Getting back on track

Every year at this time I feel entirely gross and slightly cranky at myself for my inability to say ‘no!’ to that last piece of chocolate or that last potato baked in duck fat (mmmmmm, thanks bro, great spuds as per usual).

But as good as the indulgence all was, it’s time now to get back on track. So here are the recipes that I turn to whenever I need to reset my stomach (and my entire sense of well being)…

home made muesli

I started today with home-made muesli.

vegie smugglers fish congee

Fish congee is total comfort food.

tomato salad

The slight acidity of this tomato salad feels as though it’s cutting through the days of fatty eating.

sushi slice

More japanese-inspired comfort.

vegie smugglers fish burritos

Fish burritos are tasty but light.

vegie smugglers chicken pasta soup

My personal favourite soothing dinner (and the dish I’m cooking tonight) chicken noodle soup.

I like all of these dishes since they’re filling and tasty, but far more gentler on my system than the food I’ve eaten over the last couple of weeks. And I promise, if you tackle these recipes, you’ll be back on track and ready to indulge all over again by New Years Eve!


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  1. 1

    Corli-Anne said,

    What a perfectly timed blog… You’ve described exactly how I feel & I was wondering what to have for dinner. Thanks! Now to choose…

  2. 2

    beckoes said,

    il finish the pavlova thats screaming at me from the fridge…and enjoy the last day of xmas celebrations as im off out to dinner tonight and i will be joining you!! Love your recipies!!

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