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The best vegie-laden toddler food

Got one of those delightful little creatures between 18 months and 4? Ahhh, aren’t they great! So fiesty, so confident, so able to share their feelings in a considerate and thoughtful way. Or not. Perhaps your lovelies are more like mine, kind of complaining and crying a lot of the time, especially at dinnertime when apparently you are trying to feed them POISON. But no longer! Here’s some food that saved my sanity during their toddler years.

Seriously though, if you can find a few healthy things that they like to eat, you can sneak in some vegies and improve their nutrition. It’s amazing what a difference it can make to their behaviour.

Salmon Pikelets

Try the salmon pikelets (easy to hold and munch)

vegie smugglers pork fennel apple sausage rolls

Sausage rolls.

Start simple. Here.

Home made tinned spaghetti.

Tuna bites recipes smuggles zucchini

Salmon & zucchini bites.

Lamb and feta meatballs

Lamb & feta meatballs, with pasta.

Will your toddler eat these? I’m always keen to know what works in other people’s households. Make sure you get in touch and let me know.

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