a Vegie Smugglers subscriber (PS, I do check- last comp a few people missed out on prizes because they weren’t) and you must have a postal address in Australia.

I’d love for it to go to someone who will really enjoy it as much as me. So to enter, please comment below on which Vegie Smugglers recipes are currently a hit in your house, or tell me about your fussy kids and how my recipes have helped you. There’s no need to crawl or kiss my butt – just honest truths about the success you’ve had with my recipes. So often I feel that I work in a vacuum – it’ll be nice to get the warm and fuzzies and feel that the effort I put in is making a difference somewhere.

Entries close Friday May 16 at 8pm, AEST, which also happens to be Food Revolution Day. Nice timing!

And of course, you can buy my other books here.

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  1. 1

    natasha dambrosio said,

    We have just purchased the two cookbooks via our Centre fundraiser and looking forward to cooking loads of different things ….
    Very excited tbh
    Would love to get hold of number 3 too !!!

  2. 2

    Sarah said,

    I’ve just come across your cookbook and am DEFINITELY after some vegie smuggling recipes as miss almost three seems to be able to sniff out a vegie in every dish I cook!

  3. 3

    lynleigh Petersen said,

    Your chicken sausage rolls! We all love them, the fussy 2.5yo, myself and hubby (who keeps asking me to make more)

  4. 4

    Jennifer said,

    the banana pancakes are ALWAYS a hit (and have even made an appearance at dinner!!), the easy bake vege risotto with canellini beans is hands down the best recipe ever and has saved my sanity for last few years. I can’t wait for the new book.

  5. 5

    Catrin Johnson said,

    My 15-month loves your recipes, she has always turned her nose up at purees, and been a determined finger food self feeder so I found your awesome site when scouting the web for inspiration. Little Miss independent is a particular fan of your cheese puffs and veggie dots which go into her lunchbox most days and remnants of which can be found in her stroller and car seat as she will not let go until she’s well and truly finished, hiding any leftovers for a sneaky snack later on!

    I’d love a copy of your book as she could look at all the lovely pictures with me & help choose her next meals – then cook alongside me with her toy oven and wooden ingredients πŸ™‚

  6. 6

    Kathy McMahon said,

    I haven’t got any of your books yet, but my dd12 keeps telling me she wants to eat healthier, but is extremely fussy. I’d love to have this book for really healthy ideas, yet without the stigma.

  7. 7

    Nescia Mangan said,

    Slow Cooker Chicken Noodle Soup goes down great in my house and everyone goes back for more.

  8. 8

    Kelly Burch said,

    You once wrote about Magic Morning Powder. That totally transformed my sweet girl’s outlook on porridge. Thank you! x

  9. 9

    Kirsty Bell said,

    I love the fact that i can cook Healthy quick food and hide vegies from my kids and that it is freezer friendly and easy to make. Thanks

  10. 10

    Caroline said,

    Well so far your magic pasta sauce is a HUGE hit as is nachos, sausage hotpot, apricot chicken, savoury mince and so much more. Your recipes are fantastic

  11. 11

    Rachelle Johnston said,

    I love the cashew nut spread and 6 vege pizza sauce. My 4.5 and 3 year olds refuse to eat anything I cook, everynight they go without dinner, but they will eat pizza and ‘peanut butter,. It puts my mind at ease to know that the spread is a healthy alternative to bought peanut paste and their pizzas have vegetables.

  12. 12

    Angela Letchford said,

    The Banana Cookies are a big hit in our house – and a firm favourite for my kindy kids lunch box!

  13. 13

    Meredith said,

    My fusspot enjoyed the cheesepuffs in her lunchbox last week – a great way to get the vegies in and the protein from the cheese. Simply – your recipes go down really well with the whole family – everytime.

  14. 14

    katie poli said,

    i’m not needing to enter the comp (i don’t think!), but i just wanted to ‘squeeeee’ with you and say a huge congrats!!!

    oh, and the recipes we are currently loving are your pork wontons (mmmmm… dumplings), sausage rolls, lamb and bean rissoles, your awesome roast chook that is in this next book, choc zucchini muffins… and those new orange seed muffins – they were awesome! i did them with rice milk (to be dairy free) and rice malt syrup instead of the sugar. i was channeling my inner crazy weird healthy mum but they still rocked :oD

  15. 17

    Emma said,

    We are all obsessed with your cheese puffs! Can’t wait to see all the yummy stuff in your new book. .I have a feeling the kids are going to have a few requests once they see it

  16. 19

    Tania said,

    I have your first two cook books. We loved your chicken sausage rolls and apricot balls and have tried a number of other recipes, but to be honest, my picky eater is reluctant to extend himself past his known foods. I long for the day, which I know will come, where I can cook lots of your recipes and look forward to your next book becoming available to order.

  17. 21

    Kerry Hill said,

    the cheesy puffs are really yummy, can always add different things to change them a little bit. would love to have the new book.

  18. 22

    Joanna said,

    I have a VERY fussy 19 month old with a penchant (and a good aim!) for throwing food as far across the room as possible! However, your pork, apple and fennel sausage rolls have been a HUGE hit in our house! Not only does he not throw them at me, but he actually requests them and asks for more…honestly unheard of in this house! Can’t wait to try more! πŸ™‚

  19. 23

    Alison said,

    Love love love vegie dots, lamb and feta meatballs, risotto, and chicken sausage rolls. Lifesaver!! Great for lunch and dinner.

  20. 24

    Leah said,

    I love that your recipes cover all the bases – meals, snacks, sweets and more so I can veggie smuggle all day! I get put off recipes that look too fiddly or time consuming, but the majority of yours are simple, using ingredients that I have already, or am familiar with, so it’s not too difficult for me to look up a recipe and get cooking straight away.
    My family love the eggplant lasagne, sausage rolls, and we are currently trying the zucchini and rice slice. I like it, master 3 likes it, but little miss 4.5 is a bit hesitant.
    I would love your new cook book πŸ˜‰

  21. 25

    Jacinta said,

    Hi Wendy the favs in my house are your sausage rolls and the slow cooker chicken satay or peanut butter chicken as Miss 3 calls it. Your recipes have inspired me to try new things so thank you πŸ™‚ Good luck with the new cookbook.

  22. 26

    Sally said,

    Definitely the chicken sausage rolls…
    and the beef triangles. A big hit with master 4, master 6 and Mr forty something! As a result of these recipes, I have now discovered that I can wrap almost anything in pastry with some sneaky grated veggies and they will eat it without questions and always ask for more. Thank you, thank you, thank you πŸ™‚

  23. 27

    Sarah O said,

    Your individual meatloaves are a real hit – they’re also known as ‘volcano cakes’ in our house. A put a little extra tomato chutney on the top of each one and the ‘lava’ flows out the top! The kids love the taste and novelty and have no idea how many vegetables are inside their ‘volcanos’!

  24. 30

    Felicity said,

    I am having dramas with a very picky/fussy 3 yr old boy – any help to get goodness into him is appreciated – if he eats anymore cocktail frankfurts he’ll end up lookin like one. This book looks amazing it’d be in use every day here

  25. 31

    womblywoo said,

    We love the Chicken and Tarragon one pot, I’d never used Tarragon before but love the flavour it gives the chicken.
    My toddler loved the vegie mash too πŸ™‚
    I love how pretty your books are πŸ™‚

    Oh and Lynleigh reminded me mmmm chicken sausage rolls!! yummy

  26. 32

    katielendrum said,

    I would love your new book Wendy!! I use the first two all the time and just last weekend was raving to someone about them. She has two young fussy eaters (3 and 5) and although she cooks them their own meal, they still don’t eat it. My son is 7 and she asked me at what age can you do a single meal. These parents eat some spicy food and think the kids wont eat that. I told her that with the help of your books I have been cooking one family meal for years now. It is great that the recipes are for yummy healthy food that we all enjoy and I love the options to spice it up for the grown ups. I also like that we are not simply hiding the vegies but actually encouraging our kids to like them and not be turned off by the fact that they can see vegetables on the plate. I am a huge fan πŸ™‚

  27. 33

    Steph said,

    I’m new to vege smuggling (but not new to vege refusal!!!) so I’d love one of your cookbooks!

  28. 34

    Vivian Paget said,

    I have both of your books. My boys aged 4 and 2 are fussy, especially when it has come to veggies. The recipes in your books have made it easier for me to plan our family weekly meals plus they are not boring. The kids favourites are lamb & feta meatballs with pasta salad, chicken sausage rolls, mini frittatas and the oaty banana pancakes (this is a family favourite on a Sunday morning). Looking forward to seeing your new book. Keep up the great work. Vivian

  29. 35

    Nicole Eyles said,

    The betroot brownies are a hit in my house! They are so moist and tasty. The apricot chicken has been a big help encouraging my daughter to eat meat (I need to smuggle meat not veggies :-))

  30. 36

    Veronica said,

    I’ve been having my kids take turns picking one recipe each week from your earlier books. It’s encouraging them to try new things (because they’re the one’s that have picked it) and they’re actually loving it. For my son’s birthday party we had a big pile of traffic light swirls (at his request) that were totally polished off without a word from any of the kids. It’s fantastic. I’ve also been inspired by the lunch box ebook to spice up the kids lunch each week. We’ve got a particularly fussy school and it’s helped me be a little more creative with what I send for lunch each day. I’d love to get hold of #3 so we can all explore some more!

  31. 37

    Amanda said,

    I have all the books you have released and there is too many favs to name them all!! I love that my kids dont just like the taste but they visually are nice meals.. so its easy to get them to eat the food. Congrats!!

  32. 38

    Carla said,

    Oh I would love love to win this. There’s no particular recipe that I prefer of yours, but we do use a lot of the savoury snack ideas. My youngest is such a fussy eater and really only wants to eat sweet foods. So many homemade snacks which are healthy contain lots of dates. Which of course are healthy but they are full of sugar too. And I’m trying to avoid that with her. I also love lots of your spreads for sandwiches x

  33. 39

    lara martin said,

    I love the home made tinned spaghetti recipe, my kids adored the bought version but I wasnt too keen on all the added salt & sugar & very little nutrients- your version I’m happy to say they adore just as much & yet its soo much better for them & In turn I feel content knowing they are getting a good serve of vegies in the secret sauce!

  34. 40

    Candice said,

    We love your muesli bar slice & cheese puffs. Great for the kids lunchbox and taking on picnics πŸ™‚

  35. 41

    Carrie Cox said,

    Wendy, there have been loads of hits and a just a few misses from your books (my son is a ‘vegetable detective’ – that’s a thing), but the one I always go back to and pass on to other frustrated mums is the cheesy-pot pies. Absolute winner. Cheese hides EVERYTHING! Keep up the great work.

  36. 42

    Emma said,

    I am currently struggling with my 2 and a half year old and only just subscribed today but the latest idea that does work at home is beating eggs, small amount of milk, finely grating carrot and zucchini, shredding up ham and some grated cheese mix all together and spoon into bread slices pushed into a greased muffin tin and cook on 180 degrees until set. I call them cheesy ham eggs. Interested in learning more on the book and how to purchase please πŸ™‚

  37. 43

    Bec G said,

    I haven’t gotten any of your cook books yet (it’s on my to do list!) but looking at the comments below I’m definitely excited to try a few!

