Keeping it all in perspective

Miss Fruitarian reads aloud to a captive audience

This morning I caught the cat up on the kitchen table licking at my bowl of cereal. Perhaps this wouldn’t have been so bad if I hadn’t have seen the cat half an hour earlier up on my bed, legs askew, licking his bumhole. Are you laughing? Yes, the word bumhole does it every time. Just ask my four-year old boy. There’s no funnier word.

Anyway, the cat was licking his bumhole, then licking my breakfast. What did I do? With the actions of a seasoned parent, I prioritised and multitasked. I continued to the microwave to fetch the reheated coffee. This was the most important thing in that moment. But I yelled at the cat the whole time. Then, with coffee safely in hand, I shooed the cat away. Then sat down and proceeded to eat my muesli.

Seven years ago, this scenario would have been a CATASTROPHE, in much the same way that visiting other people’s houses and finding unflushed child wee in the toilet grossed me out for days. These days I am made of tougher stuff. I have cleaned poo off all sorts of surfaces, with everything from White King hospital grade disinfectant to my fingertips, depending on the circumstances. I’ve been vomited on, scratched and bitten. I’ve acquired stretchmarks and saggy boobs and still I’m sad that my little ones are nearly all grown up and off to school.

Thank you my children, for toughening me up and calming me down. I like it that my life is easily kept in perspective these days. Cat eating breakfast? No big deal. So long as there’s a big cuddle to be had with my kids each morning, my world is ok.

I’m feeling grateful and a surge of affection for my little lovelies today, I might just make them some of these little apricot and yoghurt biscuits. See the recipe here.

Yum enough to make again - apricot & yoghurt biscuits.

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    Kamya said,

    Hi Wendy – yes I’m laughing but more so because I can SO relate ! I love how you keep it all real and remind us Mummies that we are on the same journey. My munchkins have changed me for the better too.

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