May giveaway time

Quinoa salad, made Mr M&P friendly with SAUSAGE.

Quinoa salad, made Mr M&P-friendly with SAUSAGE.

Forget the bowlo meat raffle – this month my giveaway PUTS IT TO SHAME. The Peppercorn Food Company are giving one Vegie Smugglers reader the chance to have the ultimate meat-fest with a prize pack crammed full of their sausages, rissoles and meatloaves.

They sent me a pack a few weeks back and it was good to remember that sometimes beef sausages taste like beef and pork ones taste like pork etc etc. I baked a beef meatloaf and we ate it sliced thin and cold on sandwiches, the pork one was cut up and chucked through fried rice. Some of the sausages were yummy on my quinoa salad (pic above, but I’m still tweaking the salad recipe) and the Italian ones were great in this sausage goulash. Don’t be scared of such a daggy sounding dish – it was a huge hit with the kids and anything that cooks in one pot is always a huge hit with me, too.

To enter, just comment below and let us know how you like to cook sausages for your family. Make sure you’re a Vegie Smugglers subscriber and also swing by the Peppercorn Food Facebook page (tell them I sent you).

Please note, that since the prize is perishable and needs careful refrigeration, the winner needs to lives in the Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide or Perth metro areas. Entries close 8pm AST, Sunday May 26. ***CONGRATULATIONS TO OUR WINNER DABECS! NICE SUGGESTIONS ABOUT A GREAT SAUSAGE & PASTA RECIPE. HOPE YOU ENJOY YOUR MEGA MEAT TRAY!

Not too daggy for hungry kids.

Not too daggy for hungry kids.

Sausage goulash (no truly)

Usually in these saucy dishes, I’ll grate the carrot and zucchini, but I don’t recommend it here as it makes the texture a bit weird.

8 Peppercorn Food Italian sausages, thickly sliced (or if slicing raw sausage grosses you out, cook them whole and slice afterwards – takes longer but same result).
1 brown onion, diced
2 sticks celery, finely diced
1 large carrot, peeled, finely diced
3 cloves garlic, minced
5-6 button mushrooms, very finely diced
1 zucchini, finely diced (peeled first if your kids hate green bits)
1/2 red capsicum, finely diced
1 1/2 tsp sweet paprika
800g can crushed tomatoes
1 tbsp brown sugar
Handful green beans, top & tailed & cut into 3cm lengths

Heat a large saucepan over medium heat. Add the sliced sausage and cook, stirring regularly for 10 minutes or so until cooked through. Remove and set aside.

Add in the onion, carrot and celery and saute for a few minutes, stirring regularly. Add in the garlic for another minute then also add the mushrooms, zucchini and capsicum. Cook the vegies, stirring constantly for another couple of minutes until they are all softening down nicely.

Scatter over the paprika. Stir and cook until fragrant (about 30 seconds). Return the sausages to the pan then carefully pour over the tomatoes. Rinse out the can with about 1/4 cup of water and add that along with the sugar. Stir well. Bring to a simmer, turn the heat to low, cover and leave simmering away for about 5 minutes.

Remove the lid, add the beans. Taste and add pepper if you fancy it. Simmer for another couple of minutes then serve on pasta.

Serves 2 adults and 4 kids.

89 Responses so far »

  1. 1

    Dianna said,

    I love cooking sausages on the BBQ for my family.There is something always great about BBQ food that is usually eaten out in the fresh air with friends where everyone is having a good time 🙂

  2. 2

    Meg Parker said,

    BBQ in summer & slow cooker in winter! Very diverse!!

  3. 3

    Marnie said,

    Sausages and gravy with mashed potato and vegies. YUM!!

  4. 4

    Jodie Parke said,

    I love devilled sausages using the recipe from the ‘Frills in the Hills’ blog served with mashed potatoes and veges.

  5. 5

    Nicola said,

    Sausages mash and beans. Or a good old English Toad in the hole and gravy. Yummmmmmmmmmm!

  6. 6

    Mel said,

    Sausage curry is our favourite, big, fat pork sausages with a tin of Malaysian curry sauce, peas, corn and carrots yummo!