  38. 44

    margaret cutajar said,

    I recently came across your website and fantastic recipes – yummy and easy to make for a time poor mum who is no whiz in the kitchen but can manage throwing everything into a slow cooker!Loved the satay chicken, reminded me of my Asian travels.

  39. 45

    Leesa Marshall said,

    My 2.3 dd is starting to become very difficult at dinner time so we are just starting this journey & your book would be very very helpful.

  40. 46

    Corli-Anne Rzasa said,

    With this colder weather the Pumpkin, corn and lentil soup is a hit! Especially when I serve pumpkin any other way and I get “I don’t like pumpkin!” (from both kids) and your Asian chicken meatballs, with “worms” are always a crowd pleaser and in an effort to include more fish into our diets we regularly have Tuna quesadillas. Thank you for your inspiration!!

  41. 47

    Kate Temple-Smith said,

    Have found your recipes a life saver as my little girl will only eat frozen vegies or tomatoes, its now too cold in our house for frozen so your veggie smuggling tips have stopped me stressing big time, many thanks!

  42. 48

    mary said,

    I don’t expect to win I want the book to allow my grand babies best chance in life with there health please tell me where to purchase and how much keep up the good work you bless so many people Mary 😊

  43. 50

    Your recipes have been a god sent with my two special needs kiddies. And as with others above the chicken sausage rolls are fantastic. The bliss balls are also a hit for the lunchbox or afternoon tea. I would love a hard copy of your new book. Would be invaluable. Congratulations on your amazing work. πŸ™‚

  44. 51

    megan said,

    regulars on our menu are the chicken/lentil sausage rolls, sausage and tomato hotpot (even my not-very-regularly-cooking husband can make it without the recipe now!) and zucchini/bran muffins. I use your lunchbox planner a lot too, although unfortunately my preppie needs lots of repetition with food before she will eat it so I haven’t been able to try out all of the ideas yet. Looking forward to trying your new recipes.

  45. 52

    Bernice Miller said,

    I have both the Vegie Smuggler books and the recipes are fantastic for my 2yr old! He absolutely loves the individual meatloaves and the lentil burgers! My husband loves the best banana bread!!! The books have made dinner time so much easier for me.

  46. 53

    Natalie said,

    We are new to vegie smugglers! Hubby and I enjoyed the sausage rolls tonight, and the cheese puffs last week. Our 2.5 year old however still refuses to eat at dinner time. Oh well, it’s my job to provide him with food, so I love having some new nutritious options to try out, but it’s really up to him whether he eats or not. Hopefully he’ll get to enjoy some of your recipes soon too!

  47. 54

    Nicole Zois said,

    I don’t have any of your books but I do attempt to hide veggies in almost every meal. Having your book would give me so much inspiration for my 3 fussy kids.

  48. 55

    Christine said,

    Hi Wendy, I have both your books most of your ebooks! Our favourite are the chicken sausage rolls and cheese puffs. I always need inspiration for family meals.

  49. 56

    Your lunch box slice was a big hit with my kiddies, me and even my mother, Nanny was sneaking it out of the container when we were not looking & was very impressed. Getting my older 4 year old to eat dinner has become very hard but he just loves your Vegie dots,chicken and pork sausage rolls. Your Vegie quesadillas have become a weekly must have by hubby’s request and I am looking forward to baking your berry and oat muffins this week with Mr 4 year old. This book would be very used and appreciated by all our family. Thank you so much for all the yummy recipes you put up & for making them easy to understand and follow for us parents who are wanting to make healthy yummy meals for our families.

  50. 57

    Carmen said,

    Your chicken and vegetable sausage rolls are a big hit here! My 3 year old and 18 month old love them, plus I use them to pay my sister in law for babysitting.

  51. 58

    Lauren Harriss said,

    Lulu’s tuna bake is the biggest hit in our household and has been since I purchased your first book. My fussy middle Mr loves pasta but cant have tomato as it reacts badly with him. I always struggled with trying to find things he would eat. I made this and he eats two bowl fulls every time. I now make it for friends kids and I have given copies of your book to other struggling friends with fussy eaters. THANK YOU

  52. 59

    Melissa Cupidon said,

    The bean & vegie quesadillas.. not just with the kids but my carnivorous husband as well. I’ve commented on your Facebook page before so I won’t go on, but your recipe books are always the first I go to for my weekly menu, I love them…thank you for all your hard work!

  53. 60

    Cassy said,

    Your chicken sausage rolls, I dislike most of the ingredients on their own but in the sausage rolls they are edible πŸ™‚ thank you for helping me increase my vegetable intake, these books may be designed to help children eat vegetables but there are also adults who struggle with eating them, thank you for your help getting me to eat vegetables

  54. 61

    beckoes said,

    Been a long time fan and maker of your recipes. At the moment I have exactly 11 meals on the kids rotation. Everything else fails! 😦 Luckily there are a few VS meals in that rotation so it doesn’t get too boring, San choy bow is this months hit! πŸ™‚ and I always manage to find an excuse to make your ‘worlds easiest never fail quite possibly the best cup cakes ever’! πŸ™‚

  55. 62

    Kate said,

    For my little family the staples at the moment are the homemade chicken soup (my 2 year old and I had it for lunch today) and the banana bread. I adapted this recipe for his birthday cake last week a couple of weeks ago. Thanks for all your effort and for giving mums like me inspiration that are affordable.

  56. 63

    Samantha Johnson said,

    My twins loved the oats and banana pankcakes you posted a fair while back.. Would love to get my hands on more receipes.. Just found out my four and a half yr old twins are not getting enough iron.. waiting to see the dietician to get more ideas to incorporate meat and vegis in their diet.. my daughter doesnt seem to want to eat any meat or veggis.. mu son will eat mince i hide heaps of veggies in his spag bog which he loves but my daughter cant get anything past her.. vhicken nuggets and chips thats all she wants arrgghh

    • 64

      wendyblume said,

      pate on toast Samantha! I know cooking with chicken livers is new territory for most of us, but it is an awesome iron hit. My fav recipe for an easy pate is in the 10 /10 e-book, and also in this new hardcopy book.

  57. 65

    Melanie Spain said,

    The chicken pilaf was a great success in our house. My 2 year old particularly loved it because of the sultanas. Such an easy dish!

  58. 66

    Clare Fletcher said,

    My little family cannot get enough of the salmon pies (yummo) and also the vegie dots.
    My two toddlers love to dip, dip, dip so the vegie dots are a sneaky way of me making them gobble vegies while they think they are getting a treat πŸ™‚

  59. 67

    Meaghan said,

    I am new to Vegie Smugglers but already I am a massive fan! The chicken sausage rolls are a massive hit with my fussy 2 year old son who will often pick out the grated vegies I try and hide in his food so to watch him devour sausage rolls like they are going out of fashion is a joy to my heart! Thank you so much, looking forward to ordering the books soon when I have saved my pennies, I would love to win the latest book to try out with him πŸ™‚ He loves helping me to cook, so I think it would be the perfect way to both teach him life skills and get vegies into him, whilst also spending quality time together.

  60. 68

    Lisa said,

    We love your pizza dough recipe with the mashed potato in it. Neither of my two boys will eat potato in any form other than chippies of course, but they sure do love it hidden in their pizza! My 5yo even saw me making it and asked what I was doing, when I replied that I was putting mashed potato into his pizza, all I got was ‘no way Mummy, I don’t even like potato!’
    I know dear, I know… πŸ˜‰

    Would love your new book for more ‘think outside the box’ ideas for veggie smuggling.

  61. 69

    Cathy Leha said,

    With 4 young girls – I need all the help I can get to include Veggies in their diet!! Our favourite is the Chicken & Brown Rice Salad – YUM!!! I’m so proud to be called a Veggie Smuggler!!! Congrats!!

  62. 70

    Sylvie Short said,

    Hi with four children we often use your books and i have given my copies to some of my friends to look through too. I often do the sausages rolls and scrolls and the beetroot chocolate cake.

  63. 71

    Rebecca Rouse said,

    Thank you for helping me by simply sharing good, healthy, and easy kid friendly recipes. Dinner sure does come around tediously often and I find it a chore : ( but I am slowly expanding from a few staple meals and a packet of ‘pillow pasta’ here and there (it’s about time with 3 kids but we’ve had a very up and down 5 years…) Your book would be very appreciated in my beginner kitchen : )

  64. 72

    cmoodie13 said,

    So far I have only been able to use healthier versions of my eldest’s favourite not so healthy meals (like spaghetti or muffins) anything else he just looks at and won’t eat it but he is slowly starting to try new things and with the healthy extras in he doesn’t even notice mummy’s been sneakily looking out for him.

  65. 73

    Hayley Page said,

    My husband is as fussy as my kids! But they had no idea the cabonara had zucchini hidden in it, it is now a regular on the dinner table.

  66. 74

    Claire B said,

    Woohoo! I had been wondering how VS3 had been going.

    I have said it before that you opened up the world of sausage rolls for me, the fennel ones are still, and I believe always will be, a favourite here and branching out from them I have found the magic trick of putting almost anything in pastry and it becomes a hit in the littlies eyes. Your flat pack sushi comes in a close second and has given my miss5 the ambition to become a sushi maker when older.

    I love your books, I regularly get the kids to flick through and pick a meal to put in the weekly menu and I am sure this one will be no different.

  67. 75

    Julie Ransome said,

    A favourite recipe in our house with my two boys (aged two and three) is the pork, fennel and apple sausage rolls. I love that they don’t realise how many great veggies are smuggled in them. They are a big hit at my workplace too!

  68. 76

    Michelle K said,

    Fussy miss 7 loves your chicken sausage rolls. She hates green food, so I love that I can hide them in these and she can’t spot the green bits. She did love the beetroot meatloaf too, but I used cubes and hubby wasn’t impressed lol. I’ll make it with fresh beetroot next time and see if he approves.

  69. 77

    Lisa Cook said,

    We LOVE your veggie dots, but also sub in turkey mince. I am constantly refering to your books, and am keen on getting the Thermomix ebook too (soon though, need to unpack from holidays still!).

  70. 78

    Megan said,

    I discovered your cookbook at our local library as I was looking for inspiration to feed my two slightly underweight kids. I wouldn’t say they were fussy as luckily they will eat most things they just get board quickly. I’m absolutely delighted to say they have been eating everything I’ve made them so far! I don’t want to return the book so planning to buy your pack tomorrow and start making healthier lunches for them too! I’m actually so excited about it my husband thinks I’ve lost the plot! Ha ha Our favourite meal so far is the Orange Ravioli πŸ™‚

  71. 79

    My son has an oral defensiveness so literally gags on most vegies. It has always been so hard to get him to eat them, so to find ways of sneaking the good stuff in is always exciting!! πŸ™‚
    The sweet little carrot and ginger cakes are a favourite here. Along with many other recipes, thank you!! πŸ™‚

  72. 80

    Amy said,

    Hi Wendy

    I’m very excited to hear about your new cookbook! Your cookbooks have given me so much more confidence in the kitchen and made me feel better about what I am feeding my family. I have three little boys and trying to find recipes that everybody likes can be quite a challenge.
    These are our family favourites:
    1. Annabel’s chicken curry
    2. Chicken, fennel & tomato pasta
    3. Magic vegetable pasta sauce
    4. Beef triangles
    5. Chicken sausage rolls
    6. Cheese and ham muffins
    7. Chicken pilaf
    8. Beef cannelloni
    9. Stir fried pork with rice noodles
    10. Farmer’s casserole

    Congrats on the new book and thanks so much for all your help πŸ™‚

  73. 81

    Penny said,

    I have both books & your lunchbox planner as my first is now at school. I love having inspiration at my fingertips when I’m planning the weeks meals and I can choose easy or a little more involved. Had success last week with picky master 2 and your rice, bean & carrot balls. Hilarious to watch him stuff them in (and I had a few for lunch too!)

