What are you cooking this Christmas?

Gloriously home made good cheer.

Gloriously home made good cheer.

How are your kids faring in the lead up to Christmas? Mine are nearly jumping out of their skins with excitement. Me? Not so much. For the grown ups, it’s a bit more stressful, don’t you think? So much to do! So much to remember!

To negotiate it all with the minimum of fuss, I resort to LISTS. And I’m not embarrassed to admit that I’m a chronic planner. Long ago I learned that my brain is unreliable, so don’t be surprised to walk into my kitchen and find I’ve got a running sheet for Christmas day, which starts at the time we want to eat and works backwards all the way to what time I need to preheat the oven. Sure, it’s a bit uptight, but for me it means that I don’t have to think, just do, which I find easier after an early afternoon glass of bubbles!

My menu for Christmas day is nearly set. Is yours? I’ll love to see your recipe links and ideas. Shall we do a bit of recipe sharing? You all pop yours in the comments below and here’s what I’m cooking this year…

Christmas Eve – I get off lightly, just turning up to my side of the family with a green salad and the traditional pudding, which is already in the fridge, ready to go.

This year, the other side of the family is coming to our house for Christmas day. There are only 9 of us, so I can do the traditional lunch without too much trouble. I’ll serve a starter platter of good crackers with smoked salmon, capers, chives, and lemons. Freeform sounds good to me – everyone can compile their own morsels. (If you like these flavours, and want a more formal starter, check out this smoked salmon & cheese tart recipe – it’s REALLY good).

For main, it’s a roast turkey. I’m going to use this recipe from Taste. I tested the stuffing on a roast chook last weekend and it was delicious (I used sourdough breadcrumbs). On the side I’m thinking that this green salad with mango looks good and some hassle back potatoes.

For dessert, I’ll crumble meringues into parfait glasses, along with chunks of Christmas cake, ice cream and some poached cherries (I’ll cook them in a sugar syrup with vanilla & cinnamon).

To nibble afterwards? Well, it’s gotta be rumballs. My gorgeous granny used to make them and as soon as I pop one into my mouth I’m bombarded with happy memories of childhood and love.

A cuddle in a recipe.

A cuddle in a recipe.


1 packet plain biscuits (I like Milk Arrowroot)
395 g can condensed milk
1 cup desiccated coconut, plus ½ cup extra, for rolling
3 tbsp good-quality cocoa powder
3 tbsp rum

Line a plastic container with baking paper. Tear some extra sheets so that you can store layers of the balls easily.

Place the biscuits in a large plastic bag and use a rolling pin or your fist to smash them up into crumbs. Tip into a large mixing bowl.

Add the condensed milk, coconut, cocoa and rum. Stir to combine. Use your hands to roll bite-sized balls. Toss in the extra coconut and place in your container. Seal and refrigerate for 2 hours.



Wanting to buy Vegie Smugglers cookbooks as gifts? Make sure you place orders within the next couple of days – especially if you’re far flung. Of course e-books can be bought anytime – you’ll be sent an automated download link at the time of your purchase.

pps… **I’M ON HOLIDAY!**

After nearly 4 years of regular blogging, I need a break. The shop is still open and I’ll still be checking Facebook & emails, but to replenish my creative juices I’m taking a few weeks off (in the background I’ll be finishing off my new cookbook and Thermomix e-book).

Thanks to all of my regular readers – I hugely appreciate your ongoing support of this blog and my business! So have a wonderful Christmas, happy New Year and I’ll see you at some stage in January. xxx

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  1. 1

    Suz said,

    These look awesome! Do you have a “kids/alcohol free” version? Or, is it low enough alcohol that it would be ok for a child to have the odd one…?

    • 2

      wendyblume said,

      Maybe that was why I liked them so much as a kid? Got a bit tiddly eating them?

      I know you can buy rum essence, but I just stick with the booze. In Vegie Smugglers 2 I’ve got a good apricot ball recipe, which is also coated in coconut and is better for households that are more proper than mine… 😉

  2. 3

    Katie said,

    I’m doing slow cooked pressed pork belly (Gordon Ramsay recipe) with hasselback potatoes. I’d like to do some sort of cooked cabbage/apple side to go with it but have to find a recipe – I’d love a suggestion. I haven’t decided on dessert yet.

  3. 7

    Lisa Williams said,

    Thermomix ebook… Yay! I’m so excited about that! Please tell me that of the 9 on Christmas Day some people are bringing something to help you out…? We’re hosting Christmas Eve for my side this year and everyone will bring something. Hubby wants to do a pork belly and I’m going to be making the most of my first Xmas with a thermomix – spinach dip, beetroot salad, brandy sauce, green beans with a pesto sauce and more to be decided! On Xmas day we are in charge of the non alcoholic punch and zucchini slice – I’ll be finding that recipe on your website I hope 🙂

    • 8

      wendyblume said,

      nah, we all bring something christmas eve, but people are travelling to me Christmas day, so I’ll put everything on. It’s the pay off for not spending two hours on the freeway!

      Your menu is sounding delish!

  4. 9

    katie poli said,

    happy christmas!! enjoy the silly season 🙂 thanks for another fabulous year of posts – i think your quote of the year involved a thermomix felating a husband… still has me giggling 🙂

    • 10

      wendyblume said,

      awwww! you too Katie! Enjoy that new baby of yours! Is all going well?

      My husband is still frightened by that comment.

      • 11

        katie poli said,

        All is going swimmingly… if that’s what you call me rocking in a corner wondering what possessed us to decide three children was a good idea! 🙂 It’s very busy! All jokes aside, aside from a bit of colic he is a pretty cruisy bub and the other two are besotted with him so life is good 🙂

      • 12

        katie poli said,

        oh, and xmas menu-wise, i’ve managed to pull the new baby card this year so we aren’t hosting, hurrah! 🙂 therefore, i’m throwing myself in charge of all things sugary, so am currently planning gingerbread xmas tree cookie stacks, mini plum puddings (ie teeny boiled fruit cakes with white choc melted on top and fondant leaves/berries), a real plum pudding with hard sauce, and banoffee slice 😀

      • 13

        wendyblume said,

        Is that ALL you’re going to do! You make me laugh! Really glad to hear that your boy is going well. I love my boy – he brings me joy every day. Have a great Christmas. Xx

      • 14

        katie poli said,

        hehe, and that’s not to mention the cookies in a jar (http://www.taste.com.au/recipes/22549/abbys+cookies+in+a+jar) i’m going to make for all my inlaws to add to their presents this year! i don’t do things by halves 🙂 have a wonderful festive season xox

  5. 15

    Leigh McGregor said,

    Hi, d u think I could use Brandy if stead of Rum? 🙂

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