Here’s what to eat this week…


Start vegetarian, and keep it quick and simple with these vegie bites. Serve them with store-bought dips and some vegetable dippers…

Vegie dots

These vegie dots hide four-bean mix and zucchini!

The dots are quick to make, so while they’re in the oven, get ready for busier days ahead by also whipping up a double batch of this goulash…

vege smugglers beef goulash

Serve this goulash on pasta, top with peas & sour cream.

Divide half into containers and freeze it, that way you’ve got one dinner already ready for next week (HOW AWESOME ARE YOU!)


Working today? Either you can eat the rest of the goulash, or whip up this quick dinner…

Tuna quesadillas

Tuna quesadillas, most of the ingredients are in your pantry.


Back home today? But out for swimming this arvo? Make this pizza sauce ahead, then whip up pita bread pizzas when you get home. Pop them in the oven and by the time you’ve got the kids into their PJs, dinner is deliciously ready and waiting.

This recipe makes plenty - freeze some of this too.

This recipe makes plenty – freeze some of this too.


Usually I’m not in the mood for cooking on a Friday, but maybe whip up some cheese puffs and serve them with some meat patties. All very quick and easy.

Vegie Smugglers cheese puffs recipe

Delicious hot, also great for snacks the next day.

Rissoles with yummy stuff smuggled inside!

These lamb patties also freeze well for 2-3 months.


You’ve worked hard this week. Head out tonight. Or get dad to cook. Or get takeaway. And pour wine.


Make it a family feast. Serve this roast chicken and cous cous salad. Maybe finish off with an apple crumble. Gorgeous!

Roast chicken is always a winner.

Roast chicken always has a sense of occasion.

Apple and pear's make this crumble totally healthy, right?

Apple and pear makes this crumble totally healthy, right?

And there you have it – a delicious week of meals. All are easy to cook and full of healthy ingredients. While you’re sitting back feeling smug with yourself, make sure you take the time to enter my Kambrook giveaway – I’ve got combined slow cooker/pressure cooker on offer! Entries close this Thursday, so hurry!

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  1. 1

    Natalie said,

    Love this! Just pinned the pizza sauce, perfect way to smuggle, thank you!

  2. 2

    Beth said,

    Thank you!

  3. 4

    meatpopsicle said,

    This looks great! Even I can probably manage to cook the quesadillas 🙂

  4. 5

    Barbara Good said,

    I know this post is a bit old now, but I remembered it when it was first posted and needed a menu plan I didn’t have to think about. We’ve just moved house to a whole new part of the state, out of the city, and just finding where everything is (ie good supermarket, green grocer and butcher) was enough of a challenge. So this week we’re going Veggie Smuggling all the way – except Miss Four insisted on tacos (her favourite) instead of the pizza. Managed to find a great supermarket and green grocer (super cheap too), but the good butcher alluded me. The one I went to didn’t do lamb mince or any type of chicken, so I have a mission for the week. Thanks for the menu and I’ll let you know how they go down with my sometimes finicky two and four year olds.

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