  74. 82

    Sandra james said,

    I have a fussy 5 year old who doesn’t like his veggies touching his meat, sauce, rice and anything else on his plate. The only way I can get away with it is smuggling and hiding those veggies. Thanks for your great ideas.

  75. 83

    Tarra Szczurko said,

    I have just purchased the first 2 of your books! I’m very excited! I’ve made a 2 week meal plan and started getting boxes of fruit and vegies delivered. Im a mum of 2 and I’m taking control of the kitchen. Before kids we ate a lot of take out. So far your recipies are a hit. I’ve never been this excited about vegies! Mother of the year here I come. Hahaha. Tonight I made the meatloaf and tomorrow I am making salmon pies. I would love book 3. Btw congratulations!

  76. 84

    Lauren Turnbull said,

    I discovered your site through Facebook and it has helped me endlessly! I’m a first time mum to a very fussy 18month old, and feeding him has been the most stressful thing about parenthood-who’d have thought!!!
    I’d love the book as instead of googling recipes I could have them all in one place. There’s nothing like a well used family recipe book that you and the kids can flick throuh and pick out your next project for the kitchen! It’s much nicer than googling recipes and saving screen shots of them in my iPad πŸ˜‰
    I look forward to using such a book to create family favourites and learn more about cooking healthy meals with lots of veggies!! I’m also vegetarian with no idea how to cook meat so I’d use it to learn how to cook some beautiful dishes with meat involved for my little but growing family πŸ™‚

  77. 85

    Mimi said,

    My kids loved the zucchini pancakes with besan flour – just delish! You’ve written so many great recipes but the one we keep coing back to is a sausage hot pot. Everyone loves it! Thanks πŸ™‚

  78. 86

    Mel Martin said,

    I would love to win one of your books. I have a very fussy 3 year old and have heard from friends how great your recipies are. Would love to try them and see if we can win over the fussy tot πŸ™‚

  79. 87

    Cathy Lloyd said,

    Cheese puffs were my first ever ‘fritter’ hit and today we’ve just made the apricot muesli bars which were also a success. I’m very confident about the rest of your meal planner recipes and look forward to seeing the new book. Thanks.

  80. 88

    Porscha Heffernan said,

    Slow cooker lamb chop casserole is my saviour this cold weather. Especially on the days when you have after school activities which make you get home when normally you would be eating dinner, I am able to walk in the door serve dinner an everyone especially mummy is happy. I would love a slow cooker veggie smuggler book.

  81. 89

    Karen Booth said,

    I’m a fairly new (and a little excited) veggie smuggler. I recently smuggled some zucchini as per your Cheese Puffs recipe. Result? Zucchini eaten – and enjoyed! They’ve not made it to the lunchbox yet, but I’m grateful for each success. Thanks for sharing the recipe and all the others that you share that I’m still to try. Im keen to see the slow cooker recipes too. I’m a Facebook subscriber so I hope that counts. Looking forward to trying some more smuggled goodness. Good luck with your new cookbook.

  82. 90

    Kate Fitzpatrick said,

    To choose one meal that we like the best is just too hard. I think my Veggie Smuggler’s cookbook is one of the most used from the cupboard at the moment. My favourites though have to include Ravioli with Orange Sauce (sometimes we use gnocchi with it too and that works well!), pork stir fry, mild
    Chicken curry, easy pilaf, satay chicken (my husband’s favourite) and then there’s the nachos.. And all the different sausage roll flavours… The list goes on! Thank you for filling our tummies with delicious and healthy meals!

  83. 91

    Meagan M said,

    We love your cheesy puffs! Even hubby who ‘hate’ zucchini loved them! I’m doing lots of your recipes for my boy’s birthday party at the end of the month and I’m so excited about being able to turn around at the end of it and saying “Guess what? All that food is good for you!!” πŸ™‚

  84. 92

    Caroline said,

    I only just found you a few weeks ago & wowsers!!! the 2 recipes I tried with my vegetable dodging toddler worked a treat I even got a mmmmmm more when I served up the salmon & zucchini balls πŸ˜„

  85. 93

    Mary Frost said,

    I would love your cookbook and learning different ways to make veggies!! Looking forward to reading your ideas and recipes!!

  86. 94

    Jodie said,

    Make a difference!! Make a difference. ..my life has changed since purchasing all of your books!! Dinner is sooo much more pleasant than previously, it was akin to war!!
    We are currently loving Pink Meatloaf and fruit jelly and adore Vegie Kofta in Korma Sauce, seriously yum!
    Thank you for sharing your amazing knowledge, it is quite truly a blessing xx

  87. 95

    Donna said,

    I’ve not tried any of your recipes, yet! By the looks of the preview if I don’t win this cookbook I will most definitely be buying a copy!

  88. 96

    Lisa Williams said,

    I made your vegie packed macaroni cheese last night. Hubby had 3 helpings, Mr 21 months stole some off my lunch plate today as he loved it so much last night and saw what I was having. Looking forward to digging out the satay chicken recipe for the slow cooker which was last winter’s family favourite!

  89. 97

    happiechappie said,

    My little boy likes his carbs, so I thought I would try your pasta sauce…. And he ate it! Hooray! πŸ™‚ I love your shepherds pie recipe as well, it is sooo yummy! I also really like the quick pasta bake πŸ™‚ Thank you so much for your wonderful recipes πŸ™‚

  90. 98

    mellissa mcmullan said,

    I would love a copy of any one of your books. I have 3 beautiful boys but unfortunately they are not obliging when it comes to meal time. We are great with cereals, dairy & awesome with fruit but are lacking on meat and veg. The best I can get is carrot, zucchini, Chia & wholemeal pancakes. Would love to be bragging about your recipes but sadly have not tried any of them. Please consider me for a book so I can get stuck in!

  91. 99

    Tania said,

    I’m a mum & a chef & I’ve recently started a new business trying to get into schools & kindergardens trying to teach kids and parents that healthyfood is fun,tasty & easy to prepare. I love your recipes and am always telling people about you site & your great recipes. Would love to get a hold of a book to show them !!!

  92. 100

    Carli Beaver said,

    My boys your vegetable slice -the best way to smuggle mushrooms …. it is actually the only way I can get them to eat mushrooms! As a bonus my husband and I love it too. It’s soooo easy, full of veggies and great served hot (in winter) or cold (in summer or as left overs). Thanks for all your amazing recipies.

  93. 101

    Michell said,

    Hi Wendy the new book looks like it is awesome, thankyou. Our family has many favourites from you books and so far we haven’t had a miss yet. The biggest surprise was the was my youngest and fussiest boy child hoovered your cabonara recipe. I love how easy and tasty the recipies are and If i dont have a certain vege on hand I know I can supplement it and it still tastes great.

    Love your work. πŸ™‚


  94. 102

    Alyra Shaw said,

    I haven’t tried any veggie smugglers recipes yet, though I think I will really need to with my 18 month old becoming more and more fussy πŸ™‚

  95. 103

    Jocelyn said,

    Hello, I have two very fussy eaters and I work full time, which makes it a challenge to meal plan and spend my time effectively making something that will actually get eaten! I would love to get my hands on your book, so all the hard work is taken out of meal planning and cooking, and I get the satisfaction of watching my girls eat the food I make πŸ™‚ Thank you

  96. 104

    Kassy said,

    I am always looking for new recipes for my very fussy grandson! Can’t wait to try out your recipes !

  97. 105

    Caroline said,

    Slow cooker chicken noodle soup & triple hitter muffins – so delicious & both my kids love them. Want to try the lentil balls next – they look yum!

  98. 106

    Laura Christensen said,

    Your magic pasta sauce has been a big hit with my hubby who won’t touch veggies or anything other meat and potato and also my fussy 2yr old who struggles to eat anything healthy these days! Even refuses icecream and chocolate! So thanx a million for ur awesome ideas

  99. 107

    Anna said,

    Wendy, I’d like to thank you especially for your ‘smiley face’. It is now a weekly menu item since my extremely particular 4yo will now eat mash & sausages bc of it. We also tried your fennel sausage rolls for my 3yo birthday party on the weekend. They were a huge hit (not with Miss 4yo unfortunately). Whether I win or not, thanks for keeping the inspiration & motivation to keep trying. It really does help. Anna

  100. 108

    Anne At Home said,

    Oh my gosh, this is weird timing: both my kids have been sick for the last 2 weeks so my meal planning has gone out the window, along with my grocery shopping. What to do for dinner tonight? Despair was setting in…but wait, I have a can of salmon, tin of corn, frozen spinach, some eggs. Of course *smacks hand on forehead*-Vegie Smuggler’s Salmon Pikelets! Eldest daughter has rated it 5 stars in the past with the comment ” I love them” written on the recipe. Totally saved the day. Dinner was scoffed and I have plenty left for lunch boxes tomorrow. True story. Thank you. If I don’t win, I’m buying it anyway

  101. 109

    happiechappie said,

    My little boy loves his carbs so I recently tried your pasta sauce… And he ate some! I love your shepherds pie… It is so yummy πŸ™‚ I really like the quick pasta bake as well πŸ™‚ thank you for your recipes πŸ™‚

  102. 110

    Adele said,

    My two are not that fussy but it’s nice to find recipes they both enjoy (3 & 10mths) and I know are healthy. Currently enjoying the sweet potato, rice and lentil balls and have a batch ready to be frozen. Big thumbs up!

  103. 111

    Meg said,

    My first bub is 11mths old and your Facebook page has helped me heaps with the transition to solids! Especially ways to included as many veggies as possible. The Cheese Puffs are her favourite at the moment but looking forward to trying many more recipes. Thank you so much.

  104. 112

    Claire Hope said,

    Love your books and your ebook! Sausage rolls are a big hit, especially after Saturday sports!

  105. 113

    Mandy said,

    Hi, I received my veggie smugglers copies 2 weeks ago and I can not believe the food my girls now eat. They were both so fussy and refused to eat anything other than nuggets and pancakes! Now they love the fruity pikelets, smoked chicken triangles, pink meatloaf,apricot ball and the apple sultana muffins. My 4 yr old fights over breakfast so she now has the breakfast biscuits and a glass of milk. My 2 yr old used to cry when she saw her dinner, but now she asks for more. Thank you for giving me great recipes other than pasta.

  106. 114

    Cate said,

    Hi Wendy, my 3yo, 5yo, hubby and me love your six-vege pasta sauce on our pizzas every Saturday night (aka Pizza Movie Night in our household!). Tried another dinner option recently and my 3yo burst into tears because we hadn’t made your pizza and sauce combo. Your recipes are always met with enthusiasm from the kids, thank you πŸ™‚

  107. 115

    Tracey Kellock said,

    I am a mum of 2 and also a qualified chef. Your thinking “why would a chef need my book?” Well i purchased your first book around 12 months ago to give me some ideas and inspiration for expanding the diet of my son (9) who has Austim, Im sure you are aware that children on the spectrum can have very restricted diet due to sensory processing disorder. i am pleased to say that your book had become my home bible cookbook as my children will eat almost everthing i have cooked from your book. Thank you so much for sharing your ideas and recipes with us all. No more tears and frustration at meals times (From Me!)

