A loo-roll baby cheeses

Perhaps you can tell that I’m not a church-goer, but I still thought it about time to wrench the kids away from Santa & presents and get them to focus a little on WHY we have this glutton & greed festival each year. So here you have it, a baby Jesus craft project made from a toilet roll. Those of you squeamish at the thought of reusing a roll handled by your grubby children who are newly-toilet-trained, may like to just cut a 10cm length from a giftwrap tube instead.

And Merry Christmas to you too, baby jesus...

He’s a bit more complicated than my usual projects, so I’ve done a few step by step pics to guide you….

First, download the loo-roll Jesus PDF. Next, print it out onto A4 at 100% (if you scale it, it won’t fit the roll properly). Colour and decorate anyway you like (I’ve gone for a tasteful nude today). Cut around the thick black lines.

The manger is pretty straight forward. Just fold on the dashed lines, place the flaps inside and tape into place.

Then tape Jesus’s face onto the top of a loo roll…

Place him on his clothing and wrap the long arm side over so that it shapes around his face…

Then wrap over the other arm…

Fold up the nappy and tape, then fold over the hood and secure that too. Just fold and tape down any gaping bits.

Cut up the paper scraps to make hay, or even better, raid the catcher on the shredding machine and make the little guy a comfy bed.

Aaaahhhh... comfy.

And there you have it, the REAL meaning of Christmas…


Now to business for a second… Western states need to order books TODAY for pre-Christmas delivery. Eastern states have until Friday. Beyond that, the shop is open, but I’m at the mercy of the Australia Post gods and can’t promise anything. I’ll still be filling orders over Christmas. And feel free to keep buying, you’ll get the books in time for your new year’s resolutions.


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    LOVE this idea! Thanks so much for sharing!

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