A giveaway from Lunchboxes with Love!

This month’s competition is courtesy of the fabulous and inspiring Cath at Lunchboxes with Love. She was an early Vegie Smugglers supporter, supplying me with props for my Lunchbox Planner e-book. We’ve been in touch ever since and I love watching her business grow. Go Cath!

Here’s what you can win…

All this could be yours!

All this could be yours!

β€’ Sleek design, black Zippered Sleeve. Insulated, water-resistant and food safe (no lead, BPA, PVC etc). Rrp $30.
β€’ Bento-style Primary Lunchbox Set. Versatile, compact, and easy to clean (microwave & dishwasher safe). Pack and stack the containers in the fridge the night before. Store neatly in the cupboard when not in use. RRP $30.
β€’ 10 Various Styled Leaf Picks. Gorgeous little picks to create a garden in your lunch. RRP $16.
β€’ Luv It! cutter that quickly cuts food into small bites, complete with a matching popper that instantly pops out fun shaped pieces – hands are clean, food is untouched. RRP $16.

See full details of all the products here.

With so much AWESOME, your kids will be eating up every little scrap of their lunches. Especially once you start whipping up recipes from my new ebook, “10 quickbakes plus 10 sandwich spreads”, which will be available in a day or two.

To be eligible to win all of these items from Lunchboxes with Love, you must be an Australian-based Vegie Smugglers subscriber, then, simply comment below on the items that are most popular in your kids’ lunchboxes. Inspire us all!

Entries close Monday April 22 at 5pm AET.


And of course, visit Cath at www.lunchboxeswithlove.com or at her totally popular Facebook page.

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  1. 1

    i have made your beetroot and choc brownies and they went down a treat! tho instead of cutting them in squares i put the mix in a biger pan and made it thinner cooked it for less then with some small shaped cutters than my nan gave me cut out little shapes.my 2yr old poppy loved the butterflies that i cut out for her!!!! and my 11yr old wanted them in her lunch too!!!!

  2. 2

    Ruth said,

    Wow – thanks for an awesome giveaway. My girls are particularly keen on boiled eggs in their lunchboxes at the moment, and my youngest asks for a turkey wrap every day since she discovered she had a passion for turkey on Christmas Day! Easy peasy!

  3. 3

    Meghan said,

    For us the most popular item is cherry tomatoes!

  4. 4

    melanie w said,

    I made my children zucchini slice for their lunchbox for the first time this week it was a smash hit so much so they wanted it for lunch again the next day! i always put in some sort of fruit muffin or banana and date loaf, they love rice crackers, rice cakes and dried fruit. Their school has alot of restrictions as to what they can have in their lunchboxes because of allergies and their healthy eating system so it can get hard to keep it interesting but thankfully my bunch like to try most things i make and im always making something :0)

  5. 5

    Sarah said,

    My boys are too little for lunchboxes yet but at home we often have a little sample plate for lunch with things like cheese, beetroot, tomato, cucumber, sandwich triangle, crackers, or cheese puffs. The boys both love these sorts of lunches

  6. 6

    Fiona said,

    Boiled eggs with different faces drawn on the shell, small thermos pot with steamed rice with Japanese “sprinkles” sausage rolls I think I saw on this site with brown lentils added to veg and turkey mince, homemade pizza scrolls, carrot sticks and crackers with pot of cream cheese dip ( made with cream cheese yogurt, garlic and herbs from garden) oh and vegemite and cucumber sandwiches if nothing in the fridge!

  7. 7

    Simone said,

    I make carrot or banana cake in my Thermo, then freeze them. I put them in the kiddies lunch box frozen and by recess they are fresh and ready to eat. Kids love them..

  8. 8

    Sarah Stow said,

    My daughter isn’t fond of sandwiches so I tend to “deconstruct” the sandwich with vegetable sticks, a cheese wedge and bread and butter.

  9. 9

    My kids love raw vegies and fruit from celery, carrot, cauliflower and they just cant get enough of blueberries

  10. 10

    Natural New Age Mum said,

    My daughter adores your cheese puffs – she makes them gluten free and adds lots of veges !

  11. 11

    Claire Bailey said,

    All you need to do is at the bottom of the email click where it says “Unsubscribe or change your email settings at Manage Subscriptions.” As Wendy said before it’s not something she can manage, it is done by the mailing list provider.

  12. 12

    wendyblume said,

    Hi Leigh, yes, you just have to unsubscribe, possibly you need to do it from your PC not your phone? Sorry, really don’t know how to help you.

  13. 13

    Claire Bailey said,

    I don’t seem to be able to put the same thing in the lunch box for more than a few times before he stops eating it and says he doesn’t like it, even if he hasn’t had it for more than a week. Except plums, he has been asking for them for morning tea every day for the last month.

