Over-run with ninjas and a prodigy cat.

Exhibit A (by boy)

I’m thinking that I should contact the Guiness Book of Records to see if my pet might just qualify for the ‘most prolific use of a texta by a feline’ category. He’s been busy, my cat. Diligently studying the penmanship of Mr Meat&Potatoes, he’s now able to replicate my boy’s ninja drawings with spooky accuracy. They’re everywhere. On the outside of any available cardboard box, littered throughout my ream of office paper and also on the wall right next to Mr M&P’s pillow on his new bunk bed. It’s uncanny.

Exhibit B (by boy)

I was complimenting the cat, noting the intricate line work and attention to detail when Mr M&P decided to set me straight. He disputes that Oscar the golden tabby is quite so clever. He says that whilst the cat shows an amazing amount of talent, most of the pictures are actually his. In fact, ONLY the ones drawn directly on the wall were done by the cat. So perhaps my call to the Guiness book folks will be to find out if there’s a category for ‘best duplication of ninja drawings (in biro) by a rescue pet’.

Exhibit C (by boy)

I’ll keep you posted on what they say.

Exhibit D (by cat)

Perfect for light fingered ninjas, these low-mess meals can easily be gobbled by kids on the run (from the truth)…

Tuna bites recipes smuggles zucchini

A perfectly mouth sized dinner.

Vegie Smuggling chicken sausage rolls

Known to be a ninja favourite.

Okonomiyaki recipe

And they’re bound to love these.

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    Barbara Good said,

    Love it! We’ve had our share of wall art, but Miss Three usually blames her poor little sister from the day she was born! Love the finger food too.

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