Five chicken dinners

Well, need I say more? Here are five dinners made with chicken, which apparently Australians eat more of than any other meat. This year each of us will consume an average of 44kg of the stuff. Fact.

These recipes should give you a couple of kilo’s worth of inspiration (unless you’re a vegetarian, in which case you might prefer to click here.)

Click the pictures to link through to the recipes.

Healthy & yum.

Chicken & brown rice salad.

From the Lunchboxes planner e-book…

Chicken nuggets.

Chicken nuggets.

From Vegie Smugglers 2…

Vegie Smugglers Sang choy bow recipe

Sang choy bao.

A classic from Vegie Smugglers 1…

Vegie Smuggling chicken sausage rolls

Chicken sausage rolls.

From Vegie Smugglers 2…

chicken and tarragon one pot winter warmer by vegie smuggers

Chicken & tarragon one-pot.

Do any of these take your fancy? How else do you like to cook chicken for your family?

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  1. 1


    I thought this was a vegetarian blog

    Chicken should never be eaten

    Regards Ariadne, +61405812776

    • 2

      wendyblume said,

      Nope, never even vaguely a vegetarian blog. Which is why I clearly list categories for chicken & red meat along with vegetarian. Thanks for visiting though. I’m glad I’ve given you something to hate on today.

  2. 3

    Nicole said,

    The chicken Sausage rolls are a favourite here, one batch does the kids and I two lunches so half are eated cooked fresh, the other half go int he freezer for another day.

    Love your work Wendy

  3. 4

    Nicole said,

    Oh, and we love fajitas and butter chicken in our house too, even managed to find a healthy butter chicken recipe on the interwebs that only takes 15 minutes and uses all fresh ingredients (we’re trying to cut out/reduce additives this year)

  4. 6

    katie said,

    we are a big fan of the sausage rolls too! one of our absolute fav chicken recipe is thai chicken with holy basil – it is made with chicken mince, i use a fabulously simple recipe from ‘vatch’s thai street food’ and we just serve it with rice (i hide extra veggies in it!). if you want, i can type out the recipe for you – it takes about 10 mins to make 🙂

    we also love vietnamese rice paper rolls (i give them to the kids in a ‘deconstructed’ form) – i always make a sweet chili chicken to pop in them.

  5. 7

    ruth said,

    Just had the chicken sausage rolls tonight. Went down a treat with both kids even Mr I hate chicken.

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