Ho ho flipping ho!

I am horrified to report that Christmas is just over 5 weeks away. How the year turned into a high speed adventure, I’m not sure. Somehow since August, the year has compressed and now I’m dreading an impending crash. Because I’ve not done any preparations yet. Have you?

The kids did pop together their Santa list over the weekend. I like to lock that sucker down nice and early. But scanning through I’ve noticed that even the cheapest items will leave poor Santa with empty pockets until mid-March.

Fret not, though. With your mind full of to-do lists, I’ll sort out your immediate concerns. All these meals can be made ahead and stored in the fridge, ready to munch on when you get home late from the ballet concert, or ready to scoff before you head out for Christmas carols…

Chicken pies.

Chicken pies – reheat in the oven.

pasta salad

Tuna pasta salad – eat cold.

vegie smugglers frittata recipe

Mini frittatas – eat warm or cold.

And my present to you this Christmas? Until December 2, I’m offering an earlybird Christmas special. Buy a cookbook bundle (that’s 320 glorious colour pages, full of 120+ Vegie Smugglers recipes) and you’ll receive the Lunchbox Planner e-book (worth $14.95) for free.

So for $59.95 you get the two books delivered to your door and the ebook is ready to download. And just quietly, I won’t tell if you decide to gift on the cookbooks but keep the ebook for yourself. We all deserve a little something at this time of year.


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  1. 1

    I know – Christmas came out of nowhere!

  2. 2

    I like the look of those frittata x

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