  14. 14

    Tanya said,

    Kids sushi rolls. They are bite sized and perfect for little fingers, look downright impressive and the kids love em!

  15. 15

    Penny said,

    My kids love cherry tomatoes, blueberries. If they’re lucky I make them banana and blueberry pancakes but they also seem to love a vegemite and avocado sandwich

  16. 16

    Jerolina Rankin said,

    Caterpillar bread, home made bread made of hotdogs, homemade tomato sauce (with what ever veggies you can hide in the sauce) and cheese. Cut and shaped like a caterpillar.

    • 17

      Brooke said,

      Jerolina that sounds so cool! I am trying to picture it- do you wrap your own bread dough around the hotdogs?

  17. 18

    Carlie said,

    This is a business local to me and have been a follower for a while now!! I would love to win this package… my dd is not yet 2 but would be fantastic for when she does start school!! She loves snacking on everything… cheese, tomatoes, strawberries, grapes, bikkies/veggies and dips, rice-cakes, sandwiches… this lunchbox would be perfect for her πŸ˜€ !

  18. 19

    Tamara M said,

    My daughter loves sushi. She gets soo excited when she sees it in her lunchbox. It’s the one thing I know won’t come home half eaten or untouched.

  19. 20

    Peta said,

    Zucchini slice is always a winner… easy to make, and oh so easy to smuggle goodness in πŸ™‚

  20. 21

    sheridan said,

    I love being able to give my little fussiness’ a chocolate zuchini bran muffin out of their lunchbox when they feel like a treat. I smile thinking how very clever I am to sneak that into their diet! My hubby is also fooled…..

  21. 22

    Jodi said,

    Food! Almost anything I put in is a hit. He does love home made muesli bars and little bocconcini cheese balls are popular.

  22. 24

    Mel said,

    Veggie rice paper rolls with rice noodles and sauce to dip, anything that can be dipped is popular- sneaky way to get healthy stuff like hummus and avocado dip or tzatziki in!

  23. 25

    My girls love croissants….add ham and cheese and they are ready to go

  24. 26

    Sandra said,

    My kids aren’t real fancy and love sandwiches and fruit and veg. Cherry tomatoes, carrot sticks, cut up apple with either the slinky machine or the slice and dice thingee, kiwi fruit, grapes, strawberries etc are all faves.

  25. 27

    Nicola said,

    Mine never get bored of the same thing day in day out. Ham lettuce and cucumber sandwich, carrot sticks, fruit and a ‘yummy’ which depends on what is in the cupboard or has been baked.

  26. 28

    Lel said,

    My little person is not quite old enough to have a lunchbox packed but she will be soon! Her snack bag almost always has fruit (banana/pear/apple/grapes) slices of cucumber, carrot sticks, capsicum sticks, salad sangs, sultanas, yoghurt & muesli/fruit bars!

  27. 29

    olivia stuart said,

    We have hens so frittatas or slices are always popular

  28. 30

    Holly said,

    My daughter loves peaches and strawberries. Sandwiches tend to come home so cut up “picnic plates” are sent – cheese cubes, rice crackers, veggie sticks, homemade dips, etc.. This lunchbox kit would be awesome for them!

  29. 31

    Rebecca Askin said,

    My daughter absolutely loves her vegiemite, avocado, cheese & carrot sandwiches on wholemeal – so much so, she eats them almost everyday!

  30. 32

    Jo B said,

    I love doing lunchboxes! Favourites at the moment are ‘Hungry Caterpillar’ morning tea – appropriate slices of fruit with a hole through the middle (by using a straw). A cheese caterpillar is a good addition! Homemade lunchbox favourites include mini bran and sultana muffins, ‘pizza’ scrolls (lots of veggie sauce in there), california roll (made by us – a bit ‘rustic’ but who cares), tuna and avo sushi sandwiches, zucchini and corn muffins, museli bars and finally sausage, pesto and corn mini quiche

  31. 33

    Brooke said,

    Fruit- always fruit! Rice cakes with peanut butter (home made in the Thermo)..and a little sweet treat- flourless orange and almond cake is always a hit!

  32. 34

    Tracey Kellock said,

    my kids love wendys’ vegie slice and salmon patties, they make great lunch box fillers, even cold, theu alo love my version of sushi sandwiches filled with ham and mashed avocado to “stick” it together

  33. 35

    Nikki Boswell said,

    Sushi!! The kids go nuts for it! Filled with tuna, avocado and cucumber or egg lettuce and alf alfa.

  34. 36

    Mary Preston said,

    Pizza Scrolls are a favourite & we make them as healthy as possible, so it’s a win/win.