  108. 116

    Carolyn Bourke said,

    Hi Wendy, I would love love love an advanced copy of your new book!
    I purchased your first 2 books last year, after my fussy 4 year old decided the only things she would eat for dinner were frozen chicken fingers, pasta with grated cheese, and cherry tomatoes! I am rapidly working through your books, making sure we try at least one new recipe every week. And I now have a constant store of frozen portions of her favourites ready to throw in the microwave or oven (as a working mum, its so nice to come home from work and know a healthy meal awaits in the freezer!). My 4 year old’s top picks (and mine!) are- individual meat loaves (she wouldn’t eat red meat before these little babies came into our life- I add some chopped red capsicum as well as the other veg- yum!!) + Veggie Mash (My version got the gagging and dry-retching response- yours was shovelled in like she hadn’t eaten in a week! Now I add everything I think I can get away with), magic pasta sauce (I sometimes throw in some mince for a yummy Spaghetti Bol), 6 veggie pizza sauce (I will never buy takeaway pizza or shop bought pizza sauce ever again), lamb sausage rolls (I have to make extras for her grandad who is addicted to them too!), chicken sausage rolls, best ever vegetable lasagne (my favourite work lunch!), plus we cook up the orange sauce with ravioli at least once a fortnight (my favourite throw together meal- I can’t believe how super quick and tasty it is!). Some recipes she loves more than others, but I haven’t had a “fail” yet. And my confidence cooking food that will be eaten up and enjoyed has renewed my passion for preparing home-cooked meals. Thank you so much!! You are my culinary hero!
    Ps- Even if I don’t win a copy- I’ll be first in line to buy the new book the minute it hits your web shop. Congrats!!

  109. 117

    Jodie Louw said,

    With two kids under two, both who refuse to eat any vegetables, I was constantly feeling very stressed about it, but also very overwhelmed and unsure of how to change it. Following your recipes and ideas has completely changed our household and has given me back my confidence about feeding my kids good, wholesome food. Would love this book, it would provide us with more options and more ideas. Thanks again!

  110. 118

    Tash said,

    Just one? My veggie smugglers books are worse for wear, pages a bit stuck together, half a back cover gone, and food marks covering a few measurements :/ BUT that means they are well used!
    My favorite would have to be the veggie bolonaise sauce, I make huge batches up, and they are my go to on those nights where we need something quick!

  111. 119

    jenna watkins said,

    I love looking at your blog to find ideas and am saving up to get your books because you make it easy to get my little girl to eat her veg πŸ™‚

  112. 120

    Chel said,

    Wendy, to be honest I am probably not eligible to enter this competition as I haven’t tried your recipes as I first subscribed to your newsletters a while back when my grandchildren were introduced to vegetables and weren’t all that keen so I thought I would let my daughter know when a recipe came up which I knew the girls would love. I just love reading what you get up to as it is so entertaining and I also get some ideas for recipes to cook for the ‘ oldies’ in the house. I would love to win this cookbook for my daughter.

  113. 121

    Megan Ling said,

    Mr 4 and Mr 39 both LOVE all the new dinners and snacks I am making, thankyou for changing our kitchen!!

  114. 122

    Veronica Whish-Wilson said,

    Love your recipes. Great work πŸ™‚ Thanx to you, my 2 little Munchkins enjoy good healthy food. One of their favourites and mine, are the Bliss Balls, great little snacks for Day Care. πŸ™‚ Would love to get my hands on your new book πŸ™‚

  115. 123

    Irene Dawson said,

    I think any person or any shop or cafe that can make and sell and prepare healthily food for kids and adults whether it be snacks or main meals deserves great sales on there books and food products

  116. 124

    Lulu said,

    While my kids fave recipe is the chicken sausage rolls,I am a vegetarian so to be blessed with children that used to only eat pasta and cheese was a shock. Your recipes have encouraged me to keep trying (without reverting to guilt!)

  117. 125

    Justine said,

    Ive got 2 very fussy kidlets and am becoming a master at hiding vegies, some new,ideas would be great. Last night we had the slow cooker chicken satay and i had the 2 fusspots asking for 2nds.

  118. 126

    beck mcgann said,

    Definitely the zucchini slice! Best ever!

  119. 127

    Jo said,

    I’ve only just found your site in the last week, and have spent a good amount of time reading about your ways of re-introducing veggies into our food. Someone/somewhere flicked a switch recently and my once fruit and veggie lover seemed to change overnight into a meat and carbs boy. Help is definitely required as we now have a daily battle and he seems to come out winning!

  120. 128

    Kristy Payne said,

    I have just discovered your site I have no idea why it took me so long but here I am. My 4 year old is awesome with food but my 2.5 year old just won’t eat anything but fruit and bread so I am on a mission to get some vegetables into him and I will succeed this time.

  121. 129

    Tammy said,

    I have two children my boy just turned 1 and my little girl is not quite 2 and a half. My little boy eats everything in sight however my daughter won’t eat vegies, or anything that is not her usual, nuggets, fish bites, fruit and cheese. In desperation I have brought all your books trying to find ways to get some vegetables into her. Lets just say its a working progress – small steps but it’s promising.

  122. 130

    Rebecca said,

    We haven’t tried any of your recipes yet, as it have been quite unwell. I have a 3 year old who is the fussiest eater I’ve ever encountered, she can sniff out veges no matter what I try. I also have a 6mth old son who we’ve just started baby led weaning. I am hoping he will love food, as it’s disheartening having a munchkin that is missing out on important nutrition.

  123. 131

    Alecia Fradelos said,

    The vege lasagne is our absolute favourite. I fed this to my husband, father and brother-in-law… 3 certified “meat eating men” last Friday for my daughters birthday and all 3 of them went for seconds. Enough said!

  124. 132

    Abbe said,

    I’ve taken your advice by grating lots of veg really small, putting all sorts of things in my meatballs, lasagne etc and I also serve up bigger cuts of veg alongside. I figure I’ll get veg into them somehow πŸ™‚ I have earmarked your satay chicken slow cooker recipe for later this week. Congrats on the new book!!

  125. 133

    Sally Hart said,

    I am a huge fan of your magic vegie sauce (for serving on/with pasta). The first time I made it, hubby talked about the meat in it! Lol….it had him ‘fooled’ too 😊 Your new book looks awesome. Congratulations

  126. 134

    Megan Carnie said,

    Your books saved my life, twin boys, one who eats everything and one who won’t eat vegies. Their favourites are the beef triangles and chicken curry. They scarf them down and don’t notice the vegies. My husband loves them also and I am tempted to eat meat again when I smell them cooking.
    Love your work,

  127. 135

    Amy W said,

    Back in 2011 my daughter was diagnosed, at age 4, with Coeliac Disease and Eosinophilic Oesophagitis and she already had a diagnosis of Anaphylaxis to nuts. By this point in time lets just say her dinners were boring and lacked nutrition. She had previously been a good little eater and especially loving her vegies, but somewhere along the line that all changed. I took the easy way out and stopped dinner time battles and just gave her what she wanted which by this point in time would be any one of, or all three of sausages, plain pasta and tinned spaghetti! ….. I had no idea of what was going on inside her little body but just wanted to make sure she at something!

    Once the diagnosis came I felt I had no choice but to change the way she ate at dinner time and there came a long, painful, stressful, tearful journey to get my daughter healthy again. You see, with the undiagnosed coeliac disease, that meant that she was absorbing NO nutrients from anything she ate. Yes her diet did lack nutrition, but what small amount there would have been was doing nothing for her. She had a pot belly, she was short in stature and her behaviour was shocking. It’s only now when I look back at photos that I can see just how sick she looked at various stages in her first 4 years of life. So when the Paed said he was going to include tests for coeliac disease I was surprised, but my mother-in-law said “Yeeees”, hmm interesting.

    It was clear to me that I wasn’t going to be able to serve up meat and veg and expect her to eat it. This is where Vegie Smugglers came in, persist in getting her to eat various foods, without her knowing what goodness was ‘smuggled inside’. it was not an easy journey, it was horrid, but I knew if we could get there that it would be more than worth it. I HAD to get my daughter healthy, we had to heal her poor little body, we had to get her growing again and make her stronger. I could not tell you how many tears were shed, there were so many. I had some simple rules, you must not say yuck without at least trying it. Hold your nose if you have to, sniff it if you want to, just at least try it! Oh we had gagging (which can be a symptom of the EoE), we had endless chewing, I let her watch tv, I even let her use my iphone, I fed her myself on many occasions………..imagine that, spoon feeding a 4/5 year old ? I figured, if it works, it’s worth it.

    Fast forward to today. My daughter will be 7 next month. She is no where near as fussy as she use to be and she will happily demolish a plate of meat and veg in record time.
    The BEST thing about the Vegie Smugglers cookbooks is the way it gets you thinking. Everything I cook now, whether it be out of these books or a totally different recipe, I ask myself, how can I make that even more healthy than it already is and look for other healthy ingredients to ‘smuggle inside’.

    The kids are in bed (yes I have two, a 4 year old son also) so I cannot ask them which are their favourite recipes, but after a few years I am pretty sure I know the answers……….. the 6 veg pizza sauce (which we use for pizza and spaghetti), tuna, rice & zucchini puffs, vegie dots and the Salmon & Zucchini bites. And to this day, I still get excited when my children accept a new meal……….no, the novelty never wears off πŸ˜€

    Thank you Vegie Smugglers for helping us and changing the way I think when making food for my children.

  128. 136

    Bree said,

    So excited there is a new cookbook, book 1 & 2 are cooked out of every week at our place.
    The 3 most cooked recipes have to be chicken sausage rolls, shepherds pie (which is amazing as one of my children doesn’t like pumpkin but eats this) and the best banana bread (I think I have the recipe almost memorized, which is good because that page in my book is a bit worse for wear from when the kids help me cook it)
    Your books have made trying to feed fussy children a much easier task:) thank you!

  129. 137

    Jaye Bradley said,

    The vegie pizza sauce and chicken sausage rolls are a regular in this house for dinner.
    Because of your books and page I have found lots of sneaky ways to smuggle vegies into breakfast, lunch, dinner AND snacks. For I that I am truly grateful!

  130. 138

    Hannah R said,

    I think my favourite recipe, or at least the one I have had the most success with, is the Pork Stir Fry. Grated veggies makes it impossible for my toddler to pick out the good stuff, and the combo of sauces and flavours makes it delicious. My darling husband has no idea how often he eats zucchini these days. I’ve modified it slightly to make it gluten free (tamari over soy etc) but it’s still a winner. Quick and easy especially on a work night πŸ™‚

  131. 139

    Aimee said,

    We are loving the easy chicken pilaf and banana cookies at the moment. My 2 and a half year old was such a great eater until he turned 2 and things all went down hill. Trying to get him to eat fruit and veg is a constant cause of tantrums. We love your recipes and how easy they are. Thanks for sharing them πŸ™‚

  132. 140

    Tirtza said,

    Your recipes have been such a help. My 4 year old is very resistant to veggies. Our first foray into veggie smuggling was the 6 veggie pizza sauce. Awesome, she loved it. So much so that she would eat it off the spoon out of a little cup. Current faves are the carbonara sauce and meatballs are always a hit. What I love is that I can sneak the veggies in while also still encouraging her to eat veggies as a whole (adding them ‘unsmuggled’ to pizzas/pasta etc). Thank you so much, I really love your blog, you’ve no idea how happy it makes me to cook healthy food I know she and her (not so fussy) little brother will eat.

