Awww life turns happy with cute fabrics and abundant plastic

Cute fabrics from Kelani Fabrics

Cute enough to end the procrastination.

Time to start photographing a new batch of recipes, which takes a bit of effort since my studio also happens to be my kitchen and my kitchen ain’t too huge. But a bit of organisation and I’m away. My situation is somewhat makeshift, but I’m happy with the results and thanks to all of you who’ve commented that you like the pictures too.

Apparently, any dodgy old equipment will do if you’ve got some gorgeous little fabrics to use as backgrounds. The latest batch has arrived from Kelani Fabrics. Elissa stocks some fantastic prints and patterns there. And if you don’t know your way around a Bernina, she has a cushion making service too.

Eventually I might even get the time to be mega-crafty and sew something. I’ve got my eyes on this book, Make it Perfect by Toni Coward. It looks fantastic and I always like to support Australian women producing gorgeous things.

With my already full cupboard of kids crockery, I’m having to restrain myself from spending anymore money on plastic and cute stuff. But seriously, who doesn’t NEED something from, particularly the bento boxes. Very lucky for me that they don’t ship to Australia. More of a worry is the Japanese based ebay store Tokyo Gift which DOES ship here. Hmmm.

Stay tuned and see what crops up in the food photography over the next few weeks.

Have you been making any of the recipes on the site? Make sure you post a comment either here or over on the facebook page – I love to get feedback.

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  1. 1

    Jenny said,

    Makes me wish I could sew!

  2. 2

    Rachael A said,

    I have been on a vegie smuggling frenzy in the past week and have made the Vegie Mash, Okonomiyake, Vegetable Slice and Salmon and Zucchini Bites (made with carrot as I’d run out of zucchini!). All DELICIOUS in my opinion, but I’m having a hard time winning over my 4 year old who can spot a hidden vegie a mile away! My 1 year old wasn’t so keen on the Slice but has loved the rest. Thanks for the recipes – looking forward to making some more soon.

    • 3

      wendyblume said,

      So pleased to hear this! Just keep trying with your older one. What’s her preference? If she likes pasta, try the tuna pasta bake, or cheesy pots if she’s a cheese lover. Or lamb & feta meatballs are delish. Once you find one or two she loves then you’ll be able to expand from there. Often the hardest part is getting the first bite in. Congrats on your perserverence! Keep us posted.

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