“You make nice anzac biscuits mummy, but tiny teddies would be better”

How did you all go with the recipe for ANZAC biscuits earlier this week? Did you win? Well, today’s title is the response I got from one of my little lovelies. Muttered of course through a mouth half-full of crumbs. As grateful as ever, they are.

It illustrates two important points;

1. Even the best-trained kids are corrupted by advertising and seduced by pretty packaging.

2. Don’t ask the kids open-ended questions about what they want to eat. If I say, “What would you like for dinner?” my kids will probably put forward a strong case for party pies. But if I’ve said, “Would you like fajitas (with lentils) or burgers (with chickpeas)?” then they get to practice their decision making, feel vaguely in charge and make a good choice that doesn’t lead to an argument (not that I would ever get drawn into petty squabbles with my children, nooooooooo, not ever).

Anyway, complaining child was acknowledged, then reminded that their choice was ANZAC biscuits or nothing. Amazingly enough, they decided that they were happy, after all.

I’m happy too, because the Term 2 planner is all finished and now ready for you to purchase (for a bargain $4.95) here. This one is packed full with 16 recipes, 10 weeks of menu plans and extra tips to make your time in the kitchen happier. Hope you like it.

The Term 2 planner is now on sale.

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    bentobitsaustralia said,

    Thanks for sharing. It’s amazing – and very annoying – how well marketing for kids works.
    We can’t take it personally. We just have to be persistent and one day, I am sure it will be a treasured memory for them how their mum lovingy baked the BEST Anzac cookies in the world for them.

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