  133. 141

    Jo said,

    I am a new follower, and love your work! Tonight we made the slow cooker chicken satay, and it was fantastic. Loaded with vegies and everyone enjoyed it. Thank you!

  134. 142

    amanda sullivan said,

    There are simply no words to tell you how desperately I want this book!! I even dreamt about it after a recent mention on Facebook (yeah, ok maybe I need to get a life!)

    I’ve mentioned on previous blog posts about how you have helped shape the healthy food culture my kids are growing up with. we are clean eaters, big vegie eaters & busy busy busy. your books fit perfectly with this! they are constantly out & we are all forever browsing them (book 1 is kind of falling apart😝). A part time teacher I sat down recently in the school holidays & planned out EVERY meal for the term (weekdays & 1 weekend day) plus snacks using predominately your books. our favorites are the cheese puffs & lulu’s tuna pasta. All that aside, however, you are the only person on the planet to get a curry into my kids (with 3 different recipes no less!) as well as fish into my fish hating 6 year old. That alone makes you a bloody legend. I thought that couldn’t be topped until I recently cooked up your coconut fish from the meal planner (with it’s hint if curry) and guess what?! She ate that too!

    I don’t mean to sound like I’m trying to kiss your butt, I just NEED this book. please?! And if you need further evidence I have barely watched the (much anticipated) season return of Offspring tonight, due to typing out this plea!! if I could sell my 3 year old to get my mitts on this little baby I would!! (it’s been a long day. please pass the wine.)

    • 143

      amanda sullivan said,

      I’ve just realised that my email address which ‘auto filled’ (I’m assuming from past blog comments) is incorrect! eeekkkkk….. wendy, I will watch this space; please let me know if I need to get the correct one (minus the typos) to you, for a valid entry.

      cannot stop browsing this post & attempting to enlarge the photos for a better look. it’s fabulous, congrats!!

  135. 144

    Mel Bayliss said,

    I have 2 very fussy big kids and although I don’t have any of your books (yet) I have used some of them that you post and we have had a little success. I saw a little as the food is a hit with my big girl, doesn’t work on my biggest kid though …………… Hubby sees through all the ‘smuggling’ lol

  136. 145

    Allison Patrick said,

    Your cookbooks have revolutionised the way I cook for my little family. I now work extra veggies into every meal I cook. Our favourite recipes are the Rice Balls, Salmon Pies, Tuna Pasta Bake and Banana Pancakes. To be honest it’s the concept I love and the format of your cookbooks. It really has evolved the way that I cook. Thank you.

  137. 146

    Porscha Heffernan said,

    Slow cooker lamb chop casserole is a saviour in this cold weather, especially on those days where I have the after school sports. I’m able to just walk in the door and dinner is served. I would definately buy a slow cooker veggie smugglers book 😁 hint, hint, nudge, nudge.

  138. 147

    Jalna Hampton said,

    I love your cookbooks. I have both and I’ve bought both for my niece. The favourite in my house is pink meatloaf, which is cooked regularly either as is or as meatballs! This is because my son when he saw what I was making one night, said he didn’t feel like meatloaf so I said that’s ok I’m making meatballs! Which of course were happily gobbled down. I also love the leftovers on sandwiches.

  139. 148

    Michelle C said,

    I have 2 of your typical non-veggie eating children.
    ‘But I don’t like it’ …. ‘How bout you try it before you make your decision!’…. Takes a bite, ‘told you I don’t like it!’
    Smuggling veggies and all that is good for you is genius and makes life that much easier!

  140. 149

    Dianna said,

    I’m your biggest fan (I’ve been the one bugging you about when your new book will come!) πŸ™‚ and I’m not saying that to kiss your bottom but because it’s true.. your books (I have both plus a few e-books) have started my family and I on a food journey and as result changed us all for the better. We are all eat well (chicken satay a HUGE fav) and I have lost weight! My food journey is progressi

  141. 150

    Barbara Good said,

    Well done Wendy, it looks magnificent and so much prettier than the masters thesis I’m working on, no glossy photos there that’s for sure! To be honest I use your recipes more than any others in my house with two lit tiles and thank goodness over the past few months we seem to have gotten over the food issues we’d been having for the last two years. Our current favourites are the slow cooker satay chicken, the pea and ham soup and the slow cooker lamb chop casserole – I do love my slow cooker in the colder months! I’ve got all the stuff to make your one pot tarragon chicken this week. Congrats in the book, and good luck with getting it out there.

  142. 151

    Prue said,

    I borrowed your second book from the library and was amazed at all the yummy recipes. I work with disadvantaged mums and children and took your book along to work with me to share. The mums were very keen to look through your book and to learn how to make your recipes, it’s great to see people who don’t feel confident in the kitchen and are learning how to provide healthy food for their children inspired and motivated to learn more. Making your recipes together with the mums and children was easy and tasty! The only problem was that I had to return the library book!

  143. 152

    Michelle Winning said,

    Salmon Zucchini bites. FINALLY got my granddaughter to eat both fish and vegies! Grace is 4 and mainly eats pasta and grilled cheese sandwiches, or KFC chicken bites with chips. (My daughter has been unwell through a rough pregnancy and now with a 2mth old, cooking was not a priority so Grace’s palate has not been introduced to real food.) She squirms and holds most vegies and meat in her mouth until allowed to spit it out… Vegie Smugglers has been a godsend.

  144. 153

    Dianna said,

    Oops didn’t get to finish post… Anyways just quickly my food journey is progressing with the help of Jo, Alex to name a few… But I would so LOVE to reconnect with the original and that’s you and your new book!! Either way thanks so much for it all πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  145. 154

    Claire said,

    I haven’t tried any of your recipes yet but love what you are all about. we have just got our 2.5 yo to sit and stay at the table while we eat dinner as a family so would love some fab recipes ideas to keep him interested that are also good for us.

  146. 155

    Sue said,

    Your pizza dough is my current favourite, and I had great success with the Hot Happy Buns recipe during Easter – first ones I’ve made since I was a teenager making them with my mum! Made a bit of a mistake with the Asian chicken meatballs recently though, I decided I’d cleverly puree the spring onions instead of chopping, to conceal them further – resulting in green meatballs! Alas my kids were not impressed, but they still tasted great!

  147. 156

    Bec A said,

    Eeeek, Wendy! So exciting! We love your beef cannelloni, bean and vegie quesadillas, and oaty banana pancakes (which have also made transformed into oaty apple, pear or berry pancakes). My kiddos are pretty good at trying new things, but your recipes work so well to boost the nutritional content of our meals. Won or purchased, there will be one of these books on my shelf in the near future πŸ™‚

  148. 157

    Tara said,

    I’m not sure if I’m a subscriber but I’ll tell you my favourites. For my 1 year old family fish pie (yes she eats enough for the whole family!). My husband says your lamb and feta meatballs are the best meatballs he’s ever eaten. I personally am a favourite of your chicken satay noodles and your chicken curry (the one with the apples). My 4 year old eats anything from your book but hmm his fave… Probably the bean and veg quesedellas… Or the lasagne.

  149. 158

    Megan W said,

    Vegie smugglers virgin here but it looks wonderful. Am keen to try out some of your recipes on my two fussy boys (5 &3).

  150. 159

    Kathy Clarke said,

    Just subscribed..Can I enter the competition please?

  151. 160

    Alli said,

    Your cookbook saved my sanity. My now 3 yo had over 20 cases of tonsillitis within 18 months (removed a few months ago) and was the WORST eater. Recipes such as okonomyake (I’m
    Sure I’ve spelt that wrong!) meant she could help me prepare it AND was able to eat it. She now sits at the bench and helps me plan my menu using your book. Love that she can b involved in the cooking.

  152. 161

    Linda Myers said,

    My Grandson is 4 and he is so fussy, he smells everything and more often than not he won’t even try anything we put down in front of him. This year it has really affected his health with constipation he is run down and catching everything that is going around. My daughter is almost at her wits end and running out of ideas. Your book would be such a bit help in the hope we can start to get him to eat healthy.

  153. 162

    Casey cook said,

    Your recipes have been a go to in my ‘making-it-myself’ mission. I love love love cooking and trying new recipes but with the littlies and everyday busy ness i need quick family friendly recipes and your website has been a saviour. In particular your mild chicken curry, nachos, pizza sauce,banana bread, chicken pasta and meatballs have l been massive winners. However there has been one stand out meal… Your mums spaghetti! My almost 3 year old absolutely loves mums skettie so much so that she no longer likes chicken, vegetables, fish, steak, lamb with handles, rice blah blah blah she ‘ONLY LIKES MUMS SKETTIE!!’ (Thankfully there’s plenty of smuggling going on I that recipe)
    And thanks goodness you have your tips for veggie smuggling success cos I’ve had to go right back to the beginning!
    So I’m thinking you basically owe me a cookbook so I can keep up the veggie smuggling and turn things around. I need some more winner recipes to win this battle!! πŸ™‚

  154. 163

    Vanessa said,

    I have so many recipe books in my house, but honestly, yours is the only one that has food spilled in it, pages crumpled and creased and stuck together, and many many tabs bookmarking favourites. Yours is my all time go to recipe book. The kids (and myself and hubby) love every recipe we have made. But all time winners are the: Ravioli with Orange Sauce, Slow cooker Satay Chicken, Teriyaki tofu noodles and Baked tuna with tomato rice. My kids are fussy eaters when it comes to vegetables, except when they have been smuggled successfully.

    I have just purchased a thermomix, and instantly downloaded your ebook. Would LOVE all your recipes thermomix converted, (until i learn to convert them myself).

    I would absolutely love to see what new vegie smuggling creations you have come up with if i would be so lucky to win your new book. Thanks for giving us all so many opportunities to win things.

  155. 164

    Jess Fuller said,

    Chweese putttsssss. As my 2 yr old calls them. The delight on his face is infectious.

  156. 165

    Susie F said,

    we only have the first book, and hands down our favourite recipe is Lulu’s Tuna Pasta Bake, a little time consuming as i always infuse the milk, but soooo worth it and the kids, hubby & I love it!!!!! It is also great as leftovers the next day. Have this at least once a fortnight xx

  157. 166

    Kellie said,

    Muesli Bars have been a favourite and the oat banana pancakes. Fantastic healthy food all the family enjoys

  158. 167

    Loren said,

    We love the banana pancakes – it’s the first one I’ve made with oats and its yummy

  159. 168

    Katrina said,

    To be honest I have been very slack and have not been using your recipes, life has overtaken me, but I am glad you put the recipe book giveaway up, it caught my attention and has made me think about how much easier it was when I used the recipes and menu planned from them, so now back on track, would love the new book, to kick start my enthusiasm again thanks

  160. 169

    Melissa M said,

    The chicken sausage rolls are a big hit in our house. I love having some in the freezer for that quick go to lunch or dinner. Can’t wait to see what recipes your new book has to offer.