  35. 37

    Jackie said,

    Carrot sticks with hummus is always a winner

  36. 38

    Awesome giveaway! Thanks to your recipes my toddler is as of this evening eating cherry tomatoes (did the lamb & feta balls with pasta salad – yum!) so they will be regulars in her lunch box as of now πŸ™‚ Also grapes, cheese cubes, wholegrain crackers… We had a thing for your choc chip biscuits from the lunches ebook for a while, she LOVED them in her box…but sadly this mama could not control herself when faced with entire batch πŸ˜‰

  37. 39

    Debbie Levin said,

    I made the apple and pear parcels last night. Today they are gone! Packed away in lunch boxes and a few stolen for brekkie!!

  38. 40

    Dana said,

    My daughters favourite is fruit, roasted broad beans or chickpeas & pretzels. She has a lot of other favourite, but these are the ones that I am happy with her eating!

  39. 42

    Kate Boyle said,

    my little one loves cherry tomatoes and tun, rice and zucchini uffs (he inhales them!)! Also vegie sticks and homemade dips are a winner

  40. 43

    Kirsten said,

    My boy loves chicken sandwiches. We also have a Foogo thermos which I fill with sun-dried tomato tuna with brown rice, or leftovers from dinner. I keep baked healthy goodies in the freezer to have on hand such as Wendy’s carrot and banana muffins, cheese polenta and corn muffins, cheesymite scrolls, mini pizzas.

  41. 44

    firemummy said,

    What a fantastic give away. I would love to win! My kids are loving mini muffins at the moment. πŸ™‚

  42. 45

    Judy said,

    fruit sushi cubes. loving our new rice cube kitchen gadget. I put a couple of raspberries in the middle and my daughter loves it.

  43. 46

    Nicole Edwards said,

    I will be buying your book at the Little Me Market this weekend as I am DESPERATE to get our son to eat vegetables!! I would love to win this pack to compliment the new menu we will be serving up from your recipes!!

  44. 47

    Nix said,

    Leftover roast meat and veg, mix with cream cheese and stick blend it. Great sandwich spread or dip with rice crackers or veg sticks. πŸ™‚

  45. 48

    Jeni said,

    Oooh this comp very much excites me! I love the idea of the bento box and have had no luck finding this sort of thing in stores so will definitely checkout lunch boxes with love. What better way to smuggle than in super cute little containers – fun to pack and fun to eat. So master 3 is a fussy little man – which is what lead me to vegie smugglers in the first place – however he is very much the fan of a mystery box or what we call the tasting plate – kinda like a buffet – a bit of this and a bit of that. Sure fire winners include mountain bread wraps with peanut butter, ricotta and sultana filling, avocado rice crackers, dates (he thinks they are lollies), dried apricots (again he thinks they are lollies), microwave popcorn (put a tablespoon of popping corn in brown paper bag, fold down the top and microwave for 3 minutes or so for super healthy, cheap, freshly popped corn), carrot sticks with hommus and sultana bran bites as a little crunchy snack!

  46. 49

    My daughter loves a container full of snacky, picky bits; cherry tomatoes, chopped carrots, snowpeas, cheese, raisins and goji berries.

  47. 50

    Kim said,

    My girls love homemade crackers and hummus, some sort of fruit muffin or banana bread and homemade bread rolls or bagels with salad or vegan cream cheese, pasta, fruit or dried fruit and yogurt.

  48. 51

    Lisa said,

    Cashews, blueberries, strawberries, banana pancakes (or anything that’s in someone else’s lunchbox always seems to be more exciting).

  49. 52

    Sushi! Her fave is raw salmon but not game to try that in her school lunchbox so usually tinned tuna and cucumber. And wholegrain wraps with Philly and ham – a newly discovered obsession!

  50. 53

    At the moment my daughter loves camembert and crackers and my son tasty cheese and crackers, plus rockmelon and apples along with homemade muesli bars for a treat.

  51. 54

    liddellmcnie said,

    Most popular thing for us would be air puffed corn (pop corn too my kids).

  52. 55

    My son gets fruit like kiwi, apple, watermelon, mandarin or orange and vegies like beans, peas, baby corn, baby capsicums, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, carrot, mushroom and salads with rocket, spinach and one of the choys topped with sesame oil. I take turns cutting his fruit and veg into sticks, wedges, slices, towers, curls, cubes, crinkle-cut cubes or ribbons. I then add a special treat like sultanas, crackers, custard, 3-4 m&m’s or chic nuts. Sometimes he gets added cold cuts as well like diced roast chicken or some ham ribbons. And while some days he will eat it all and others he will eat virtually none he will always, ALWAYS eat his vegemite sandwich on brown bread. It’s the one part of his lunch that never changes πŸ˜‰

  53. 56

    Melissa Smith said,

    My kiddies love thier shaped sandwiches along with the silicon wrap ties. My little girls Preschool loves it too!

