Boys will be boys, and girls will be (quite annoyed) girls

There’s no two ways about it. Miss Fruitarian is pissed off.

Demarcation lines in our house are usually strictly adhered to. She does the craft. Mr Meat & Potatoes plays with cars. It’s a gender divide that I would have denied existed 6 years ago, but I now know, that there is some inherent boy and girl gene that prevails over all nurturing factors. It’s the gene that stipulates that most boys like blue, machine noises and farts and most girls prefer skipping places whilst wearing frilly outfits.

And what have I done? Well, with my space boy and my soccer team craft projects, I have CROSSED THE LINE. And she’s not happy.

Vegie smugglers craft bird

Yes, the neighbours did see me do this.

So here, dedicated to my little lovely, is the girliest of all girly crafts. A pretty birdie with cute patterns that you can colour, cut and paste. You can use them in a dainty collage (as Miss F has demonstrated below), or do several, stick them to lengths of curling ribbon and voila! You have a birdie mobile. Of course, actually taking them outside and putting them in trees where your neighbours can see you, is optional.

Vegie Smugglers bird worksheet

Maybe just stay indoors and make your little girl's day.

Go on, I dare you. This is foolproof craft, for non-crafty parents. Give it a try.

Download the birdie craft worksheet as a PDF.

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