How to view your VS e-books on your ipad or android tablets…

E-book goodness

What do you think of e-books? Are you a fan?

When I started producing the Lunchbox planners nearly a year ago I was pretty convinced that they were the way of the future. And with the purchase of an ipad, I am now A BIG FAN. I think the viewing and reading experience is really fantastic. In fact I think it’s a bit bittersweet – I LOVE books and have a house full of them. And I love the library! There’s such a nice sense of community there – ladies knitting, toddlers singing and giggling teens ‘studying’. But I think the days of going to a physical place to borrow physical books might be numbered.

But publishing e-books, particularly visual ones, is a bit of a nightmare at this stage, with so many formats, incompatible readers and the big corporates all trying to own the market (yes, Apple, I’m talking to you) which is why at the moment I still offer the lunchbox planners in PDF format, which can be viewed by everyone on any PC. And if you’re a tablet user, you can transfer these files to your device, which is SUPER handy.

So while I keep investigating my options and the best way to get digital content to you, here’s some helpful links that get your e-books onto your ipad and Android tablets. Keep in mind that I haven’t tested the Android experience, if you have, I’d love some feedback.

How to add PDF files to your iphone/ipad/ipod touch.

How to add PDF files to your Android Tablet.

What are your thoughts about the whole book revolution? Are you excited, or a bit sad?

And of course, I do still have plenty of stock of the VS cookbooks as real live books. At this rate, they might be collector’s items one day, so get in quickly, and buy your copies here

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    Barbara Good said,

    I know what you mean about being bittersweet about the ebook revolution. We love, love, love the library and I can’t imagine not reading physical books to my girls, but Miss Three is just as confident on the iPad as I am. I like the idea of ebooks for lots of reasons, they’re cheaper, I don’t have to find endless places to store them, they cut out the need for paper and the environmental issues related with paper production and the reading experience is really good. I also like the idea of being able to borrow ebooks from a library any time, not having to get books transferred from one branch to another and then it disappearing automatically at the end of the borrowing period – that would cut out the last minute dashes to the library to return books before I start getting fines. But I also love the smell of books – especially old or library books – I love the physicality of holding the book, turning the pages etc.

    I do think for cook books though the ebook or app will be a real revolution, being able to incorporate video instructions for some of the trickier techniques especially. Incorporating them into electronic menu planners would be brilliant too, being able to drag meals into a weekly planner and link them automatically to a recipe and even have some sort of shopping list creator linked to so when you shop with your smart phone its all there. Brilliant! I love to potential for connectivity.

    • 2

      wendyblume said,

      yes, there’s some really good potential. Imagine being able to say, I’ll make this, this, this and then the ingredients all just get ordered from the supermarket and delivered. Would save the inevitable ‘shit, I forgot the…” phrase, which I end up saying every single time (even with a list).

      But yes, I love libraries too. I’ve spent SO much time in them since I had kids. There’ll still be the need for community meeting space, it’s invaluable.

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