The black(listed) wiggle

The offending CD. Apparently unbreakable.

As I parked the car after school drop off yesterday, I realised that I was happily and heartily singing away to the Hooley Dooleys. Which is fine. It’s nice to have a sing-along with the kids, except of course, THE KIDS WERE NOT IN THE CAR. I had dropped them off. I had listened to 15 minutes of unnecessary Hooley Dooleys.

The fact that they were on at all proves that I was being a VERY generous mummy. We never listen to the kid’s crappy songs if I can help it. As a toddler, Miss Fruitarian was a total stereo Nazi and would scream ‘hooley dooley’ over and over at increasing decibels until I gave in and put the damn thing on. Thus (4 years later) the old, scratched CD is STILL in the car and we listen to it from time to time as a special treat.

The same CD on repeat is a particular kind of torture, which I’m sure you’re all familiar with. It usually coincides with night terrors and toilet training and I’m getting all tense just typing about it.

Finally after 18 months of ‘bot bot bot bot bot bot bottom booggggiiieeeeee’ I cracked it. And spent much itunes time downloading and making my own compilation CDs that were a reasonable compromise of catchy tunes that wouldn’t do my head in.

Now the kids are pretty good, and will listen to nearly anything. So it was worth perservering in those early days, forcing them to expand their listening tastes – in much the same way I force them to tackle new vegies. Take what they like, and push them just a little further each time, out of their comfort zone.

Here’s my list of songs that saved my sanity….

Bohemian like you, The Dandy Warhols (video not for the kids)…
Praise you, Fatboy slim…
Anything by the Beach boys
Or Sympathy for the devil, Rolling Stones (good sing-along)…
Hard to beat Peter, Bjorn & John’s Young Folks, which has a great kid-friendly fun video.
Song 2, Blur. For a rockin’ out Mr Meat & Potatoes. Who also doesn’t mind a bit of
Seven nation army, by the White Stripes, which is also a pretty mesmorising video.
We even venture into Violent Femme’s territory with Kiss Off (good educational counting bit!) and Gone Daddy Gone.
Most of the Mamas & the Papas repertoire is good for the kiddlies…
And other retro favourite include Elvis and
Kenny Roger’s Gambler (this video link is to a truly odd Muppet Show version)
Miss Fruitarian likes a bit of chick rock, so we love The fear, Lily Allen and
So what, Pink and pretty much anything by Madonna.
Our favourite is Hung Up.

Basically anything catchy, that’s just one level above kid’s tunes that you can tolerate. Even the youngest toddlers will get into these songs after a couple of (forced) listens.

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  1. 1

    Rochelle Stokes said,

    hehe – same happens to me with ‘Hi 5’! Haven’t listened to it for awhile but it’s still in the car stacker – came on this morning and found myself ‘grooving’, as was Mr 3 (sad!) hehe – grateful they are happy with Mum’s tunes now……just need to watch those P!NK expletives!!! :o/

    • 2

      wendyblume said,

      Yes, i try to get the ‘clean’ version of everything, but I did have a parent tell me recently that they have discussed ‘song’ words with their (older) kids and they are understanding that there is a right and wrong context for everything.

  2. 3

    Emily said,

    Love it! I’ve put a playlist together of pop and rock songs from movies we know, you know all the cool new animated movies that have decent music in them now?! Here comes the sun, and sugar sugar from bee movie, life is a highway from cars, and my son’s name is Jack so his theme song is jumpin jack flash! Great to hear other mums out there giving their kids proper musical education!!!

  3. 4

    Suzi said,

    My favorite kids album is by They Might Be Giants (remember them, indie band from the late 80s/90s?) they have an album called “here comes science.” very cool!

  4. 6

    Ashley said,

    Miss 3 and Miss 20mo are into the Beatles at the moment but will try thes e too – although once they find a CD they like they stick with it over, and over and over… (yes I know who still uses CD’s these days *sigh*

    • 7

      wendyblume said,

      we’re cds all the way in the car. I never put them in covers so they get scratched and then we have to throw them away, conveniently often just as the songs are getting extremely tired!

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