  7. 7

    Danielle said,

    We love a sausage and onion sandwich – always a winner. Also like to do a sausage and vegetable bake, or use them to make homemade sausage rolls!

  8. 8

    Tinkbell said,

    My gorgeous boys love sausages (especially Peppercorn sausages as they are gluten free). They love their snags with mashed potato, peas, corn and BBQ sauce.

  9. 9

    Amanda said,

    This is probably going to sound wierd, but I liked them steamed. I have a thermomix and I cook the sausages in the varoma/steamer on top while I have beef stock with onion, mushroom & garlic cooking in the bottom to make gravy with. The thing with steaming them is that if you make a shallow slice along the sausage the skin comes off while they’re cooking as well – I don’t like skin on sausages with it’s natural or artificial.

  10. 10

    dabecs said,

    My girls love sausage pasta. I make a pasta sauce with pasata, rosemary, oregano, garlic, onion and grated zucchini and carrot and then add sliced cooked Italian (or regular) snags and mix through pasta. Sprinkle with cheese – yum:)

  11. 11

    Loren Hull said,

    Sausages cooked on the BBQ on a crunchy roll with tomato sauce and lettuce

  12. 12

    Fiona webb said,

    Hi,my family love to eat sausages cooked on the BBQ. This is a great summer evening meal with the children running around outside in the late evening and our teenage/young adults can chat together in a relaxed manner.
    Winter sees us cooking sausage pasta bake by the warmth of the fire.
    Followed by hot chocolate and marshmallows. Yum.

  13. 13

    dabecs said,

    My girls love sausage pasta. I make a sauce with pastas, rosemary, oregano, garlic, onion and some grated zucchini and carrots then add in slices of cooked Italian (or regular) snags. Toss through some cooked pasta and some cheese – yum:)

  14. 15

    Philippa said,

    Due to simple (ie fussy) tastes if my child we tend to have sausages with tomato sauce and freshly made wedges. For me personally though I prefer the bangers, mash and gravy route

  15. 16

    Caroline said,

    Our family likes then in a risotto with peas, mushrooms and parmesan cheese. Yum!

  16. 17

    Chrissie said,

    We love our sausage salad… bed of spinach, roasted pumpkin (or butternut or sweet potato) and roasted beetroot, cut sausages with some goats cheese and sunflower seeds. yum yum yum.

  17. 18

    We love the simple & easy sausages, mashed potato and gravy. I try to mix other vegies like pumpkin in the mash for the toddler, but hubby just goes crazy for sausages, potato and gravy. Fine by me – simplest meal!!

  18. 19

    Joanne said,

    I use the pressure cooker to make a Moroccan ‘stew’ of beans, tomato, onion, garlic, cumin, parsley, lamb stock with lamb herb and garlic sausages… Yum!!

  19. 20

    Susan said,

    My boys love their sausages with mash, corn and tomato sauce but we also use them sliced on homemade pizza. Delish!

  20. 21

    Katie said,

    I cook sausages pretty much every way except just on their own. Usually because they don’t have much flavour I put the in stews, curries, pasta and I usually have a batch cooked and frozen to take as finger food on toddler picnics. My 3 year old will do pretty much anything for a sausage. ..

  21. 22

    Leah McGinley said,

    We love the good old fashioned sausage sizzle with good quality sausages!

  22. 23

    Penny said,

    Definely curried sausages in the slow cooker here, we love them and the kids love them!

  23. 24

    Bella said,

    Toad in the Hole with a huge serving peas all swimming in onion gravy. Its even better with some wholegrain mustard in the batter mixture. Might have to plan on cooking it next week if this cold weather keeps up.

  24. 25

    Nicky Haywood said,

    We love sausage mash and onions with gorgeous brown gravy BUT lat night I made curried sausages – oh YUMMO! I korma paste, grated apple, onion with lamb sausages. We had it with brown rice and peas. DELISH! xx

  25. 26

    Wendy, my favourite Sausage Recipe is Curried Sausages, but my husband actually makes it! So that makes it even more likable! But here is the kicker…it is Indian style not one whiff of Curry Powder in sight…it’s really good! Email me if you want the recipe 🙂

  26. 27

    ANBA said,

    We like sausage pasta salad with bbq’d sausages of any kind, then whatever veggies are available, usually something like capsicum, cherry tomatoes, corn, mushrooms, basil. Lemon & olive oil dressing. Keeps my pasta-addicted husband and 3 year old plus my carnivore self happy 🙂

  27. 28

    Becca Caldwell said,

    With a house of boys hot dogs are a favourite

  28. 29

    Melissa said,

    Nothing better than a sausage in bread with sauce. A token salad or 2 makes for a balanced meal that the whol family can enjoy!