  54. 57

    Tasch said,

    Kidney beans! No matter what we offer our almost 3 year old he wants “just some red beans please-thank you”… closely followed by cheese, kiwi fruit, GREEN apples, an “orange orange”, strawberries, rockmelon, grapes, sutanas, avocado & cheese sandwich and the super special treat.. wholemeal blueberry & banana (no sugar) pikelets with peanut butter and banana! …(Our no junk food thing has payed off.. at a birthday party recently he didn’t even look at any of the sweet stuff, but a mum came and told me he had commandeered the fruit platter!)

  55. 58

    Jen said,

    We have a very strict kinder food policy, no homemade and no packaged!! We have shape sandwiches, grapes, cheese/ham/salami cut into shapes and layer into stacks. Olives and cubes of feta with crackers or toasted pita. Thankfully my son’s school is less restuctive and I get to flex my baking skills with savoury scrolls and carrot cake, nom, nom πŸ™‚

  56. 59

    katherine wykes said,

    Favourite foods come and go, but my children always love little objects or notes in their lunchbox to make them laugh or tell them how much I love them. Probably not what you’re looking for but also nourishing πŸ™‚

    • 60

      Leesa Bigham said,

      That’s lovely. My 4 year old can’t read yet but she knows her name and knows mummy so I always put a post it note in one of her snack bags that says Mummy ❀ Molly xxx. She loves it πŸ™‚

  57. 61

    karlene said,

    Honey sandwiches with no crust, on white bread, cut into 4 small triangles

  58. 62

    Sian said,

    My son loves his “Little Man Sandwich” which is basically any sort of sandwich, cut using a gingerbread cookie cutter (who’d have thought something so simple would get the little monkey eating!)

  59. 63

    susie venkat said,

    Aldi sell little ‘cukes’ – and my girls are loving taking them to school. We also do the carrot sticks & hummus thing. I’ve got one dairy freak and a cheese stick is mandatory in her lunch box. My husband makes great tabouli (& felafel, sometimes) and a tabouli wrap is always well received!

  60. 64

    susievenkat said,

    Forgot to say – always a treat in the lunchbox (cause its what I grew up with) – usually a muffin or cookie (vegiesmugglers recipe) but sometimes I manage to find other healthy recipes – chocolate porrige cake, fruity muffins or pikelets….I’m not very touchy-feely so my husband reckons I show my love with my baking!

  61. 65

    Amy said,

    Smoked salmon and avacado sushi!!!!

  62. 66

    Mel said,

    My kids love my preservative free, almond pulp & cacao cupcakes. Little do they know what is actually hidden in them! They also love a salad or rice paper rolls.

  63. 67

    Billeebee said,

    A pieceof fruit and yogurt for morning tea a nutritious and energy packed wrap or sanga and of course i smuggle in a healthy treat for arvo tea . The lunch boxs would be great in keeping the food fresh and tasty until lunch time.

  64. 68

    Jaime said,

    My son loves dill cucumbers

  65. 69

    leimaycherry said,

    We have started the move away from processed foods and more to home made treats. Lots if fruit and vegetables with some rolled cold meats. Home made scrolls, muffins, slices and other tasties.

  66. 70

    Chantelle said,

    Hello, my kids love grapes in their lunch boxes!

  67. 71

    Alison Wilson said,

    My kids love pancakes! Especially banana or milo ones, and they have to be cut into cute shapes!

  68. 72

    Lisa Smith said,

    pumpkin scones are a fave here – he doesn’t start kindy till next year so I will be reading all these comments to brainstorm some ideas for lunchboxes. The only sandwich he will eat is jam, so would love these sandwich cutters to hopefully inspire him to try something more adventurous, at the moment I have to deconstruct like some others have mentioned.

  69. 73

    Claudia said,

    Would love this kind of aid for making my girls lunches. I am being audited every day of what goes in and if it is not 100% to the order it comes back. Like rice crackers, I put some butter and cheese and when I asked what was wrong ? THERE was not Vegemite on it, I wanted vegimite! Now it comes down to how I am cutting the sandwiches this way or that way and near tears if I did not cut exactly they way she thinks she instructed me to cut…..give me the cutting gadget any time that would cut down any delays in disagreeing of the sandwich is being cut.

    • 74

      Leesa Bigham said,

      I’m hearing you! And how stubborn are they. My little miss 4 will refuse to eat it if I haven’t cut it the way she wants that day, she will eat everything else in her lunchbox and leave the “wrong” sandwich just to prove a point lol

    • 75

      Kendall Pickering said,

      How old is your daughter? Could she start helping to make her own lunches? Might help to stop ‘meltdowns’ if she is making her own. Good luck!

