Freezer pleasers for a happy Term 2

Rhyming is big at VSHQ at the moment. Splat the flat rat yo brat attack. Good times, great rhymes etc etc. You get the idea, it feels as though I’ve emerged from the top of the Faraway Tree into rhyming couplet-land. There is no “let’s watch The Voice”, straightforward-style chat, more “It’s a great choice, to watch the Voice” type banter.

I suspect it comes with the extra time that school holidays bring. You know, there’s time to ponder such frivolous things and plan your next sentence. AS IF we have time to built poetry into our day during term time.

To help you navigate the upcoming chaos with ease and if you have a day spare (ie, in NSW, one of the two student-free days), why don’t you whip up some batches of these recipes. Pop them in your freezer, defrost whenever you need an easy dinner or a lunchbox treat and you’ll be so organised throughout Term 2 that you’ll have time, for rhymes so fine that kids divine will eat, not whine.


My kids love these so much, they don't care about what's inside.

Freeze individually and an instant healthy dinner is ready to go.

End the war with a stockpile of mash in the freezer.

Same goes here – frozen portions instantly add vegies to a basic dinner.

A sausage roll that Sam Kekovich would approve of.

Freeze these raw, then defrost and cook as normal.

These honey jumbles are from the new VS e-book.

These honey jumbles are from the new VS e-book.

And so's this muffin recipe, freeze, then add them into lunchboxes.

And so’s this muffin recipe, freeze, then add them into lunchboxes.

All the best for Term 2.

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  1. 1

    Yes, back to school and back to trying to be organised. The veggie mash looks great and it’s one I’ll definitely be able to get my kids to eat. Love that you can freeze this into individual portions for those times when after school activities require something quick and easy.

  2. 3

    lulu said,

    What are the pastry things in the middle pic? They look unreal! I want one now lol.

  3. 5

    Vicki O'Neill said,

    …..And Mummy can sit down and have a little wine! It ain’t no crime! I’m pretty sure it’s Wine Time. And ain’t it fine? !! Hehehe 😉

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