“Dull women have immaculate homes.” True or false?

For those of us who love a little visit to Officeworks.

A gift today, for those of us who get excited at Kikki K.

I read the other day that “Dull women have immaculate homes.” Which seems a little harsh on those of us who don’t mind a bit of order amongst the chaos of daily family life. There seems no harm in finding joy in a bit of neatness when it’s such a hard-won feat.

Although more accurate in my house would be, “Organised women used to have moth problems in their pantry.” Which is why I went a bit crazy a couple of months back finally getting everything into containers. Throwing packets of food away was depressing, and endless moth traps, while fascinating for the kids, weren’t such a source of joy for me.

As you can see, I store a few things in glass, but most of my pantry is BPA-free plastics. Please don’t e-lecture me about the evils of it – for someone as clumsy as myself, it’s a blessing. There’s only so much shattered glass that I can clean up (and stand in) in a year. If you are more co-ordinated than myself and are a glass-only household, then I wish you well and let’s leave it at that.

Luckily these cute labels will help keep things ship-shape no matter what your jar. Sure, you know what brown sugar looks like, but if you’re going to bother organising all this stuff, why not make it look as pretty as hell. It only takes a few minutes to print them out and stick them on.

See! Not dull, just making the mundane more interesting.

See! Not dull, just making the mundane more interesting.

When I had ingredients out to bake yesterday, I was LOVING MYSELF SICK. Besides, you can jot down the use-by dates on the back of the label, blue-tack it on and just admire yourself for being so damn together.

Download the 3-page pantry labels PDF here.


And if you like these, you’ll also like my printable shopping list.

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  1. 1

    Elly said,

    The other day while in the newsagent there was a magnet with a clean household shows a wasted life …. I would rather a clean household than have sickness, etc. Dull women how is that defined and by who well they can stick it ….. in truth I believe the article to be a reflection of the author. Thanks for all your hard work!

  2. 2

    Evie said,

    I’ve seen that quote and it actually irritates me! I love a sense if order with a little flexibility of course. I hope no one thinks I’m dull because of it.

    My pantry is a mixture of plastic, glass and those very handy ikea clips. Whatever works for you I say! Life with kids can be challenging enough.

    Love the labels, very cute and can’t wait to print mine out.

  3. 4

    Kim said,

    Wow – this was meant to be! We have finally rid ourselves recently of the dreaded pantry moth (oh what an endless battle!) only to be replaced by mice – we’ve caught 5 in 3 days! Ive had enough & everything in the pantry is going in plastic……. and these labels are perfect 🙂 thank you………

    • 5

      Twinnies mummy said,

      Hahaha! I had to eat my words about 4 weeks after commenting on how ‘anal’ a picture of a neatly labeled plastic container pantry was! My pantry is now a plastic container convention after I got pantry moth about 4 years ago!

  4. 6

    Kate Fitzpatrick said,

    I have one word for you all – Tupperware!! 😊

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