  70. 76

    Leesa Bigham said,

    Your choc, zucchini, bran muffins are a hit in this house. On Sundays when I’m feeling like mother-of-the-year lol I make up a double batch and freeze them. Then when I’m back to stressed frazzled mum through the week I can grab one out of the freezer, throw it in the lunchbox and good to go. My mum loves them as well. Thanks Wendy, your blog keeps me sane xx

  71. 77

    My kids love my banana cake. I smuggle in cannellini beans and usually some zucchini, and substitute 1/2 the sugar for apple sauce It is so popular with friends and family that it rarely lasts long enough to be iced! Now that the colder weather has begun I have put my slinky machine out on the bench. Kids love making their own snacks.

  72. 78

    ann grant said,

    My daughter loves to take soup at the moment, but in the warmer months she loves tomatoes, cheese, carrot sticks and capsicum sticks.

  73. 79

    Homemade “pizza” bread rolls (part wholemeal) are definitely the favourite for our kids – even just sliced tomato and cheese baked on top in a rush. They freeze awesomely and are ready to go straight into lunchboxes so they’re also a favourite for Mum & Dad here πŸ™‚

  74. 80

    Jess Taylor said,

    Foodpicks are my secret weapon. My little man will eat absolutely anything served on a stick or food pick. Think cheese wrapped in ham on a giraffe pick or a watermelon cube and fetta on a little flower pick. It makes snack and lunch food look gorgeous.

  75. 81

    Peggy Mitchell said,

    My two girls get salads, with eggs, and also yogurt for their lunches.

  76. 82

    Kristie Griffiths said,

    Cheese puffs and zucchini slice are a favourite right now….who knows what it will be next week πŸ˜‰ She does like her sandwiches cut into shapes though!

  77. 83

    Melissa Laird said,

    My daughter’s favourites are yoghurt, cheese, fruit bars.

  78. 84

    vicki boyle said,

    My daughter loves Zucchini slice, rice crakers with dip, and her cut little sandwiches.

  79. 85

    Karen said,

    My daughter loves a mixture. We do a bento style with anything we have on hand. Olives, sundried tomatoes, cheese, celery and carrots are the usual bases and we add hommus or home made dip, and even left over roast meat and veges go in there.
    Awesome giveaway. Thank you.

  80. 86

    SusieF said,

    what a fantastic giveaway!! We have just discovered cupcake quiches…….. delish and 4yo & 11mth old gobble them up as do mummy & daddy!!

  81. 87

    My son is very health but boring…. apple, banana, sultanas, rice cakes, crackers, sandwiches

  82. 88

    We make savoury muffins weekly to use up whatever vegetables, cheese, dip, pesto, etc. is in the fridge. It’s always a hit with the big and little people in our house, and totally lunchbox friendly!

  83. 89

    Michelle said,

    What an awesome giveaway. My kids love their salad sandwiches with all fresh ingredients. I make a batch of different kind of healthy muffins in there too, so they can pick and choose what they want each day. And my son especially loves his carrot sticks.
    I love these lunchboxes as our school is wrapper free, and the different sized boxes makes it so much easier to slot in all different kinds of snacks without them all rolling around till lunch/snack time. Yay! Hope I win

  84. 90

    Margo said,

    My boys love any sandwiches that are cut using the cutters and lunch boxes with little compartments to keep the foods separate. A favorite at the moment it the puzzle shape cutter.

  85. 91

    Kendall Pickering said,

    My 7yo loves when I cut her sandwiches into shapes with a cutter – she gets lots of oohhs and aaaahs when I do it lol. It’s nice to be able to make a simple jam, honey or vegemite sandwich into something cute. I do try to have salad rolls or sandwiches but sometimes I’m just not that organised!!

  86. 92

    My daughter is hooked on cold rolls at the moment….and the best part is she loves to make them herself! It’s an easy/healthy alternative to the sanger!!

  87. 93

    Michelle wilkinson said,

    How cool! Would be so good to use .

  88. 94

    SaraF said,

    Wholemeal crackers or rice cakes, fruit (banana, apple, grapes, water melon), boiled egg, cheese, sandwhich with vegemite, peanut butter, honey etc

  89. 95

    Deb Jays said,

    I try to do different things for my three in their lunchboxes, a big hit is mini quiches, very tasty they tell me, well one big hit. They love fruit salad as well, I put it in a small container with a small fork. About once a month on a Friday I put in a surprise in their lunchboxes, it could just be a note from me (Mummuy!) or a some sort of healthy treat, small of course, they love surprises!! This is an awesome giveaway! πŸ™‚

  90. 96

    Vanessa Blood said,

    My daughter was such a fussy vegie eater until i discovered your lifesaving book!! She has been much more open to eating her vegetables thanks to the delicious and nutritious recipes in the Vegie Smugglers book. Her favourite is the vegetable lasagne! We would love to try the Luv It cutter, as she is currently learning her shapes and that would make eating her yummy healthy sandwiches much more fun!

