School holiday fun (on the cheap)

Having a great time

Your kids can have THE BEST DAY EVER these school holidays.

Right-o. School holiday time again and desperate parents throughout Australia are trying to find fun ways to get through the break without killing their offspring. With Christmas just around the corner, it’s also great to find a few ways to pass the time without spending too much money.

I’ve done a bit of web trawling and here are some ideas about how to fill in those spare half hours (when the kids are starting to climb the walls)

Every kid I know is in love with Mister Maker. Amazing how a few empty containers and some silver paint can keep them busy for a bit. It doesn’t get much easier (or more unisex) than his Lolly Stick Lizard project that you can make in 1 minute.

Despite kids getting older, they still love to have a go with play dough – they can add a few paddle pop sticks and straws and start making a few more sophisticated things. There’s a nice article and playdough recipes at Sixty Second parent. Girls might like to add a big handful of glitter to their dough to make it all fairy sparkly.

The other morning on ABC 702, Adam Spencer played ‘Popcorn’ by Hot Butter. Remember it? Far out, my kids went nuts. So now it is on high Youtube rotation. A Youtube disco is great, since it is FREE. While you’re in the silly song groove, check out Yolanda Be Cool Vrs DCup – We No Speak Americano which will have them jumping about like idiots. And then finish them off with anything by Fatboy Slim, although The Rockafeller Skank has strange people dancing in weird dress-ups, a cowboy clad DJ and breakdancing. All good fun.

If you’re keen for a bit of kitchen time (after you’ve made all of my recipes, of course), check out Annabel Karmel’s cooking with kids section for a good range of recipes. Usually though, the kids just want to make sweet stuff – nothing beats this
chocolate chip cookies recipes from Martha Stewart kids.

And if they’re still bored? They can design and make a lounge room cubby house or whip up this cute paper chatterbox from (which comes with instructions).

And don’t forget the craft worksheets that I’ve already posted on here. Reprint and do them again – kids don’t seem to mind the repetition!

So that’s my list. But what’s on yours?

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