The best recipes for busy parents

This is my cookbook collection. I'll be doing well to cook 3 recipes from each.

Here’s all my cookbooks. I haven’t even cooked once from each one.

Should you ever find yourself in the midst of a toilet-paper emergency (ie, there isn’t any), solve the deficit by grabbing your nearest cookbooks, tear the pages into strips and wipe your be-hind with those.

Why? Research has shown that people only cook an average of three recipes from each cookbook they own, meaning that there’s a good chance that the pages randomly ripped out won’t be crucial to your future.

Most certainly, my cookbooks are the exception, right? I’ll consider myself a success if you’ve whipped up 5 or 6 recipes from each of mine. However considering that most of my books are now ebooks, maybe reconsider using them for bog roll – your ipad might never be the same again afterwards. Although I’ve heard immersion in a bag of rice fixes most device misadventures.

Sadly there’s no research on recipe usage on websites. Possibly it’s the same, but a website is so much harder to flick through. To save you time, here are the three recipes that I cook from Vegie Smugglers the most often. And if you like these, you might want to check out all of my products, here.

Classic noodle & cabbage salad - a summer staple.

Classic noodle & cabbage salad – a summer staple.

Chicken & udon soup. Especially good after sickness or overindulgence.

Chicken & udon soup. Especially good after sickness or overindulgence.

Berry & oat muffins. Freezer & lunchbox friendly.

Berry & oat muffins. Freezer & lunchbox friendly.

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  1. 1

    Row Parker said,

    Those muffins look awesome will try them out tomorrow

  2. 2

    amanda sullivan said,

    hmmm… honestly it would be quicker to count the recipes we haven’t made from your hard copy books than the ones we have. (With only one so far not to our taste!)

    and while I do love these 3 gorgeous creations listed above WHERE ARE THE CHEESE PUFFS?! I cannot believe you did not include those tasty morsels of goodness! breakfast, lunch, dinner or snacks… we eat those babies at all times of the day & ALWAYS have a batch in the freezer. Yum!!
    however I best be off now; I need to whip up that noodle salad to take to a friends place (again) tomorrow….

  3. 6

    Katie said,

    I think I have cooked at least half the recipes for dinners in each book and keep going back to them. I don’t often make desserts so haven’t done many of those. I too have stacks of cookbooks but yours are my favourites 🙂

  4. 9

    it was hard to choose 3 so many of them are so yummy , but my son’s all-time favorite is hoisin hokkien noodles but without the shaoxing wine 2nd the vegie lasagne and 3rd teriyaki tofu noodles but with chicken instead of tofu

  5. 11

    rooey5 said,

    I absolutely adore your bookshelf seat!

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