  91. 97

    Taleen said,

    My fussy 4 year old starts school next year, so i am on the look out for something to make lunchtime fun and healthy and i think Miss 2 would love the heart shaped sandwiches!

  92. 98

    Mindo Koerber said,

    My daughter loves anything with Vegemite, vegemite toast, vegemite with crackers, If i dont put vegemite lid on, she can put her finger in the jar and eat it

  93. 99

    mine love hommus with vege ribbons, i ‘slice’ carrot, beetroot (raw) & zucchini & apple/pears with a veg peeler. also add some cherry toms in various colours & “little trees” broccolini floerettes yumm! I’m hungry now

  94. 100

    Katie Oleksyn said,

    My girls love Pretzels!!

  95. 101

    spaceformagic said,

    What a great giveaway, my daughter starts school next term and I’ve been debating what lunch box to get her, I really want a bento style as this is how she loves to eat. She particularly likes muffins – pumpkin, bran and sultana or savoury cheese and parsley. Otherwise it’s mostly cut up fruit/veg and crackers. I’m keen to try pizza pin wheels as she loves pizza.

  96. 102

    Del b said,

    We have just finished our first term of kindergarten and lost our lunchbox!! Our children thoroughly enjoy zucchini and carrot muffins with cinnamon in them. In addition the no,e made cheesy mite scrolls are also a faviurite

  97. 103

    Jaclyn Bartlett said,

    Anything with multiple choices and bite sized peices!

  98. 104

    Jane said,

    Hi Wendy, my kids are into peanut butter and avocado (yes, together), bread “sushi”. It’s bread with the crusts removed, flattened, spread with filling, rolled and sliced. They go nuts if I use food picks as well (from the $2.80 Japanese store).
    By the way I love, love, love your books and posts. Keep it up!

  99. 105

    Barbara Good said,

    My oldest isn’t quite a school yet, as much as she’s bursting to go, but she still loves eating from a ‘snack’ box. I struggle to get her to eat anything at all but sandwiches are usually at least tried. Right now the favourite is 100% peanut butter from the farmers market. Think I need to have a look at your new e-book Wendy, to get some more inspiration.

  100. 106

    Megan said,

    We’re rolling with sushi at the moment (whoops didn’t mean that to be a pun). We can’t do a whole lot of wheat so it’s a good alternative for us.

  101. 108

    Amy said,

    Awesome products!
    At the moment pasta salad is going down a treat and is a great way for me to sneak in some vegies. Crackers and cucumber with cream cheese and sandwich cut outs are a hit too πŸ™‚

  102. 109

    ali4579 said,

    My 3 year old is not quite ready for daily lunchboxes yet, but when I do one she is always excited. Her favourite is always air popped popcorn πŸ™‚

  103. 110

    love the lunchboxy cuteness! creative stuff always goes down well with my kids – flower carrots, gingerman-shaped sandwiches and love-heart homemade biscuits.

  104. 111

    Popcorn is a favourite lunchbox snack in our house!

  105. 112

    Bec said,

    Home-made vegemite scrolls always end in a clean lunch-box!

  106. 113

    Leanne McCudden said,

    My little one is on a very restricted diet due to food intolerances. Her current faves are pear and choko “roll ups” made in the dehydrator and home made gluten free focaccia bread.

  107. 114

    Laura said,

    Homemade Date, Almond and Cocoa bars are the flavour of the onth in our house

  108. 115

    the typist said,

    raw vegan crackers are my favourite

  109. 116

    peta said,

    I went to a Luncboxes with love info session and left so inspired! My kids love anything i have baked myself really. Cookies, muffins, date loaf – and nothing in packets – they go to a wastefree school.

    Thanks for the chance to win.

  110. 117

    Jodie Parke said,

    Rice cakes with vegemite are a favourite at the moment.

  111. 118

    Donna said,

    My kids are loving the 9 grain Vita-Brits for lunch at the moment, along with fruit salad and yoghurt for morning tea. I would love to try out the sandwich cutters to entice them to eat wholegrain bread!

