Balayage and the freezer – (why neglect is a good thing)

Did you know that there is a new hair trend at the moment called ‘balayage’? No, neither did I. But I found out about it at my most recent hair appointment. I like to pry ‘cool’ information out of my lovely hairdresser who is a whole 15 years younger than me. Being typically mum-busy, I rely on her to keep me up-to-date. You see, now that I AM a mum, I don’t really like LOOKING like a mum. Although the fact that I’m usually found in the school yard wearing a puffer vest is a bit of a giveaway (well it IS cold, and they ARE warm).

Anyhow, balayage, is a fancy French term for mega-long regrowth. WOW. And my hairdresser wanted me to PAY for that?

Armed with my new knowledge of ‘what’s cool’, I’ve managed to produce my very own balayage by avoiding the salon for 3 months and utilising that mummy beauty secret – NEGLECT. If only it worked as well on leg-hairs and fingernails.

So with neglect on my mind, let’s eat from the freezer this week – I’m far too busy growing my regrowth to possibly cook.

lentil burger recipe

Freeze these lentil patties individually, wrapped in cling wrap.

Adam's bolognaise

I freeze this, pasta and all, in kid-sized serves

Rissoles with yummy stuff smuggled inside!

These lamb patties will freeze well for 2-3 months

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  1. 1

    Pauline said,

    Love it…balayage is well and truly part of my daily routine. Is there a word for not brushing as well, cos I need to use that one too!

  2. 2

    Yvette said,

    Ahh pregnancy makes the best way too get balayage!! But it felt good to finally get my hair dyed last week after 10 months of regrowth!!!

  3. 3

    elizabuf said,

    you’re gonna laugh your head off, but here’s a trick i learned for ‘neglecting’ leg hairs: SUN-IN. it’s a spray-on at-home hair-lightener. horrid horrid for your *real* hair because there’s no ingredient for shutting off the bleaching process, but it works a treat on leg hairs; a quick spray-and-rub-in every day or so and the hairs just get sooooo pale. i did this for months while touring europe in a van one summer.

    tee hee, xoxo buf

  4. 4

    Nicola Wright said,

    Balayage… if that is the word for purposeful neglect… then what is the word for when you catch a glance of yourself in a window/mirror/someone else’s eye… and you’ve got food/snot stains on your legs, undies riding high, and one leg tucked into your boots and the other jean leg out? (I do care about how I look, really!)

  5. 7

    Robin said,

    I was just introduced to your blog a couple of minutes ago, just started reading and already I’m in! Was at my hair dresser 2 days ago and was also introduced to “balayage” . Apparently I too am totally in style. A certain style of parenting has been passed down to me over a couple generations, “A wholesome amount of neglect” sums it up. Now, if I practice this across the board, I can not only follow in my mother and grandmothers footsteps, but also be the height of fashion! Whoa, what a first comment. Off to explore your lovely blog.

  6. 9

    Caroline said,

    Ha. I made your lamb burgers last night and they were a big hit – even with my vegie-phobic 2 year old. A few are already stashed away in the freezer for after school rush nights.

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