  29. 30

    Tina Rose said,

    There are quite a few ways we like our snags, but the most popular in our house is hot off the barbie straight on to some bread with fried onion and tomato sauce.

  30. 31

    susie venkat said,

    We used to go the simple route of bangers & mash & onion gravy & greens (probably peas); but I’ve since discovered sausage stew, sausage fried rice & sausages in the slow cooker – All good! Hubby & kids love a ‘Bunnings’ sausage! (Yeah – all right then – I love one too – its the smell – just at lunchtime/or snack time – that gets you).

  31. 32

    Mel said,

    I love good old bangers and mash, especially when the weather starts to cool down. As a fancy summery/autumn meal I like to bake the sausages with red onion and red grapes, then toss through baby spinach for something a bit lighter.

  32. 33

    Petra Chambers said,

    Baked in the oven and then the leftovers with tomato sauce on fresh white bread the next day 🙂

  33. 34

    Peta said,

    Can’t beat a sausage on the barbie!

  34. 35

    Joanne Arrowsmith said,

    In Winter we love experimenting with our sausages in the slow cooker – had a yummy curry sausage crockpot with apple & pasta last week…..mmmmm now I’m hungry!!!

  35. 36

    Rosa Frattura-Gaunson said,

    I love to make curried sausages – mmmm

  36. 37

    Karinda said,

    I just discovered coconut curry sausages.. I loved them!! the Kids devoured them! Yum Yum Yum!

  37. 38

    caroline said,

    My kids love sausages with mashed potato, gravy, yorkshire puddings and vegetables.

  38. 39

    Jane Collins said,

    I love making sausage rolls with good quality sausages. Squeeze from their skins and add cooked chopped onion and grated carrots, breadcrumbs, egg, splash of soy sauce and mix well. Use puff pastry to roll up the sausage mixture and voila – home-made gourmet sausage rolls!!

  39. 40

    I love to slow cook them in gravy and onion and serve them with lots of mash potatoes. Its a family favourite! my two sons and husband just love it (me too)!

  40. 41

    Kath Leddy said,

    Good quality sausages That I turn into curried sausages and serve with rice.. Yummo

  41. 42

    Jules Shearer said,

    We love pork sausages fried up,sliced and covered in curry sauce with some Jasmine rice,yummo.

  42. 43

    Lisa Callanan said,

    My family loves my Dutch Curry and Rice sausages!! I grew up with my Mum making them and now I make them for my family.

  43. 44

    Jenny H said,

    Our butcher makes delicious sundried tomato and cheese flavoured sausages and they taste equally as good on the bbq or in a sausage casserole.

  44. 45

    Jess said,

    I make my English husband the classic English dish, Toad in the Hole. I know it sounds weird however it’s delish. It’s basically sausages baked into a big Yorkshire pudding. Serve with whatever you like however I do steamed veg and homemade gravy. Yum! Plenty of good recipes for this on google.

  45. 46

    janecollins77 said,

    I love making sausage rolls from good-quality sausages. Squeeze from the skin and add cooked chopped onion and grated carrot, breadcrumbs, splash of soy, and egg and combine. Wrap in puff pastry and cook – tastes delicious!

  46. 47

    Sandra James said,

    sausages on the bbq in summer, with fresh bread, onion and a bit of tomato sauce. a family favourite.

  47. 48

    Sharon said,

    Sausages baked in the oven is the least hassle free dinner option!

  48. 49

    Gaby said,

    If they aren’t cooked for a BBQ, I make sausage and bean hot pot which is fantastic on a cold winters night.

