My five favourite dinners

Even households full of the most adventurous eaters still have days of total food apathy. Days when I don’t really feel like cooking anything new and the kids are way too grumpy and disagreeable to give a new dish a genuine chance. So while I push new recipes onto my family a few days a week, the other days we’re back to favourites that I can cook easily and know they will eat happily.

The list evolves, but at the moment, here are our five favourite dinners (click the pics for links to the recipe)…

1. We overdosed on the chicken sausage rolls a couple of years back, and had been taking a pastry break. But lately we just can’t eat enough of these pork, fennel and apple sausage rolls. I know I’m banging on about them, but seriously, do yourselves a favour and give them a try.

vegie smugglers pork fennel apple sausage rolls

Family favourite no 1: sausage rolls.

2. This was on my last list of five ‘go-to’ dinners and it’s still on the list a year later. These beef and lentil fajitas are just so yummy and possibly what I like even more is that the mix can be made up at any stage throughout the day and just reheated at dinner time. As a Mexican would say, “Eso es muy bueno.”

Beef & lentil fajita recipe

Number 2: beef & lentil fajitas.

3. This chicken & udon soup is also from the first Vegie Smugglers cookbook and is still on high rotation at VSHQ. One pot. Quick. Easy. Delicious. Say no more.

No 3: Chicken & udon soup.

4. Every now and again Mr VS has a mega cook-off and fills the freezer with lovely tubs of his fabulous bolognaise. We probably eat it once a month – not often enough to get sick of it, just often enough to ooohh and aaaah over how good it is.

Adam's bolognaise

No. 4: bolognaise.

5. For some reason, it doesn’t matter how many times we eat this salad, we just never get sick of it. I made it for pretty much every guest we had over last summer. I made a double batch of it for a family party last weekend and if you’re booked in for a visit to my house any time this summer, chances are I will make this for you too. But relax, because it’s SO good. Every time.

No. 5: classic noodle & cabbage salad.

So that’s my list. But what’s on yours? Let me know.

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  1. 1

    Bonita said,

    i’ve been meaning to say this for ages, and here is the perfect opportunity: your basil and white bean pesto from book 2 is #1 on my list and is perfection when i have neither the time nor the inclination to cook. i totally heart it! and on the days when i’m feeling more relaxed i often fry off some zucchini rounds and/or mushrooms to add on top. Y.U.M.

  2. 3

    Nikki Robson said,

    My fave has got to be the burrito/ taco/ nacho mix that I make- and it’s all vegetarian and has fooled my husband and kids into thinking that it is mince! Every single veg that you can think of (onions, garlic, carrot, celery, capsicum, zucchini, mushrooms etc) gets chucked in a fry pan with a can or two of kidney beans and diced tomatoes (and mexican seasoning of choice) and after all is cooked you attack it with a stick blender until it has a mince type of consistency and use it for your filling. It’s easy to freeze and use again and the kids never seem to get sick of it.

  3. 5

    susie venkat said,

    Have to agree with No. 5 – its gooood! Will have to give the chicken & udon soup a go next… (Funny – the man-of-the-house is the bolognaise cooker here too!)

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