  161. 170

    Skye Chapman said,

    I’ve just found you & I’m excited! I have a three year old who goes on hunger strikes. so I’m a bit desperate. I can’t wait to give your recipes a go.

  162. 171

    Julie said,

    What a prize to win – full of delicious healthy recipes for the whole family! A favourite of ours is the pizza dough and the 6 veggie pizza/pasta sauce. Our three boys (15, 10 and 5) love the pizzas πŸ™‚

  163. 172

    Donna Torrance said,

    Chicken vegie sausage rolls are a fortnightly favourite (the smug satisfaction I feel when my 3 boys & hubbies tell me how much they hate mushrooms is great!). Also we regularly eat your vegie quesadillas, lamb sausage rolls, vegie lasagne & your cheeseburgers with onion relish are a Saturday night treat served with French fries – my boys call it “Mummy’s McDonald’s”. Thank you for fantastic recipes Wendy, looking forward to your next book.

  164. 173

    Julie said,

    I’m sorry to say, but I am yet to try a recipe of yours 😦 I am looking forward to trying some very soon!

  165. 174

    Sally said,

    Your books are in regular use around here – chicken tarragon, chicken pilaff, shepherds pie, beef kebabs, fish pie, sausage casserole all feature regularly on our table.

  166. 175

    Have printed and tried a few recipes. Haven’t got a favorite yet or a cook book. Would so love to win one. Cheers

  167. 176

    Kelly said,

    I am yet to try your recipes but love the look of them! Your book looks amazing too & I’d love a copy!
    I’m going to try the choc bran & zucchini muffins & lunchbox slice first.
    My 3yo is a massive fussy eater at the moment & it’s doing my head in!
    Thanks for your much needed inspiration!

  168. 177

    Joan said,

    I’m a first time mum and also first time to learn how to cook good food (usually my husband cooks more) for my family. I’ve only started trying out your recipes and so far they have been great especially for my little one who fortunately I don’t have to smuggle veggies in because he absolutely loves his veggies. The recipe I’ve tried recently is the “sushi slice” I can’t remember exactly the real name of the recipe, love it so much. Thank you from the bottom of my heart

  169. 178

    Heidi payne said,

    Your cook book have simply changed the way I think about meals and cook food in our house. We love so many recipes. Our faves of the month are tomato soup, veggie dots and strawberry and apple muffins! Oh an I tried your orange and poppy seed muffins today which is one of the best orange and poppy seed muffins I’ve ever had! The kids devoured them!

  170. 179

    Stacey banks said,

    Definitely the apricot chicken! Guaranteed there is never any leftovers for me to have at lunch the next day though 😦

  171. 180

    Anne Hunt said,

    When I brought the first two books for a fussy now four yr old apricot chicken and sausage rolls were a hit. Now I have a two yr old allergic or intolerant to many foods it is harder to accommodate both kids! What I love is that many of your recipes can be easily altered to cater for everyone and because the book is so bright and attractive the kids like the look of it and want to “help” – which depending on the day is a good thing lol!

  172. 181

    Judith Whitehouse said,

    I have only just started following your site/fb/Pinterest but have a Miss4 and Master2 who are getting fussier by the day. This book would be a great start to helping me!!

  173. 182

    Kym Petersen said,

    Hi Wendy,
    Glad you mentioned the ‘no need to crawl or kiss butt’ cause that really isn’t my style! I’m a big fan, I think you know that πŸ™‚
    The faves at our house are the lamb meatballs which I actually make into hamburgers, the oaty banana pancakes, definitely the chicken pilaf oh and the asian chicken meatballs but not out of VS but off your blog here using the squeezy tube herbs!
    My kids are great eaters, I’m not sure what to attribute it to in all honesty, but I do know that VS1 and 2 kickstarted it for all of us. I’ve been extremely persistent at giving them variety, my daughter has taken to it a lot better than her older brother and of course we still have our challenges. Your books are on constant rotation in my household and are actually getting a little dog-eared so another one would be quite handy!
    Either way, I will get my hands on no.3 eventually!
    Kind regards

  174. 183

    Sarah Ellis said,

    Hi Wendy, although I’ve had your books for awhile I’m still trawling through them trying all the recipes. I love that you have ways to introduce children to different flavours in a kid friendly way. The other day I made red cooked chicken – it was so yummy and my boys gobbled down the chicken and most of the veg πŸ˜‰ another recent favourite is chilli with no chilli – the boys devoured this! And loved the corn chips and avocado and cheese most of all ( and I added a little sour cream too) thanks for all your hard work Wendy!

  175. 184

    Amanda Mallory said,

    Just found your page via Little Mashies and have subscribed, so no favourites yet but am hoping the recipes will help with my 3 fussy eaters I would love the cookbook looks great πŸ™‚

  176. 185

    Narelle Ward said,

    Neither of my boys will eat vegetables with a 10 foot pole. I currently hide them in meat loaf and my mash potato contains cauliflower and parsnip. I would love to get this book to help me come up with more sneaky ways to get them to eat vegetables.

  177. 186

    Jen Donovan said,

    You are a HUGE inspiration to me, always inspiring me to sneak in more veges and cook healthy. I haven’t been able to afford to buy any books yet but follow you on fb, am a subscriber, and have tried some of your downloadable recipes. Two fussy kids 3 and 2 at my place so i’d love a leg up by winning this book. Thanks for all the great work you do. One day I plan to buy your entire collection! Especially the lunchbox planner which looks awesome for when the kids start school.

  178. 187

    I haven’t actually tried any of your recipes yet and I feel so slack! I’d desperately love to try your new book. I hide grated veg (carrot, zucchini, pumpkin and sweet potato) in most of my main meals – but it’s not to make my toddler eat them. The MAIN target is my husband who really needs to broaden his horizons.
    I’d be keen to review some recipes for my blog too. πŸ™‚

  179. 188

    Pat Clayton said,

    Hi,the favourite recipes in our house would have to be Lulu’sfavourite tuna bake,Vegie dots,Magic vegetable pasta sauce,Chicken sausage rolls,the oven baked hash browns are requested frequently ,oaty banana pancakes and strawberry muffins are the sweet favourites. I have found your book sooo helpful,I am a foster carer and sooo many of the little ones that come to me have never had veggies or else think they are poison,sometimes it takes a little while to encourage the children to try things but they usually come round and then start putting their requests in. One little boy actually thought it was a pirates cook book and the pirates used to smuggle the veggies on their boat so they could eat them. Regards ,Pat.

  180. 189

    Marisa Fernandez said,

    chicken sausage rolls are the favorite in our house, they would eat them frozen if they could

  181. 190

    leimaycherry said,

    We love the chicken sausage rolls, perfect for getting the kids involved in the kitchen too.

  182. 191

    ChloeG said,

    Since Easter, all my girl wants are ‘choccy eggies!!’ so right now your Bunny Tails are the perfect solution! And I can just about put anything I want her to eat in there and she’ll eat it because she’s distracted by the chocolate =)

  183. 192

    Kate said,

    Honest truth… I’ve heard about your books and flicked through a friends copy but have not tried a recipe. I’m entering this comp anyway because I have a gloriously fussy 20 month old daughter who I would love to give some fresh food ideas. I’d like to think I’m pretty creative when it comes to helping her eat a well balanced nutritional diet but I think I need some inspiration to keep me on my toes! So, even if I don’t win a freebie, I think I’ll purchase when they go on sale. Keep up the smuggling πŸ˜‰

  184. 193

    Kristen said,

    Recently purchased both your books after using recipes from your website for awhile. Happy to have the full books! Mr 6 loves the chocolate zuchinni bran muffins (and hubby chowed down 3 or 4 in a row when I made the last batch!). I make them mini muffins for lunch box treats. Sausage rolls and lamb meatballs have also been hits. Would love a copy of this latest book! Thanks for all the hard work πŸ™‚

  185. 194

    Rachel Morris said,

    I am only new to vege smugglers I am yet to try any but I signed up as I have a 11 month old son that has a lot of allergies to food so is only aloud very plain things and now since cutting out yeast. Wheat. White flour. Sugar. Starch vegs. Red meat and cows boast and soy milk I can not get him to eat anything

  186. 195

    Vanessa Melville said,

    I have books 1 & 2. They have become my fail safe books to turn to when I’ve become lazy or guilty that dinners are not nutritious enough for my girls. I just look through & find recipes like the chicken sausage rolls, white bean risotto, sausage bake, traffic lights and a few others to get us back on track. It make mummy guilt easier to manage, it’s great knowing these 2 books are in the cupboard whenever I need them and I don’t think I’ve cooked a recipes the girls haven’t liked! So, thanks! Glad there is another one to add to the shelf!

  187. 196

    Maeve Hodson said,

    I’ll be brutally honest, I haven’t done a recipe of yours before, except maybe bliss balls if when I did make them it was your recipe πŸ™‚ I LOVE my thermomix yet it breaks my heart when my kids think what I’m cooking in it is weird and yuk 😦 I’m trying to establish healthier eating habits to better their future most importantly but also mine. I had a breakthrough tonight with my daughter who wasn’t happy I was making Quirky Jo’s lemon coconut chicken soup but when she tried it she absolutely loved it and asked for some to be saved for her lunch the next day (proud moment!). I have a 13 year old son that eats potato as his veggie intake and a 5 year old son who is much more adventurous but it’s hard to cook dishes that I worry about wasting when not everyone enjoys :(. My daughter is 11 and she is good at having a balanced intake of veggies and enjoys preparing and cooking so I’d love to incorporate your book into our home and see everyone benefit πŸ™‚

  188. 197

    Nichole Brezina said,

    As of this moment, I use V8 juice in my lasagna. I would love to get more recipes with vegetables to serve to my teenagers and husband

  189. 198

    candi day said,

    I have 3 boys aged 1, 3 & 5.
    All have loved vegies so when i struggled to find tasty, easy, healthy finger foods as a complete meal, for my very independent masters (all of whom have refused to eat unless they could feed themselves)… i ummed and aahhed about purchasing ‘vegie smugglers’ assuming id be pureeing vegies into every recipes. Wow was I wrong!!
    The choices are endless, and for a time poor mum (with a hubby that works away)…..i just wish id purchased earlier…..
    I find it easy to convert recipes to thermomix, my boys are now cooking mad!, and its a favorite task for us to find the next meal by flicking through #1 hard copy or the ipad to find the next meal!!!!!
    Call me old fashioned but I love to flick through a hard copy/pictures and would love to win a copy of #3.
    Thankyou so much for taking the hard work out of meal times!!!
    Great work!!!!!

  190. 199

    leonda123 said,

    Tuna quesadillas are a regular lunch or dinner in our family. I especially love them because I can make the filling ahead of time (using my TM to chop the capsicum, spring onions and coriander…so easy) so the witching hour isn’t quite so horrendous. I often double the recipe if we have visitors, or just to have enough left over for the next day!

