Ideas for a fun Easter

Ready and waiting

Ready and waiting

Lordy me, wasn’t it just summer? Looking at the calendar I see that Easter has rolled around again! Bit early this year and not wedged into the middle of school holidays.

The bright side of the unusual timing is that there’s an Easter bonnet parade to enjoy at school this year. Odd celebration isn’t it. Apparently it started when the tradition was to have new springtime clothes to parade about in. The lovely new threads would guarantee you luck and abundance over the coming harvest.

Of course in Australia that tradition is ridiculous (especially since it’s Autumn), so we celebrate instead by sticking cardboard chickens on our kid’s heads and taking a heap of incriminating photos.

Easter baking is more something I can relate to. You can find my hot happy buns recipe here. This year I’ve got a couple of new things I want to try. This Easter bread looks interesting and I’m keen to try this Russian kulich recipe. Although I’m not sure what they mean by citron – I guess it’s lemon rind and then I’m planning on adding in some dried fruit too. There’s no citron in the kulich recipe listed on the ‘Orthodoxy and the World’ website, but there is saffron and vodka, which sounds a bit irresistible. And for ridiculous cuteness, it’s hard to beat these Martha Stewart chicken cupcakes.

Staying with friends a couple of years ago, they introduced us to their family tradition of drawing a picture and leaving it for the Easter bunny. It’s a tribute picture of course, featuring the magical rodent himself. It’s a cute idea and one that leads to a nice record of how your kids change and grow each year.

If it’s just a bit of colouring you want, then I’ve done up an Easter colouring-in page. There’s not a vegie in sight, but hey, there’s only one Sunday in the year when you’ve got permission to eat as much chocolate as you like, so let’s enjoy it.

A bunny, eggs and cute stuff to colour.

A bunny, eggs and cute stuff to colour.

What happens at your place? Are you campers? Is there a particular feast? Or maybe you’re one of the fabulous people who head to church and understand was the whole celebration is really about.

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  1. 1

    Ruth said,

    All of the above! We camp every year near Barrington NSW with a group of friends my husband has been doing this with since high school. The kids have a ball, the enthusiastic ones canoe down the river and the mums enjoy some wine and chit chat! The feast part comes in the form of a couple of different meats roasted on coals in a camp oven (most of which is prepared by the men-folk!) and the church bit we’ve already done by attending our school Easter service tonight. Bring on the chocolate!!

    • 2

      wendyblume said,

      oh! that sounds lovely! we’re camping too, although in the front yard! haven’t had the camp gear out in years, so we’re going to do a test run nice and close to home so we can figure out what we’ve forgotten. We’ve got a fire-pit too, so it should be nicely authentic. Have a great time – hope the weather is good!

  2. 3

    Helen said,

    We stay at a town on the nsw central coast every year with a bunch of friends and on Easter Sunday morning we have an egg hunt at someone’s place while the adults get caffeined up, then we march in family teams to a grassy patch (‘the arena’) which has been marked out in flour, for the Easter races. First a team marchpast to rally spirits, then an array of whatever races we can think of. Egg and spoon, wheelbarrow, sack race, dads’ gallop in which the jockeys get bigger every year, the Chris Lilley log roll, and most competitively the veterans’ cartwheel. Choccy eggs for every competitor. Each year gets bigger and perhaps more puzzling to the locals.

  3. 5

    Lars said,

    Citronat = candied lemon rind
    Orangenat = candied orange rind


  4. 7

    Ash said,

    We hosted an easter craft morning for miss 3 and miss 1.5 and their friends and they loved it! Hoping to make this a new family tradition for years to come! Oh and an easter egg hunt (I forgot where I hid some of the eggs and keep finding melted eggs in the garden :S )

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