School holidays in the rain…

Finding a good hairdresser is SO hard these days.

I’ve had a houseful of girls over the last two weeks as Miss Fruitarian shows off her new home to a variety visitors.

With all the bad weather (did you know statistically, it does rain more during school holidays), we’ve been indoors alot, back to the old faithfuls of craft and drawing. To keep things interesting (and offer some variety for our guests who are possibly a little bored by Miss F’s endless drawings of herself on the pony that Santa is apparently bringing this Christmas) I’ve got this hair doodle page. Inspired by reader Laura, who emailed me about a similar one she’d seen, you can draw, paste wool or paper into a variety of hairstyles for a bit of fun.

Don’t forget a few other craft sheets which can fill in a half hour here and there. Why not try the spaceship dashboard (I just had to print 3 of them) and the astronaut foil collage dude or the fairy mobile. For a bunch of quick project printables, check out my ‘Craft for non-crafty parents’ e-book. You can find it in my shop.


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