The best things in life are ‘b’

Big boy bravely betters brain...bravo!

With a move across town, I’m full-time mummying for the rest of the year until Mr M&P heads off to school. He’s a good little thing and I’m a bit of a sucker for him, so it’s a glorious chance to make the most of these last few months before he becomes a big cool boy who says things like ‘whatever’ and banishes me to the school gate (with no public affection). At the moment I’m allowed to cuddle him and smother him in kisses whenever I want and I’m thoroughly enjoying it.

So with no formal care or school readiness program, I’m trying to pick up the teaching mantle a little and find a bit of time most days to do a bit of basic learning. A while back I started on the alphabet, and today I’m starting to work a bit more on details. Perhaps you’d like to too – so attached are sheets A-F with a bit of colouring-in and some letters to trace.

We’re a bit alphabet obsessed in our house – each of us with our own set of favourite letters. I’m a big fan of ‘c’, with its cakes, cookies, cuddles and chocolate. My best friend is a staunch supporter of ‘b’ – boobs, beer, bums, bacon and bonfires. Mr Meat & Potatoes agrees with dad and thinks ‘bumhead’ is the funniest word ever. Further proving the ‘b’ point are bananas, boys, buses, batman and BANG! Which leads us off into onomatopoeia territory (boing, boom, bonk, buzz, beep). But that’s a whole other post.

Stay tuned over the next few weeks and I’ll churn out the rest of the alphabet too.

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