  191. 200

    Diane said,

    I do not have a copy of your book yet however I would absolutely love to have one and would appreciate it very much. I have grandchildren and a great grandchild who are on the Autism spectrum who are very fussy eaters and DO NOT LIKE VEGGIES or the taste or look of them. In my job I also work with families who have children who are on the Autism spectrum and parents complain that it is difficult to get them to eat veggies. As you can see I would find this book ever so helpful in promoting healthy eating and I know the parents would definitely be very interested in purchasing one also once exposed to it. I know we did a cooking morning once with chicken (with some hidden veggies in them) and most parents said their kids loved them. Many thanks regards Diane πŸ™‚

  192. 201

    Colleen said,

    I’m smuggling veggies not to my kids but to my mum who lives alone and is as veggie-adverse as any 2 year old. For me it’s the weekly plans themselves that are the winners, batch shopping, batch prep, fresh finishing on the day – that said I guess the answer to your question is anything with chicken, but without capsicum….

  193. 202

    Lel said,

    I would dearly love this book. Been following you forever (since the 4yr old was small!) and now have another small one (7months) who I know is gunna give me problems! Haven’t yet been able to afford any of your books and have just enjoyed the ones you’ve happily shared on your blog. An all time fave is the cheesey pots (and it is also something I’ve suggested to other friends with super fuss balls too!). She now loves anything cheesey! But also thankfully after learning how to smuggle veggies she will happily choose to include an extra 3-5 veg to have at tea and her diet has become diverse and it’s so etching I never thought possible for her! Have even smuggled veg in to my own meals that I have always refused to eat!
    Thank you for your wonderful generosity and well done on your amazing work going in to this, all of your books and all shared writing to assist so many others!

  194. 203

    Shannon said,

    Thanks for all you do Wendy. I originally purchased your books to help some ‘new parent’ family and friends that themselves didn’t like veggies. I get terribly excited when they send me new ideas or recipes that your books have inspired – and yes, they do now eat veggies less smuggled too πŸ˜€

  195. 204

    Sophia Giumelli said,

    On the hunt for a winter dinner dish I recently stumbled across your recipe for slow cooker chicken noodle soup.
    My husband & I love it, master 2 loves it, & miss 1 (normally my ‘taste & toss’ baby!) loves it- it’s our ‘winter winner chicken dinner’.

  196. 205

    Hi Wendy. Not long discovered your website, but I love the banana, almond muffins. I am trying to quit sugar, so substituting for rice malt syrup or Natvia but still delicious!! Thank you so much. Love love love your website and recipes. xxxx

  197. 206

    Claire Pellegrini said,

    Your books have changed how I cook for my fussy 2 year old. Less battles, more hidden goodness. The pink meatloaf is a hit (and I add purΓ©ed or grated beet root to many things now) as is the veggie slice. I love it because my husband gets all his veggies too!

  198. 207

    claudette boucher said,

    I havent actually tried to smuggle veggies in yet but it become time to start as little miss has decided we just want to graze & not eat meals at the moment. Very fustrating & a friend recommended your site for ideas. Ideas that i WILL be attempting this weekend. πŸ™‚

  199. 208

    Laura said,

    Congrats! New book looks fab. The slow cooker chicken noodle soup has been a hit! My son is fussy when it comes to anything mashed or is orange!!! Though will happily eat mandarins and oranges! Go figure!! Best of luck, world live a copy of your new book for more inspired yummy ideas.

  200. 209

    Belinda Kenneally said,

    I have just come across your Facebook page and website in the last week after a Naturopath told me I need to feed my 18 month old more vegies. She actually eats vegies quite easily during dinner but it’s a matter of getting them in to as many dishes and snacks as possible so I was recommended your site. A cookbook would be amazing as there are so many of your dishes I cannot wait to try!

  201. 210

    Penny said,

    Hi Wendy
    I have your 2 VS paper books plus Thermie & Lunchbox ebooks. I use them often. The beef triangles and chicken sausage rolls are big hits with my 3 boys under 6!
    Love your work

  202. 211

    Rebecca Brewster said,

    Sausage rolls, apricot balls, cheesy puffs! The list goes on! Would love some new recipes to keep challenging the taste buds of the little peeps. Thanks

  203. 212

    Louise Marlow said,

    My little man would happily eat fruit all day long but vegies! Aagh! Wont even try them! So as a recent subscriber, I am hoping your recipes and ideas will work πŸ™‚ So far the lunchbox slice was succesful and I have cheese puffs and your pizza sauce on the menu plan for this week πŸ™‚

  204. 213

    Melinda said,

    I am so excited too!! Our families weekly menu plan is based around your first two books, I am so looking forward to extending the menu and our repertoire!! My all time favourite recipe is your Chicken & Tarragon one-pot. The orange flavours just make this dish the Bees Knees!! Love it and look forward to getting my hands on the new book!!

  205. 214

    Lauren Cochrane said,

    I have your other books and cook quite regularly from them. The family love the recipes, no complaints just empty plates!! I make the beetroot and chocolate brownies regularly and it only lasts a day or two. Would love to complete my collection with your latest book!

  206. 215

    to be honest i have not tried any recipes in your books as i think i have one of the most not trying that kids i have ever seen he is turning 6 so would love to get him to eat veggies and other things on a regular basis so over cooking the same for him please help cheers

  207. 216

    I only just stumbled across your site via a Facebook link. My little niece was recently diagnosed with SPD and struggles to eat anything due to her defensiveness. I will pass this onto her parents hopefully there is a recipe that she will take too and packed full of veggies is a massive bonus. Thank you for your site and books.

  208. 217

    Tania Cavallo said,

    We love the Vegie dots. My husband took left overs to work for lunch and they created an interest in the lunch room. He came home asking for the recipe.

  209. 218

    Gemma said,

    Bliss balls!! The answer to nearly everything πŸ™‚

  210. 219

    Dave said,

    Not many if any male representation here! So here I go! The zucchini quiche is a big hit in our household especially with 2 fussy boys age 4 & 2! Always good for a lunch snack also

  211. 220

    Eugenie said,

    Chicken sausage rolls were a massive hit for my fussy three: husband, 4 year old and 6 year old. They all think its party time every time I make them. Little do they know how good all the secret ingredients are!

  212. 221

    Tenille said,

    Which one.. which one… my little boy (and neices and nephews) love the chicken sausage rolls – always a winner for a weekend lunch. For my husband and I – you can’t go past your slow cooker pea and ham soup, particularly coming into the winter months…. i may occasionally sneak in some oaty banana pancakes too…

  213. 222

    Helen said,

    I would love to have a look at your book.

  214. 223

    Carlie said,

    I would love to win one πŸ™‚ !! I currently have 1&2 and I’m constantly turning them for some inspiration when I have a certain meat or ingredient to use and need something simple, yummy and nutritious for dinner (the strawberry muffins are also a fav!). I often like to post a pic of when I’ve cooked something new for dinner, and so many times when someone exclaims “Whats the the recipe!?” I say “Its a veggie smuggler recipe, you should get the books, they’re great! ” πŸ™‚

  215. 224

    Christine Start said,

    My extremely fussy 6 year old loves your chicken sausage rolls. For a child that hates both vegies AND sausage rolls thats pretty amazing. I’m desperate for some more interesting lunch ideas as our school lunch boxes are a little dismal so would love to get my hands on this πŸ™‚

  216. 225

    Kate Stark said,

    Love your recipes. If I had to pick a favourite go-to it would be the chinese style meatballs- because (as per the title of your blog post) Im veggo and the family arent. These are great because they can be done seperately and just popped on at the last minute instead of my usual task of cooking two different dishes (and doubling the washing up). Oh, and the kids LOVE them (kinda important too).

  217. 226

    Janette said,

    The “I’m still on holiday rice” was a great alternative to the normal fried rice that my son eats. He picks out the beans and then will eat some of the rice.
    I find receiving your posts helps keep my spirits up when my son only wants to eat the same meals. It’s nice knowing there are other people out there going through similar issues and that you can eventually get your child to enjoy the healthy variety of foods that you want them to have. If only I could get him to eat fresh fruit.. . . .

  218. 227

    leanne dalton said,

    I am really interested in this book, I have a 3 and a half year old that refuses to eat any meat or veggies, the only meat he will eat is mince in spaghetti bolognese and if he even detects a sniff of veggies he won’t touch it!! Looking for some inspiration and it looks like this book would be worth it’s wait in gold πŸ™‚
    It would also be great to provide the test of the members of my family, some healthy alternatives.

  219. 228

    Kerry said,

    Ooohhh, would love to win! In our house your fennel, apple and pork sausage rolls are a hit

  220. 229

    Kim Engi said,

    To be honest .. I haven’t even seen a book so l would love to win one to see what everyone is so excited about .. I do have fussy eaters and always looking for new ideas to get them to try different foods … So please pick me ..Thanks πŸ™‚

  221. 230

    Fiona Davis said,

    Hi Wendy, I have your first book and its great, falling apart, I still have a very fussy 7 year old, but she will eat the sausage rolls and we will get there eventually.

  222. 231

    Renee Brook said,

    We all love chicken sausage rolls – so much healthier than the store bought ones. Also the filo cigars – I could eat 10 of them (so could my fussy toddler!!!)

  223. 232

    Christina said,

    Hi Wendy,
    I say this truthfully – not a week goes by that I don’t cook from either of your books. The crowd pleasers in my household is definitely the apricot chicken! Ticks all the boxes for me: pleases both fussy son (3yr) and husband, budget friendly, can be prepared in advance (while son naps so he doesn’t see what veggies I smuggle in), suitable for freezing, healthy and SUPER YUMMY!!!

    Our other favourite is Macaroni Cheese. Unfortunately my son reacts badly to tomatoes so for a long time, pasta was off the menu (crushing as we are Italians!) but since buying your books and discovering your Macaroni Cheese recipe it’s the only pasta I make.

    Hope to win a copy of your new book because your books are healthy, practical (love the tips and prep plans), budget friendly and I love the photography in them.

    PS: I’m sure you wish to have a break and enjoy the success of your new book but I too would love to see you do a slow cooker ebook!!!

  224. 233

    Mel said,

    Hi Wendy

    I have only just come across your Veggie Smuggler page but it looks like a great resource & I would be very keen to get my hands on your VS3 cookbook to try out some of the yummy sounding recipes on the “miniatures”.

    I am also considering investing in a thermomix when I can afford it so very curious about your e-book as well.

    Kind Regards

  225. 234

    Tanya said,

    On of our favourite VS dishes is the Okonomiyake. Easy to make and great as a quick lunch or even as an after school snack. Pretty much the only way I’m getting cabbage into their diet at all! Love your work, keep it up!

  226. 235

    Merryn said,

    My kids and I love your muffins! Especially the banana, oat and sultana muffins and the adorable orange and mega-seed muffins. I love that they freeze well so six last two days and six in the freezer mean they last well. My kids love them for school/preschool morning tea. I feel happy because they are a healthy snack. They are easy to make and the kids always want to help me make them. Thanks! We also love the sausage rolls. So great to prepare ahead and freeze. I was using chick peas instead of lentils BC I couldn’t find them and my 4 year old was picking out the chick peas to eat first!

  227. 236

    Karlie said,

    We LOVE the chickpea cookies and also Adams bolognase sauce!