  112. 119

    Teresa Murray said,

    My daughter loves finger food, whether it is pieces of cheese, olives, carrot sticks…as long as it is cute, small and manageable she loves it! I try to make sure I give her lots of new food experiences and even if I dont like it myself I let her experience it. She loves vegemite and beetroot, even though I am not a fan myself:)

  113. 120

    tarabell7 said,

    My son loves chicken drumsticks in his lunchbox and anything that is quick and easy to eat πŸ™‚

  114. 121

    tarabell7 said,

    My son loves chicken drumsticks and anything that is quick and easy to eat so he can get to playing in the sandpit!

  115. 122

    Mel C said,

    My daughter is in her 2nd year of preschool so big school next year! She is gluten free so it’s a bit of a challenge to get her to eat anything. She loves strawberries, cheese, ham and magic bean cake and would be happy with that every day

  116. 123

    Holly said,

    Our favourite is our tasting box! My boys dont go much sandwiches. SO their boxes consist of, pickled onions, tomatoes, cubed cheese and a variety of meats like ham, or shredded chicken and turkey breast. Boiled eggs are also a winner too!

  117. 124

    Missy said,

    Homemade popcorn is a massive favourite in our house!! Both my boys love it.

  118. 125

    Em Luomanen said,

    My kids love the sneaky choc chip biscuits that I make for their lunches which are packed full of hidden goodness like cannelini beans, rolled oats, cranberries and coconut. They also love to take yoghurt to school and fruit. My daughter absolutely adores Kiwi fruit at the moment.

  119. 126

    Holly said,

    Our boys don’t go much on sandwiches so we regularly have what I call tasting boxes! They are hit! Pickled onions, cubed cheese, carrot and celery sticks, colds meats (shredded chicken, turkey breast or ham) and crackers, sometimes boiled eggs as well. Their mates think it is fantastic as well.

  120. 127

    pikkulapsi said,

    My kids absolutely love the choc chip biscuits that are full of lot of hidden goodness like cannelini beans, rolled oats and sometimes I also sneak in cranberries and coconut. They’re also a big fan of yoghurt and fruit in their lunch boxes. My daughter has recently discovered Kiwi Fruit and thinks that they’re the best fruit ever!

  121. 128

    Shannon said,

    My daughter now 20 loved dried fruits and blue cheese as a kid, she recently told to me that when she was 4 she had no friends because she had sultanas in her lunch box (I reckon it was the cheese!). So glad she is grown up now but we do still pack cute and yummy lunches together. Todays box – celery with a little tub of cottage cheese and some mixed fresh herbs, baby bocconcini with yellow and red egg tomatoes and basil flowers, tuna and rocket salad … (all the veg and herbs etc came from our garden) always have and always will fill her lunchbox with a note of love, or otherwise, from Mummy – I know she loves it really πŸ™‚

  122. 129

    Sarah Hausler said,

    I was literally just googling Bento style kids lunchboxes, so even if I don’t win I’ll be ordering a lunchbox set for my little monkey! Her tastes change on a daily basis (hard to keep up!) but at the moment she totally loves cherry tomatoes, grapes and blueberries. If only they made some other vegies round and bite sized! May have to invest in a melon baller….

  123. 130

    Stephanie said,

    My kids are very fussy and seem to prefer plain old vegemite or peanut butter sandwiches but I have had a few breakthroughs lately with my daughter really getting into smoked salmon and cream cheese sandwiches and my son happily munching on carrot sticks. Maybe a new lunchbox and snazzy sandwich cutter will turn them into more adventurous eaters!

  124. 131

    Laura Croxson said,

    My son loves anything that resembles a pancake, so I get all those veggies in! Going to try your cocco zuccini muffins too.

  125. 132

    Rebekah said,

    My children eat fruit and plain and simple things like vegemite in their sandwiches. I would love for them to eat better foods though.

  126. 133

    Jodie said,

    My son likes his sandwiches in the shape of dinosaurs, a variety of fruit for fruit break and also he loves the choc zucchini muffins!

  127. 134

    Kirrily said,

    The popular items are always whatever Charlotte has in her lunch box (my sons best friend). Luckily Charlotte’s mum is a stickler for healthy lunches and so we have the flow on effect! Current favourites include: bowls of yoghurt with fresh raspberries, zucchini slice (cold) and (since my son has outgrown his egg allergy) any sandwich which includes “egg mayonnaise”.

  128. 135

    Clare said,

    As of last week ……….. homemade Anzac biscuits πŸ™‚

  129. 136

    bubble936 said,

    Every day I have to pack different things in lunchbox…
    My son loves to eat the following…..