  49. 50

    Natalie A said,

    Curried sausages & mash……or cheats sausage rolls in the lunch box (wrap a sausage in some puff pastry, bake till coooked & throw it in the lunchbox with a sauce dip)

  50. 51

    mummytan said,

    My kids love curried sausages, I’ve taken to grating up sweet potato and carrot into the curry sauce and serving it with Cous Cous and have been so happy that Mr 2 and 4 are loving it! (The sauce without the sausage doubles as a delicious soup for my lunch lol)

  51. 52

    Kristy Chromicky said,

    It’s really boring but I like devilled sausages, plus they have the added bonus that my brats will actually eat them.

  52. 53

    Michelle wilkinson said,

    Love banger and mash, or curried sausages love it

  53. 54

    Natalie Stoute said,

    Sausages totally rock in our house! With two fussy meat eaters, quality meat sausages are an essential in our household for iron and protein intake. We enjoy ‘saussies’ in pasta, stir-fries, casseroles, and the big fave is sausages in onion gravy with cabbage and potato mash. Of course a dog in a bun with some dead horse is a huge hit too! Thanks for a meaty giveaway :P)

  54. 55

    Meg said,

    My all time favourite just has to be an AMAZING hot dog (nothing less than amazing).. beautiful fresh baguette, lovely caramelised onions, tomato sauce, some English mustard and a bit of rocket and of course a juicy delish sausage!! Really how a hot dog should be.

  55. 56

    You’ve almost stolen my recipe, but I take the time-short way. I get some yummy sausages, guess who makes a lot of the sausages I buy :), fry them up partially whole, and then cut into bite sized pieces. Once nicely browned all over, I tip in a jar of my favourite pasta sauce. While this is warming through and the sausages cooking further, I make up a pot of whatever pasta is sitting in my cupboard, usually penne or shells, and once they are done, I tip them into the sausage and sauce mixture, mix together and serve….yummo and soooooo easy, and bonus is I can easily send a serve off to school for Miss 6 and I know she will eat her lunch 🙂
    Of course, you can make your own sauce, add your own extras, use whatever sausage you want….the end taste is always different

  56. 57

    Genevieve French said,

    I love using sausages in the vegie smugglers fried rice with sausages recipe. It’s a huge hit with my two hungry young boys. And my husband loves it too!

  57. 58

    Tanika said,

    My daughter and I enjoy making curried sausages in big batches and freezing them for easy to go dinners during the week when things get hectic. We love experimenting with the various flavoured ones too, this week we have tomato, onion and sweet potato beef sausages. Yummo!

  58. 59

    Lisa Z said,

    My kids and hubby love bangers and mash, with hidden mushrooms in the gravy! (and you can make it in the thermomix 😉

  59. 60

    Anna Lloyd said,

    Baked, with caramelised red onions, garlic, cherry tomatoes, basil. Served with crusty bread (and real butter) to soak up the balsamic jus! Winner

  60. 61

    Diana said,

    I like the lemongrass sausages, just popped on the barbie, served with an Asian coleslaw or light summer salad with mango.

  61. 62

    Anna said,

    Even since having made VS ‘Smiley Face’ there is no better way in our house (especially since my 3yo has been on a medically prescribed gluten free diet so we can’t do a good ol’ sausage sizzle in bread with sauce)!

  62. 63

    Liss Baggoley said,

    My friend made us a dinner with sausages, tomatoes, capsicum, mushrooms and rice, hubby declared he wished he was married to her! Maybe I’d give my friends recipe a go!

  63. 64

    Jill said,

    We do sausages and beans in winter- not too different to your recipe. One of the kid’s favourites is sausage and egg salad – whatever salad ingredients are to hand, sliced cooked sausages, sliced hard boiled eggs and a dressing made from anchovies, garlic, lemon juice and oil. Always disappears !

  64. 65

    Suzaan said,

    Cooked over open fire, just give sausages that awesome smoky flavour and taste, yummm mouth watering!!

  65. 66

    Melissa said,

    You can’t beat a BBQ’d sausage with potato bake!! Yum

  66. 67

    Michelle S said,

    Love to cook sausages on the BBQ – no fuss and the meal is always eaten!

  67. 68

    Clementine said,

    I love to roast my sausages in the oven. Chop up half a dozen sausages, and pop into a large baking dish, along with chopped up pumpkin, onion and sweet potato and rip apart half a loaf of bread, then sprinkle a little bit of paprika and sea salt and drizzle a little bit of olive oil over everything and toss. Then once everything has been roasted, make a salsa to serve over the top.