  228. 237

    Anneta said,

    Out of the many recipes we use and love from Vegie Smugglers I would have to say the banana oat pancakes stand out…..my eldest was extremely extra fussy at breakfast (which was more of a worry once she was at Kindy), loves them. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  229. 238

    Carmel said,

    As a family with four kids between 6 and 1 when meal time is good its great, but when its not… With our youngest having ‘trust issues’ with food as a result of severe reflux it is so wonderful to enjoy cooking meals again! Our freezer is never without lamb and feta meatballs – ever!

  230. 239

    Lisa said,

    So many of your recipes are on family faves list! Family fish pie, vegetarian bolognaise, cheese puffs, capsicum squares and my personal fave, Bean and veggie quesadillas!

  231. 240

    Emily Westcott said,

    oh my goodness!! Where to start!
    The Kids favourite is Chicken Tarragon One-Pot and the Chicken Pasta – not in book one or two, but got it off your website.
    Hubby’s favourite -Beef and Vegie Slow Cooker Casserole, it tastes superb! (Also from the website!)
    My personal favourite – is the Chicken Satay Noodles!
    I love having a stock of Chicken Sausage Rolls in the freezer too!
    I could keep going, but i’ll spare you the reading!!!

  232. 241

    Mary Preston said,

    The cheese puffs hands down are a great favourite. For the big kids too.

  233. 242

    Shannon said,

    Your spinach pancakes!!! My kids call them ‘Green pancakes’. They are a regular in their lunch boxes. I usually make a triple batch in my food processor. The handy tip to put baking paper between makes it super easy to freeze. So many parents ask me about them because their kid came home from school saying they want green pancakes too!

  234. 243

    Shannon M said,

    Our absolute favourite recipe of yours is the Pumpkin, Corn and Lentil Soup. Plain pumpkin soup is soooo boring after eating your soup. It’s the only recipe I use for pumpkin soup now. Last time I added sweet potato and carrots when roasting the pumpkin – extra vegie goodness and it was even more delicious!

  235. 244

    Kristy Booth said,

    i love love love the choc and beetroot brownies. not only do they taste super yummy and have a veggie in them, but my husband and son love them!!! a healthy snack everyone loves, which is a win : win for me…

  236. 245

    Melissa Hart said,

    Your Chicken Sausage rolls are a hit and get made, frozen and pulled out for every occasion as requested by all my friends & their little ones.

  237. 246

    SJE said,

    I have both your books too – they never make it to the bookcase as they are always being used on my kitchen bench. I also bought them both for a good friend as I loved them so much.
    Our favorite would have to be the Chicken Sausage Rolls. But really we love so many of the recipes.
    I will not win as I have no idea how to sign up/subscribe (have tried many times and the link does nothing for me). But I will be purchasing your next book as soon as you release it.

  238. 247

    Kylie said,

    I haven’t got any of your books yet, but I’m bored and tired of the same old thing as is my 2yr old. I’d love this book for healthy ideas and recipes! πŸ™‚

  239. 248

    susievenkat said,

    Oh Wendy, you’ve outdone yourself! We’re pretty big on salads here (warm, cold, any which way) which is why your Noodle Salad works so well. And I’m fully into baking lunchbox treats for my girls (all my efforts – not so appreciated by these 21st century-variety-needing kids) but still I persist with the Berry & Oat Muffins the current flavor of the month!

  240. 249

    Fiona said,

    I havnt tried out your recipes yet, but I have two texture sensitive little girls who wont touch cooked vegies or fruit and only eat 3 salad vegies. Id also share with my sis whos kids are even fussier than mine.

  241. 250

    Sarah Birchmore said,

    We have had good success with most of your recipes, but the favourite ‘snacks’ are Cheese Puffs and Coconut Macaroons, and favourite meals are Savory Mince, Boston Baked Beans (super yum) and of course the Chicken Sausage Rolls.

    My 3yo is now starting to eat vegies (although we still have ‘no’ days) and my 18 month old has stopped refusing vegies just because her sister is and now eats them all up and asks for more! The recipes have also allowed me to introduce more legumes to our diet without too many complaints from the hubby (though he still refers to them as ‘poo beans’ occasionally). My 3yo had ongoing constipation problems (mentally holding on) and because of your recipes I have been able to pretty much relieve this problem and cease the use of laxatives, which is a wonderful relief. I hated having to give her ‘drops’ to make her ‘go’ :/

    Other benefits: we live on a cattle station and do our grocery shopping once a fortnight, which means I need to plan the fortnights meals in advance, and the 6 week meal plan grocery list takes a huge chunk out of that workload! So nice to not have to sit down with multiple cookbooks writing out meal plans, noting which book and which page, and cross checking grocery lists πŸ™‚

    And I know this isn’t ‘Vegie Smuggling’, but the E-Craft Book is a great go-to when I need something to keep the girls occupied while I am preparing dinner!

    Would I love an advance copy of your new book? You bet!

    • 251

      Sarah Birchmore said,

      Oops – just realised I left the wrong email address on here Wendy! I am a subscriber, but under another email address. Sorry. Have used the correct email address to leave this comment πŸ™‚

  242. 252

    I love the Oaty Banana pancakes recipe. The kids love pancakes and this one gets a bit of extra goodness into them. I have substituted some of the milk with yoghurt which worked quite well too. The main reason I’d love to try the Vegie Smugglers cookbook is actually for my fussy husband (worse than my kids)!

  243. 253

    Cilleriania said,

    Looking forward to seeing the new book. My favourites are the Veggie koftas and Cauli and haloumi pancakes πŸ™‚

  244. 254

    Melanie Hunter said,

    For dinner last night we had your cheesy vegetable pots – then enough for leftovers for lunch today. Always a hit with my girls aged 3 and 4. They looked so good bubbling away that when my mum saw them she too went home and made them!

    Have to also mention your chicken sausage rolls. I made them for a work morning tea and the 2 fussiest eaters there demolished them and were gobsmacked when they found out what was hidden πŸ˜‰

  245. 255

    Beth said,

    I actually have not tried any of your recipes yet, but every time your email comes in I think that I really need to pull my finger out and try one. Maybe this will be my rev up!!

  246. 256

    Jessica Huet said,

    My daughter has only just started solids (she’s four months and we are trying baby-led weaning) but this book has caught my attention! I hear horror stories from my friends that their kids will only eat a handful of foods, with many not enjoying any fruits or vegetables at all! I want to avoid this with my daughter by turning my own unhealthy lifestyle around and leading by example. As the recipes in your book are family friendly, I’ll probably just make larger portions for my husband and I when we feed her!

  247. 257

    Rach said,

    Wendy, I’m trying…really trying…and having a little success with my 7yo who will have a good crack at the nachos, okonimiyake, bolognaise, chicken sausage rolls and most of the sweet recipes I’ve tried. My 4yo is a hard nut to crack and despite my best efforts I’m still not having much luck. Hopefully there will be something in your new book that does the trick!!

  248. 258

    Kellie bailey said,

    I have 1 fussy child and I struggle to get nutrition into his diet. I’m hoping to win ur book so I can try new things and improve his nutrional intake in his diet

  249. 259

    I love the look of your book. I would love to try your recipes. They look very healthy and nutritious.

  250. 260

    Jen walters said,

    My 1year old daughter isn’t a fussy eater (yet?!), she will munch on raw beans while I finish her dinner. I struggle to think of different balanced meals to give her a variety of tastes and textures that she can manage as she gets her molars. A friend introduced me to your books and I made the vegetarian bolognaise tonight. It was just delicious, and accepted after two nights of refusing to eat much! Great job!

  251. 261

    Simone said,

    Your post was shared by a friend – i dont have any of your books (i cant’t lie hehe). I do however have a toddler who gave up eating broccoli (and other veg) like its a lollipop momths ago….help πŸ™‚

  252. 262

    Kate Nicholson said,

    The favourite around here is the 1/2 cup lunchbox fruit slice. So easy my hubby even bakes it (since he is the one that keeps eating it all :-p)

  253. 263

    Mel C said,

    Wow 263! No chance there, but I am standing in the kitchen making beef triangles for the lunchbox EVERYDAY! What I enjoy even more than making beef triangles;) is that I can make the recipes my own and your un-pretentious honest way of writing. Bravo!

  254. 264

    Felicity Jenkins said,

    To be completely honest I don’t think I have ever tried a veggie smugglers recipe! I have heard about them though…ALOT! I have a 2.5 & 1.5year old and dinner time is without any doubt my least favourite time of the day, it makes me cringe…somedays it brings me to tears. Now just to top it off with the dreaded cold and flu season on top of us I am desperate to get as many veggies as I possibly can into their little bodies! If you were to pick me for this amazing giveaway you would be doing me a massive favour and hopefully changing that last heated sprint towards the finish line (AKA Bedtime) at the end of everyday a nice calm stroll.

  255. 265

    Tanya Clarke said,

    My son is just starting to leave his vegies on the plate of an evening. I’d love some ideas for vegie smuggling.

  256. 266

    Vanessa said,

    Hi Wendy,

    I purchased your first book after seeing a review in an issue of Practical parenting magazine. I was so impressed, I also purchased your Vegie Smugglers 2 when that was released.
    I have made many of your recipes, but the favourite in our house are the individual meat loaves…..I sometimes use turkey or pork mince in place of the beef mince for variety.
    My vegie-phobic son used to try to pick out “the green bits” but once his hunger took over and he actually tasted them, he just gobbled it all up!
    It was a very satisfying thing to watch……
    We have them at least once a week !!
    Would love to win a copy of your latest book to add to my Vegie Smuggler Cookbook collection !

  257. 267

    Cassie said,

    Asian chicken meatballs are so popular I have made them over and over, I cannot get enough and my 3.5yo who only eats sausages or sausage rolls loooved the “sausage balls” I cannot get over the fact he loved them even with the corriander which I think makes them!

  258. 268

    matt sullivan said,

    And so finally we’re here, well at this blog or website or where-ever I’m at; whilst I look at the hawk eyes of a veggie smuggler who has been using your books for so long beef pho is a regular in our house. And, yes for those of you reading this understand I mean the wife. I mean come on, how addicted can one woman be to this blog. Not only do we read the blog on our laptop, but her iPhone, my Tab3, the kids iPad and also my iPhone and now I’m forced to enter too via my email under the fear of serious reprisals. What do you win I say? What do you mean win she says! Have I will! what ever it takes.. then starts the rant, I’ve been reading.. this is going to be so good.. the third edition…. I’ll even turn lesbian if I have too she says to get one from Wendy. Come on, how hard can it be to get a veggie smugglers book I say. We use the other two for every blood meal! No Jamie Oliver round here. Apparently I work out that getting my MCC membership will be easier and I’ve been waiting 20 years. So, here I am; the husband of the most devouted veggie smugglers die hard I’ve ever seen. I have three heathy girls and a super wife, fantastic cooking and a green juice a day to show for it. So Wendy, if I or my wife don’t win this book, I need your home phone and address as I’m moving in, because I can’t stay here if we don’t. PS not sure if the three under 9 are coming too!l

    • 269

      matt sullivan said,

      ummmm….. “the wife” here (AKA amanda sullivan) I am slightly mortified at what hubby has typed here, but after hearing me speculating about signing up my 9 year old & 6 year old (with their school email accounts) to increase my chances, he apparently decided to take matters into his own hands.

      I may or may not have made mention of your book & my intense desire to win it, over the last few days, but I don’t believe the word ‘lesbian’ was uttered at any point.

      please excuse me while I go and crawl under a rock. 😝

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