A healthy Christmas (part 2): staying healthy on holidays…

Multi use - cucumber soothes pool-eyes then doubles as a snack...

So last week we covered off being healthy at all of the Christmas parties, so let’s move on and see how we can maintain a bit of goodness once the pressies are unwrapped, the boot packed and you’re off up/down the coast in January at cabins, tents and (gee I hope) caravans around the country. Reread my post – ten things to take on your next holiday – those tips will ensure that you have everything you need to keep life running smoothly while you’re away. But how to have a rest from cooking without giving up too much nutrition? Here are some meal ideas for while you’re away…


Yay! Despite my best feminist efforts, I find most of the time it’s the menfolk who will take up the tongs and get down to some serious outdoor cookery, which leaves us meek females time to crack a wine and do some serious sitting on the deck. Perhaps I’ll try to make it to the grill to burn my bra, but oh… it’s covered in sausages. I guess I’ll leave outdoor liberation for another day. Hmmm, now, maybe for a bit of BBQ variety why not encourage to fellas to expand their repertoires slightly….

Easy chicken skewers

Buy pre-cut chicken stirfry strips. Smother them in Fountain satay sauce and bbq them. You can also do adult version of this with Jimmy’s satay sauce which is much more authentic and delicious.

Fish in foil

A trip to the coast isn’t right without a trip to the co-op for some prawns. Also buy up some fish fillets, place them in the middle of some foil (shiny side towards the fish) drizzle over some soy & ginger marinade (or just lemon juice & a splash of olive oil), seal up into a parcel and bbq (on indirect heat) for 20 minutes or so until the fish flakes apart when pulled with a fork.


Store-bought patties are ok for a night, but beyond that, what about some falafels on burgers buns for a vego option? Or a freezer pack of lentil burgers? With enough sauce the kids will never know the difference.

Other meal options away from the grill…

Fresh tomato sauce & pasta

Cut up 4 roma tomatoes, mix through some Italian or balsamic salad dressing, crumble in some feta and basil leaves and you’re done! Serve over regular pasta, gnocci or ravioli for something more substantial.

BBQ chicken

I’m putting together a whole post about BBQ chicken, as they’re nearly a holiday food group in themselves, but a healthy way to enjoy them is with the skin off, meat cut up and put with salad in tortillas or wraps. Yummy. Done. No washing up required.

Fried rice

Generally I find the taste of microwave rice sachets a bit weird and I give them a miss. But they are SO perfect on holidays. Some tinned corn kernels (or if you have a freezer, buy a frozen vegie mix), chopped capsicum and a bit of soy sauce and that’ll do as a side dish.

One pot cooking (and cleaning)

Don’t forget some of my recipes that can be made in just one pot… okonomiyake, sang choy bao, and chicken & tarragon one-pot.


Just like Christmas, fruit is your friend on holidays. Keep heaps of it on hand at all times and shove as much of it into the children as possible.


I’m not a total meanie, I love to eat snacks on holidays too, but I just keep the serving size boring and sensible. Buy the 20-pack chips, fun-sized chocolate bars, and stick ice blocks – that way the kids can have treats that are sized in proportion to them. Also remember muesli bars, rice cakes and cheese sticks which are bug-proof, filling and best of all require NO prep from mummy, who by now might be a little bit reclined and snoring just faintly.

So there’s a few suggestions from me, I’d love to hear your product recommendations and the list of things you always take on your breaks.

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