    – a small tub of yoghurt
    – a small container of cubed tasty with whole grain crackers.
    – spread crackers or a wrap with ricotta cheese, add grated vegetables .
    – cottage cheese with strawberries or blueberries
    – bread wraps with Vegemite and grated cheese
    -yoghurt with frozen berries
    – fill a snack cup with frozen peas, corn and carrots, by the lunch time they are great little sweet bites to nibble on.
    – a cold rice, couscous, pasta salad – add grated carrot, cubed tomato, drained corn kernels, chopped capsicum, peas, finely shredded baby spinach.
    – fill sandwiches with shredded lettuce, sprouts, sliced tomato, cucumber and capsicum
    -vegetable frittatas
    – potato cakes with grated vegetables
    -Lentil and vegetable soups and stews stored in a thermos to keep warm.
    -lettuce cups filled with chopped vegetables.

  130. 137

    Jessica England said,

    Banana oat mini muffins, I make a huge batch then put them in the freezer, my daughter loves them either defrosted or FROZEN in her lunch box.

  131. 138

    Kym Coleman said,

    Ciara loves the traffic lights, the carrot and corn ones are her favorite. thanks for your cookbooks wendy, they are a life changer! having ma po dofu tonight, made it so many times I dont need the cookbook now.

  132. 139

    Emma Vellar said,

    Assorted trail mixes are a big hit right now, seeds, dried fruit, cereal and yogurt dots or choc chips! Also crackers and ‘dip dip’ and shaped sandwiches. Airplane and clouds were popular last week.

  133. 140

    Melinda Kiss said,

    Playgroup lunchboxes here, and the favourites are grapes, fruit of any description really, sultanas, and rice crackers. I would love to be able to get them to enjoy some baked goodies that I can make that would be nutritious as well as yummy, and this prize might just help me do that πŸ™‚

  134. 141

    Lisa Cook said,

    My son loves his homebaked cake, a favourite being a raspberry frangipan tart, or carrott cake. His staples in his bento box are yoghurt, fruit, (bake like bikkies or cake) and a toasted wrap with various toppings. We also go for apple scrolls, homemade pizza, homemade sultana bread, homemade crumbed chicken. My daughter is jealous and I aim to get her a bento box when she starts school next year too!

  135. 142

    kissmealready said,

    Playgroup lunchboxes here – the favourites are always grapes, but really fruit of any description is always a hit. I would love to be able to make food for my little ones that they would love like various baked goodies that are nutritious and yummy, but they seem to be too fussy at the moment. I will keep trying πŸ™‚

  136. 143

    Kim Ford said,

    I love your ideas and had made lunch perpetration for miss prep so easy and she eats her lunch now! Would love this prize to keep my inspiration going!!

  137. 144

    Jenni said,

    my daughter just loves dip and carrot and/or celery sticks as well as vegie soup for lunch!

  138. 145

    Suzy Kitson said,

    i try to make a banana bread each week and vary the recipe to add a few more things.. at the moment i add a whole orange and pecans.. that seems to be a winner. Also my daughter loves anything she can dip, i’ll cook extra crunchy chicken and give her some homemade mango chutney to dip them into. or, i’ll make a quick avocado salsa with carrot sticks. Then, as she is gluten intolerant we steer away from sandwiches and do mountain bread wraps instead, sometimes toasted with tuna, grated carrot and tomato.. or left over roast meat and salad.. she loves it and so do i!!!

  139. 146

    Katrina Angus said,

    My little one loves organic olives I know how odd, with tomatoes, cheese, and spaghetti cakes thanks for the opportunity to win

  140. 147

    Joanne Lamb said,

    Whole tomatoes, home baked biscuits, dried fruit and seed mixes for energy, seasonal fruit, granny smiths, mandarins and carrots, even a container of pitted black olives.

  141. 148

    Tracey said,

    One of my twin 6 yr olds is a coeliac so is restricted re choice. 2 favourites are raisen bread with vanilla yoghurt, grated carrot and honey. The other is bread with banana, coconut, cinnamon, tahini and honey put in the sandwich maker in the morning.

  142. 149

    Megan said,

    “Cookies” – ie biscuits I make with no added sugar and lots of healthy grains. He loves eating them and I love that they’re healthy!

  143. 150

    Katie said,

    Carrot ‘coins’, potato stix (health food section), fruit kebabs, heart shaped wholemeal sandwiches, corn relish dip, brown rice crackers. Fingers crossed I can put these in an awesome new lunchbox:-)

  144. 151

    Cindy said,

    My kids love it when I give them rice wheels.

  145. 152

    Jody said,

    My very anti vegie 5yr old loves your choc zucchini muffins I discovered in the march 2013 issue of HFG. The first batch he ate without question then to my horror he wanted to help me make them and saw me mixing in the zucchini! Surprisingly he doesn’t care and requested them again after eating the second batch! I am planning on buying some vegie smugglers book packs for my iPad very soon. I’m looking forward to trying some more recipes!

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