  68. 69

    Kel said,

    I do my sausages in the oven, I find they cook more evenly and don’t end up with charcoal bits 🙂 Then with the leftovers, my favourite thing to make is toad in a hole with tomato sauce

  69. 70

    Kristen said,

    Easy (and yummy) sausages for us are done in the slow cooker – throw in a can of diced tomato + diced eggplant + chopped mushrooms or even some diced sweet potato, throw the sausages on top, cook on low for 5 – 6 hours, serve with couscous. Sausages all get eaten but there is generally leftover sauce, which is great for using on pizza or over pasta.

  70. 71

    Anna Lloyd said,

    Baked, with caramelised onions, garlic, cherry tomatoes and basil. Served with crunchy bread and butter to soak up the balsamic glaze. Winner!

  71. 72

    katie said,

    sausages are always a hit over here… my kids love them plain (i poach them then fry them off at the end) but we also do them baked with tomatoes, red onion, herbs and garlic.

  72. 73

    CrystalB said,

    Curried sausages here. Made nice and mild for the kids with some carrot and other veges thrown in.

  73. 74

    Megan said,

    Our fave are yiros flavoured sausages, pan fried with veges

  74. 75

    womblywoo said,

    I like to cook Sausages in onion gravy, just like my mother used to make.

  75. 76

    Rebecca said,

    My kids love sausages with veggies or salad. Simple easy dinner for those busy nights. With winter here will have to try slow cooker sausages.

  76. 77

    Raelene Sutton said,

    We are pretty simple over here. Pan fried sausages with sauteed mushroom, onion and garlic on the side and steamed vegies like carrots and broccoli.

  77. 78

    Belinda said,

    I just cooked with Peppercorn sausages last night! My favourite way is a tray bake Рsaut̩ed onion & garlic. Then add in a cup of stock & slightly reduce. Add in any flavour of sausages you like, along with halved baby potatoes, chopped capsicum, a punnet of cherry tomatoes, a handful of olives some rosemary & lemon zest. Cook in the oven at 180 for about 40 mins Рor until the veg & sausages are cooked through.
    Absolutely Yum!!

  78. 79

    Kristy Spiegl said,

    We love our sausages on the BBQ! In our gluten free house they come off the barbie, get popped in corn tortillas and wrapped up with salad and various sauces depending on which family member is eating them. Sausage hotpots, curries and various bakes often appear through winter as well. A good quality sausage meal never goes astray in my home…. Or the park, beach etc!

  79. 80

    Kathryn C said,

    We love sausages in our household! I love to bake them in the oven cut up into small chunks cooked together with yummy crisp potatoes and pipped black Spanish olives.

  80. 81

    Laura Evanson said,

    Being English and needing any excuse to eat Yorkshire Pudding, my favourite would have to be toad in the hole. I do also love using them to add flavour to other dishes, like chicken casserole.

  81. 82

    Teigan said,

    I have a few was I use sausages but my sons favourite (as well as my fab as he doesn’t notice the veggies I’ve popped in) is a sausage pot pie.

  82. 83

    Yvette McDonald said,

    We had the peppercorn sausages for lunch with rissoles too on the BBQ – just lovely!

  83. 84

    Jo Judson said,

    These are the only beef sausages we use!! Love the number of vege’s hidden inside and we eat the beef burgers at least once a week. I have to say we are very plain in how we cook them either BBQ or flash pan and in the oven. But they are the biggest hit in our household and the only guaranteed eatable. We have just converted the neighbours and their food challenged children 🙂

  84. 85

    Annmarie Henriks said,

    I was brought up with sausages, mash, vegies and gravy. I love it !

  85. 86

    Gillian Harridge said,

    Love making sausages in puff pastry,they come out of the oven looking and tasting delish!

  86. 87

    Fiona Lane said,

    We cook sausages with everything from baked beans & pineapple pieces served on rice (lazy sweet & sour) to on a plate with mashed potato & steamed vegies. Snags are so versatile!

  87. 88

    dabecs said,

    Thanks so much! Can’t wait to try the Peppercorn range:)

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